All Kinds Of Warm feeling!

Last night after dark I still hadn’t seen the little something that Maria (Silverfox) said she had sent me.  Finally checking the front window there was a shadow at the foot of the gate.  I trudge out on the sidewalk through the snow and saw the package inside the gate which was locked.  So it was back in the side entry and into the front of the house.  Sure enough there it was. After picking it up I trudged back inside the house.  I opened the package to find this.

What a beautiful thing it is.

All can say is Thank you, Thank you Maria it is beautiful and I found a spot for it on ledge in the front room.  And to think that because I sent her jam this was her thank you.

I also had given jam to David’s friend John and tonight he brought me a pint of Grape Jam that he had canned.  I haven’t had Grape Jam since I moved from my home in Otisville because the lady lived down the road from me on Lake Rd had given me grapes from her vines.  It is a wonderful surprise when something you give gives you something in return.

Well I didn’t get to work on my sequins today because the table wasn’t available but I get at them again tomorrow.

I’ll have the lights on the tree and in the front windows for a while.  It gives me a warm feeling to see the colors shining brightly.

With no nap today I may turn in early because I will be up in the middle of the night for an hour or so.

Stay warm and comfy!


A White Christmas ?

Light snow all day.

Grass is peeking through but the roads are covered.

It is 26 degrees with wind at 6 miles per hour. Walking to the mailbox was with baby steps, the fence to catch if I fell on my side of the street, and then carefully crossing the snow covered street.  I wanted to mail a payment so Cindy, when she came home from work at 2 pm, wouldn’t have to go back out.

This is a timeout, rest the fingers, and delay a headache.

I have one more side to finish the blue cube after this picture was taken. 

Then it is on to the red one which will complete the cubes for the box cars once the wheels are put on.  All that will be left then is the engine.  I might just get it done before Christmas.

Looking out the front window.

I really don’t want to go anywhere anyway.

If this holds up we will certainly have a white Christmas this year,  I can remember a few when we  had bought sleds and there was no snow to slide on.

Well I guess it is time to return to the sequins because Brandy still hasn’t come out for breakfast even though the zoo is fed except for the dogs.

Hope you are moving along with your plans but remember to take time for a breath.

December 7th

Time out to post the latest

This was a gift from my daughter a couple of years back.

Even though she gets packed away she is still lovely and I really love putting her out.

This had a small plastic clip on the bottom to attach it to a limb on the tree but that is broken .

So until I finally get it fixed it will sit on my desk instead.

Right now the temperature is 25 degrees, wind is 13 mph, and light snow.

This morning the snow was staying in the roof,.

It has been a light snow all day but the forecast calls for mostly clear tomorrow.

Well It was back to the sequins again tonight.

With a bit of spit and shorter nails I’m slowly making headway.

When I got my nails done yesterday I explained to the gentleman that I needed them shorter so I could pick up the pins and sequins.  So he proceeded to pull a paper clip out of the drawer and used that to measure how to shape my nails.   Sure can’t beat that for service.

Well today is December 7th.  A day in Infamy according to FDR. I was six years old and not really sure what was going down–only knew it was bad.  I barely remember seeing the newspaper headlines.   Many wars have gone on since then and will probably continue to occur.

Well I hope your day is going well and your plans coming together.




Gonna Play

Good Morning today I will be on and off  the blog all day adding stuff.  Starting with the zoo– except for the dogs all have  been fed.  One load of laundry is in the dryer, I took my pills, set Brandy’s out so I wouldn’t forget them, got the checking account out of the way, paid the bill that came in yesterday, and now I’m getting ready to play.

I’m going to work on my Choo,Choo train.

I haven’t worked in sequins in a very long time but today I felt like pulling the kit out and seeing what I can do.

Well I’m glad I get the nails done tomorrow because they are a problem when doing this project.

It is difficult to handle all the items needed

Picking up the pin, placing the sequin on it, placing glue on the end, and then pushing it into the form without losing it is the task.

It has been slow going.

I think once I have the nails shortened a bit it will go faster.  At least I hope so.

Outside the temperature is 35 degrees but feels like 25.  The wind is at 16 mph but it is blowing things over.  I had to bring the presents from the sled in because they were blown around the yard.  The forecast says the winds will be between 13 and 17 mph all day.  This means displays are being blown over, the trash from down the street is working it’s way past the house. and to put the garbage cart out is asking for trouble. Hopefully it will calm down a little by morning so the cart can go out front for pick up.

Well David is not feeling well and is resting. Cindy is working a double shift so it is very quiet around here. I think I’ll go back to the sequins for a while.

Ok my friend that’s it for day 5.




Day 4

I discovered a very sad thing today.  I’m getting forgetful.  Cindy is here to correct my mistakes  and the thoughts that are wrong but it doesn’t help me feel any better about my ability to keep control of my life.  ( Getting old is a Bitch.)  An example is did I or did I not feed all the zoo this morning.  Did I take my vitamins and pills today. Did I put Brandy’s pills in her food.

I stood and cut the Christmas tree box today because it was getting pretty ratty.

We plan to get either a carton or a bag to store it in after the holiday.  But as I stood there I thought It has lasted a long time.  When I told Cindy I was going to post something on it she said that I had bought it last year after I gave my old one away.  Checking the box she was correct and I was thinking OK proof I’m losing it.

But I do have a few positive things to tell you.

Cindy and I have just  packed two boxes of jam.

One is on it’s way to Florida, the other to California.  A surprise for a couple of people.

I have a better picture to show you.

The living room front window

The weather is clear today but the sun has decided to hide.

Cindy introduced me to facebook and I find myself lost in time once I start checking it.  I’m going to have to set up a schedule with a time and the amount of viewing I want to do daily.

I did manage to read my Large Print Reader’s Digest for Dec/Jan. in the middle of the night  so that is gone to the round file.  I also folded laundry, cleared the dishwasher, and played cards on the computer.  I don’t know why I can’t just pee and then go back to bed but no I have to warm a cup of coffee to drink, spend a hour getting chilled, then  think about  what I plan to do the next few days, THEN go back to bed.  But the mind doesn’t go to sleep right away.  I check the time, close my eyes, lay in the darkness, think, open my eyes, check the time, and repeat the whole thing over again several times.

Oh well I’m sure other people run into these problems–at least I hope so.

I’m sure my Brandy hasn’t eaten yet today so I think I’ll pull her off my bed and feed her.  Have a good week.







Lights, Lights Everywhere

I’m back with more pictures.  I hope you don’t mind but we are proud of work.

On the side of the house the birds are marching proudly

The dining/kitchen window is bright with color.

The living room is a riot of color.

Santa and his sled are flying across the top of the window.

The lantern is on the back porch

The front of our home ready for the holidays

Inside is this

Cindy’s Goose is all dressed up for the holidays.

Finally my present from Anne

A new Singer sewing machine so I can retire my Kenmore.

The Kenmore is going to another home.

Cindy added snow to the buildings in the front window

The cats are a little put out because they usually sit in that window and look out.

Tomorrow we will be moving the containers to the shed until it is time to pack everything away.  But for tonight we thank you for joinng us.




Pictures Of The Latest Project

Les and Anne came in this afternoon and Les did a complete overhaul on my computer.  He updated everything that needed updating and then explained some things to me.  It started with me not being able to take pictures from my camera to put on my computer.  It took a few hours to fix everything but he did it.  Thank you son.

So to start

this is on the inside window in the kitchen

It is double sided so it  works fine.


I painted this for Cindy several years ago

This is our tree

Overloaded with old things accumulated over several years

Each of my children got one of these because I loved it

This is in our inside kitchen window

There is now presents in the sled.

I raided Cindy’s tin foil stash for this.

That’s it for now.

Don’t Spin The Meter!

I just printed 15 cookie recipes from Hallmark so David could see if he could use any of them.  He and his friend John plan to make cookies in the next couple of weeks.

Well we have the tree up but we will trim it tomorrow because Cindy had to go to work this afternoon.  As we go through the boxes we brought in from the shed we are finding more things to put out but the problem is where to put them.

This is on an end table right now but this is not it’s permanent place.

The other day David found the problem with my recliner so I ordered a new controller.  It arrived today now I will have one of my Christmas wishes granted.  I wanted to be able to put my feet up, lean back and relax now I will.  Amazing what a $15.00+ part can  do to make one happy.

The Bronner’s order arrived today and every window in front now has new lighted items to join the old. ( no sticky, clingy, stuff this holiday).  This is why the tree didn’t get trimmed today (too many decision on what should go where).

The buildings I bought last year are back on the file cabinets again and plugged in to shine brightly when we flick the switch.

The goose I bought Cindy came in a day or two ago and this is the problem.

There is no room for the cat to rest and be comfy!

We are waiting now for the Santa Outfit for the goose to come in.

It is getting dark now and I so want to turn the lights on but there is plenty time in December to make the electric meter spin!





More Done

I’m overwhelmed  with all the things we have placed today.  Here are a few.

This is Buck one of my backyard friends,

This is his mate Doe

This is their sled.

They came with me from up North and this year I finally let them out of the garage.

Chris Murphy came today hung the lights on the house.

Now we have lights from the front all the way to the back porch.

He  then came inside to do this.

The left side of the archway with the Hallmark birds.

The right side for a total of 12 birds many that came from my friend Darlene.

Next year we will have 13 and it will be easier to place them.

Well  tomorrow Cindy and I will work on getting the tree up and trimmed. We just ran out of time today.

This is our bathroom shelf. You have to feel safe with all these nutcrackers standing guard.

I think I just made a funny!

On the bookshelf the mice with their yellow kerchiefs and ice skates are watching the countdown.

Well that is it for now but I’ll be back.   Take care.







Getting Ready

Today the fun began.  Several boxes marked Christmas were wheeled in from the shed.  David, Cindy, and I started unpacking and placing items around.

This tree skirt I made in 1983 then never made another one.

Cindy decorated the kitchen counter tree.

She also dressed the dog for the front window.

He will now join Lucy to celebrate the Holiday.

The birds for the archway.

I had used a paper ribbon on them at first and when David went to hang one of them the weight caused the bird to fall and David had to fix the damage.  I proceeded to use yarn instead and now they are ready to go up.

We have placed many items around the rooms and still have more to be placed.

I changed the flag outside.

David said he liked this one. 

Tomorrow we will continue with the tree, more items to be placed. the birds to go up, and place Buck, Doe, and the sled in the yard.  Chris is coming over to put the lights on the house too.

It is coming together but the is still a lot to do.

I hope your getting things ready also and enjoying the job.