What Is This?

Good Morning.  Up at 7am got supplies from the garage, did up the dishes, took pictures, imported all needed, made coffee, and came to visit.  I’ll feed the zoo next.

Last night I played Bunco for the first time. ( imagine almost 82 years and I never played it). I started out earlier in the day and printed out what Bunco was.  12 pages later I had retained only one thing ( if you get three of a kind and it matches the round you are in it is a Bunco) and you win that round automatically.  Well I got 2 last night.

Two of my partners for one of the rounds.  Nancy and Debbie. 

Debbie again at another table with me and Rachel.

The reason I was here in the first place.

I Buncoed and got the ‘crown’. 


Yesterday was a wonderful day weather wise. I had to try my swing.

Once with Brandy and again by myself.

I would  soon have to add the pad to the seat if this weather held but knowing Michigan it probably won’t.  While I was out there I checked out the big tree across the street.

With the leaves gone you can see the nests in it.

The squirrels and woodpeckers are calling it home during the Winter months,.


In the house the Valentines flowers are still with us.

There are a few yet to open.

I  picked this for our inside window.

The first bit of green to herald what is to come.

While most of the items for my birthday party are here already and I’m looking forward to the 25th  ( it is actually the 22nd but we need a weekend for any guests who attend).  Yep it is the big 82 and I’m still on the right side of the grass.

Well it is feeding time for the zoo so I’m off.


Gettin In Gear!

Weather is 24 degrees, wind 9 mph, cloudy, and the birds are back in the yard so thick you can’t count them.  David moved the feeder a little farther away from the sidewalk so they really gather.

David is busy.

It seems that I’m too busy or distracted so my pets turn to David for attention. The problem is they don’t come up one at a time so he has his hands full.

Well the Valentines stuff is put away for another year and there is a lull in decorations until March. I have to order a flag for St. Paddy’s day.  The decoration for this holiday will come out of the shed and the house will be ‘wearing the green’. In the meantime I left the bunnies in the front window with the dog.  The new flag is up

This is a fill in until March.


I finished one piece of the crochet project yesterday and the other one of the main pieces to go.  I did start another smaller piece for the arms of the sofa.So there is still a lot of work to go.

This was my pill holder until yesterday

This barely hold everything I needed.

Then I got this bright idea.  Out in a box in the garage I had this item that was a gift from Mrs. Ford my Chief Operator In two offices that I worked in at Michigan Bell.

It was meant to hold tissues or napkins .

It holds two purposes every day. . One it holds everything and a couple of things like spray bottles can be moved if I have to have more pills (heaven forbid).  Also It reminds me of a lovely lady I once worked with.

Well the mail just arrived and one of duties Brandy and I have  is to go get it.  I also have the zoo to feed so it is stop reminiscing and get my butt in gear.

I’m A Poet!

To prove it my title was going to be WHERE THE SNOW GO!

It is February for gosh sakes!

I had almost the same picture a few posts back.  (Oh well my mind slips a little)  At least walking to the mail box is no chore right now.

I left a bag on my neighbor’s door of a goodie because she decorates for holidays also but when I went to write a little note for it I had lost my ink pen. But that is all right because I know I did it.

I spent money yesterday but I don’t care.  I bought four blouses and one tee shirt on sale at K Mart.

I  don’t normally buy items with prints but hey it is time to step out of old habits.

These are smaller then my old ones and may even stay on my shoulders.

I found one more thing for Valentines Day at Kroger’s  yesterday.

For a $1.79 it was three necklaces which was enough to decorate the tree.

This tree sits on the kitchen counter waiting for the next holiday to show off.

Today starts Brandy’s transition to one pill and one eye drop a day.   I will be checking back in with the Vet as to her progress.

Well it is back to the crochet project for a while until Brandy is ready for breakfast.  I have all ready fed the rest of the zoo.   So that leaves Brandy and me to eat.

Have a great week and let me know the news.




Thank You David

After months of squeezing between the head board of my bed and the vanity the problem was solved tonight. David exchanged places for  the vanity and the dresser.

The vanity now sits in front of the window next to the headboard.

This window is covered with a bind and a curtain so the vanity mirror isn’t actually blocking anything.

Where the vanity used to sit  is this.

the dresser being shorter opened the area by the head board to allow getting to the vanity and the closet more easily.

So this is how it looks now.

The animal steps are going to the garage because they aren’t being used.

Molly food and water dish are between the dresser and the plastic container that my Bose sits on.

So thanks to David my room seems a little larger.

I spent the afternoon with my eldest,Wes.  He needed to transport some dry wall for a job he is working on.  This is why I keep my little truck.  It ain’t much to look at.  It has some minor problems but it does the job when we need it.  My grandson , Dakota met him at the work site to unload   Then Wes and I stop for a bit to eat on the way home.

I managed to finish my mini Greek salad but had to bring my Gyros sandwich home with me.  Wes and I need to visit once in a while.

Well it is clear outside but I haven’t check tomorrow.  I guess I just like surprises.  Take care of you and we will talk again.


Stay Warm And Well

It is one of those morning.Up at 4:34 to (pee), back to bed . At 5:12 still awake.  At 5:30 my arms, my legs, and my hips started to ache.  Ok that is the get up sign.  Took two Aleve, fix the carafe for coffee, started a load of laundry, started ground beef for a meat loaf to thaw, and then sat down with you.

The weather here is 15 degrees, wind is 7 mph, and it says cloudy but there is no daylight yet so I don’t know  Days like this I feel like Mrs. Walker (God rest her soul). .She lived next door when we lived here across the street.

This was over 44 years ago.

When the first snow flake fell you only saw Mrs. Walker get out to go to church.  It stayed that way until Spring.  I really think she had the right idea when I walk out for the mail or go shopping. People say move to someplace warm but I have lived my whole life in Michigan and can’t seem to leave.

Well my Fill It In subscription started a few days ago.

It was the right issue too.

Large puzzles, up to 8 letters (so far), and no more hunting the drug stores and super markets for it.  Yep it is one of my time consuming  past times.

This was yesterday morning.

But later in the day it started to disappear.

This morning is just spotty in places and may melt a little more as the day goes on.

Well I finally got my checkbook finished last night.  Still no progress on filling the new address book.  I also need to setup a new medical sheet on Libra for 2017.  Some days I just don’t feel like this type of work but then I miss having it done when I have something to enter.

Health wise we are doing pretty good here and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Well it is time to transfer my laundry so I’ll talk with you again–stay warm and well!



Didn’t Work

When I got my nails done this time I chose a deep orange. thinking I would wear this drape dress for my birthday.

I forget to smile when I take as picture with the mirror.

Well the dress was bought when I weighed over 200 lbs so it is falling off now.  I’ll save it for Cindy. The best laid plans!   I have to think about what to wear now.

I have been talking about the crochet project.

I finally had Cindy take a picture

Just turn on my Bose, pick up my hook, and i’m ready to go.

I finally mastered the new coffee pot, can set it up, put my Folgers in the container, and brew a carafe for myself.  Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

I thought I should take a picture of Spirit for a change.

I sometimes find that all I do is tell her to shut up.

She has been with me for over 20 years and I really should pay a little better attention to her.

Well I decided to use the Easter bunnies in the front window early.

After all bunnies fall in love too (as we all know).

Well I still have the check book to do to see where I am.  Also my new address book hasn’t been started yet.  So I guess I had better get started on these items.

Have a great rest of the week and do for you for a change!



Brandy Is Doing Good

Took Brandy into see the Vet this morning.   The pressure in her eyes has improved and the Dr. said that the original diagnosis was just over the borderline and it seems the drops are helping to bring the pressure down.  We can only hope that they will continue to work.  She has taken well to her new food and it is hoped that it will help the skin itching.

It is still cold outside and the snow is not disappearing.

I have been working on my crochet project every day and am seeing some progress.

Haven’t  been reading much but I do have the Sunday newspaper to go through.  I hope to get that out of the way today.

I spent the last couple of days going through a pile of papers in the mortgage  folder to try to get ready for the Tax man. I have made some progress but he will determine how well I did.

I think I may be trying to get a snotty nose again and I don’t need that right now.

That is pretty much what is going on right now so I’ll close for now.

Helpful And Happy

David took a project to make a handle

I needed a handle for one of my plastic boxes.

This box contains several craft project in cloth so the cover needed to fit well. He worked hard on it and this is the results

Now the contents are covered and the container easier to handle.

Day before yesterday he took over the kitchen and prepared Spaghetti Squash for me to try.  I liked it so yesterday he added fish to it for a tasty supper.

I made my life a little happier yesterday.

I moved my Bose into my bedroom.

I never played it when others were at home but now I can go to my room and crochet to my hearts content.  I can tap my foot ,even sing along with the music and my mood has improved a 100%.without bothering others around me.

Brandy is eating her new food with no problem and I can slip her pill in.  I still have to hog tie her to get the drops in her eyes but not every change comes easily.

I read in Sunday’s newspaper that Micheal Sims has written a new book. The title is Arthur And Sherlock.  It arrived today and I found myself in the middle of page 8 after unwrapping it. It tells how Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes.  I’m going to like this one.  But I have a couple of other books waiting for me so this will go up on the TO READ SHELF for now.

Well the snow is still with us and is certain to be this way for a while. I don’t have to like it but I do have to wade it.

I hope is going well for you and all the under the weather blues are gone.


Feb. 1

Oh boy new decorations  for the new month.

Upper Right side of the front window

Lower left side of the front window.

And of course the middle front window.

Yes it is the season of love.  I know I’m early but the way this nation is headed today someone should speak up.

Going on

This is on our entrance door.

Plus the traditional flag
( I try t0 have one for every special occasion.)

Now this is my nomination for the latest Valentine.

This is our latest Valentine

I hope you enjoyed my bit of fancy.  We will talk again.