Simple Things Please Simple Minds

I guess my is pretty simple!

Well the wearing of the green is packed away for another year and we have started collecting Easter decor.  While hunting for items today I ran across this

Just the thing to sit on my desk and make me smile.

The light make the butterfly move.

David took pictures of our visitors at the backyard feeder the other day.

The Robin, the Cardinal and the Downy woodpecker

Well Spring is here and not a moment too soon.

I will try to get some pictures with my camera in the next few days.

I missed my flowers so I bought some today

$7.00 dollars is worth the smile and happy thoughts they bring me.

Well I know it is early but here is the new flag.

Other things will be coming along soon.]

I hope all is going well for you and yours.  I’ll be back with more decor and happy thoughts.

What A Difference……

…..a day makes.

A couple of days ago.

Th9is morning.

It is 32 degrees, partly sunny and little wind today.  It is suppose to get into the lower 40s this afternoon.

Yesterday David saw a Downy Woodpecker, a male and female Cardinal, and a Robin just after the snow had put another layer down.   Yep It is close to Sp;ring time.  (I’m going to have to get my camera out there for the feather party.)

Friday I tried to put 7 pounds of Sh** in a five pound bag.  No actually it was  a 3+ pounds of beef roast into the slow cooker with vegetables and couldn’t get the top to close tight.  I finally transferred the roast to the oven and left the vegetable in the cooker.  Despite all that fuss this is the results

It was tasty but a little bit dry.

Those are fingerling potatoes with the onions and carrots.

Lily watches all the kitchen activity with great interest.

Well last night was Bunco night again. (my second time).  It started out with us waiting over a hour for a  late comer. (This ruined the night for me)  Nobody should be that important that a room full of women had to sit and wait.  I have kind of made up my mind that is my last outing to that event for quite a while.  The capper was Cindy was due into work at 10 pm and we were just leaving then.  ( I think I’ll try Bingo in the daytime instead)

Well Cindy worked all night and is sleeping now so it is be quiet time.  But when I got up this morning this was in my place,

You got to love a daughter who remembers your Sunday paper after working all night.

Well I have to feed the zoo so I’m off.  Have a great day better yet  a great  week!





More Reading Came In

Good afternoon on this sunny, no more snow day.  In fact it is melting and puddles of water are showing up every where.  This of course means nothing around here so I can’t get too excited.

I have just finished Arthur And Sherlock by Michael Sims.  It has been an exercise in how A. Conan Doyle came about creating the  Sherlock Holmes character.  I found it interesting but a little confusing at times.  Anyway it is now on the I read shelf.

Next I have selected Eoin Colfer’s novel And Another Thing.  Son Lesley bought it for me a few years back explaining I must finish Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy first.  Well I never got through the book so I obtained the CD instead.  Now I put off listening to it for a few years but I finally finished it last week.  Now I will read Colfer’s novel that was written with Adam’s wife’s permission.

I’ll see how this one goes.

I’m half way through the AARP magazine for Feb./ March but I’ll finish that later.

My second issue Dell Express Fill It In Puzzles arrived today(Vol. 41).  So this will be started very soon.

As for my jewelry.

I sorted and bagged a lot of it. But I still have more to do.

I threw the remainder into a big zip lock bag  and I’ll go back to it later.

Well it is time to close and go get my messy nails done so good bye for now.

Earth Shattering? NO

One of those nights!  Up every 2 hours, visit the porcelain throne. crawl back in bed, wait to get warm, and nurse a headache that has plagued me all night.  Finally I got up at about 7:15 am to start my day when my legs started to send little messages that they would cramp up if I didn’t move.

By 9 am I had started Cindy’s laundry, stripped my bed, fed the zoo (except for Brandy), started the eggs to boil, started soaking the over night dishes, and drank my first cup of coffee. I had seen David off to therapy and Cindy to work.

It is clear, sunny, and 17 degrees outside. the wind is 14 mph.  The snow is holding well but the forecast doesn’t show any more for today.  I will probably Kroger’s later this morning because the the milk and cottage cheese are low.  Also the store has the ice cream Cindy is allowed on sale.

Well that is all the earth shattering news I have so I’m out of here.

As It Comes

Good Morning!  Well the forecast is for snow and we got it.

Yep it is out there

In fact the forecast calls for snow every day this week.  Not a thing to look forward to but I have no where to go so that is good. Right now it is 20 degrees, wind is 10 miles per hour, and the high expected is 25.  Just when you think you will get out and pick up the mess that has accumulated along the fence it is covered again and will be all soggy when the weather breaks.

Well Saturday I tried  my hand at the old Kenmore again and in the beginning it was a farce.  The underthread was too loose and in trying to adjust that I bent the needle  Well I had no more needles so Cindy said she would take me to find some. This adventure started at Uhans (a small  local department store) that it turned out didn’t carry them.

Next we went to JoAnns which was closed until 3 pm due to no power.  Then it was over to Michaels where we found what we needed and a couple of other items.  But this store was two doors down from Petco so we decided to go there and  buy Brandy’s food.   Then it was on to Krogers  for the fixings for dinner.

When we got back home I got the sewing machine setup and was ready to roll because I had measured, pinned, and cut my project before I had broke the needle.

This was Cindy’s new jeans

I needed to take in the waist and shorten the legs by several inches but by having her inseam measurement and measuring several times I finally got brave enough to cut them off.

She also got a pair of sweats that she wanted shortened so she could wear them safely to work out.

The sweats finished

Now accomplishing this took the sewing machine, an ironing board (that David found and set up) an iron, the tape measure, the thread box, scissors, and a bit of anxiety (because I had made mostly clown costumes and  did mending).  But with a few sown in wrinkles I got her fixed up.

Yesterday, while Cindy worked a double, I just read a little of Arthur And Sherlock. napped, got the zoo fed, made dinner for David and me, and watched Columbo on TV. (I used to love that show,)

Today is unplanned so far.  I’ll just take it as it comes.


Been A Few Days

11 degree, winds at 12 mph, ground still clear, and waiting for sunrise anytime.  That is the weather forecast.  Now why am I up right now is another story.  First I felt the urge and knew my bladder was signaling.  Next Brandy decided her bladder was signaling too so I  let her out.  Then Molly meowed for more food in her dish.   David was up and made a fresh pot of coffee.  Well this all spelled stay up so I decided to visit you.

I worked yesterday on the jewelry for quite a while.

Made some headway but still have a lot to do.

The large plastic bag has several small ones that hold matched, fixed, ear rings.  Also sets of matched items but as you can see there is still a lot to go through. I did however use my new set of small pliers.   Will I work on the project today–don’t think so– maybe tomorrow.

Cindy me found this for me yesterday.

To help with identifying the visitors at the feeders..

I have an excellent book in storage but to search cardboard boxes for it is a real chore.  I think I will take time to read a bit of this one today.

My picture of Brandy after her visit to the groomer was blurred because she moved.

But I wanted you to see her ribbons .

Well there is sunshine on the curtains now so I will open them up.  I hope it will stay with us all day because it is sorely needed around here.

If the wind lets up a little I’ll get out and pick up debris from the wind storm the other day.  We don’t need to look like a junk yard.

Well I visited with Wes yesterday and watched as he finished up house cleaning.  He and Dakota are doing a great job on keeping the place up.  ( They would make someone a great wife).

Well it is time to brush the teeth, get dressed, and move my dead butt off this chair.  I’ll visit later.

Pamela Jane

Yesterday I carefully loaded my purse with cell phone and camera because I was meeting my dear friend of over 45 years for a delayed birthday lunch.  She was taking me to Panera’s ( my choice) because I had never been there before..  I met her at 11:30 am and we went in and ordered.

Well we sat for a long while and just caught up on what had happened since we last talked.  We sat through lunch, over empty dishes, after the dishes were cleared away, and when the waitress thought we were going to be permanent fixtures we finally left.

During our conversation I mentioned wanting to find pins to hold doilies in place.  I needed them to keep the covers I was crocheting for Cindy’s sectional in place.  Pam suggested  going to Michael’s around the corner and by golly she found them for me.  See having a friend not as old as me is a blessing because she knew what I was talking about even if I didn’t

But not once did I remember that I had my camera in my purse.  Not one picture was taken.  But that is how I am I guess because I seem to miss a lot of (to me) important times in life.  Anyway I loved spending the time with Pamela ( who I call Lady Jane, or Pamela Anne as names of affection).

I wrote of ordering plastic bags for storing my jewelry and said I expected them yesterday but it turns out they are due in on the 10th.  Oh well a few more days of mess on the vanity before I get organized.

Well my friend I have to start my day which means feed the zoo, fold the covers in the living room, make my bed , transfer my laundry, and have cereal for breakfast.  I hope your day goes well.

Update On Day 5

Well It is the back swing on the temperature pendum. It is 36 degrees. windy, and clear.

The back yard right now.

I think some one wants to start a flu epidemic with this changing back and forth.  Best to stay inside and comfy.

Well I have trimmed the flowers down and they are back in the bedroom.

Keeps the cats from getting their greens.

Also avoids spills

Also keeps me smiling


Well I spent the last couple of hours going through zip lock bags that I had packed jewelry in when I moved.  I had found two bags and sorted them for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and  also checked for missing parts,

This is the vanity right now.

Yesterday when I started this projects I thought I was pretty well done but then I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser and found another large baggie with more jewelry in it. So I came out to the computer and ordered 100 plastic bags to sort this project into.  They will be here on Tuesday!

Well tomorrow at 11:30 am Brandy and I will be at the Vets again. This time we will be at the right time.

Well Cindy is working again today, David and I  cleaned cat boxes.  I also cleaned my bird’s cage   I will start supper shortly then It is a tossup between reading and crocheting.

Well that is it for now.  Enjoy your coming week.


Surprise! Not Really!

Up this morning, got a shower, pulled the sheets from the bed, started the washing, then looked outside.

This greeted me when I opened the curtains.

It was 25 degrees, wind at 8 mph, and more snow expected at 3 pm this afternoon. Now David and I had talked about trying to take the front door off and attempting to fix the bottom of it so it would open.  The thought of it now makes me sit and shiver.  But it it is either fix it or spend over $200. for a new one.  Well We can lay that idea to rest for a few days until it warms a little.

I’m going to play the DVD that Les and Anne gave me for my birthday this morning. It Is The Phantom Of The Opera at Royal Albert Hall.  I also have the Zoo to feed, the laundry to finish, and a few domestic goddess things to do,  Then I have the day pretty much to myself.

I goofed royally yesterday by showing up for Brand’s appointment at 1 pm when it was actually scheduled at 9 am.  I could have sworn on the phone call reminding me the day before the woman said 1 o’clock so I didn’t check my calendar.   Oh well we now are scheduled for next Monday.

Cindy is working, Brandy, Lily, Cali, and David are sleeping, and Molly is prowling the house as usual.

Well let’s get on with it.