The Misc. That Went On

Some of the activities in the last week and a half,

Cindy and I visited Jay on the day after his birthday.

Just a short visit

It is my first visit this year because Cindy went with me.  The ground is very uneven there and my tendency to fall is strong.  If I went down It might be a while before I could get back up.  It is a bitch getting old!!






Yesterday David and Mathew finished the last bush in the front yard and started on Cindy’s project.

This will be Cindy’s Wildflower garden

It will be located in the back yard next to the shed.  David is going to make a box for the fountain to sit on in the back so the dogs can’t drink the water.





Under the front room window


The Poppies are making their appearance.  It is great to see different colors and not just one on the plant.




Today my plans are to cut up the cardboard in the garage.  I will also empty the home can goods that could be past due.  Then the jars and rings will be washed and packed away.  Hopefully I’ll find something later to put in them.

Well the sun just came up and is shining in on the keyboard which is my clue to get my butt in gear.