Changing Moods!


Life changes with age.  The things that seemed so important then are nothing now.  The memories you wish to recall are fading so quickly that your breath seems to catch in your throat when you try to remember. There is a constant veil of regret and guilt that shroud the back of your mind when you take even a moment to stop and think. You have rushed through life and now you regret not having absorbed all the sights, sounds, and feelings that stood waiting on the sidewalk of your life.  Thoughts now are no better than they were then.  The worries are the same, but the urgency of time is stronger and the limits of the body only frustrate the mind.  While you have time stop, grasp every moment that is waiting for you now, it will make your life so much richer and your memories more comforting later.

On to something a bit lighter.

I decided ir was time to hang a different flag,

It makes me smile!

It makes me smile!

I also changed the wreath.

 Fall colors now!

Fall colors now!

Hey it will soon be Trick or Treat Time!!!



A word of many meanings and I’m experiencing several of them right now.  Examples include:

!. To arrange according to kind or class.

2. To separate from other sorts.

3. To sort out, evolve; turn out.

Like this

Sunday started with Christmas things

Sunday started with Christmas things

Piled around the dining room so the children could go through them for things they might want.  Les and Anne were in and took some of the items.  The others will be out until Wednesday when Cindy comes over.  I have asked a couple of others if they want anything then I will pack it up to be donated.

Items on two sides of the room.

Items on two sides of the room.

There are wreaths, wooden cutouts, and lighted deers with a sled in the basement.

This brings up another feeling…being out of sort but it is a necessary thing when you start to plan for a change of life style.

Yesterday I went down to Waterford to pickup my new hearing aids.  I really didn’t want to go into debt for them but  I have to be able to hear what is going on.

I have spent the last few days cutting the hard covers off of books that were in the basement and not good enough to donate to the library.  I have boxes of pages and paperbacks  to take to the place where the Boy Scouts  will recycle them.  Starting this afternoon I will be packing the good books to donate.

Wes and Debra have been working on the garage and food room walls and ceiling getting them ready to paint.  This my friends is truly a labor of love.

Debra also helped me load up the truck twice with things to donate to the Salvation Army then I took them over.  There is still a lot to do but it will get done..

The real estate person was in Friday to have a look around and then will return this weekend to discuss what she thinks about it.

The weather is chilly and there has been some rain but I’m still looking for Indian Summer.  I will continue to until the snow hits me in the face.

Take care everyone.

Slowly Coming Together

A phone call this morning resulted in another item gone. 

The chipper shredder is gone.

The chipper shredder is gone.

A very nice gentleman named Mark called to say he saw the sign I had posted in the Post Office and he wanted to see the machine.  He came over, started it up, and decided to buy it.  While he was here he took two boxes of wooden stakes that I wanted to get rid of also.  He said If he saw anything else I might post he might consider that also.  I thank him graciously when he left.  Now I have to get out my camera and work on signs for the next item and go pulled down the ones I have posted.

I pulled the soft cover books out of the basement but I couldn’t take them over to the recycling  center run by a Boy Scout troop a few miles away because it has been raining most of the day.  I may go over tomorrow.

I have a Real Estate agent coming in Friday to give the dome a once over.  I’ll see what she has to say about it.

Still got a job to get the basement sorted out but Debra and I are taking items over to the Salvation Army store on Saturday.

I rescheduled picking my new hearing aids from Friday to Monday.  That will be another trip into Waterford to make.   It is slowly coming together.



Lots Going ON

But it was due to family, a neighbor from the past , and my neighbor now.  The family was son Wes and daughter-in-law Debra.

Stairway to the basement.

Stairway to the basement.

After Wes plastered the dents, sanded them, and put new tape on the corners Debra painted the surface.  Now a new, fresh look greets you when you open the door to the basement.

A fresh look here.

A fresh look here.

Their work continued into the mud room with the same great results.  I can’t thank them enough for all the time and work they are accomplishing.

Now on to neighbors–Wes needed help to fix a project in the garage and Debra tried her best but couldn’t quite do it.  So I called a friend from my old neighborhood and he graciously agreed to come up on Sunday morning and help.   Jimmy Murphy lived down the street from me in Pontiac many years ago.  He and Wes were friends then and I remember him fondly.

After helping Wes  he came up and hung the new blind on the French door in the dining room.

Another problem taken care of.

Another problem taken care of.

After bite of lunch Wes and Jimmy tried to remove a (4×4? ) post that had held the yard light and an old tv antenna.  It was cut off when the deck was built.  It had roughly four or so feet sticking out of the ground.  They couldn’t pull it out because it was in too deep. They tried cutting it off but the wood was too wet and the chain saw couldn’t cut it.  More help was needed.

I called my neighbor John  behind me and he came over to find out what I needed.  Wes showed him the post and they decided John’s back hoe could do the job.  So John drove it over, wrapped a chain around the post, out it came, and he took it away.

Post is gone. uprights are  newly pained and it looks great.

Post is gone. uprights are newly pained and it looks great.

So I owe a great big thank you to both my old and my now neighbors for taking time to help us move on with this project.

What did I do during all this — made lunch, empty a wooden box, of my brother’s so Cindy could have it, and most importantly stayed the heck out of the way!!!!

.  .


More Done On The Project.

Wes has been working on all the dents and holes in the garage, the mud room, the stairway walls with dry wall, plaster, and elbow grease.  He is making good progress and we hope to to start painting the first of the week.

I painted the uprights under the deck today and just added a few more brown spots to the ones I have normally.

The Old Kenmore!

The Old Kenmore!

Yep I got out the old sewing machine to mend the mudroom curtains then decided to fix Spirit’s cage cover.  That led to fixing a seam on my green slacks before I gathered up the machine and put it back in the closet.

Finally something that has been on my to do list for ages finally got done.  I actually cleaned out and organized my junk drawer.  You know what a junk drawer is don’t you?  It is the one place where you  throw everything that you use occasionally so you don’t want it too get too far away.

A call from my doctor the other day said all was good.  That  is what I like to hear!

Take care!

Another Day –Good & Not So!

The day started with leaving the house at 10 am heading for Waterford, Mi.  I arrived a few minutes before 11:30 at the hearing aid center.  This is where the not so good comes in.  It seems I am in danger of losing hearing in the right ear which means I need a new set of hearing  aids that are more powerful.   Not a cheap proposition but some thing that has to be done,

But the rest of my day went very well.  First a stop at Sam’s Club in Waterford for Poise a savings of $11.94 a box when it is on your route for the day.

Next it was a stop at the credit union to deposit some checks (still on the way).  After that a stop to pay a bill at Wright & Filippis still on track.

Now it was a long trip up I 75 to Clio, Mi. to take paper work into the bank up there.  While in Clio I went to Vg’s for a couple of items then to Gil Roys (a hardware ) where I picked up paint for the deck uprights, brushes, a new metal dustpan, and 2 covers for the hole in the wall between the garage and the basement (where a stove pipe used to be)

I grabbed a hamburger at Wendy’s to eat when I got home and arrived back at 5:00 pm.  A  day full of accomplishments I think.   Now I’m worn out but still a little proud.

I’m going to rest now and you should too until next time.

Day 2 Of September

I tackled the food room today.

Scattered & unorganized

Scattered & unorganized


The items I wanted to sell or donate were intermixed with food items that were to be kept.  Some shelves had nothing on them.  I needed to clear three to go to other places.  So I  pulled them out swept and started sorting.


Now this was the results.

Two shelves

Two shelves

The one behind is empty.  The one in front has items I want to get rid of.

On the opposite wall 2 shelves contain food stuffs.

On the opposite wall 2 shelves contain food stuffs.

A third shelf (not pictured) is empty except for items to get rid of.   So I’m ready with three shelves to go.

I defrosted my freezer by putting everything in the other freezer I have.  Today I finished moving it all back into mine and worked on the other one.

It is all set to go to Cindy's house.

It is all set to go to Cindy’s house.

Well I burned a little today, loaded some books into the truck to donate, and I’m calling it a day.   Tomorrow I go into Waterford to the hearing aid center for a check up.  So the crusade will be suspended for a day.  but I’ll get back in the saddle on Thursday.



It is Labor Day…..

….and I did!   Yesterday I moved all the frozen food into one freezer the object was to defrost mine which it needed badly.   Son Wes and friend Mike K. then moved the full freezer into the garage and plugged it in. That left me with a very wet floor which I worked on.  This morning this is what i faced.

a mess

A mess 

The area where the big cage had been was filled with cardboard, containers of trash, old painting equipment under the table, containers of outdoor bird seed on the table, and spilled seed all over.  The curtain in the window was filthy and the window itself needs cleaning.  I swept, mopped, cleaned off everything, burned the cardboard,  and started moving the trash out.

A bit more organized.

A bit more organized.

I have empty boxes ready for packing against the outside wall.  The curtains are clean and in the dryer. I have moved half of the frozen food back into to my freezer and will finish that up tomorrow when I go down to wash the window.  Then I will defrost the freezer that is in the garage.

Next comes the food room.  I need to get what is left onto one or two shelves and free up the others to go to different homes.

When I came back up I brought some patio blocks with me.

I wanted another row of blocks.

I wanted another row of blocks.

To step up into the regular step was difficult because the area was to narrow.  But three more blocks improve the area a lot.

Much more comfortable.

Much more comfortable.

That was my labor for today but before I go I must show the great job Wes and Debra did yesterday cleaning up under and around the deck area.

100% better.

100% better.

All the string is gone that was used to let tomatoes and other vegetables climb.  The oil barrels Jay cut in half to use for container gardening have been dumped and removed.  In fact Wes took them down to the road and before he left to go home someone picked them all up.  Debra had trimmed up both of the wood embankments and along the bottom cleaning it all up.

.Mike K. came by and mowed the front yard for me and then helped Wes move the freezer.

So it is coming along.



A Shorty!



I gathered all my clothes from upstairs and added them to what was hanging in my closet.   Now I haven’t tried everything on and after I do I want to organize things so I know where to look by color and type.

I burned a little bit of my magazines and tried to put up new holders for the blinds upstairs.  I had trouble with the holders so I’ll have to get help on that.   Went to the bank to pick my card and check on the progress on the medallion stamp.

Yesterday it was an appointment for a fast blood test.  Debbie (the lady who took the doll houses) took the rest of my pint jars and Shirley, a friend will take the half pints.  Then my jars will be gone.  But I honestly don’t feel like I’m making good progress.


A New Path

Good morning on this 67 degree morning in Otisville.

"Here comes the sun"

“Here comes the sun”

When I got up at 6:30 this morning I looked out at a light gray sky and my mood was oh hum.  But a little later the sun started lighting the trees and a little smile bloomed in my mind!  It is going to be a good day after all.

Wes and grand daughter, Jasmine came up yesterday and worked on part the yard.  As I looked over the great job they did I noticed the tree in front of my bedroom window.

It is now reaching the second story of the dome.

It is now reaching the second story of the dome.

The white flowers have appeared and bring a lovely feel to the branches.

The decluttering continues with the large bird cage which sat in the mud room, after being taken to the road, disappeared with in minutes.  Cindy and David came up on Monday and David took it to the road. One thing on my list this morning is to start sweeping up the mudroom.  I have a lot of painting equipment to gather up and dispose of there.


Monday was also the day they took me to the Birch Run  Shopping complex and I bought these.

I haven't had new 'soft socks' in over 10 years.

I haven’t had new ‘soft socks’ in over 10 years.

No more toes poking through. No more soles wearing so thin you could feel the stitching inside my shoe.  It was definitely an out with the old and in with the new moment!!

I have updated the inventory lists but some things aren’t on it yet so that is still a work in progress.

They came and got the composter so that area at the shed has to be cleaned up soon.  I still have a chipper/shredder, a lawn sweeper, a garden cart, and several garden tools to get rid of but it will get done.

In the kitchen the famous junk drawer (everybody has one) has to be cleaned out so that goes on the list.

Starting today's list.

Starting today’s list.

This list will grow as I work around the house because more jobs will become apparent.  It will however be shoved aside if the the bank calls for me to come in.

Such is life when a new path presents itself!