It’s Company!

Well another last day of the month has rolled around and I sit shaking my head in disbelief. Today started out at 70 degrees–10 higher then the last week.  In fact my neighbor Adam came over and close my cupola windows because I was freezing at night  He returned yesterday to tighten the nuts on the handles that had loosened.  His wife  Trish brought me 12 half pint jars she had.  That was like having $10.98 being handed to me for free which I thank  her for.  Adam also checked out my window on the second floor and determined what in the controls was broken.  He is going to try and order what is needed to fix it. (Bless his heart).

It has been an enjoyable  last five days with company. Les’ daughter Courtney came over on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Thursday evening.  We talked, read, caught up on the happenings and just generally hung out.  She was due back at work on Friday morning so she left Thursday afternoon to go home.

Saturday Les came up and we went to my friend Edna’s house to put her new computer together.  They discussed what was needed to get it running, planned  what was needed and when he would come back and complete the installation.  This was his way of helping someone while spending time with me.  You gotta love him.

Yesterday I visited Wes and Debra for a while.  I wanted to deliver some jam and some things I wasn’t going to use from my pantry.  My other granddaughter Jasmine was there so I got to visit with her a bit.

I have finished another one of the books Edna gave me to discover that all the heroines have either blue or green eyes.  They all have heart shaped faces or butts.  The men they meet are tall, dark, and have muscles that ripple.  Man I don’t know how many more of these stories I can stomach because I’m brown eyed, tits hanging to my navel, and a face like textured corduroy.  But I can only think that I had such a great time getting this way it was worth it!

Ok next book off the shelf!

Ok next book off the shelf!

This is I’ll Find You  by Nancy Bush a suspense novel.  I’ll see how this one goes.

Take care and relax a bit!


Yep A Double Dip

enough for now

enough for now

Just pulled 14 1/2 cups of Bluebarb (blueberry/rhubarb)  jam from the hot water bath.  Earlier I canned Blueberry/Lime jam (8 cups).  This may be a new favorite of mine.  Well that is all the jam making until after the first of September.  Time to take a break!


You know you are getting old when:

The wrinkles in your face match those of a bulldog.

When you walk into a room then can’t remember what your there for.

When you have to boot up the computer to find today’s date.

When you then have to walk to the fridge to mark the calendar to determine what day of the week it is.

But more important!  When your youngest son turns 48!!!

Yep that's my boy!

Yep that’s my boy!

Happy “Brithday” ( a family joke) to you and many more .  In my book you are a success!


I lost my cockatiel this morning.  He came to me a few years ago when his owner passed.  I never knew how old he was.  I like to think that I made his last years comfortable.

This was Tiki.

This was Tiki.

Why Not!

I was in Otisville Glass the other day to pick up some seed for my outside birds.  While there owner said, “Seeing your not moving will you be making any more jam?”  I replied I hadn’t given it much thought but maybe.  When I left there I was thinking that after I get my household choirs done for the week it seems all I do is read or nap, not a good habit to get into.  Why not can a little jam to have on hand as thank yous.  That day my friend Pammie had sent me a recipe for Peach Butter.  But if I was going to stand a stir a lot I think I would rather make jam instead.  Ok so it was off to McDaniel’s Farm market for peaches.

$12.  worth and I'd be in business.

$12. worth and I’d be in business.

I had jars, rings,and lids downstairs but I would need pectin and sugar.  I decided to make Spice Peach jam instead so I proceeded to adjust the recipe with some of the spices from the the Peach Butter recipe.  On 8-21-15 I ended up with 14 cups of Spice Peach Jam.  I had peaches left over so I made 7 cups of Peach Butter on 8-22-15.

That turned out good then I remembered my real estate man said he had frozen rhubarb he was going to throw away so I called him then went to his house to pick it up today.  I bought some frozen strawberries to go with some I had in my freezer.  Then I needed more jars and pectin to complete this project.  This afternoon I canned 8 cups of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam.  All this time I was thinking you are going over your budget but it kept me busy and I have jam that I don’t have to buy.

In between time I finished the Clark novel and have pulled another one off the shelf in the bedroom.

I still have plenty of rhubarb left so I think tomorrow I’ll go the Blueberry Lane and pick up some blueberries to  make Bluebarb jam.  Why not I’m all ready over my budget for the month!



Good morning on this what  promises to be a lovely day!  The big thermometer on the porch said 60 degrees when I took Brandy out this morning. Not much going on wildlife wise, no bunnies, very few birds even though I did fill all the feeders yesterday.  So this is where Brandy ended up when we came back in.

Why not!

Why not!

What have I been doing the last few days?  After giving the house a good going over right down to bird cages, cat box, and laundry I took time out for this.

I started on the books Edna gave me that are on the shelf in my bedroom.

I started on the books Edna gave me that are on the shelf in my bedroom.

I have completed the first two and am working on the Clark book now.  The one on the left was my first Harlequin and I survived with only minor mental contusions.  Now I said I was going to read them all and by golly I’m going to do it!

The other thing. not a good thing, is a nap in the afternoon. This is mostly when it gets too hot to be outside.  My TV choices are limited due to cutting back on expenses and to watch Amazon Prime is time consuming but then house, animals, and other duties are neglected.  I did get hooked on the Orphan Black series but I reserve that for when the TV has nothing promising on.

So this is this morning.

The sun just coming up, my flannel shirt is comfortable, and I'm visiting you.  The

The sun just coming up, my flannel shirt is comfortable, and I’m visiting you.




Wow Time Fly!

Another four freaking days flew by before I got back to my visit with you.

On Thursday afternoon Michael and Darlene came up and they set up the spare bed upstairs.  So  I now have a place for people to stay over when they come to visit.  They only need to bring their pillows.  Thursday night we had Biggie’s pizza and a salad for supper. On Friday morning we were at McPherson’s in Millington for breakfast.  We needed to pick up the cinnamon rolls for Michael to take home.

Darlene made sloppy Joes for suuper

Darlene made sloppy Joes for supper Friday.

Michael was again at the sink (for the second or third time) cleaning up.

Michael was again at the sink (for the second or third time) cleaning up.

This is a team for a hostess to die for.  I  never have a thing to do when they visit.  We played Rummy both days and my luck was with me.  But they were most gracious about the outcome.


While they were here they bought two coops of chickens (see previous post) and some corn for the old cow (moo).

Now I'm set for a while!!

Now I’m set for a while!!

While out on the swing the last couple of days I have been looking down at this.

Yes it is a clover blossom

Yes it is a clover blossom

These are few and far between because they get mowed down a lot.  Any way every time I see it I wonder.  Does it still taste as sweet as I remember from my childhood?  I long to pull it and  suck on the blossom to find out.  But a little voice says you will be disappointed so don’t do it.  So it is still sitting in front of the swing calling me to revisit a memory from long ago.  Maybe it will die before I can work up the courage to pull it out and the problem will be solved–we will see.

On Saturday morning Les and Anne came up on their way to Anne’s grandmother’s birthday party.  Les drove us over to Edna’s where he spent quite a while explaining her options on computers, systems, and internet providers.  I think we may have a solution for her within her budget.

I have finished my second mystery magazine, the Reader’s Digest that came in, then this   morning it was down to the gas station for my Sunday paper.  So that is it for today.  Take care and rest a bit.  All who are under the weather right now please feel better fast!!


Need No, Want Yes

Good morning !  It has been a few days since the last visit.  It has rained a bit, the sun has shone, and my only visitor thorough it all was this.

Well at least he couldn't run into the woods before I got a shot!

Well at least he couldn’t run into the woods before I got a shot!

Actually my bunny rabbits can be spotted once in a while.  Also filling the feeders has brought the birds back so I’m not without visitors.

Well I finished To Kill A Mockingbird  and it is now in the shelf.  I also finished this.

It was a double issue so it took a little time.

It was a double issue so it took a little time.

I now have the Alfred Hitchcock magazine to read then  on to the first of the paperbacks Edna gave me.

But first I’m going to mow the side yard today.  I finished the front before the rain the other day and it is 68 degrees with sunshine out there today.  The ‘back 40’ is in good shape yet so I’ll pass on that right now.

. I have been keeping track of my expenses so far this month and It looks like around $160.  Not good but I have several meals ready to get through the month with.  I do however want some potato chips.  I have one small bag left and I keep looking at it like a fox staring at a chicken coop!   No I don’t need it but I want it!  Such is life when you try a new way to live.  I will survive just fine.

Have a great rest of the week!



Being Lazy!

I received both of my short story mystery magazines yesterday and when I saw the name of one of contributors on the cover everythings got put on hold until I read the story.  As I have mentioned before Doug Allyn is one of the local area authors that I met a few years back and I enjoy his writing.

Well I did make all three dishes I wrote about yesterday afternoon and I decided to taste two of them before I froze them,  I put my samples in little aluminium pans tasting the lasagna yesterday and the enchiladas today.  Both are good so I guess my venture into the Domestic  Goddess thing  was a winner.

I still haven’t  set out my lawn decorations yet because Wes and Debra may come up this weekend to work on the yard.

After my adventure in the kitchen yesterday my time today was spent feeding everyone and reading.  Just a bit lazy ( a day of rest) as they say,