June Is Knocking AT The Door

Good Morning!  Woke up to a kitchen in disarray, a zoo that wanted breakfast, and a moment to check what was up for this coming week!  The dishes from the midnight marauder went into the dishwasher that I’d just emptied and the dirty sign went on it.  I made a mental note to clean the top of the stove and empty the trash.  I had taken my vitamins and pills and took care of the teeth problem.  I decided I would visit first while the zoo was still asleep and Cindy had left for a long day of work.

So here we go.

Dresser top is clean

I spent yesterday pulling summer clothes out and packing the heavy stuff away.  Clothes all over the bed and hangers all over the floor.  I ponded a few nails into the closet to hang stuff like my purses, housecoat. and other things that had been on hangers and should not be.  The mess took all day working on and off on it.  But now it is done. This is what the ladies’ magazine calls decluttering but not being a lady it was plan old work that had to be done.

If I’ve told you this before forgive me it is old age.  Speaking of old age it ain’t so bad.  For years I carried 235+ lbs. around but this morning I weighed in at 170 in the altogether.  If I had been on a diet I would be saying I’d lost 65 lbs. but that doesn’t count.

Moving on I attended my old friend Pam’s knit and crochet meeting last week.

Inez another co-worker from years ago brought it to me.  Carolyn (now past) made it with some changes of clothes for special days. You will be seeing her occasional in her other outfits.  I have always had my outdoor flags but now I have Goosy (what I named her) also.

Lily and Cali find the window the perfect resting place any time it is sunny.

Lily And Cale

Right now Lily is snoozing there and my Molly is in a sunny spot on the floor.

Yesterday I tried to get this.

A redwing Blackbird

They come up to eat and as they fly away they make a tweeting sound.

Brandy is awake now

So my friend it is also Fed The Zoo time so I’m laving for today.  See you soon.





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3 thoughts on “June Is Knocking AT The Door

  1. Glad to check up on you just now and all seeming better.

    Living alone bit long days but the computer and Amazon for books helps! Marion England. been hot here past few days.

  2. Sounds like you had fun at the meeting. We’ve begun unpacking and will hopefully come across the feeders to go with the bird seed soon,lol. Kitties are calming down and really enjoying all the window space to view the new neighborhood. Kathy Gribble had/has a goose she dresses/ed up too! My computer is on line via wireless. Les plans on making a quick and dirty cable hook up for his PC this weekend.

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