Lots Of Stuff!

First new deco.

The new flag went up yesterday.

Colorful, bright, and cheery.

Next the windows.

The dining room window first.

Both the chicken and the egg light up with window clings filling in the bare spots.

The bunny family is in the main front window

Also the lighted bunny is in that space.

One of the side panels in that location.  The right hand panel.

This is the egg wreath in the side window in the front room.

This is the inside kitchen window.

This is the bunny I fell in love with this year and had to have

I said I wanted a reading lamp for my chair.

Cindy is my fixer and she put this lamp together fro me.

Now I can sit in  my chair and read.  Just one more thing to make my life a little better.

I did spend some time this morning reading The Rooster Bar  and am almost half way through it.

I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to make my gooses bunny ears yet.  ( This is called a purpose avoidance tendency)   But I promise I’ll get down.

Now there are a few more things to show you next time but for now that is it.





Almost Time To Change.

Good Morning.  I woke up a little after Cindy left for work this morning.  I decided to delay feeding the zoo until later in the morning so I did this instead.

Now this worked until roughly 7:30 am when the zoo got insistent.

Cats crying and birds squawking pulled me away from the table. So  I put James Taylor on the Bose and sat down to visit you.  Just a little break from the puzzle.  All I could think of was music relieves stress and indeed it does.

As I brushed my teeth this morning I  glanced in the mirror and caught a familiar memory.  I have the same Widow’s Peak my father had.

How appropriate is that!

People say you look like your mother but I look a little like both my parents.

Yesterday Cindy and I went to visit the hearing aid doctor.  After some time he raised the volume on both my aides.  Now I can hear my TV at a 25 instead of a 90+.  But I can also hear how noisy my sewing machine.

Speaking of sewing I worked on Lucy’s (my Goose) outfit for Easter.

I failed to get her bunny ears right but I’ll work on that this after noon.

I really have to work on prospective when trying to design something.  I keep saying keep practising and you will get it.  Good thing I bought a yard and !/2 of material.

It almost time to change the decor in the house and think about Easter.

Well enough messing around I have to get busy.  Have a great weekend and do something you love to do.

I Could Have..

Well tomorrow is garbage pick up day.

And it is a ,light snow falling. on and off all day.

In order to move the cart to the gate I had to take a utility knife and cut the ice off one of the wheels.  I don’t know how much longer we will have to put up with this s***.  The only good thing about it is it isn’t sticking to the side walks.

Well I bought a new shower curtain liner today so now I have Cindy’s new curtain hanging.

For now we will shower with the bunny!

I got notification from my arms that they do not reaching up for very long.  I ignored them and finished the job.

I just finished sorting my puzzle into the trays and will start working on it next.   I think I’ll set it up on the cloth so I can fold it up until I get time to finish it.

I named this blog entry I Could Have because I spent over an hour wandering Target this afternoon ( in search of the shower curtain liner),

As I wandered about I thought I could have bought a new set of knives for the kitchen.  I could have bought a new carafe for the coffee maker because part of the top won’t stay on. I could have bought a new wasted basket for the bathroom.  I could have bought a floor lamp to go behind my chair in the living room so I could read there,  I could have bought a new large glass mug fop David because he broke his.  With each department I walked through I saw something I could have bought.  Fortunately I ended up with the liner, another shower curtain for later, and some chew bones for Brandy.

I have to pick up a  prescription  from the Vet’s for Brandy’s eye drops tomorrow.  I think that will take care of the last item she will need.

Well take care of yourself and think about flowers, birds and other Spring things!

Day 12

Well Cindy just left for work and I’m in charge of Libby until David comes home.  I have had to yell at her three times because she keeps sneaking in my bedroom and taking Brandy’s toy off the bed.  As per usual I had to shut my bedroom door to keep her out.

Cindy and I went grocery shopping yesterday and as is my habit this was one of my purchases.

It was only $ 5.00 but it makes me smile everytime I walk in the kitchen.

I got a request from my sister-in-law on facebook to post a message to 16 people.  I’m sorry I don’t do messages like that.  No multiples on facebook is my rule.

This is my newest puzzle to put together . I may start it today.

I also have to work out a pattern for Lucy’s (the goose) Easter dress.  Cindy’s goose has an Easter outfit from Amazon so she  is taken care of.

I finally have Brandy on track again (food wise and medicine).  It seems to be a problem that I never had before.  But such is life that one must overcome road blocks, solve problems. and come out a winner.

I see the hearing aid person on the 15th and am looking forward to it because I need some serious adjustments.

Well my friend David has company and I’m in the way so I’m out of here for now.


Done For Now

Good afternoon again.  You know it is amazing what a $50. snow shovel and an 83 year old’s determination can accomplish.  Example;

This is the Fairmount St. side of the lot.

I have shoveled the front and this side all the way to the driveway.  Now it took a while but by golly I did.

This is where me and the shovel rested by my driveway.

Seeing I already had cold hands and feet I thought I add a little more time to the job.

I filled the bird feeder and the suet holder.

Maybe the birds will come to visit.

I have to take time now to heat up some tomato soup and make a grilled cheese sandwich to keep my bowl of oatmeal (that was breakfast) and my 3 cups of coffee company. Haven’t figured out what is for supper yet but I always have T V dinners in the freezer.

I have been fighting (verbally) with Brandy since a little 10:30 am to eat but of the two things I have to feed to eat her one is a stew which she doesn’t care for and a canned dog food which she likes but has a tendency to throw up.  Her regular food has been out of stock for a couple of weeks now.  It seems everything she needs is on backorder or discontinued.  Just another thing to jangle my nerves.

Well my tummy says get a move on girl so I’ll leave you for now.  Have a great weekend and don’t forget to change your clocks tonight.





Enough Already!

Good Afternoon because morning is long gone.   Yesterday I worked on making beef meatballs because David can’t have pork.  I made enough so I could freeze some for later.

So it was spaghetti , cornbread, peas, and mixed fruit cups for our supper.

I put the regular meatballs on my plate and the beef meatballs on David’s.

This is how it looked outside today.

There has been a light dusting of snow this morning but it is sunshine now.

I just finished the sidewalks on the inside of the fence.

But I ran out of energy before I got to the fence by the driveway so I can’t say I shoveled all of it.  I had Libby outside with me and she ran her legs off.  I watched her while David and Cindy kept a doctor’s appointment.   It beats putting her in the cage to bark the whole time.

Right now she is laying beside me as I type.

Now I do have to yell (assert my authority) every once in a while but basically she minds me well.

I just ordered some things from the Harriet Carter catalogue.  This will be  fun things to put to use.

Well I don’t know what I’ll do next because Cindy is back home and has Libby resting with her.  I have vacuumed the bedrooms, hallway, and living room, emptied the vacuum,  then swept the kitchen.  I’ve done both our laundries and have just one set to fold yet.   Dishes are caught up.  I guess I can read for a change.  I’m sure I’ll find some thing to do.

Hope your day is going well. I visit again.





Hey On A Roll!

Ok it is day 7 and my sewing machine is working great after I met with the man in the store and he went through the threading routine with me . In fact I have pictures of both Lucy and Cindy’s goose with their shamrock dresses.

This is Lucy in her shamrock dress

Cindy’s goose next.

Now Cindy’s goose looks like she is from another country.

As you can see I have got to work on sizing these outfits but hey I’m just learning.  If I practice long enough I should be able to  draw a pattern where there is no elastic around the neck.  My sewing machine is working very well but I’ll see how it goes when I change the color of the thread.

I have made a hat -like thing for Lucy’s other outfit that I had made for her and pinned it to the dress.

I have put my teakettle on the stove top because that is where it belongs.

Do I need it there –probably not but we will see.

It has snowed most of the day and the forecast calls for more tomorrow.  I’m getting the down in the dumps blues with all this white stuff.  But it is going to go away soon I hope because I can drive under normal conditions but I limit the snow driving.

The next appointment with the hearing aid doctor in on the 15th.  I need some adjustments on them so it can’t come soon enough for me.

I took a long nap this afternoon and I feel like I could go crawl back in that warm bed again.

I hope all is going well with you and you are getting done all you need to do.  I’ll see you later.

Presents Arrive and Projects Are Mounting Up.

Les and Anne came to take me to brunch today for my belated birthday present.  We went to Fino’s where I had a Strawberry/Chicken salad.  It was delicious.  In fact I brought half of it home to have for supper tonight.  They also brought me this.

My teakettle, two prep knives/with the sharpener,a pair
of kitchen scissors, and a book.

The book is The Immortalists By Chloe Benjamin  

Also this

A 1000 piece puzzle .

They pretty well empty my wish list.  Believe I will not be lacking for anything to do.  Thank you both for this wonderful gift and my brunch.

Starting yesterday and continuing today.

It started to warm up and the heavy snowfall has started to melt.

The new flag went up this morning .

Lots of color to add to the outside.

I waiting for Monday because my sewing machine should be fix and ready for me.  I really don’t know what to work on first.  I guess I’ll make a list ranking by importance.  I find a list clears the mind and gets the dead butt moving!

Right now David and Libby are resting. Cindy is working a double.  Me– I’m trying to figure out how to start my to do list for today.  I think I’ll walk out and check the mail while the sun is shining so well.

Do have a happy weekend and stay comfortable doing it.


The One Of March!

Looking outside it seems time has slid backward.

Yep it is snow darn it!

As you can see it is still falling.  I was so happy to see grass and buds on the Lilac bushes but I guess I got excited too soon.

Well the hearing aids are in.  I am to try them for two weeks then go back for an adjustment.  As I sat at the dining room table I could hear a click.  It was the minute hand moving on the clock on the counter beside me.  Today I can hear what Spirit ( my African Grey) is saying and understand her.  She was telling Libby to go lay down among other things.  Last night I sat in the living room and could hear the T V without using the sound bar.  How do I feel about them.  I LOVE THEM!

This morning Bandy and I went for a ride (or bye bey as I tell her).

She was looking pretty rough.

But later when I picked her up.

Now she is all pretty and she smells good too.

Yesterday I went from sparkles to this

I can see the end of my fingers now. In fact these are my own nails .

The salon removed the fakes ones, cleaned up my real ones, and I was amazed to see the results.  Before they cracked, peeled from the sides and were not strong at all.  But by having a professional work with them I gain some really strong nails.  ( Hey I stopped the old age nail problem and it is worth it.)

I finished the first of the 10 puzzles in a box.

I finished this one last night, but it in a baggie and will start #2 this afternoon.

If you do many Jigsaw puzzles get one of these.

As I said before this beats poring everything out on the table, turning them over, then searching through all of them..

Your straight edges go in one tray and you sort colors in the other 5 trays.  They are not expensive and I find very helpful. Doing puzzles keeps me busy while waiting for my sewing machine to be fixed.

Right now I’m enjoying Mark Knopfler on the Bose.  The man sure has a mellow way about him.  ( Of course I also have Bread on the machine because they are one of my favorites.)

Well Cindy Is getting ready to go to work so I’ll close for now so I can see her off.