Time Flies

Good Morning on this wet, gray, downer type day.  The forecast says it is 56 degrees this morning but my thermometer say it is 62.  The ground is wet due to overnight rain which makes mowing nil.  My next step is mopping because I used the vacuum yesterday.  This will leave just the dusting to bring the house up to snuff.

I finished Sharon Sala’s double novel last night and I’m ready to take the rest of the books Edna gave me to someone else. This old lady can only swallow so much love and romance in her reading material.

When I took the air conditioner out of the living room window yesterday I discovered this.

My poor Christmas Cactus has started to bloom.

My poor Christmas Cactus has started to bloom.

See I’m not the only thing around here that gets messed up.

All the glass in the storm doors is now closed and I will close the blinds at night as the  temperature starts to fall because when the snow finally gets here it will get cold in here. But this year I have extra sweat shirts to wear and if I watch the setting on the thermostat I should do fine.

Well In another roughly 24 days I will have lived here 16 years.  It is hard to believe that this much time has past since I left Orion Township.

Well enough sitting around I have a day to start.  Later!


Day 4 Of October

The big thermometer on the front porch reads 52 degrees and everything is wet from the rain overnight.  The sky promises more rain today so there will be no outside work accomplished.

This is yesterday’s project.

12 cups of Dutch Apple Pie jam.

12 cups of Dutch Apple Pie jam.

So this wraps up the jam making for this year.  I have all the canning equipment boxed to and ready to go down to the food room.  I would like to make a batch of Pam’s Chili but I have to get the courage up to use the pressure canner.  But I am playing with canning some Mexican tomatoes ( just a small batch).

Well today is haircut day and boy I am ready.  Actually I feel like Brandy when the hair gets in her eyes.

I want to call Debra today to see how she is doing. I cleared the table of the bill paying and paper filing mess yesterday and I’ll mail everything tomorrow.

I think it will be Fruit and Cream Oatmeal today for breakfast  Yesterday I opened a jar of homemade Bean Soup and ended up eating the whole thing (oink,oink).

Well I have started Sunday chores this morning and will accomplish some more when I get back from the haircut.

Take care and smile a little it helps your face muscles!



Did It Again

Good Morning.  Woke up at a little after 6am then tried to convince myself to go back to sleep for a while.  Failing that I got up started the coffee, fed/watered Molly, took a fairly hot shower, and started mapping my day.

Yesterday I worked on this

001 I bought 3 qts. and needed only 2 so I ran to the local market and purchased 3 large Honey Crisp Apples.  The results were

10 cups of Raspberry and 8 cups of Rasp-apple jam.

10 cups of Raspberry and 8 cups of Rasp-apple jam.

The Raspapple is a mixture of Raspberries and apples  Which is something I do often when I don’t have enough main fruit for a second batch.  Now this morning I have to handwrite the labels and get them down to the food room.

Next up this mess to organize.

Monthly bills to pay and papers to file

Monthly bills to pay and papers to file

As my grandmother used to say ” The eagle shit today “.  For you youngsters it means the Social Security is in the checking account and I can hear my utilities (like baby birds with their mouths open) chirping for payments.

It is around 47 degrees outside, some wind, but no rain until around 6 pm this afternoon.  I cleaned the large, dead leaves out of the gutters yesterday afternoon so when it does rain it will flow away from the house  ( results a dry basement).

I have an appointment tomorrow with my favorite lady to get this haystack on my head tamed. So I’ll let you get stated on your day and I’ll wade into mine!


This Project Is Done!

Ok lets start with this.

Did it before a couple of times so I knew how to do it.

Did it before a couple of times so I knew how to do it.

With this set up there is minimal lifting so it went easy as pie.  Now the air conditioner is in the garage and I’ll take time to move it to the basement later.  The kitchen is warmer with the window closed and I’m debating taking the set up out of the living room window next.  That will take a little help getting it down to the basement but there is no hurry because there is lots of room where it is at.

My report from the Urologist was good so I just need a stronger prescription  ( $ 87, please).

I’m going to try one more time to find raspberries before I give up on the idea.  If that doesn’t work then my last project will be Dutch Apple Pie jam.

Well Brandy went to Doggy Depot and she is all pretty now.  I guess I’m going to have to call for an appointment to tame my haystack!

The big thermometer in the porch says it is 46 degrees out side–makes me want to stay in!  I may take the camera and look for some colors in the trees.

Enjoy the weekend.

Just called Montrose Orchards and found my raspberries so I’m off to pick them up.



Well I got my shower, put on some decent clothes, jumped in my truck, and drove to my appointment.  I went in signed in and sat down.  Suddenly someone was calling my name so I raised my hand and got up to see what they wanted.  I was told my appointment was for the 30th not the 29th.  Ok so I went to my truck and reread the instructions.  Sure enough it is for tomorrow.  Oh well that is better than missing it I guess!

So this evening I put all the canning stuff back downstairs, got the Bluebarb jam on the shelf in the food room ( so the desk in the utility room is clean again),  I cleaned up the porch also and am thinking of taking the air conditioner out of the kitchen window.  ( I have to think on that a bit.)

Tomorrow morning I’ll follow the same routine as this morning and I might get it right this time,  But you know us old people so cross your fingers for me!

A Little Messy!

It is hard to believe that in three more days September will be a memory  It seems like I just sat down to visit with you and then we were welcoming Fall.  This has been a sad month, full of waiting and not liking the  results of this waiting.  But this is what life has dealt for us and we will fight through it.

Outside the leaves are continually falling.

Sadly there is little color to them.

Sadly there is little color to them.

I check the gutters on the dome to make sure they are not block almost daily now having learned that for a dry basement I need smooth flowing downspouts.

I have almost decided to clear the utility room.

All the canning equipment is on the desk out there.

All the canning equipment is on the desk out there.

But I will wait another week or two to see if I want to do a little more jam before I move it all back downstairs.  I will check to see if anyone has Raspberries for sale this week.  Also I want to look  into apples  for Dutch Apple Pie Jam.

I do have to move the blueberry jam downstairs yet and also the summer outside decorations.

The flag and wreath are sitting on the kitchen counter

The flag and wreath are sitting on the kitchen counter

It is almost time to play domestic goddess again. because the dust is gathering on the the furniture, the floors need sweeping, and the old mop needs to be swung again.  I have an appointment tomorrow so it will be after that.

While we were out on the swing yesterday Brandy got her tail tangled in the leash.  No amount of twisting or pulling would release it.  So It was into the kitchen and get the scissors.  I’m afraid her tail is a bit ugly but she free of the line.  I also have to set up  appointments with the vet and Doggy Depot for the following week.

Still have the Christmas ornaments I’m working on all over the kitchen table to remind me to keep at it.  The novel I’m reading is out there too.  So as you can figure out it is a bit messy around here but I’ll get it under control soon.

Have a good week and stay healthy

Doing Things

I spent time visiting with Debra, Wes’ wife yesterday.  We discussed when I might put my house up for again.  I explain not for a while and that I have changed my mind about moving to Oakland County.

Yesterday after noon I spent working on the Christmas ornament.

I decided on working on all three .

I decided on working on all three .

That will keep me busy for a while.

I finished Sandra Brown’s novel Breath Of Scandal  this morning.  It was a good story and it had  you wanting to keep reading when you should be doing other things.  I just started the next novel from the shelf of books Edna gave me.  This is two stories by Sharon Sala.  The first is Rider On Fire which I am on chapter 4.  The other story in  the book is When You Call My Name . It is another 505 pages total in the book.

It is beautiful outside. In fact Brandy has had me out on the swing  three times so far today.

Have a great day and enjoy the coming weekend.


It Is ——

—- Fall and I’m ready.

A new, colorful flag is hanging from the pole outside.

A new, colorful flag is hanging from the pole outside.

I like the owls so I chose this flag for the front porch.

Down to the basement yesterday to find the container with the wreaths to continue. the theme.

This is the wreath that is hanging on the wall near the entry door.

This is the wreath that is hanging on the wall near the entry door.

On the entry door is this

Fall colors to make one smile as they approach the door.

Fall colors to make one smile as they approach the door.

A vibrant array of colors to greet the visitors.

I’m almost done finishing the first Christmas ornament  and am trying to make up my mind if i should do the other two now or move on to a different design.

I still have all the canning equipment out in the utility room.  I hesitate to take it downstairs because I still have a couple of things I would like to do.

I had two cups of real coffee yesterday and I felt great.  I will have some more today because the headache went away.  I haven’t made up my mind about giving it up yet.  I had to laugh when Silver Fox said she would find another doctor!!

The time I have spent with Sandra Brown’s novel so far has caught my interest.  I’m now on page 215 of the 571.  So it will be a while before I lay this one down. .

Enjoy the sunshine and don’t think about what will be coming our way next.

Coffee For Me Please!

Good afternoon I hope the beginning of your new week is going well. For me not so well because this is my 3rd day on decaf coffee.  The new doctor said this would help me gain more control over my problem.  So far all I seem to have gained is the feeling of a deflated sex doll (with a headache on top of it).  It is like my get up and go went screaming out the door gone!

But I did accomplish some thing.

The results of picking up the hated weed whacker.

The results of picking up the hated weed whacker.

I cleared the East side of the dome.  Now I’m not near done but the old legs called a halt to activity for today.

Fall will soon be on us and the berm Is still trying to show some color.

I guess these could be considered flowers.

I guess these could be considered flowers.

I finished The Girl In The Spider’s Web and felt that David Lagercrantz did a fairly decent job of picking up the story line after Stieg Larson’s death.  I will be looking for more from him.

The next book off the shelf (that Edna gave me) is Breath Of Scandal by Sandra Brown.  It has started out interesting but it is 585 pages long so it will take awhile to finish it. On top of that both my mystery magazines and the Reader’s Digest just came in so I guess I’m behind again. .

Well enjoy the great weather and do something good for yourself.


Outdoor Adventures!

The forecast this morning says it is 55 degrees outside but the big thermometer on the porch reads 62.  No rain called for until overnight so I guess I’ll get the  tractor out for a bit.

Yesterday I worked on the vines and weeds around the swing.

With the loppers I filled the trailer and dumped the debris on the burn pile.

With the loppers I filled the trailer and dumped the debris on the burn pile.

I had to stop before I completed the job because the old legs started cramping. During that time however Brandy managed to get tangled up in the holder for the gazing globe and this resulted.

Oh well I have one more and who needs two anyway.

Oh well I have one more and who needs two anyway.

I made sure I had all the glass picked up because when Brandy gets uncomfortable in the sun she crawls under the swing seat in the shade.

Cindy was up on Monday when I got back from the doctor’s office. We had Coconut Shrimp for lunch and our usual game of cards. I’m still the champ!

On Wednesday I wished my oldest son and his wife a happy Silver Anniversary.  I kidded him about how long that was.

Not much else going on but I will have to get out for a few things for the fridge and the pantry.

Have a great rest of the week.