I Still Hear—

I told you so with each item that came in today.  I remember putting the pepper grinder in a box for Goodwill.

I only have two packages of Tellicherry Black Peppercorns

I only have two packages of Tellicherry Black Peppercorns

Was I going to grind them with my teeth?  So I ordered another grinder (not cheap but necessary).

Next in the box was this.

I had a plastic one but it looked like it had got too close to a burner.

I had a plastic one but it looked like it had got too close to a burner.

My other sugar container was glass but part of a set so I gave that away too.

I knew I was going to replace this.

I knew I was going to replace this.

I had said I wasn’t going to can anymore and changed my mind after giving all my canning things away.  Hey a gal can change her mind can’t she?

I know my daughter in law, Debra and my son both kept saying you aren’t thinking clearly. Wes kept saying you don’t have to live like a Capuchin Monk. But I was thinking that I had reduce my belongings so I wouldn’t have so much to move.  But if you don’t move right away you find you need or want some of those things.

So today I went to the florist and replaced two plants I had lost.

I have the name somewhere but I called it my umbrella plant.

I have the name somewhere but I called it my umbrella plant.

I had two until this last winter.  One was my mother’s the other mine but I neglected them and they both died.

The other was my Christmas Cactus which lived until last February.

I'll try to do better with this one.

I’ll try to do better with this one.

Well I finished the first ornament.

I completed yesterday.

I completed yesterday.

I have selected my next one.

Put it on the table then left it.

Put it on the table then left it.

I decided to do my Sunday chores instead finishing everything except the bird cages and dusting.   So tomorrow I will start on this ornament with no duties hanging over my head.

I also started getting things ready for Thanksgiving.  The plans are for the day before because Cindy has to work the holiday.  I bought some paper items because I packed my extra dessert plates away.  I know what you are thinking (she is not too bright ).

I do have to tell you a surprise.   I took Brandy to Doggy Depot yesterday and decided to eat breakfast while I waited for her.  When I finished my meal and went to pay my bill the waitress brought me back all but her tip.  It seems a gentlemen sitting across and down one booth from me paid for my meal.  So I walked over to him and ask if it was he that I should thank.  He replied no Santa bought it.  I told him that at my age Santa normally doesn’t recognize me so I wanted to thank him instead.  I did so, wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and left.  As I walk out the door I thought It was karma because I shared My jam with others.































































































































































































































































Live And Learn

Another day starting out at 22 degrees.  The sun is shining intermittingly  but as you can see…..

.....the snow ain't going no where!!

…..the snow ain’t going no where!!

I think it is almost time to start the Buck and Doe saga again.  They have been grumbling every time I go to the basement but I think I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving to get them out.   You may wonder why I use the word saga but the definition  is any narrative of heroic exploits and for these two just getting out in the snow is just that.

Well the first ornament is almost half done.  This is what I started with yesterday.

It is a little hard on the finger pushing the pins in.

It is a little hard on the finger pushing the pins in.

But it is well worth it as you will see when it is finished.  I hope to get four different ones done before Thanksgiving.

I changed the outside flag yesterday.

I love his look of satisfaction!

I love his look of satisfaction!

The wreath is also on the front wall of the porch.

The colors go with the flag.

The colors go with the flag.

But in my rummaging in the basement I discovered I had given away all my wreaths for Christmas–even the ones I made myself so I guess I will have to replace at least one for the front door.  But my daughter-in-law, Debra, warned me about this when we were clearing things out!  Oh well live and learn!!!!!

It started snowing again so it is back to the ornament..  Take care, stay warm, and laugh a little –I know I am!!!!!



What next?

Catching up here.

This was the basement before things were donated or disposed of.

This was the basement before things were donated or disposed of.

This is now.

This is now --my stuff.

This is now –my stuff.

Not all of it but I’m not concerned about downsizing more right now.

Here we have snow.


Last few days

But today it is visible on the deck and rooftops so I guess it will be around a while.

I spent Saturday doing nothing in particular so yesterday it was some Sunday chores, a trip to the grocery store (minor stuff) and this.

Yep I baked breakfast cookies.

Yep I baked breakfast cookies.

I ate some then when Shane  (my old clowning partner) and her son Avery came to pickup the rest of the things she was taking a few more left the plate in tummies or to go home with them.   The rest are now sealed and in the freezer for later.

I did a little searching to see what boxes held the Christmas stuff I had kept and to determine what I might want to replace.  I think I need to brighten the place up for the holidays–it will make me feel better.

Well that is all for today –I think I’ll pull out the bead and sequin ornaments and work on them.  Have a good week!


More Outside To Do

At 9 am this morning the big thermometer on the  porch read 28 degrees.  I took Brandy out to do her duty and grabbed the following pictures.

Yesterday I had filled the bird feeders and this is one of my visitors this morning.

A Woodpecker on the suet.

A Woodpecker on the suet.

I know there will be more as the morning wears on.

I have some lawn stuff to put away today.

The gazing globes on the berm.

The gazing globes on the berm.

I also need to take down the metal bird bath plus the grill on the back deck.  I am debating removing the plastic chairs and the table from the deck also.  So I will pull on some sweat pants and my new boots so I can tackle the suckers (small limbs) at the base of the trees out back that I haven’t finished.

I called Keenes Small Engine yesterday to have my name put on the list to have the mower deck removed and the snowblower put on.  Now I don’t plan to do heavy clearing because I have someone to do that but I can do the lighter work myself.

I set the lap robe up this morning,

This one won't get done before Christmas for sure!

This one won’t get done before Christmas for sure!

It will be ready when I need something to create.

I received my copy of Revival  by Stephen King Wednesday but I have to finish the Joe Hill novel first.

I tried the Cardamom Grape jelly last night–it is pretty good tasting.  I am  going to order my canning equipment soon so I can have it ready.

I’m still debating decorating for Christmas.   I think it would brighten up the place a bit and it would really make me feel better.  No decision yet on that one.

Well it is outside I go now right after breakfast.  Have a great weekend and remember to do something just for you!!




Not Too Bright!

On Tuesday I decided to get my upper plate relined.  One of those things you don’t talk about and certainly do not appear in public during the day and a half you have it done.  ( I am not into scaring children or having some one die from a laughing seizure.)   So it was what do with myself during this time.  Then I remembered I had three quarts of unsweetened grape juice I had canned last year on a shelf in the basement.  I’ll make Cardamom Grape Jelly.

Now that was a great idea until I remembered I had given away all my jars, and canning equipment.  What to do!  I was off to search for a new canning  kettle, jars, and a pot to cook the jelly in.  The only kettle I could find was for quart jars –too big for half pints–so I bought a small stock pot that I knew I had a grid for.

The next problem I face was I had no jar or lid lifter to use when I was dealing with boiling water but I did have a set of tongs with a spoon like base, and something to use to get the lids out of the water.  So I tackled my project on Wednesday morning.

I had a blast getting it to come together and I had 10 half pints when I was done.  I was thinking that maybe I would order the equipment I needed so I could do other jams and jellies.  Then I moved the jars to get them off the counter.  Oh no they hadn’t set up—all that time wasted  Oh well I’ll put them on the desk in the utility room and dump them out in the morning.

This morning when I went to dump them I found they had indeed set up.  I am delighted and I am going to order my equipment now.  Here is what they look like!

I'm going to keep doing things I have done before because I need to.

I’m going to keep doing things I have done before because I need to.

I may not be too bright when it comes to planning what to keep but I do make good jam.


A Box, A Bed, And Birds!

This is my mission for today.

This is poetic license or should I say pictorial license!

This is poetic license or should I say pictorial license!

Actually the box I’ll be working on is Molly’s.  It is time to change the litter box.  (I may have to go  buy some more Tidy Cats after this.)

But the bed is my bed,  Normally on Sundays I change the sheets and wash the ones I took off but this last Sunday I was busy finishing this.

A blanket for Isabella.

A blanket for Isabella.

Her mommy brought her six week old with her to help me get a stock problem solved on Monday.   I felt this was the least I could do in return.  So I started it Friday afternoon and finished it Sunday evening.  I told her mommy that Isabella could drag it  all over the floor when she started to walk.

Now I have the bed to make up with clean sheets today to start finishing the Sunday chores.

On to the birds.  Of course they are Tiki  and Spirit who have some messy cages to be cleaned (another Sunday chore).

I am playing with the idea of turning three quarts of grape juice which I had canned into Cardamom Grape Jelly.  I would have to go buy a new canning kettle because my little ones rusted out.   But I do have sugar, the spice and would only have to find the recipe again.  Maybe I’ll search that out.

Well tomorrow is a  much delayed dental procedure so I’ll get another item on my mission out of the way.

Have a great week and let me know how it is going.


Opened Two Doors!

Good morning on this sun shiny day with a temperature of 36 degrees on the big porch thermometer.  I should go outside and trim around the bottom of those last few trees but I have a mission.  I have to try to complete a baby afghan by Monday morning.  It is to be a thank you gift to a new mother.

I had as the title said opened two doors yesterday,  The first was to the closet in my bathroom (plus under the cabinet too)  to sort out items to send to people who can use them.  At this time I also destroyed  all the medications that had expired,.

Door # 1 with only three shelves used.

Door # 1 with only three shelves used.

This was a  job that needed being done a long time ago.  Some of the medication dated back to 2008 and needed to be discarded.. By the way if you have a closet or cabinet with containers like mine had please do clear them out.  Also extra items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, lotions, shampoos,etc. (that aren’t opened ) can be donated to people who need them.

Then it was on to door # 2.  Yep that item that had been on my to do list for a couple of weeks.

Cleared and clean.

Cleared and clean.

It wasn’t real bad but I needed to wipe down the shelves, get rid of some almost empty bottles, throw out items that I will not be needing and generally take stock of what I have on hand.  Then I happily mark that off the old to do list.

So now it is time to tackle that gift!  I hope I remember how to crochet it has been so long.

Have a great weekend, smile even laugh out loud because we need to keep those muscles healthy!




A Purpose

Did you feel the earth tremble a bit last Tuesday and Wednesday?  Did it feel like something was happening that hasn’t happened in quite a while?  Well it did!

I baked!!

On Tuesday The Do Nothing Cake

On Tuesday The Do Nothing Cake

This recipe can be found on Pammie’s Place on her 10-31-14 post.  Made with crushed pineapple with a great icing it is indeed a do nothing project and yummy besides.  I froze and then wrapped most of it (bless the Food Saver) for consuming later.

Wednesday morning I made a Skillet Meatloaf–again I baked it because on the stove top it tends to try to burn.  (My new stove with a great oven is standing up to the test).

With cheese, mushrooms, and potato slices on top.

With cheese, mushrooms, and potato slices on top.

This is my favorite recipe for meatloaf and I will be eating sandwiches made with it for a while.

I still have a bathroom closet to clean out.  I want to send some items I don’t use and some that I over bought on to people who can use them. I still have some yard work to do before the snow falls.  I want to set up my loom so I can start on my last Christmas lap robe.  Plus I also have Christmas ornaments waiting to be worked on.  Not to mention keeping the house in order in case I have visitors.  Oh yes and I still have the fridge to clean it has languished on my to do list long enough.

So this is a step back into life for me.  The reality that I still have a purpose in life and that is to live it.

Election Day

I Did!

I Did!

I spent this morning reviewing the newspapers, the issues to be voted on, and made a little note on how I wanted my ballot to read.   While on my to the polls I spotted gasoline at my station was $2.799 so I stopped and filled up.

Yesterday I mowed but I didn’t get it all because I took the loppers to what my dad called suckers at the base of the trees out back.  I got several cleared but still have one spot out back and one up near the clothes line to clean out.  I won’t do that today because the wind is quite strong and it is raining off and on.

I decided instead to make a skillet meat loaf and a cake from Pammie’s blog.  I brought the pineapple and ground beef up from the basement so I’m ready to roll.  I know I’ll have to freeze part of both the cake and the meatloaf but that will give me something for later.

It is quiet here today—no phones ringing or visitors but I’ll get used to this too.  I do miss not having blogs to read (except for Les’ new post) but I guess face book is the meeting place now.

Do have a great day.

Busy But Got To Visit Too!

Tools Of Torture

Tools Of Torture

Yes I used these the other day to remove some hair from my face.  Why? Because once in a while I get vain!  Especially when some one says there is a long white one hanging out of your chin.  No I have never gone to a beauty shop to correct the problem–maybe some day!

I finally mark off some more of my to do list day before yesterday.

I started with this

I started with this

and ended up with this.

Yes I painted the lip of the stone portion.

Yes I painted the lip of the stone portion.

I can hear my son now saying why!!!  Well first I dropped a couple of drops of paint on it.  When I tried to wipe it off it smeared. Next I leaned over to move the paint can, lost my balance, grabbed the lip of the stone portion  with a painty hand and put more marks on it so I decided just to go ahead and paint it all!!!

Later while I was at the utility room sink washing off the paint I decided to wash out the cabinet above.  It was another thing on my list to do.  So I got to mark off two things that day.

Yesterday morning I woke up to this.

That ain't frost on that pumpkin Kiddo!

That ain’t frost on that pumpkin Kiddo!

In fact checking the back deck confirmed it.

It didn't stay very long but It told me the lay of the land!

It didn’t stay very long but It told me the lay of the land!

I don’t know if I’m going to get that last mowing in or if I should call Keenes to change the tractor over to the snow blower!!!

Today I had lunch with a whole bunch of telephone operators (retired) most of whom I worked with.  Everyone is doing fine and it was fun to sit and try to figure out who was who.