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Now 82-years-old on February 22 and I'm still on the right side of the grass.. Mother of two sons and one daughter (Bloggers SEB and Cindyisms are two of them). I'm Grandmother of three. I have lived with my daughter for nine months now and she hasn't kicked me out yet. I stay active with household chores,and feeding my zoo. (3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 birds.) Retired after 29 years+ at Michigan Bell Telephone and ten+ years with The Oakland Press. I was active with the telephone company union and a Dale Carnegie graduate. I work at crocheting, knitting, making ornaments, and other projects. I do a little canning. I trained with the Michigan Bell Clown troupe and then I was a clown doing parades, parties, and picnics for about 15 years. My other passions are music from the 50s through the 80s, reading, birds, flowers, my pets, big cats, and of course blogging!

Chugging Uphill!

Good morning.  I’m looking forward to the next few days.  The forecast says rain but the temperatures will range in the 30s from 10 am climbing to the high 40s at 8 pm.  It will be in the low 50s overnight.  I do love the sound of that my friend.

Well yesterday I finally got my Singer threaded and started sewing the arms for Lucy’s dresses.

I have 6 of the twelve I need.

I really didn’t want to do this because it involved turning the pieces inside out, then stuffing them with filling.  But at least I can sew them now.  (One step forward in the learning process.)

Yesterday I finished this.

The last of my 300 piece puzzles ,

I do love doing them and I will get more.  The only problem is where to store them after I do them.

I’m 3 days away from the old 83 mark and still on the right side of the grass.  There are times when I stop and think why am I doing this.  But I know why.  Because I can help those I live with when they can’t be here to do what needs to be done.  There ain’t nothing like knowing your needed to spark the old engine into action my friend,   If you are dealing with a senior give them  things to do, let them know you need them, that they are not get a problem you have to put up with.  That way they will feel better about living and you will get help you need not just an anchor to drag around.

I’m waiting for a word from Sterling that my hearing aids are in.  I think it will bring a smile to this wrinkled old face when I can hear what is being said and I don’t feel like being left out.

David is going to drive me up to Otisville on Friday to get my taxes done.  I can do it but I feel better with him to do it and I won’t worry about running over someone on the way.  We can stop at Arlene’s for lunch on the way home.

I have to get a card out to Kim, Courtney’s mom, because we share the same Birthday.

Well the zoo is fed except for Libby and Brandy.  I think a bowl of oatmeal is called for what I need so I’ll say good bye for today.


I’m Puzzled.

Well Les was just in to see why my pictures were not going to the blog.  Why we don’t know but it is working now.  I had pen and paper ready to write out instructions but there weren’t any.  That is what is so crazy about computers( they work then the don’t, then they do) and you didn’t do anything.

Well anyway I’m going to post now but not in any order.

Since I have been doing puzzles I bought this.
It beats the devil out of spreading pieces on a cookie sheet.  Separating straight edges in one tray, different colors in the others and the whole procedure goes a whole lot faster.

This turned into this over night

Started yesterday, left pieces in the trays, and finished this morning.

I needed to show you the mailbox today.

The plowing my neighbor did yesterday still looks good today.

No snow last night what a blessing.  I haven’t check the forecast for tomorrow yet I’ll do it later.

Learning time again. I need to get Lucy’s dresses made.

Pull out the manuel , start reading, working on it as I go.

Hey I can now put thread on the bobbins.  I started reading about how to thread the machine but stopped when Les and Anne came in to check out the computer.  It is 9:05 pm so I won’t get any farther on this tonight.  I’ll just leave it set up and read some more in the morning.  Life is such an adventure when there are things to learn and projects to accomplish.

With Cindy’s help I picked up Brandy’s eye drops today.  She worked on finding them yesterday for me.  It seemed they were on back order at Kroger’s but she found them at CVS.  Now I have both her pills and drops so she is set to go.  In fact I took her with me when I picked up her drops and she was happy to go for (what we call) a Bye bye ride.

Still waiting for my hearing  aids.  I will be one happy camper when they come in.

Well I have to do the entries on my calorie counter for the day then I’m done.  So I’ll say good night for now.  Please stay safe and warm.





A Love Day Right?

Happy Valentines day to all.  I started out with these.

But they were good.

So today this is it!

This is it for today.

The story behind this is that I had no rolling pin so I had to pat them out by hand.  That made them thicker taking longer to bake.  But today I bought the rolling pin so I’ll see if this makes a difference.  I may even go with drop cookies instead because we won’t need the hearts any more after today.   That is my next project.

I finished my puzzle this morning.

Rather than rolling it up last night I put a big towel over the whole thing,

When I got up this morning Lily was sitting on the towel but she had not knock any pieces on the floor.  (good Girl)

When I went out for the mail today there was a note saying that there would be no more deliveries until the snow was cleared to the curb.  Now I’m expecting medicine for Brandy so I had no choice but to try and clear the area.  The young man across the street came out to help me but when they plowed the street all the snow was pushed to the side of the road.  Now this was not only deep but icy too. Even with help I wasn’t able to make much progress when the gentleman that lives next to us pulled his truck with the plow on the front out and cleared both my area plus in front of the house next door.  (That was where the the youngster that was trying to help me lives.)  Bless both their hearts for the help.

Cindy took me out this morning so I could clear my list of things I wanted like ( the rolling pin, a puzzle piece sorter, some new oven gloves, another puzzle, a large light.  bulb for over the bath room mirror, and D batteries for the dining room flash light.  I should be all set for a few days.

Cindy was called into work to help with a situation right after we got back home so I don’t know how long she will be gone.  The zoo is quiet or sleeping and David is in the back room.

A couple of outdoor picture for you.

The moon was great through the trees.

I found this one kind of interesting

I guess I had better get on those cookies So if you live near by come and get some.   Otherwise stay warm and hope the sun that is shining melts things a little.



This & That

It is 20 degrees, wind at 3mph, and snow until 6 pm.  It is the 10th and the scenery hasn’t changed.  I was going to take the yardstick out to measure but guess not.

Ain’t No Sunshine still the same! Hey  a song title.

Sometime today I must wade out and get the mail but I’ll wait until later and get both days.

On the 8th Cindy drove me to the Ear doctor and I had Impressions for the new hearing aids made so hopefully in a couple of weeks if you say something to me I won’t answer HUH!

Yesterday I worked on this.

This Is a 300 piece puzzle that I had started then did this.

I got this much together then used the mat to save it for later

Love this because I can work on it today or in a couple of days.

I still have this much to go.


I did put some Valentine’s day things up.

I did manage a decoration –the flag.

In the front window this

I doubt anyone will see it because of driving but I tried.

Well Cindy is working again today, David is resting, the cats have been fed, the birds are next but their are not awake yet.  That will leave only Libby and Brandy ( they are still in bed),

There isn’t a lot left to say except the snow is still coming down.   I guess I’m out of here for now.  Take care!!!




Yep Canning!

It has been a day.  i started out shoveling the back walk after feeding the zoo this morning ( minus Brandy as usual).  She chooses to eat later in the day.

At the garage I pulled what I needed to can with today.

I decided to make Pammie’s chili.

I pulled the cans out, started the jars washing, then read the recipe.

Image my surprise when it said to cook for 4 hours.  Oh well I had started  opening the cans so i was committed. I used that time to get the kitchen set up with the canning equipment,  The results were 9 pints of chili.

To add to that with everything set up I did 7 cups of Dark Cherry jam.

Now I have to get busy and write the labels for them  ( Might wait until tomorrow.)

I did however did put that jig saw puzzle away and folded up the mat to use another time yesterday. When I’m out tomorrow I’ll find one with less pieces.

Well the Visa bill for December came in today and it was as bad as I thought it might be but I’ll pay it off and get it over with.  I had fun with giving the Christmas gifts anyway.

Well my friend it is 8:02 pm and I’m running out of energy so I think it is good night!


Where To Start!

These will be mostly pictures so bare with me!

Yesterday I tried  to work on a 1000 piece puzzle my grand daughter jasmine gave me for Christmas

Separated by color

Place edges on mat

After much sorting and trying to put the edges together I finally folded up the mat, placed it in it’s bag, And hung it on a hanger in the closet.  I think i’ll work on one smaller first.


When I opened the bag I knew I was in trouble!

]This morning I started here.

Instead I stripped my bed and prepared to wash sheets.




]Next  I watered the plants on the dresser.

It is starting to look like a garden



] then moved to the bathroom

I pulled the bath mats and washed them first.

The large one is spread across the clothes hamper and the small one is on the back of a kitchen chair.  (Can’t hang them outside with all the snow.)

I then fed the zoo except for Brandy and took more pictures.

Cindy had shoveled this are last night after work .

I plan on working on it some more this afternoon.

Moving to the kitchen I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  I warmed my coffee from last night and made a new pot for this morning.

THe flowers will have to be replaced soon.

While there I made me some breakfast.

Good old instant oatmeal. This was the apple/brown sugar flavor.

Back in the bedroom I pulled the bottles of Brandy’s pills to order them from the Vet to be picked up on Thursday when I go back to the hearing doctor seeing they are both in Lake Orion.

It is 16 degrees, wind at 10 mph, and no snow until 8 pm this evening according to the forecast.  There is sunshine right now so I may shovel a little after I  pull this whole thing back together again.

Have a great week !











Not Still Falling!

Snow is still coming down measuring 3 inches on the ground   The temperature is is 30 degrees, wind is 5 mph.  It will continue to snow until 7 pm tonight.

Today looks the same as yesterday.

Monday forecast is for mostly clear until 6 pm.  But I don’t think I will be shoveling at all to today.  It makes no sense with it continuing to come down.  (Besides my arms are telling me a loud no!

I haven’t check the other blogs yet this morning but that is next.  I have entered the information on my calorie counter for supper last night and breakfast this morning.  I have emptied, then refilled the dishwasher, fed the cats, gave Brandy her eye medicine.   I’m staying quiet because the humans are sleeping.

What will I do today  (don’t know yet).  As I said yesterday as I find things I need to cook with I am making a list to shop with.  My attempt at the Honey Mustard Chicken was ok even without the right mustard but David liked it better than me.

So far Cindy works 2 pm to 10 pm today,  but I think it will be TV dinners for David and me.  I don’t feel like being creative in the kitchen today.

Well that is it this morning –Have a safe warm day.

The Only Spring Around Here Is Supporting My Truck!

Ok I guess all my work was in vain!

Been snowing most of the day–very small, fine flakes.

Well I worked on the crock pot recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken from Pammie’s blog today. I did have to revise a bit because I didn’t has the brown mustard  (had to use regular) so it isn’t exactly true to form.  But it doesn’t taste bad at all and I will have to use brown rice instead of white to put it over.  As I go through these recipes I have a list of what I don’t have so I can pick it up the next time I’m at the store.  I chose green beans, raspberry muffin mix, and sliced peaches to go with the chicken.

Yesterday I went for a hearing test.  What a laughing time that was.  I can hear voices but I cannot understand what is being said.  When I go to a regular doctor Cindy goes with me so I can understand what is being said.   In the grocery store she shouts at me and people around us think she is being angry with me.  But it has been a long time since I had hearing aids for both ears so the results of the test were no surprise to me at all.  Cindy says I will be much happier when I get this problem corrected.  (I keep thinking it won’t be cheap but it will be worth it.)  The hearing doctor is checking my records from before to try to determine what  procedure is needed. I’ll see him next week again.

I spent this morning sorting out my recipes, typing old hand written ones, and trying to  file them under some semblance of order.  I finally gave up,  put them in the book, and said another day!

Two days ago I was working on assembling the manual for the sewing machine.  (I printed from the computer).  I finally got it down to 15 double sided sheets.  Now I have not sat down to read it yet but I will.

Well Cindy is working a double, David just took a pill then layed down to rest, and Brandy finally eat her first meal of the day so she crawled in on the bed.  I have the chicken dish on keep warm and am debating joining Brandy.   Looking outside all  I feel is what a dismal sight this is!  So I think I’ll sign off for today, wish a happy weekend, and urge you to say warm and be safe.


A Lot Of Reading To Do

All I wanted to do was work on my Lucy’s dresses.  When I pulled the instructions for this..

All there was to instruct me was 1 sheet to tell me how to plug it in to the machine and the outlet.

What kind of S*** is this?  What to do!  Why get on the computer and request the  manual.  Yeah just 58 sheets (counting what is not in english).

I will soon be 83 years old and I’m going to learn how to sew with this machine.

So I put the material for the dresses back in the bedroom.  I’ll put this away for now.

I mean why would I need the thread if I don’t know how to put it on the machine

Right now I’m taking a deep breath and thinking why did I give my old Kenmore away.  Why because I have a brand new Singer to use now!   What makes me think I have the ability to learn so much when I should really pick up my novel and read a few more chapters.  No man I have to keep pushing my envelope instead of taking the easy way out.

I just looked outside and it is starting to snow lightly again.  It better not cover my nice shoveled walkways.

Right now I have to put all the stuff on the kitchen table away except the manual  to start reading it after I feed Brandy.

Oh such is life when you can’t sit and do nothing.

Stay warm, keep smiling, and even laugh out loud because it makes you breathe deeper.