Good Morning.

Well the zoo except for Brandy has been fed.  I wandered through my usual haunts to see if there was anything new.  Played a few games on the solitaire site then decided to visit you instead.

Well yesterday I dragged out the old Kenmore.

Tights, a housecoat, and some blue jeans needed attention.

Now the tights and the housecoat were a walk in the park.  The challenge came when I went after the jeans.  I had to cut out a shredded spot on the leg of one pair and sew on a new patch.  After lots of twisting and turning I managed to affix a new patch.  I won’t go into how many rethreads it took but finally it was done.  Now it ain’t pretty but it does add another pair of pants to the closet. ( I used to do this all the time for Cindy before.)

I have set the Grimms volume aside and pick up this.

From the Lisbeth Salander Series.

I  bought Stieg Larsson’s original Millennium Series along with his biography ( which is in my storage unit) But he passed away after these novels.  Then David Lagercrantz using notes left by Larsson continued the series.  I’m on page 257 and can’t wait to pick it back up today.

The bagel with cream cheese.

I have passed up buying these for several months now every time I went into Kroger’s.  I kept telling myself I don’t need them but I really want them.  Cindy kept saying if it is something you want get it.  So yesterday I reached in, grabbed them both off the shelf, came home, and indulged.  Not what I would eat everyday but a refreshing change.  Now I wonder what else I want that I’m passing up and why(?).

So now it is almost time to change the decorations for next month but what to do.  There are no holidays, no special occasions besides birthdays, and I’m blank about what to do. Got any suggestion?

Well I have to get dressed and go outside for a while.  The mail needs to be picked up.

I also have to transfer my laundry so I’ll close for now.


Shorn Girls

In the old days when Jay got his hair cut then Brandy got hers done too.  So I thought that i would follow through on that idea.

This is my pretty girl

This is me not near as pretty but still brave enough to show my looks.

This morning is get the nails done.  I’m having trouble keeping them from cracking and peeling.  I know it is my diet and that I should buy something to make them stronger but every time I add something to my diet my stomach acts up.  Ain’t getting old wonderful.

Well I have just enough time to feed the zoo and then I have to go so I’m out of here.


When white doesn’t work anymore.

Ever since the bathroom was redone a white shower curtain has hung in there.

But not any more.   Roughly $5.00 has breathed new life into the room.  Why didn’t I do it sooner?

Outside the Firebush has started to change

The red is coming through.

Also the Butterfly bush is starting to bloom.

There should be three different colors before it is done.

Well I have worked on finished  one of the Fill It In books and a few more stories in the Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales  I’m over halfway now and I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

My AARP newspaper arrived today and I had to take time to look through Cindy’s Woman’s Day magazine.  Really do have several sources of information around here when you add the internet to it,

Well I have to transfer a tub of laundry and start a second one.  I didn’t get at it earlier because I went and had my haircut.  I told her I wanted it the same on both sides of my head minus the part.

Well I’m out of here for tonight.  Have a great day tomorrow.

Outside Working

I took my hedge trimmers and went to work on the weeds behind the raised bed on the right side of the front yard under the window.

This was a tangled mess that needed to be cut from behind the bed.

After carefully stepping into the beds I cleaned most of it out.  That won’t be the end of it because I cant  get the roots.

It does look better now.

The wrought iron plant stand came today so I put that to use.

It now holds the sun dial.

I has one like this but as I was getting ready to move someone took it without asking and I was disappointed.  Now while visiting Wes I saw this one and asked if he wanted it.  He let me have it but then I had to figure out how to display it.   The plant stand was just the thing so now it sits in the front yard.

Les and Anne gave me this as a gift.

It is Bamboo and has decided to grow

I’m not sure if I should leave it alone or cut it off.

When you don’t squat about house plants you are at a disadvantage.

Well I have to go fix a bite of supper for Brandy and me so I’ll close for now.




Just Lolly Gagging

I should be feeding the zoo right now but instead I walked outside with my trusty camera.

Across the street was a bush.

I managed to catch at least one or two flowers.

I went out yesterday but my camera needed charging So I almost lost the flowers


The Bleeding Hearts in the front garden are coming along.

We only lost one to Libby’s tromp through the garden.

It is amazing what a little rain can do for flowers that were dying in the pot.

Looking good now.

Well Cindy is back home from her duties and I have done nothing.  So I guess I’d better get on the stick here.

I’m going to a jewelry party with her this afternoon.  I who have years of gathering jewelry that now lays in a box under my bed.  But hey I can look can’t I?

Well got to go!


The Magic Of Sunshine

We all look for a little magic in our lives but the following shows it best.

Molly was the first to find it this morning.

Cats seem to know how great it feels when warmth through a window hits them.

Cali laid in the front window grooming herself

Cali is a little older than Molly and is the senior advisor when it comes to who sits where or what is an acceptable distance between them.

Lilly is the youngest, the most curious, and the most adventuresome.

Any open door is an invitation to scramble through to see what is on the other side.  I have twice caught her by the tail and dragged her back inside.  But let the sunshine hit her and it is sleepy time for her.

I was the same way when we traveled.  If I wasn’t driving I was nodding off.  I guess the magic works on me too.

Well the zoo is fed and it is for me to get dressed, go outside, and catch a few rays on the swing. I’ll  read a little, rock a little, but I won’t go to sleep because the swing seat is too short for me to fit in.

Have a get day and catch some magic too.

Doing Better

Finding something to read

Starting on page 157 reaching page 221.

I closed it up for now but I’ll pick it back up again today.  When this book is finished I have another with the same setup to start on.

I have been up and down since 3:30 this morning.  I have washed my bedding, made coffee. and cleaned cat boxes.  I have spent time out on the swing reading, made my bed, and fed the zoo.  Cindy went to work at around 5:30 this morning and should be back in soon.

I made a sign for the front gate and attached that this morning.  Hopefully people will come to the side entry now.

I spent time last night with Les on remote and we have the printer working again.  Thank you son.

Well i received another Fill It In book today making me about 3 or 4 behind now.  I have got to work on catching them up before I’m swamped with them.

I finally got my newspaper charm in the mail today but it came with a bracelet  so I have to figure out if I’m going to set up two of them.

Well the inside flowers are holding up well.

I can’t pass up carnations when I’m shopping because they last so long.

Well I think I’m beating the cold and am about ready to get out of the house for a while.  I’ll try maybe tomorrow.


What Cold

Good Afternoon.

Well the red, white, and blue Butterfly bush has started to bloom.

The first color to show up is the blue with more blooms to come.

On the back fence the blooms have started there.

The flowers just add to the overall brightness of the yard.


The new addition to the yard is this

The beginning of what will be the patio.

Since Libby has this habit of digging it was decided that the bricks would curtail some of the problem.  Eventually it will run from the back of the house, to the sidewalk, and then to the other side of the swing.

Well I finally got ( Cindy and David’s cold).  But I started treating right away and i hope to beat early.

I got out today and dead headed the flowers in the front raised garden so more blooms will develope.

My printer is pissed at me and doesn’t want to work right now so Les will call me tonight and try a remote fix on it.

I’m over half way through Gaiman’s  Norse Mythology. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but I find it interesting. I don’t know what I’ll read next but I have a couple of volumes with multiple stories in them so I’m not out of reading materials yet.

I haven’t left the house in a few days and have no desire to go anywhere now.


Pain Is No Excuse.

Well I’m back after a painful bout of back and tummy aches.  But I’m better now and it is time to get rid of a few more 4th pictures.

The dining room window with lighted stars

the living room window

In the arch way this was Lilly’s object of attention.

On the other side of the arch way

Part of these things will be taken down but some will remain through July.

The Butterfly bush in the front yard is showing signs of the flowers that will grace it soon. They will be red, white and blue.  A little late for the 4th but I’ll enjoy them anyway.

We had rain last night and it was welcomed with open arms.  The grass and the plants were really in need to the attention.

Well I finished the Dean Koontz novel yesterday.  I spent a few days wrapped up in Jane Hawks and her quest and am here to say read it.  The Silent Corner is a real adventure in what could be.  The book also has 7 chapters of her new adventure The Whispering Room. to be released later.  I know I’m going to buy it when it is available.

So now it is back to Neil Gaiman’s novel Norse Mythology.  I had started this when I needed something to take with me to an appointment (it being small and it fit in my purse). So I will pick it up on page 29 and work on finishing it up.  I also have a small backlog of Fill It In  books to catch up on.  So I will not lack for something to do.

Well the household is still asleep so I don’t have to feed the zoo yet.  There are a few clothes in the dryer to fold so that will be the next project.

Well my  clock from Michigan Bell just bonged saying it is 9 am.  My sister-in-law Peggy used to say ’29 long years ‘every time it bonged.  I still hear her voice every time even though she lives in Florida now.

Cindy just got up and took Libby outside.

Well enough for now but I will be back!




Another Special Day

45 years ago today I met my one and only daughter.  I didn’t plan on having any girls but I more than happy now I did.  As I age she has taken over many of my moments of weakness.  She welcomed me into her home when I sold mine.  She attends many of my medical appointments to make sure I can understand things said to me that I can’t quite get due to poor hearing.

Her 7th grade graduation

When I was by her side.

Still there with me now.

As you can see I forget my camera more than I use it.  But you get the idea.

Anyway Happy ‘brithday’ daughter of mine and many, many more!