Ah A Michigan Winter

When I went to bed last night the snow was piled up against both the front and back door.  I forced the back one open enough to let Brandy out but I knew this morning I had a big job ahead of me.  I have an appointment at 1:30 this afternoon with the foot doctor so I had to be able to get out.

This was as far as I could open the front door.

This was as far as I could open the front door.

I managed to squeeze out and grab the snow shovel. Next was to clear the area.

I moved the truck almost to the swing and started shoveling the porch area.

I moved the truck almost to the swing and started shoveling the porch area.

This gave me room on the ground to move the snow off the porch.

This gave me room on the ground to move the snow off the porch.

That accomplished I went to work on the truck.

Snow piled high and no way to see out.

Snow piled high and no way to see out.

This is from yesterday

This is from yesterday  

As you can see I had a problem with moving the truck backward having no where to see out.  I almost ran into the swing set before I got stopped.  But luck was with me and nothing got broken or dented in the move.


I managed to clear enough away to allow me to move the truck back up to the house.

I managed to clear enough away to allow me to move the truck back up to the house.

Feeling pretty proud of myself I decided that I didn’t need to snow blow the driveway right now because I have 4 wheel drive and can get up and down the drive with no trouble   So I decided to go inside and thaw out.  Inside I pulled off my gloves and jacket and went to hang up my keys.  NO Keys!  I checked my jacket pockets, where I had laid my gloves.  Then I checked the table and the counters–no luck.  I got dressed again and went out to check the truck.  Still no keys.  Now I had moved the truck up to the house so i must have dropped them when I got out of the truck.  So I grabbed the snow shovel and started working along side the truck.  Sure enough there they were laying in the snow just under the surface.  A big feeling of relief came over me.   Now by golly I’m going in the house and thaw out comfortable in knowing I can make my appointment this afternoon.

I am fortunate enough to manage a lot of what is put on my plate and try to keep up with everything that comes my way.

Have a safe and comfortable  rest of the week.

Gone Yesterday, Here Today

Good Morning  This Is Michigan

Good Morning This Is Michigan out the back door

And the front.

And the front.

Yep it is get the tractor out of the garage and play road scraper.  Of course today I’m a bit under the weather so I will have to psych  myself up to pull on those black sweat pants, the puffy red jacket, my ladies black boots, the hunter’s gloves, and of course Jay’s fur lined hat.  There is no wind right now so this is the time to do it.  Otherwise as the snow comes out of the shoot it blows back into you face and baby it is cold!

I had spent time on the phone with my daughter Cindy explaining why I’m going to see my doctor Friday.  I have written down some things I feel need explanation but Cindy said. “Momma you are old and old people have things that trouble them”.  I told her that I am having a change of heart about buying a smaller place if i sell this one.  So my sweet children may find a border for a few month every year until I kick the bucket.  (Not that I hope it is soon because I have a few things I want to do first.)

I did manage this yesterday.

I hope I didn't kill anything.

I hope I didn’t kill anything.

I found the other pot in the garage, some potting soil in the basement, and a spot on the washer in the utility room to cover in newspaper so I could separate my cactus to give it more growing room.  I’ll see how it does now.

Well I guess I’ll make cubed ham and scrambled eggs for mine and Brandy’s breakfast this morning.  Then I will proceed to dress in my road scraper costume and blow snow.  Have a great and safe day today.


Two Things Of Interest.


As promised --I finished it

As promised –I finished it

Now it is in to a box and up on a shelf.  I don’t think I will hurry to do it again.

Next Long overdo is the introduction of the newest “grand cat” Lil.  Her owner is my daughter Cindy.

20151125_15334020151125_15434820151204_20585120151209_12324720151218_113541 (1)20151221_131824

Yes the lovely, active. Lil.

Yes the lovely, active. Lil.

Needless to say she keeps Cindy on her toes.  She is into everything and her curiosity knows no bounds   There is nothing like a new kitten to brighten your life!

Hey still no snow I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


What To Do

Well my Christmas Cactus Is continuing to produce blooms.

Well my Christmas Cactus Is continuing to produce blooms.

I really should separate this to give it more room.  I’ll see if I can find the other pot and get some potting soil.

Well today is back to sunshine and almost no snow to be seen.  I just don’t know what to expect.  I’m not complaining but it is difficult to figure what to do next.

I have come to one conclusion.

I'm beginning to hate this puzzle.

I’m beginning to hate this puzzle.

Now I’m not going to let it beat me but my first thought is it needs a firm hand to wipe it into the waste basket to solve my problem.  But I won’t do it.  I used to love puzzles.  I would spend hours with my grandmother putting one together.  I remember she would sort of half whistle as she worked on it.  Funny how things like that return to one’s memory with a sweet and comforting feeling.

I sit here and think of all the people around me who are ill or healing and I keep saying I should go visit, call, or send a card but instead I just sit.  Too many of my friends and family are fighting to survive the problems life hands them.

Well I guess It is time to feed Brandy and me so I’ll close for now.  Take care.

Exciting Ain’t It!

What can I say!

What can I say!

Only that it is back.  That I will be inside more than out.  That walking becomes a challenge in this weather.  That more work on my puzzle is called for.  That my Fill It In book will get a workout. That I’ll boot up the computer to see how others are doing.  That I’m sure a nap will occur sometime today.  That I’ll read a few more stories in my Ellery Queen magazine. Wow I live an exciting don’t I!

Another Day

Well the Monday showing was positive but there seems to be a problem with the buyer settling on a lender.  But that is not my concern.

On the cactus.

There are more buds on the plant.

There are more buds on the plant.

It looks like I’ll have more blooms soon.  I wonder if leaving it in the bay window with the blind down is causing it to continue to sprout more buds.

Well I just finished Stephen King’s novel  The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams  and enjoyed it greatly.  I have decided to read my last issue of Ellery Queen’s mystery magazine now. (the January issue).  I have stopped the delivery of it and the other mystery magazine  for now and pick it up later.

Well outside sure doesn’t look like the second day of February.

Where The Snow Go?

Where The Snow Go?

Well I’m sure it will be back soon so i won’t waste time worrying about it.

I have to move my table cloth and put some more time on the puzzle tomorrow.  That way it can go back in the box for another day.

Take care and think of things that make you smile.  You under the weather people—-I’m thinking of you.

One Down

Just one more showing to go for this week tomorrow morning.  I have two things to show you.

It seems my plant isn't done showing off!

It seems my plant isn’t done showing off!

This is as far as I got on the puzzle.

I didn't want to take it down.

I didn’t want to take it down.

So I very carefully spread the tablecloth over it last night so I could work on it today.  I’ll do the same thing tonight so I can come back to it tomorrow afternoon.  I may even get it done soon.

Well itis raining outside now  and the snow is about gone.  But this afternoon I stopped at the road to get my paper and eound myself sliding on the ice.  My first thought was oh sh## I’m going to fall but all of a sudden a hand grabbed mine and helped me back to the truck.  Yes it was Adam.  When he saw me get out of my truck he hurried over to make sure I didn’t fall.  You gotta love a guy like that!

So take care when you go out.

Time Well Spent

We have all done dumb things in our life and I want to tell you about my latest.  I have another showing on Sunday so I pulled the vacuum out of the closet.  I had trouble getting the rug clean and when i went to empty the machine there wasn’t one speck of dirt in it.  Then I remembered I had tried to vacuum up the fake needles from the Christmas tree so I must have  jam up the machine.  What to do.  I didn’t want to bother Wes with all he has going on even though he did fix it the last time.

So I called Davison Vacuum and asked if they could help me.  When I took the machine in I told him about the showing on Sunday and how I didn’t know if what bit of sweeping I had done was was good enough.  Well we chatted back and forth and he said he would get right on it and I could pick it up tomorrow.  He said it would be $40.  I told him what ever it took.

Well He called me later today to come and pick it up.  When I got there he told me he changed a filter in machine, plus put a new filter in the cannister, cleaned the brushes, and did a couple of other things to be sure I would be happy with it’s performance.

This is what it looked like when I picked it up

This is what it looked like when I picked it up

At first I thought he had the wrong machine but he said no he figured he had it apart so he thought he give it a good going over for me.  I had put a jar of Dutch Apple Pie jam in the truck because he had gotten done in one afternoon for me.  When I went to pay him he said it was still $40. and that he had enjoyed our little chat so much.

Sometimes that few extra minutes is worth spending.  He also said I can drop in any time.


Busy With Fun Things

It is hump day already.  Time flies when you don’t pay attention.


Well It was a little bit.

Well It was a little bit.

Well I said I would work a little more on the puzzle and I did. I’ll  do some more tomorrow.

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes

Yep I got the tractor out.

I wish I could get me on the tractor but I can't.

I wish I could get a picture of me on the tractor but I can’t.

Some thing new to do came in the UPS truck yesterday.

This is Cindy's book.

This is Cindy’s book.

This is mine.

This is mine.

Yes I’m reverting back to my childhood but don’t tell anyone.  I don’t need the men in their white coats to come looking for me.  But I will admit I do love company.

Well I’m making a BLT on raisin bread for my supper.  It has been ages since I had one and my mouth says today is the day.  Yum Yum!

Have a good rest of the week!



Well I Got A Picture On.

Not so pretty but good walking!

Not so pretty but good walking!

My thermometer reads 36 degrees. The internet reads 33 degrees with winds of 17 mph.  There is something falling but I haven’t determined if it is snow or rain because it is very light.

I got a call Monday at noon for a showing at 1 pm.  I said sure come ahead and Brandy and I went for a ride,  I got feedback yesterday  not good.  They claimed cracks in the ceiling, uneven floors, and lack of room.  I emailed my real estate man to say there are no cracks in the ceiling and in the 15 years I’ve lived here I hadn’t noticed any failure in the floors.  I’m not upset because theses people aren’t aware that a dome flexes.

Well the jig saw puzzle is still on the table and I pulled some of the clock face pieces to work on but I have gotten no further.  Maybe today I’ll pay a little attention to it.  What have I been doing instead?  Well I have been playing card games on the computer and reading more of the KIng novel.  I just can’t seem to settle on a project long enough to finish it.  I have to work on that little failure I guess!

I was buying cheese and bacon omelets for Brandy but I finally decided to make scrambled eggs with ham from scratch.  Much cheaper and I make enough for both of us.

Well every body (or thing) is doing well here.  I hope all is well with you.