What Now!

Just when everything seems to be going well –bang–we have a furnace problem.   Yep this is our fourth day with no furnace.  Cindy did manage to find two small electric heaters.  We put an extra blanket on the beds, I’m using my flannel nightgowns and sheets.  My animals are used to cooler nights because in my old house the ceiling were high and the heat rose up all the time.  Cindy’s babies are sleeping close her at night.  But all will be well come Wednesday when the new furnace is put in.

Well I finished Ransom Riggs’ second novel in the Miss Peregrine’s series (The hollow City) and pick up book number three this morning.  This is the Library Of Souls and I’m on page 29.  I’m enjoying the series and will be a bit disappointed when I finished it.

Cindy went into her next step in preparation of her surgery.  She is doing fine so far.

Well that’s it for now but I must confess I’m looking forward to Halloween and the Trick or Treaters.  The last 17 years I have lived where no children ever showed up.

Have a good rest of the week.

Yes! I’m Ready

Well when it arrived yesterday I was excited.  I was actually going to have what looked .like a real bed.  Well today Wes came over and attached ti to the bed frame.

I attached my lamp to it.

I attached my lamp to it.

Now after several years I can read in bed again.  Now the space between the headboard and the end of the vanity is small.  I can get through there but I need to lose a little more belly to make it comfortably so I’ll have to watch my diet or I won’t be able to get to my closet.  But does that make me sad?  Naw! I’m too pleased to have a real bed again.  Thank you son.

My other son and wife Anne came up and took me to lunch at Olive Gardens today.  Even though I only had Cream Of Chicken soup  and bread sticks I ate more than I should have.  (But it was great.) Now it is back to the high protein meals again.  Thanks Les and Anne.

Also my new Thanksgiving flag came today so boy I’m ready!!

Sometimes You Can’t Win!

Terrible night!  Went to bed too early..  Watch the clock change hours and minutes. Legs began to ache. Feet felt like hot spikes were being pushed into the bottoms. Up after two hours to read for two more.  Back to bed .  A repeat on the whole mess.  Some where around 5:30 this morning I gave it up.  I got up, took my pills, gather laundry, made my list about the drugstore, ripping the hem out of my brown pants and turned on the computer.  Now I know I will fall asleep later in my big chair to try to make up for the night but that is alright because Cindy has to work this afternoon.

Yesterday I looked at Mother Nature’s new colorful gowns and had to share with you.  When I lived further North the trees were beautiful but they were along the road and I hesitated to stop and get out my camera.  Here Brandy and I can sit on the swing, look in every direction and watch the beauty of Fall come to life.


Even the Smoke tree across the street was turning marron.

Even the Smoke tree across the street was turning maroon.

You have this beauty too.  Just take time to look around it will make you smile.

You have this beauty too. Just take time to look around it will make you smile.

The flowers on the porch are trying valiantly  to hang in there but it isn't working.

The flowers on the porch are trying valiantly to hang in there but it isn’t working.

Well I have a picture to search for that I want to print, a Thanksgiving flag to order, and the laundry to start.

I’ll leave you for now–Take Care!


In The Know

Well another morning has arrived but my awakening was delayed by a couple of hours.  I don’t know why all of a sudden laying in my bed for an hour before going to sleep is becoming an unfightable urge be it at night or midday.  It isn’t that I don’t have things to do but I don’t seem to care if they get done.

While cleaning out some of the garage to make more room to get around the truck I piled a bunch of stuff in the truck bed.  Things like open cleaning supplies that came from my house when I sold it.  I thought I would give it to Cindy but she has more suplies in every nook and cranny then she will ever need.   So what to do.  I’m going to have to go to the store today for a few things and I can’t leave all that stuff in the bed of the truck.  I going to bag it up and discard it.

When cutting up cardboard boxes yesterday I got the idea to take the holder for wax paper, foil, and etc that I bought then found was too small to hold all the rolls of stuff we have and turn it into a magazine rack for my bedroom.

My art work leaves a lot to be desired but it works.

My art work leaves a lot to be desired but it works.

Yes I fastened it to the side of my dresser.  The walls of my bedroom are somewhat questionable, sturdiness of panelling is not always the best.  My furniture was bought at a sale along side the road several years ago so it is no big deal.

Speaking of furniture I finally ordered my head board for my bed.  I expect it in a week or so.  When it come in I have to sweet talk someone into attaching it.

When Cindy and I were at the storage unit the other day we came across the saying that hung in my bathroom up North and was an inspiration to read every morning.  Well it now hangs at the foot of my bed and I read it every time I’m in there.

Another thing to remind me of the important things in life

Another thing to remind me of the important things in life

Now if you look around my bedroom it is like a teenage girl with all her reminders.  Picture of Jay, the beaded hanging of three birds I made several years ago, The oriental hanging my grandson gave me, a calendar of birds, necklaces hanging on the vanity mirror,  books on the shelves ( some already read, some waiting to be picked up) and a card about friends.  These are all things that remind me of who I was and who I am.

I started the second book by Ransom Riggs and am on chapter four already.  I’m almost through the November Reader’s Digest and finished the AARP news letter.  Their magazine will follow shortly.  I do try to keep up with what is going on.  Even a visit to the news section of the internet every day.

Of course my daily visits to your blogs are a must

Well it is time to get dressed, start the duties of the day, and for heavens sakes get to the store because I’m out of Sweet Cream!!!


Who I Am!

Good morning! As I started out the door this morning It decided to rain.  Here I am with the the two wheeled cart on the porch when as they say ” the heavens opened up “.  Having gotten  this far I wasn’t about to turn around and haul my load back in .

My cart contained the clean canning jars.  I wanted them in the garage until I could take them to the storage unit.  As I proceeded down the sidewalk both I and my jars got a little wetter.  But as my mother used to say, ” you are not sugar or spice so you won’t melt.  In fact Shit floats'”  Ah she sure knew how to put one in their place!  I finally got the jars into the garage, then me back into the house, and the water wiped off my head and shoulders.

So now it was time to talk about what I was going to share with you before I decided to share my ‘mid morning bath’.

I took pictures in front of the house yesterday to show you what the Trick or Treaters would see when they came begging later this month.

On the front fence.

The skull was first beside the walk way in.

The skull was first beside the walk way in.

Next was

The old witch seemed headed towards a landing.

The old witch seemed headed towards a landing.


I wasn't quite sure what this was was but I knew it was scarey!

I wasn’t quite sure what this was was but I knew it was scarey!


Ah the Jack o lantern!

Ah the Jack o lantern!

But in the front window.

Sat Lilly watching to make sure everything was all right

Sat Lilly watching to make sure everything was all right 

Well this is abut the extent of our decorations but it is enough to demonstrate how much we love Halloween.

Cindy has already started collecting turkeys for the next holiday and who knows how many things she will find.

Well the rain has slowed down,  but I’m still sitting here with damp shoulders, and the urge to grab a sweater before I freeze to death.

I’m on page 235 of the Riggs novel and my November Reader’s Digest (large print) arrived yesterday so I am drawn between both of them to decided which to pick up first.

Well I sure miss reading comments from everyone.  It makes me think what I’m saying isn’t of interest any more, that maybe I should quit trying to get a rise out of you.  ( If I pissed you off I’m sorry but this is who I am).



I’m Getting Ready

Almost halfway through October,  leaves are falling , those that aren’t are turning to those beautiful colors we all look forward to, and the chill is making me shiver.  I found two winter jackets, my winter boots (as I said last year the first women’s boots I have bought in years), four pair of gloves, my scarf, and Jay’s fur lined cap all tucked away in storage.  The cap I wore for a few  years to snow blow the driveway in Otisville. ( I guess things will be different in town).

I also found my Michigan Bell Clowns Galore jacket and the sweatshirt with my clown likeness painted on it just in time to raise some eye brows seeing one of the latest scare rumors  is  clowns.

Today is pack this away.

All emptied, washed and ready for packing and then to storage.

All emptied, washed and ready for packing and then to storage.

I still have some jam left and will work on giving it away before it is outdated.  I see no canning this winter but maybe in the Spring I’ll get the urge to start looking.  You know that was a lot of food to have to discard.

I ordered a p;air of Sleep socks because my circulation to the toes leaves a lot to be desired.  The problem is they won’t be delivered until the first part of November so I guess I’ll be wrapping a sweater around my toes until then.  (It is hard getting old ain’t it!)

Well Cindy and the zoo are still asleep so it will be a while to breakfast and I have to stay quiet until then.  I guess I’ll pick up my book or my Fill It In puzzles for now.

Have a great weekend,

Good Job Done

Well today I braved the garage for the chore of emptying all the outdated food stuffs store bought and home canned and washing the jars on the home canned to put them in storage.

On th passenger side you can walk to the front of the truck

On the passenger side you can walk to the front of the truck.

But on the drivers side  it was very cluttered.

But on the drivers side it was very cluttered.

It took some serious pulling of cartons and boxes, placing them outside, and sorting out what I needed to get rid of.  As i came across the boxes containing both types of food items I check the use by dates on all of them and started discarding things past due.  If there was no date it was discarded anyway.

Now the bottles containing the  home canned items were emptied into double leakproof bags and the jars were brought into the house.  I am waiting for the dishwasher to finish with them and I will pack them in cartons, write the contents on the side, and get them ready to go to the storage unit.  The store bought items went directly into a bag and will be hauled away.

This now allows me to get into the truck on the driver's side.

This now allows me to get into the truck on the driver’s side.

The the boxes of cleaning supplies are in the bed of the truck to be sorted out later,   I will rearrange the area to allow me to get at the most frequently items without having to open every box to find what I need.

I’m headed to the garage to place the bags to be discarded inside to make sure the wild things don’t tear them open.  All in all a good job done.



What 10th Anniversary!

As promised here is another bit of spooky from our house.  On the connecting door between the house proper and the addition is this.

Not the happiest thing to greet your arrival

Not the happiest thing to greet your arrival

But I guess I’d be unhappy too if I had bra straps hanging in my eyes.  But what can you expect from a house full of females!

Well I’m on page 125 of book one of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.   It is starting to move right along so my interest is catching on.

Well it is off to the storage unit to look for my coat and boots to be ready for the cruel winds of Winter that are coming plus a little shopping at Sam’s club so I have to get my breakfast out of the way and get dressed.

Cindy sent this to me and despite the bad word I just had to share it.

I really love this one!

I really love this one!

Well I’m off to see the wizard–no to get my chores out of the way.  But I will be back because son Lesley took time this morning to explain what the 10th Anniversary update of Windows 10 that magically appeared on my computer really was.  It scared the sh** out of me thinking I’d been hacked!   But it is something else to learn.

I’ll be back.


Good Night For Now

First after Cindy left for the day it was a short nap in the ups a daisy chair.  Then I gathered all the wastebaskets to put in the garbage cart. I got that to the road before dark.

I managed to get the truck back into the garage after I pulled two large plastic bags out.  They contained more of my clothes, afghans, and kingsize sheets for Cindy’s bed.  These all had to be washed and are going into the dryer now.  Well getting the truck into the garage was good but getting out of the truck to make my way to the door presented  a problem.  I have got to get those extra boxes of stuff sorted, outdated food destroyed, and jars cleaned and into storage.  I know I put a few black and blue marks on my legs crawling  over things to get out.

I was a little late getting eating my lunch so I ate the equivalent to a dinner and will have a snack later.

Every time the phone rings I hold my breath hoping it isn’t about my daughter-in-law.  Then when it is a sales person, a survey, or political I must admit I get a little short tempered.

Well information about my checking account came in today but I’ll put doing that until tomorrow morning.  For now I will have clothes to fold because the kitchen table will be full.   So I guess this is good night for now!


What Next!

I just finished the AARP magazine issue Aug/Sept and it will now go in the round file.  I have found many varied and interesting items in this publication and do read it through.

I’m on Chapter three of the Riggs novel reading it a little at a time and will probably have a little more time to devote to it now.

I do have a big decision to make.  With the weather turning cooler I have to go to the storage locker and look for my boots and heavy coat ( not an easy chore but becoming more necessary).   I did pack away some of the summer clothes yesterday to make room for the cold weather stuff.

My other project is to start cleaning out the garage.  My truck takes up a lot of space in there and I have several boxes of canned goods that are now outdated.  These must be disposed of, the jars washed and packed away in case I decide to can again..

So either project will  involve  time and energy –but  I’ll get it before snow falls.

I have to show the results that Chris and I accomplished with the picture placement the other day.

The Axsom Gokey family

The Axsom Gokey family

Not bad for a couple of amateurs (but we will never make Homes & Gardens).

Well between Cindy and I the zoo is fed for the day, Cindy is getting a shower so she can go to work, and I don’t know what I’m going to do right now.

So how are your plans for the change of season clothes going?  Are you ready for the job?

I’ll talk at you later!