Emptying The Dashboard.

Well Easter dinner was good but we missed two of our family due to other commitments.  I received a phone call from them but both had other duties to do. (just a little crestfallen but I understand.)

Here is xon Lesley and daughter-in-law Anne with grand daughter Courtney

Cindy and David

I was again behind the camera.  It was a tasty dinner and the blue bunny cake matched Annes fingernails!

Well yesterday I ordered a Butterfly bush from Michigan Bulb company to go in the left corner of the front  yard.  Then Cindy and I went out to Home Depot for the wooden guards to go around the base of the bush when it arrives.  We also picked up a pump for our fountain.

I brought this from my old house because I couldn’t stand to leave it behind.

While out we went to JoAnn’s for a sale for people over 50 years old.  ( I qualify).

This went in the vase at our inside kitchen window.

On the outside these caught our eye.

For the front door the butterflies were chosen

For the porch door the the nest one won out.

This was added to the backyard two days ago.

A new gazing  ball for my stand.

The flag was changed right after Easter

This is to match the visitors in the yard.

I’m waiting for the first of May because that is when the Humming bird  feeder goes up.  Our visitors so far.

A Red- Bellied  Woodpecker

Chipping Sparrow

several Mourning Doves. They sound like they giggle when they fly off.


The American Robin

There will be more as I catch them on camera.  It is a very, wet, rainy day (great for the plants) This is it for today