Thoughts In the Night.

Good Morning or should I say middle of the night.  I’m feeling much better and got real ambitious yesterday. I took Brandy for a ride, went to get Sweet Cream and ended up at the storage unit.

I started at the back and opened every container and box until I had checked out everything half way up to the front.  All that is left are boxes and containers in the front right side to check through.  I found my Blue Ray, my Roku, and some projects that need to be worked on.

I managed to put all my jam jars and canning equipment in one spot to be ready for jam making soon.

Brandy and I spent time outside in the sunshine despite the cold wind just checking out things.

The huge tree across the street.

Again my imagination took hold and I could see every ferris wheel I have ever rode on as a kid.  Those were happy times with Tilt-a-wheels, fun houses, and games of skill.

In the back yard yesterday.

Finally a male cardinal stopped to visit and grab a bite to eat.

No id on the other visitors yet but I’ll keep trying.

Out front.

Checking the raised flower bed. on the left side–all is well.

On the right side everything is doing well also.

I checked the Fire Bush and found it coming right along.  The last thing we put in was the Butterfly Bush In the front left corner of the yard .but It seems to need a little more dirt to help it along,

The birds are slowly getting used to the bird bath in the back yard and it looks like it could be gathering place when the weather gets warmer.

Even though it is the first week of May I still haven’t gotten the Hummingbird feeder up yet–maybe in the next couple of days.

Well yesterday morning Cindy and I played a game.

The picture tells the tale of rummy.

I smile at this!]

My friend Pam sent me this.

Another thing to go on my bedroom wall.

If I keep going I won’t need to paint in there.

Well I’m ready to crawl back in bed for another few hours because I’m getting cold, It is 2:14 am, and who needs to be up now any way.   Good Night!