Preparing The Outside

Saturday was a busy day for all of us.

The Lilacs went in by the side gate.

David’s nephew, Mathew came over to plant the bushes and ended up doing several things to help us out.

He planted the Fire bush in the right corner of the front yard.

The sod he removed from both areas he moved to the area in the side yard where the inflatable was over Halloween.  He dug out that area and place the sod in there.



These are pictures of the  raised beds that David and Mathew put together under the front living room .window.  As you can see there are two sections.

Cindy and I picked the unit up at Sam’s Club,  We then hauled dirt to fill them and picked out the plants to go in them. We chose Viola Starry Night, Asiatic Lily, Woodland Phlox (Blue Moon),  Iceland Poppy (Champagne Bubbles), Carpet Bugleweed (Black Scallop), and the pancies from the containers,  Now this involve one trip for Cindy and me then she had to go back a second time.


David  enclose an area half way up on one side of the back porch.

We all took a hand at painting it.

The two openings will be finished to hold containers for plants.

David also refinished the front door that had some rust damage on it.

A very nice job that improved not only the looks but allows use of the entry.

the tulips next to the raised flower bed are ready to bloom

My little water girl was very busy!

More about Easter dinner tomorrow.