July 1st

Yesterday my world moved fast.  At 10 am son Lesley arrived with a cargo van plus a helper and they proceeded to empty all the furniture out of the storage unit.  The drill press and ladder went to Wes’ house.  He and grandson Dakota loaded that in my truck.  This  left a big batch of boxes and containers in the unit.   At Cindy’s insistence  David and she started loading these items into my truck and they were moved to a smaller unit just around the corner from my old one..

I stood back and with their help the new unit was loaded with things not needed in the back and what will be used up front.  The move represented a savings of about $78. a month after a six month discount. But the amazing thing was with Cindy and David’s hard work the larger unit was vacated the same day as the smaller unit was filled.

Now some of the things, it was decided, would be brought to the house to store in the shed, papers to be shredded, and clothes to be packed away.

This is the back of my truck in the garage.

This will be emptied on Wednesday.   So my friends another worry has been lifted off my shoulders.

I n other news I have finished Jeffery Deaver’s The Burial Hour which was set mostly in Italy.  I have just started the novel The Silent Corner  by Dean Koontz.

Libby, Cindy’s dog will graduate  from puppy training next Saturday.

This is her graduation dress.

Well the house is all Red, White , and Blue and here Is some of the decoration.

This is the first and there will be more.

That is it for now enjoy your holiday!