It’s Better Now!

Well I did it!  I broke my bed!  I have been complaining about having to face sleeping the wall to avoid a lumpy mattress and saggy box spring.  I finally got someone to say they would help change the bed around but it would be in two weeks.  Well you know little old me–enough is enough so I remove the mattress, box springs, and boards that supported them in place.  I thought then I would take the metal side bars off the head and foot board.  Well even with a hammer I was only able  to remove one end of one of the bars.  .

Well hell I thought I will try to swing it around with a little wiggling.  Well it don’t wiggle because it is old wood and dry glue.  Results I broke off one end of the footboard containing an upright and foot.  So  what to do!  Call Wes ( #1 son) which I did and as I waited for him I debated a new bed frame or a complete unit of twin bed to allow more space in the room.

When he arrived shortly later after checking my havoc he told me to decide how to fix the problem.  He removed the parts of the old bed from the room and by that time although I wanted the twin setup I realized the expense of all mattresses and bedding didn’t make any sense.

So it was off to Gardner White  for a new frame.  The salesmen that handled that department were all busy but up front four of them were standing doing nothing. Wes motioned for me to get up from the end of a bed I was resting on and come up front.  I looked around and then stated that I was 81 years old, I don’t walk well, and I get upset when there is no reason to wait.  One of the men took over the sale and after a delay everything was paid for. Then down to the dock and wait again for the item when there were only two ahead of us, being taken care of, and a guy standing around doing nothing who could have brought the frame to us.

Back home Wes set up the frame.  I had marked the bad side of both the mattress and box springs so he made sure that side was against the wall and the firm side was out front.  I thanked him as he left.  I started remaking my bed.

Now in order to be able to sleep on my left side I had to place bedding so I would have my head at the foot of the bed.

I'll have to hold on to my pillow.

I’ll have to hold on to my pillow.

Now I have the old headboard.

Picture is sideways.

Picture is sideways.

So if I can get someone to bolt it to the new frame–problem solved.  Otherwise I’ll order a new cheap one instead because it has only cost me $59. and change so far.  This is a small price to pay for the first fully comfortable night of sleep I have had since I moved.

Next time I’ll tell you about the birds in the yard and how Brandy has pretty well rid us of squirrels.


A Little More

It is Friday again and on Fridays we go grocery shopping.  But today we went to K Marts, the store to get batteries replaced in two watches, Sam’s  Club to renew my membership/picking a few things, and ordered special desserts to be ready on October 7th then came home and  collapsed.  Just don’t take well to this stuff any more.

Last night I compiled my grocery shopping list for Cindy’s get together so i’m covered there.

I did no crocheting yesterday to give my arm a rest.  This morning I finished part of one of the sectional designs and will start the other one tomorrow because my arm said it thought we were resting!

I think I have most of the items I wanted to dress up our humbled home a bit which is good because it is almost time to start cleaning the places where you don’t clean every week like windows, mirrors, dusty cabinets, and storing things that need to be out of sight.  Just a little more than domestic goddess stuff.

Well I think it is time for that last cup of coffee before bed. maybe a couple of diet crackers, and yogurt to cap it off.  So I’ll say good night!

Things To Do

Good morning on this chilly but sunshiny day.  Yesterday I finished Dean Koontz’s Innocence.  I must admit it kept me in the dark as to what the main character was and It was never explained until the end.  Yes I will read another one of his novels once I get the crocheting caught up, read  a couple of books on my shelf, do some domestic goddess duties,  and start shopping for the items needed to make the food for Cindy’s get together.

I tried a recipe from Cindy’s diet yesterday that was disappointing to say the least.  Cindy said she would rather starve than eat it.  I have bought the things to make one more on her list but I hesitate to try it right now after the disappointment in the last one but I will get brave.

Brandy’s eyes are still red even with the drops so I guess it is back to the Vets.  But on the plus side she is getting to be a #1 squirrel chaser.  You don’t dare come inside her fence by golly!  It is a great way for her to get her exercise.

Well it is time for scrambled eggs with bits of ham in it for her and for me scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese. So it is off to the kitchen.  See yah!

Another Chore!

This  is a shorty like my curtains  ha ha,. It is now 4:30 am.  I woke up around 2:30 to do what people like me have to do at 2:30 am.  Well I thought I’ll read a little then fall back to sleep.  But then I thought better of it.  Cindy is working and I’m here with only the zoo so I will vacuum.  So I started in the spare room and worked my way back to my bedroom.

Next it was take Brandy out to do her duty, fill all the water dishes, grabbed a small glass of juice, and tell you how stupid it is to do this because it is now around 4:45 am.  My forearm on my right side is still hurting so it is 2 pain pills and crawl back into that nice warm bed,  Good night

Blue Curtains

Ever since I moved in here I have been staring at these tan curtains with green leaves on them in my bedroom that has blue highlights.  Well yesterday I went looking for blue curtains and found a nice shade of blue at Bed,  Bath, and Beyond (on clearance) so I bought them.  Well there was only one panel and it was 90 some inches long.

So today I took it back and ended up at Targets.  I told the salesperson I needed the shorter length and he took me over to them because all I had found were the long ones.   So taking his word for it I picked out a dark blue and brought it home.  When I opened it up it was one panel and  a long one again.  I wasn’t taking it back.  So this was the bedroom when I started in to fix it.

I cleared the vanity to make room for the machine.

I cleared the vanity to make room for the machine.   Everything went on the bed.

I had moved the chest of drawers putting all of that on top  on the bed.

From the thread carrier to the boxes under the chest, to the yarn for my other project.

From the thread carrier to the boxes under the chest, to the yarn for my other project.

I used a step stool and a chair to take the curtains and rod down so I could hang the new one when I got it hemmed.

I had turned it sideways so it is about an 1 1/2 short but there is a blind behind it so I called it done.

I had turned it sideways so it is about an 1 1/2 short but there is a blind behind it so I called it done.

I have done a little crocheting this afternoon but I’m still trying to shake this headache.

While I was out I found two large cookie cutters for the finger sandwiches I would like to make for Cindy’s party.  I just have to get her okay on my choices.

Well I’m going to have a bite of supper, then either read a little more in my novel, sit outside a while and crochet, or turn on the idiot box.

Until later!



Good Morning.  I know, I know where the devil have I been!  Well grocery shopping which when two are on a diet it takes time to select the correct items.  I have gotten to where I want Cindy with me when I go because she knows the store, the brands, and where in the store they can be found.

I spent one morning trying to hem a new pair of pants so Cindy could wear them to a wedding only to find out when she put them on they were too big.  Now I explained to her that I was a costume maker not a seamstress.

Now as you know I went shopping for yarn for her couch covers.  I have been hooking in my spare time. I even had to find something to suck on.  Now don’t get all excited and delete me from your blog list because I’m talking crochet and Lifesavers for the dry mouth you get  while working.

so far so good.

so far so good.  That is Molly looking for the sunshine to sleep in. 

Now I’m not going to fool myself and say I will get it done. because I have two weeks and three days.  So I took a blanket, spread it on the sectional, then took it off and measured the width and length.   Now I will hunt for two throws with my yarn in my hand to match the color.  I will then use what I get done to lay across the back of couches for design.  I can then finished them at my leisure.  Last night my yarn got away from me and I spent until 12:30am untangling it.  So now after breakfast It is off the the swing to hook some more.

Yesterday I found my old job again.  When I lived in Otisville my cat would kill mice in the basement, drag them half way up the stairs then leave them for me to dispose of them.   I never had a mouse above the basement in that house except the first one she brought up that was live.  All the havoc that cause taught Molly what the rules were on her hunting. I called my part of the procedure Morgues Duty.

Well yesterday when I went out to the swing I saw a poor squirrel laying in the middle of the road.  I sat and looked at it for a while but then decided that the little ones in strollers  would be pushed by in a while and they didn’t need to see that.  So I grabbed  the coal shovel from the side of the house, a garbage bag, and proceeded to do my Morgue Duty.  No thing to upset the little guys, nothing to stare at as the cars went by, and this momma felt  better.

Well my desk is full of receipts, a couple of bills,  the mail lady just went by, and I’m still in my sexy flannel  night gown so I’m out of here!!



Day 14 Already

Watching Brandy watching the squirrels then wading the grass to try to get at them is smile material

Good thing the grass will be mo0wed tomorrow

Good thing the grass will be mo0wed tomorrow

It is almost up to her belly!

Well I started the throws for the sectional today.

It is in two pieces so I have two to make.

It is in two pieces so I have two to make.

I less than a month to get them done.  Wish me luck!

My Amazon order for two more books came in.

The complete works of H.P. Lovecraft

The complete works of H.P. Lovecraft

Over 1000 pages so that will take a while even though it is several stories.  I won’t even start it until the snow flies and then only a little at a time.

The other book was actually three.

by Neil Gaimin

by Neil Gaiman

I had owned two of them and gave them away so I replaced them this way plus I read the one I hadn’t read and then place it on the shelf.

I dug out my CD of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy because I had problems trying to read it.  This way I’m through the first two sections and have two  more to go. Stephen Fry is reading it and he is one of my favorites. After I listen to rest of this I have the sequel And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer to read.  He wrote this with permission from Douglas Adams’ widow.

Well it is 7:30pm and my supper has gotten cold so I guess I better hustle my bustle and say good night.



I’m Smiling!

Did something I love to do today–spent money.  We now have new drapes for the living room that match both windows.  We also bought a set of hold backs for the front window drapes –no more using chip bag holders–yeah. We have a new curtain rod for the side window to match the front window.  Now this doesn’t sound like much but in my mind it is going to make a whole lot of difference.

My fingers are itching to pick up the crochet hook I just have to make up my mind what colors to use.

Wes called yesterday he is about to start on the bathtub and surround.  It is a big job but if anyone can do it he can.

I’m half way through the Koontz novel, Innocence. but I still have some papers to shred after Cindy checks them out.

My scales said 189 this morning but I have picked up so many chip bags in the yard and outside the fence that passer bys throw out that  my weak little mind said you need a reward!   One small bag of potato chips to eat and by golly I’m going to have them.

Well I started a small list for things to get tomorrow morning then I think a little idiot box enjoyment is due before bed.

Take care and be happy!. Also you guys who are under the weather get better real soon–i miss you!

A Bitch!

Well I’m tired.  Cindy has been checking boxes of papers to see what can be thrown and what have to be shredded.  We thought we only had one more plastic carton to check out then a major project would be done.  Well when I went to garage to pull another one of my boxes to check through she found one more cardboard box to check and I remembered to large garbage bags that contain papers from when the cars were cleaned out.  There maybe some thing in there that needs attention.  As to today’s project

my part of the project started when she left for work.

My part of the project started when she left for work.

I ended up with one large black bag and one small white bag full of shredded paper.  Of course when I was near the bottom of the box I foolishly jammed the machine.  I don’i know how long I worked on freeing it up but it took pliers,  needle nose pliers, a paring knife, and scissors but I finally cleaned it out and finished the job.

I think I’ll be turning in early because I took a laxative this morning and it decided to work this evening.  I hope I’m done now but paper underwear is called for in case.  It Is a bitch getting old!!

Cold Feet Realy

Yesterday Cindy had a meeting for her new business so I took over at home for her.  This meant feed the zoo. I decided to go a bit farther like change the litter box detail.  Vacuum, do the laundry detail, (wash,dry, and put away).  I had some more cardboard boxes to cutup for trash collection this coming week and decided to get into the box in my closet to see what can be discarded.  I managed to get it down to a small box that I have yet to go through.  I have to go to the garage for a plastic container to put the ‘Keeper’  things in so they are put away but still available.

I managed a little lunch during all this but supper was a pb&j sandwich at around 8 pm last night.  I kept saying I would stop and rest but I didn’t.  I was in bed around 9 but couldn’t get comfortable.  The results were tired feet that wouldn’t get warm which meant they threatened leg cramps that didn’t quite happen because I got up at 2 am turned on the coffee pot, put on a fleece jacket, socks, and slippers then went to the kitchen table to eat three diet crackers, ( also a small bag of cookies) as I worked on my Fill It In Puzzles.  I finally went back to bed at around 4 am and slept until a bit after 8.  At my age if you don’t take a break the body rebels .

This morning I feel better (feet still chilly) thinking about breakfast and a little lighter day today.  Well this is the start of a new week so you and I have to make the most of it.