What Is this?

Yep it is true –if you don’t like the weather just wait around a bit and it will change. (Welcome to Michigan.)

Tracks in the snow

Tracks in the snow

21 degrees, wind at 13 mph, and snow –what a Spring this is.  Brandy and I walked out this morning then high tailed it back in quickly!

This brave thing stayed put when i went out1

This brave thing stayed put when i went out

On to what else is going on.

This darn afghan three days ago.

This darn afghan three days ago.

True to my word I ripped that thing out and put the pattern away.


The diagonal square

The diagonal square

I went back to my old stand by and will use the yarn there.

The novel I’m just starting now is The Raising by Laura Kasischke. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Before the snow fell this was on the side of the house.

First blooms peeking up.

First blooms peeking up.

A couple of days back this was the scene in the dining room.

Oh sunshine!

Oh sunshine!

These two always  find the best spot in the house when it comes to some warm  place to rest.

Well I have to get busy I have another showing tomorrow and a tidy up job is due.  Take care!

O K I Can’t Stay Away! (poet ?)

I really tried but even though you (most of you ) never even say anything  I miss visiting. Lots of stuff going on but how important any thing is questionable.   First out the French doors this morning you can see a bit of my frog pond.

I don't know if the ice is gone yet.

I don’t know if any of the ice is gone yet.

I do have to walk out here and clean out birdhouses.  I have two to do and I would like to get them ready for the new tenants when they arrive.  I have seen my Robins, Red Wing Black Birds, some Woodpeckers, and of course the small birds that are around all Winter.

Well have had three showings on the house but nothing serious yet.  But the hilarious thing is when I do have one It is prep everything of course.  Last Saturday It was pull all the afghans off the living room furniture, dust, get out the fancy doilies, hide the stuff off the computer desk, clear the bathroom counter,  hang the fancy towels, open all the blinds, turn on all the lights, and light my black cherry candle for a while.

When I came back home it was everything in reverse but after I did that I got a call later that evening that there would be another showing the next day!  So now there is a little change in my routine to minimize the work involved.

I have finished Gaiman and Reaves The Silver Dream  and have been reading short stories from my Alfred Hitchcock magazine and the new Reader”s Digest at the same time.  My reading material is growing on me.

The Darn Afghan!

The Darn Afghan!

Take a good look at this baby because it ‘ain’t’ gonna happen!!!! There are so many mistakes in it that it is going to be history by noon today!  I have two patterns to try instead so I’m trying them.  I do not have the tenacity that my dear friend Pam does and I don’t need the stress!

Saturday I took Brandy to the Davison Doggy Park.  She was at a loss about what to do because she is always on a lease when she goes outside. But she sniffed every square foot of the small dog area and then I had a bit of a time getting her to go home.  I’m going to take her back again soon.because she loved it.

As I sat this morning after my shower putting lotion on my feet I remembered something my first hubby used to say. “Mary, if you’d polished your shoes for a nickel you’d have to paint the courthouse for a dime.”  Also my daddy used to say,” If they hadn’t turned so much under for feet Mary, you could have been six feet tall.”  Funny how memories sneak back in at odd times!

If you come visit just leave a HI and I will be happy!

On Brandy’s Walk!

Today is the second time Brandy and I have been out walking the driveway but today we explored a bit.

Down the driveway to the mail box.

Down the driveway to the mail box.

The driveway is almost clear all the way down.  So I said we would go get the mail and Brandy started dancing.  I  was able to walk safely with her stopping  every few feet to smell what was going on out there.  It has been a long cold Winter and going for walks was out of the question until now.

Trees are great for checking out who has been around.

Trees are great for checking out who has been around.

The pine needles make great throwing material to exercise those hind legs.  She delights in kicking the lose things under the tree.  We walked back up the driveway, up on the deck, and down on the other side of the dome and found this.

The very first sprouts that will soon be flowers.

The very first sprouts that will soon be flowers.

Another small patch fighting through the dead leaves.

Another small patch fighting through the dead leaves.

Late year when I found this I decided to wait a bit before raking out the area.   This was a big mistake because I broke some of the sprouts off.  So today I’m off the the store to buy a new metal grass rake.  I will start cleaning out the area tomorrow and also continue to work on clearing as the snow melts in the beds.

This is what is happening all over the yard.

Even the berm is starting to show.

Even the berm is starting to show.


It is 54 degrees with sun and  no snow in the forecast.   I think we are on our way.  (fingers crossed).


It Is Coming!

Good morning on another sun shiny day.  Temperature is mid 30s with no snow or rain in the forecast for the next couple of days.  Only confusion in the picture right now.

This is the back deck this morning.

This is the back deck this morning.

Also the view out the kitchen door (used as my front entrance) is also becoming more ground and less snow.  This morning Brandy went out and didn’t want to step where there was no snow.  She seemed confused at what was happening.  She gingerly step out onto the dirt but then hurried back up on the porch again.  A sure sign we had a lot of snow this Winter when your dog doesn’t remember grass.

With son Wes’ help I finally got a hold of the credit union yesterday, got my transfer made, and found that next Monday things will be back to normal on their phone system.  I do have to drive down and redo my system of distribution due to the change.  But today after my appointment with the foot doctor I have nothing pressing to do  so I have planned nothing .  I can read or pick up that darn afghan.

Have a great day and soak up some coming Spring time.

Don’t Dance!

Well good and bad news this morning. Starting with the bad first.  Sadly I will not be swinging my cowboy boots to the happy music. (In fact I don’t even have to buy the boots,)  My first lesson yesterday proved that even though I know my left from my right my balance is bad and my heart just isn’t in it.  I should have known if I walk funny I’m not going to dance well.

The good is that I was able to ‘overnight ‘ a payment due on the 13th to Dallas, Tx.  My credit union attempted a system change starting on  February 28.  This has resulted in not being able to reach them for a transfer of funds ever since.  I finally called the company and got an overnight address which I set up at the post office yesterday.  The payment should be there by noon today costing only $19.98 to accomplish.  Obviously this resulted in anxiety for a couple of days when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to transfer the additional funds to pay it off.  But that is settled for now.

i woke up at 5:30 this morning and decided to finish off part of my to do list–vacuuming is done.  Now the mopping is up next.

As I sit here the words to a song echo in my head.  “I don’t dance –don’t ask me”.

It Is A Sunny Sunday!

Gorgeous day with the temperature in the low 50s.



The French doors are letting in the sunshine and my furries are laying there soaking it up.

I had a to do list of 16 items to do today and I  have six left to do.  But at least the driveway is cleared, the garbage is at the road, the Christmas wreaths down, cages and cat box cleaned among other things  Basically left is mopping and vacuuming. which can be done tomorrow and the afghan which can be done  any time I feel like working on it.

I did finish this novel Saturday.

It is the first of three in the series.

It is the first of three in the series.

I haven’t started the next one yet because there was so much other things to accomplish.  I’ll get back to reading shortly.

Well I want a bite of late lunch or early supper now so I’m off!


A Poet Too!

Well this Sunday we Spring forward.  This Saturday the weather man/woman says it will be the last snow for at least a week.  The temperatures should reach the 40s.  Now these all say Spring to me but this is Michigan and anything can happen.  I can only keep my fingers crossed.

The back driveway.

The back driveway.

I decided that I won’t snow blow until after Saturday dumps it’s gift on me.  I have been carting things down the basement stairs the last couple of weeks and I ain’t dead yet.

The call from the doctor’s office was that my blood work is excellent so I guess I’ll walk upright for a while yet.   But I do have an appointment with the foot doctor on Wednesday.

Lets see what other exciting things this coming week!  On Monday I start Line Dancing lessons.  Tuesday the salt man comes.  I have to be here for that because I have trouble getting it into the container otherwise and  the feet on Wednesday.

I spent yesterday hunting for womens gloves.  I called three stores they were all out. I finally found some at Kmarts in Clio ( pitiful samples) but I bought two pair.  I had found a pair the day before at Tractor Supply but they were mens  work gloves (got them too). Then I went to my gas station and lo and behold I found a decent pair (mens) that may do the job.  I ended up packing all of them plus two books I have read and mailed them off to Pontiac (MI.) mission accomplished!

Wednesday it was Sam’s Club where I picked up a few things for me and some supplies to donate to the Senior Citizen’s Center ( another obligation accomplished). Boy I’m a regular Suzy Do Gooder Huh!!!

Take Care out there. ( shit I’m a poet too.)


Change Is On the Way.

Wow I went to bed at 10:30 last night and woke up at 7:00 this morning.  This is unheard of –I always wake up about five hours after I go to sleep.  I sure could use some more of these type of nights because I feel great this morning.

The weather man called it right yesterday.  At a couple of minutes to nine in the morning the sky opened up and old man Winter dropped a couple of inches of white stuff on everything.  Then just as quickly, around 12:45, it stopped.

Ain't this beautiful

Ain’t this beautiful

Needless to say I only drove as far as the mailbox to deposit some checks for monthly bills then hightailed back up the driveway.  I stayed in the rest of the day.  I finished Owen King’s novel Double Feature  ( I liked it but it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea,) 

I have been reading Interworld  by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves at the same time and am roughly half way through it.  It is one of three novels in a series so I have vol. two waiting for me on the shelf and vol. three on pre order.  This is a young adult series but being a Gaiman fan I have read others in this age bracket and enjoyed them so this was worth a try ( so far so good).

The afghan is waiting for me to pick it up but I found a glaring mistake and I’m trying to figure out if I want to tear it up and pitch it into the yarn box or just keep going.  I’m not making it for anyone so it is no big deal.  Well I’ll make a decision on it shortly.

It is with a heavy heart that today I must dispose of my pretty birthday flowers that have graced my table for over a week.

001002I have enjoyed their fragrance every time I past through the room.  Their color has lightened my day and my heart.  I will miss them but remember the people who thought so much of me that they brought them into my life. My lily did not survive–I’m sorry Kathy.

What to do today???  I know I want to find some gloves for a special lady,  I think a trip to Sam’s Club for paper products to take to the Senior Center is in order.  I also need to find a small tray for when I have lunch at the center.

My doctor visit was a breeze.  My back is clearing up and my discomfort from last week has disappeared.  ( Healthy as a horse as the saying goes–of course it is an old mare not a fine filly.)

Do try to stay comfortable –please stay warm–or (lucky you) cool down  it is going to get better soon.  Also remember to spring forward in a few days!!!

Wes  calls me Sparky but I guess I’m still Momma!


I Still Got Flowers!!

Sparky here (new name).  It -6 degrees with the wind at 6 mph and the sun shining  through the French door window.  No snow called for this morning and there was none over night. It is suppose to get a little warmer over the next few days but who knows this is Michigan.  I’m only happy we don’t have any of the Texas people’s worrIes.

Well I finished David Duchovny’s Holy Cow. It is obviously a humorous fantasy.  ( I mean a turkey can’t fly an airplane!)  But it some interesting messages about getting along.  I really enjoyed it. for very light reading. I wish I had Elsie’s passion to do the impossible.

Well yesterday I stayed at home and this is the reason.

That 'you are leaving again and I have to watch the house ' look.

That ‘you are leaving again and I have to watch the house ‘ look.

So I sat in the recliner with an afghan over my legs and Brandy asleep on my lap.  She is one of the reasons I can’t go away every day plus the birds and Molly!  I did start some of my Sunday chores and picked up my knitting for a little while.

Today will be another day of staying close because i don’t relish freezing my butt off just to have an adventure. Besides I need to do a once through to see the house is pretty much in order.  I’m not putting everything away because I don’t expect any visitors.

I’m still working on Owen King’s Double Feature, about 235 pages to go.  I’m expecting a couple of Neil Gaiman novels today to add to the bookcase.

I’m about ready to turn on the Bose and enjoy some music because it has been mighty quiet around here and I need to jack up my attitude a little bit.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning.  It just a little annoyance that needs some answers and I have learned to check things out not sit and stew.

To my friends in Waterford–your problems are different but know I’m thinking about both of you.

Take care–stay safe and comfortable.   SPARKY