Got Plans!

Well it is almost good afternoon.  The message on the fridge today is this

Gray, wet, cold, go back to bed day if I ever saw one. But I won’t

This is in the archway to the living room.

Both windsocks are adding to the decorations but one is hiding something.

This poor fellow disappeared when the socks went up.

But you can’t always have top billing when the director is not up to snuff on the project. Just bare with me and we will continue on shortly.

In the meantime I did work some more on one of  the arm covers for the sectional. This well take a little than I thought but I will get them done.

The carnations are still hanging in there ( like carnations do) so they will live to see at least another day.

Well April is almost here and we are planning the yard improvement.  Under consideration is raised beds in the corner out front.  Maybe a Firebush because they grow quickly, spread well and turn  a lovely color in the Fall. More flowers that mature during the Summer and into the Fall are needed also. Do you have any plans for your yard this Summer?

Hey who is that stranger taking pictures out there?

She looks a little familiar




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5 thoughts on “Got Plans!

  1. Planning your flower beds, eh? Deborah would be really proud of you! Even with the rain, we always know that (in Michigan) the ‘showers’ will bring April/May flowers! (couldn’t believe it yesterday when we went out and saw ‘leftovers’ of snow on the ground!) Hugs;

  2. Hi Momma. Hope you enjoy the movie “Beauty and the Beast”. We are also getting a mix of snow and rain. The difference here is it is much need. Everything is brown and we have been under a high fire danger for weeks. There has been several grass fires and a couple large forest fires in the mountains. A little scary but hoping these last several days of rain and snow will relieve some of the danger. I do love that Colorado has so many days of sun and being up so close to the mountains makes beautiful scenery. Thinking about a small garden again this summer, but must be very diligent to keep it watered and not break the often water restriction. Hoping that maybe we will get to visit when I return in August. Bye now

  3. Well, it’s looking increasingly likely that I’ll have my on yard to think about working on. The lady living there now has set a high bar.

  4. Just been out for a good breakfast at our local cafe.

    My 73rd birthday tomorrow, so working towards. Marion England. Lovely blue sky sunny warm day today.

  5. Plans for our yarn are to mow just often enough that the Town’s expectations are met. Whatever grows will do so at its own peril. Wildflowers welcome, and the lawnmower tries to avoid them because our next door neighbor has a couple bee hives

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