The Fix It Man

Completed this morning except for the trim board.

A new look for the bathroom.

A new look for the bathroom.

Even the problem behind the toilet.


Cleaned out,reinforced, and tiled like brand new.  This is my son’s work and he is for hire.   If you got what seems like an impossible problem let me know and I can put you in touch with my fix it man.

I sure love the look in there that I have now.


Hard Work

Last two days of work.  The problem  Wes   ran into.

He replaced wall with cement board.

He replaced wall with cement board.

As of tonight

Tomorrow morning he will clean the groat.

Tomorrow morning he will clean the groat.

100 % better. and he did a good job on it.

A few days before the 21 st Cindy and I visited Jay.  We put flowers out for him.


Well time to move on.




Good Morning .   Well this starts the adventure of the new floor in the bathroom.  Like most projects son Wes found a problem with the wall that needs to be fixed first.  This involves turning off the water  so we have  a borrowed bathroom across the street.   Oh we do have fun around here.

I went through this morning and refreshed all the wild thing’s water.  We bought two cases of bottled water also.  This project will take at least two days but believe it will be worth it.

Wes  removed  the old tile on Thursday morning.

Wes removed the old tile on Thursday morning.

That much is done.  So on to the next step this morning.

I finally talked with my insurance company yesterday and confirmed that they got my payment for the truck.  Also gave them my new address so they could send the rest of the refund for the house insurance to  me.

I also have obtained a debit   card so I can buy gas down here because no one likes checks

Brandy’s eye has pretty well cleared up so now I’ll just use the drops if it flares up. .

Well have a great week end and let me know what you did.

A Moment With You First!

Welcome to the new addition of my zoo.   Actually not new but it  is a new look.

Molly my lion

Molly my lion

Another view.


She was a very good girl, well behaved ,  and not mean at all according to the groomer.

My other furry is getting better since we started the drops in her eyes so all is going well.

i bought my first tank of gas since moving here.   i got my receipt, set my dash on 0 and proceeded to not note my milage.  ( Dumb thing to do.)

This is the area behind our property. A row of flowers .

Different colors.

Different colors. (three in the picture).

Well yesterday I went to the AT&t store to talk about getting my long distance turn back on my land line.  I had spent enough time on the phone listening to several  different people giving me different phone numbers and code numbers for almost a week with no results.  I told the man at the store what my problem was, that I wasn’t going to call anyone else and if I didn’t get it fixed he would find out how well an 81 year old can sound off like a sailor!!

The man was very helpful, he called in for me, he waited on the line, he explained my problem, and he eventually got it fixed. ( this was without going sailor on him).

I’m on page 177 of The View From The Cheap Seats With only another 425 pages to go.

Well Cindy is cleaning her bird cage and her cat boxes so I have to get after Spirit’s cage also.

I think it is time for sausage, eggs, and toast first.

Take care and have a wonderful new week!


Can You Hear Me Out There?

Four days have past since the last post.  In that time Brandy has met her new Vet and was her charming self with him.  He gave us drops for her eyes to clear up the redness. He said i could be some kind of allergy.  So it is apply two times daily ( she sure lets you know she don’t like it).   Now that was on Monday and yesterday It was Mollie’s turn for attention..

I drove up to Davison to Dirty Paws.  I arrived with a fur ball and left with a lion.  Yes she was cut like a lion and I’ll get a picture of her later.  Now I really feel like I live in a zoo.

My next step is to contact the ear doctor’s office for me.  My doctor has moved out of state but he left instructions with the office to contact me.

I haven’t heard from my sons much lately.  I asked one of them to help me with a problem  and was told to see if my daughter could fix it.  I have to smile at that because when I’m up she is working and when she is available I’m sleeping. I really hate to bother them but I feel  like I’m asking too much.

I’ve been going around with the phone company on getting my long distance restarted.  I told them that I wanted to keep it when I moved and they turned it off any way.  It has been call this number they can help you, then call this number and they give me  another number for help.  After three days of this crap I may have it fix but I haven’t tried it yet.  (I don’t like using my cell phone to call long distance that was why I got a land line in the first place.)   When I asked for a business office number I was told they don’t have business office like they used to.  Then I ask for a phone directory and was told they don’t have then either.  ( Ah yes how modern technology has improved one’s life style!)

Well I have a few things to do around here then I’ll figure out what to do next.

Have a great day!


Blooms And The Cat Saga

Flowers are doing well

Amazing what watering will do when it is done everyday

Amazing what watering will do when it is done everyday

I found more flowers out on the other side  of  the driveway.

These are as you can see by the fence like a large bush.

These are as you can see by the fence like a large bush.

Well I went out early this morning and picked a newspaper.

I been here a little over a month and finally got a Sunday paper

I been here a little over a month and finally got a Sunday paper

I had two reasons to buy it.  One was to see how the paper was doing (I used to deliver it ) and two because I will use it in Spirit’s cage.  Next Sunday i go out for a Free Press.

The progress in the let’s be friends saga between Cally and Molly is slowly improving.

This is near the front of the living room

This is near the front of the living room

Cally is on a box, Lilly is on the floor in  front of her, and Molly is by the computer desk.  Molly is spending more time out here now every day.  Hopefully the trend will continue.

Well I’m almost done with my Reader’s Digest magazine and I can get back to my novel.  I will be helping shred papers for Cindy as she sorts them.  We will have a bunch of boxes to clear away as we proceed.

Well I hope your weekend went well and the week before you will be nothing but good.



Outside This Morning

Good morning on this some what chilly morning.  Cindy said when she came in from work this morning there were three squirrels in the yard and a lot of pissed off birds on the fence because the feeder was empty.

Well I went out to fill the feeder I got one of those little fellows hunting.

Well one out of three ain't bad.

Well one out of three ain’t bad.

Finding food on the ground

Finding food on the ground

This is the simple feeding station but it does the trick

This is the simple feeding station but it does the trick

As I wandered around the yard picking up papers from the Fourth debris I discovered the bush in front of the bay window.

More flowers to enjoy'  I love it.

More flowers to enjoy’ I love it.

Well on Monday Brandy will meet her new Vet.  Cindy says he is nice and easy on the eyes.  I need him to check her left eye and ear. ( Brandy’s not Cindy’s),

On Wednesday Molly goes to Dirty Paws in Davison to be groomed (it is long over do).  The last time she went she came out lookin like a black lion.

Speaking of Molly she is now coming out to lay on the quilt on the sofa.  So little by little she is joining the rest of the furries.

My large print Reader’s Digest magazine arrived yesterday along with my monthly credit union  report so I figured my checkbook and wrote a note to RD about the address change.

Well it is time for a bowl of Special K for me and breakfast for Brandy so I’m out of here for now.  Take care and smile at every one you see.  You don’t know they may need the kindness.



Cindy’s Day!

Forty four years ago today someone entered my life changing it forever. I awoke this morning just after that moment this many years later to relish the times spent during these years.

Somewhere in the many boxes packed away is a book with baby pictures but the best I can do is this today.

This is Cindy (officially Cynthia) with her great grandmother Mabel

This is Cindy (officially Cynthia) with her great grandmother Mabel

The bows are from wedding gifts received on my wedding day to Albert J. Axsom ( Jay).

That little girl has turned into my best girl friend over the years and now more or less keeps an eye on me as I wander through my early 80s. I had never wanted a girl in my younger days but I wouldn’t trade her for the world now.

This is how over 40 years can treat you.  Not bad I say.

This is how over 40 years can treat you. Not bad I say.

So all that is left to say is Happy ( brithday how I spelled on many a cake) Birthday my baby girl and I which you many, many more.

Being Productive!

In my daughter’s house is a sign that reads I only have a kitchen cause it came with the house.  Truer words were never spoken.  Because of her job she cooks when she has to  but cooking at home is almost a no no. Consequently  I found the need to visit Bed, Bath . and Beyond to get a few things to make my job of cooking the very few meals I need to cook a little easier.

I came home with an Oxo chopper.  This is after buying a chopper at the grocery store that couldn’t even chop marshmallows. The grocery store model is now resting in the trash can.

I also bought a new potato peeler because the one I found in the drawer worked for my daughter who is right handed but not for me.  I also got a cover for when you cook something in the microwave that might spatter.  ( I hate scrubbing out the inside of a microwave because it is a mess on all four sides.)

Lastly I bought a whisk because stirring with a fork doesn’t do a good job with scrambled eggs.  Now  I am a little better equipped to do my job in the kitchen.

Next it was Krogers for the fixings for the chip dip, potatoes, onions,and bananas. Then after a great lunch of Cream of Mushroom soup and a greek salad it was home to bed for a nap.  ( Just  can’t take all that excitement!)

So my age is catching up with me but I’ll keep trying to be productive.

I Finally Got It.

Well we survived the Fourth with a lot of noise and a dog panting and shaking for dear life. but today she is resting on the living room floor to make up for it.

Well this came in the mail today.

This means Mom's Chip dip is now on the menu.

This means Mom’s Chip dip is now on the menu.

Every store I went into you would think I was asking for a quart of snake venom.  When I said Onion Juice the facial reaction was WHAT and the reply was I never heard of that.  Luckily Amazon did and the bottle arrived today. I either have the rest of the ingredients or can get them readily.

Well Cindy is off to work again and I am debating trying to set up the outside bird feeders.  If I get it under control I’ll take a picture of them.  Well I’ll close for now.  Let me know how your celebration of the fourth went.