The Magic Of Sunshine

We all look for a little magic in our lives but the following shows it best.

Molly was the first to find it this morning.

Cats seem to know how great it feels when warmth through a window hits them.

Cali laid in the front window grooming herself

Cali is a little older than Molly and is the senior advisor when it comes to who sits where or what is an acceptable distance between them.

Lilly is the youngest, the most curious, and the most adventuresome.

Any open door is an invitation to scramble through to see what is on the other side.  I have twice caught her by the tail and dragged her back inside.  But let the sunshine hit her and it is sleepy time for her.

I was the same way when we traveled.  If I wasn’t driving I was nodding off.  I guess the magic works on me too.

Well the zoo is fed and it is for me to get dressed, go outside, and catch a few rays on the swing. I’ll  read a little, rock a little, but I won’t go to sleep because the swing seat is too short for me to fit in.

Have a get day and catch some magic too.