About Done!

Our bathroom tub/shower looks like this

All done

We are delighted.  Wes did a great job on the tile.  Don’s plumbing was excellent with things like raised faucets so there is no bending over into the tub.  Also his suggestion for a curved shower curtain rod helps to increase the inside area.  All in all we couldn’t be happier.

Later today Cindy’s friend Cutter came in to fix this.

This was the switch which controlled the lights, and fan in the bathroom.

It was loose, the cover was not fastened down and the a plug wouldn’t stay in the outlet and also wouldn’t work with out the light being on.

all is corrected now with switches for both fan and lights plus to ground fault plugs.

.  Thank you Mr. Cutter.

Well that is it for now.



Good morning depending on where you are sitting. For me not so because I have coughed myself silly, tried to wipe the skin off my snotty nose, and after 2 days am beginning to feel better.

I can’t show you the finished tile job because I have no light in the bath room.   The switch gave out last night and we are using a flashlight to see.  Kinda hope my son can fix it or knows someone who can.  ( Sometimes I wonder why all this shit comes down at once.). On a lighter side this is my latest reading material.

I am fascinated with it.


Found an electrician who will be here tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime David did a temporary connection.  We are slowly getting things under control which makes me feel better about helping.

I’m going to crawl up in my lazy boy for the rest of the day.  Hopefully I’ll be much improved by tomorrow. We have just patches of snow right now, the sun is shining with very little wind.   I hope all is going well for you.

A Promise Kept!

Progress up to yesterday.

The new tub was set after some difficulty getting it  level.

Then Wes started replacing the wallboard and we bought the tile.

He had to trim the studs to even out the area for the wall board.

After this correction he started putting up the wall board.  Next came the tile.

This was finished on Thursday. .

Yesterday he did the grouting.  Today Don came in and finished installing the shower and bath tub fixtures.  Cindy and David have both taken a shower and I am next.  I’ll have finished pictures in the next post.  All I can say it is my promise kept with Wes’ and Don’s help.




Now It Begins

The promise I made is about to become a reality.

The tub surround is out but the tub is still there.

I had promised when I moved in here I was going to redo the bathroom.  Months past and the time never seemed right.  Finally last weekend the work started, Wes my eldest had tiled the floor earlie but he was busy with other work.  Well he became available so the project was started.

The doors came off and the old surround which was covered with old caulk (it was cracked in places) had to come out.

The wall behind the surround was uneven.  So the problems of correcting things began. I won’t go into what the beginning involved but it has taken a lot of time  The living room has a stack of tile waiting for the wall after the old wall is replaced.  I will keep you posted on the progress.

I have an appointment with my new doctor tomorrow and I’ll see what that development will bring into my life.

Well I’m running a little late getting supper started so I’ll close for now.  Take care,


Baby It’s Cold!!

Good Morning to all.  It is 15 degrees outside and one of my favorite sayings comes to mind.  ( It is colder than a witch’s tit!)  I didn’t use a scarf over my mouth when Cindy and I went grocery shopping yesterday but I think I will dig one out to use from here on in..

Last night Cindy made Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms for our supper.

One of her diet recipes

No bread (because she can’t have that) but very delectable.  We will have these again. Tonight our supper is on our own but tomorrow night Cindy has another delight planned.

One of our purchases yesterday  was this.

Sometimes you need a little frivolity to brighten your day.

Well my friend it is a little after 10 am and the zoo is waiting to be fed.  I need to get dressed and the morning duties are calling.

One minutes out to say get well soon my friends so we can visit.

Now I’m off to the day’s duties.


Normal Soon

Thanks to help from David and Cindy this is the living room now.

Every thing inside is packed and stored.

I packed the majority then Cindy finished the job yesterday.  David made sure everything was carried to he shed then Cindy help him pack it in.

The only thing left is to take down are the outside lights.  Chris will come down and take care of them.

I feel a little better today not trapped. or overwhelmed with the thoughts of getting Christmas put away.

I heard from my doctor yesterday and the pain in my side is from a fatty liver.  I have an appointment with my new doctor shortly and I will get my instructions from her about how to correct the situation.

I hope things will soon be back to normal in  your home soon.


Good morning on this first day of 2017.  Yesterday I spent a couple of early evening hours with the birthday boy.

He spent a lot of his time cooking ribs for his guests, doing dishes, and keeping the table stocked.

Early on there was Jasmine as co hostess.

Looking lovely as usual she had helped with the cooking , the traditional Chocolate Mousse., and greeting visitors.

Les . Anne and I were there early with Patty and Greg  Cindy had to work. .

They both turned to talk to Was as I snapped the picture.

There were  more guest expected later but both Les, Anne and I chose to leave early do to the late traffic. I figured baby New Year could find his way in without me.

I was up three times with Brandy in the middle of the night to let her outside.  The last time I started this.

Yes taking things down.

Changing Calendars.

Also gathering containers.

I will start to disassemble decorations today.

Cindy and David think I’m nuts because usually I leave things up for a few weeks but this has been a very difficult, stressful time and I don’t need reminders of things that have to be done.  It will take me a couple of days to accomplish this task but when it is complete I can move on to more normal things.

I finished Patrica Cornwell’s Chaos and found it somewhat difficult to get through.  Not that it was badly written but with every thing going on I had trouble following the story line.  I have started Mary Higgins Clark’s novel I’ve Got You Under My Skin.  I’m on chapter two.so it is just the beginning.

There has been a foul  up in shipping of Cindy’s gift (another thing that I was responsible for that has me upset)  and I waiting for the package to arrive. I haven’t heard from my doctor’s office about my ultra sound yet (another problem).

So as you can see I’m pretty f***ed right now and if I had a place to hide I would go there.  But I will get busy, that will help, and I will get through this.

Have a go start of a brand new year.



Two Happy Wishes

Well it is almost goodbye to 2016 and I couldn’t be happier.  It has been a rough year for our family and it s time for a change.  Our under the weather people are beginning to feel better and it looks like they will be back to normal soon.

I want to take this time to wish one and all a very Happy New Year and to add a Happy birthday to my eldest.

Now his hair is a little whiter  he is still a handsome piece of work

This will be the first time in many years that I will be with him this evening.   I’m really looking forward to it.

Again I wish you good health, happiness, and a more prosperous year to come.

Nurse Nancy

This is my new name for now.  Actually I’m doing the domestic duties as always but trying to help Cindy where I can.

David did have surgery and is now having another test today.  Cindy is slowly getting better after seeing the doctor yesterday.  She hopes to get back work to work tomorrow. The zoo and I are still functioning well.  .

The snow is still melting.  The forecast for today is in the low 30s.  It is 34 degrees, wind is 13 mph, and it is clear right now.

I sit here hoping that 2017 will bring better times for all of us.  This year has been a trial for our family and promises to end on a difficult note unless things improve. But there is always tomorrow to see a change.

I hope all is well with you and yours and that your future looks brighter with the New Year.  .

What The!

This is what is on my mind right now.  This is Christmas week right!  A time to relax, remember, and reflect.  But not around here.  First David was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day.  He is still in there for tests.

Next Cindy came down with a terrible cold.  After a day spent with David she has been resting ever since waiting for her medicine to take hold.

I haven’t heard from my sons so I don’t know if they are alright.  But as for me I’m fine.  I continue to take care of my zoo, keep up with the household duties, and find things to occupy my times because my truck is in the garage, David’s car is parked in front of the door, and he has the keys.

The last couple of days the snow has started to melt away.

But this morning the wind has picked up and it feels like the temperature is dropping.  I haven’t checked the forecast yet so I don’t know what is in store,

I took time yesterday to put the new flag that Les and Anne gave me for Christmas up.

It has three owls on his branch. 

This carries the theme from some of the previously flags.

When Les was here the other day he changed the picture on my boot up page.

This is what I see now (I smile), 


I want to thank the Murphy family for the big bowl of fruit they gave me and I’m thinking of some recipes to make with it because Cindy can’t have fruit yet.

Well I guess I’ll go back to my book for a while or play a few games of solitaire on the computer.  I’ll visit later.