Did It Again

20 cups of Dutch Apple Pie Jam. to fill a spot on the shelf

You are looking at 7 large apples sitting here.  I did get the pans and equipment cleaned up and put away but I still have the labeling to do.

The pictures I tried to put up yesterday I’m trying again.

This is our countdown reminder that hangs on the kitchen wall.

In the doorway this furry thing hangs

It is on the doorway between the kitchen and the laundry room.

I am feeling better but having trouble keeping track of my calories.  Doctor wants me to consume 1490 a day so I don’t lose any weight.  It is a pain in the butt when you don’t feel like eating.  I have  kinda lost the ambition to do anything, go anywhere, or even think about the things I should be doing.

Well Cindy is back at work tonight, David isn’t feeling so hot, and my zoo  is resting all over the place.  I think I will either read or work in my Fill It In book after I label my jam.   Then it is off to the bed for a little shut eye knowing full well I’ll be awake a couple of times before morning.  Good Night all!

Wednesday, Windy

Today was David’s birthday so we (Cindy, David, and I) went to Ihop for breakfast.  The rest of today has been spent feeding the zoo and reading out on the swing.  It has been on the chilly side but a light jacket helps that.

I’m feeling better today but I can’t seem to get my pictures to come up.  I guess each day brings a different problem and rolling with the punches is the only solution.

I don’t have a whole lot to talk about–you have seen most of the decorations.  I debated returning my sweats but found another solution to the waist band and the rest of the items are a fit even after they shrink.

The leaves are falling now but the colors on the trees around here are nothing exciting.  I’m going to have to go for a ride to find color.

I found Brandy’s problem about not eating.  It seems  that Libby’s food tastes good too and she has been getting in her bowl also.

Well I think a nap is in order so I’ll see if Brandy will join me.

Have a great rest of the week.











Got To Feel Better Soon.

It stopped raining but the wind is bouncing the trees around strongly.  I went to Kroger’s today for more sugar, some blueberries, two more cases of jelly jars, more pectin. and a few frozen 2 serving dinners.   I had planned on scalloped potatoes and ham for supper but the ham is frozen solid so I guess P. Chang is next on my list.

Today I canned 12 1/2 cups of Bluebarb jam and and 8 cups of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam.  That pretty well uses up my 10 lbs. of rhubarb and the rest of my Strawberries.  My jam shelf seems to be lacking Dutch Apple Pie jam so I’ll have to make some more of that.

Right now my tummy is raising heck with me.  I tried laying down but that didn’t help. But I’m not the only one because Brandy isn’t eating normally either.

Outside now.

I managed to put something in the widows of the spare room.

Just not up to conversing today so I’l  say goodbye for now.


From What Am I Doing To I Know What I’m Doing

It is morning Cindy has gone to put in a long weekend of work, I have fed the cats, emptied the dishwasher, made coffee, and almost swam to the garage to get jelly jars.  Yep it is raining again and will be all day.  ( I’ll play weather man now.)   The temp. is 58, the wind 4 mph, and you can get pretty wet going to the garage and back.  (But you already know what my mom says about rain.)

I thought I would show you my Trick or Treat monstrosity.

Nothing like the picture which shows my creativity.

It also shows I have slipped to a minus 7 in crochet work.  But enough of creating things I’m going to do something today that I know how to do can jam.

But first a few more decorations.

Under the light on the back porch

Also out there.

There will be a larger one added that will sit on a caldron

That one isn’t in place yet.

Inside  This on the file cabinet.

Another tree with small figures.

Yesterday Cindy and I went to Walmarts  for sweat pants to replace my lighter pants for the cold weather.  I have gone from a 2xl down to a large so I needed something smaller to keep them up on my hips.  I now have 6 pairs of assorted colors to hang in my closet when I can find room.

Still working on See What I Have Done but It was only part time because of the wreath.

Well it is almost 10 am I have jars to wash, lids to sort, rings to set out, my canning equipment to set up, and my berries to start thawing.  Yep it is Red Raspberries today.  At least I know how to do this.

Have a great weekend and do something nice for yourself.


34 & 1/4 th cups of Red Raspberry jam complete.  Now I still have a cooking pot to scrub out, equipment to pack away, and labels to make but hey it is still a good days work.

I’m going to check on my strawberries to see if I have to buy more to finish off my rhubarb for Strawberry Rhubarb jam.

That’s it for now.


Rainy Days And (Mondays No) Wednesdays Always Get Me Down.

About 11 am with rain until after 6 pm, winds of 12 miles per hour, and 54 degrees right now.  What a lovely way to start the day.  My first thought was to crawl back in bed.  But Cindy got up so with a cup of coffee in hand we played one game of rummy.  I won after at least five games of losing to her.  In between hands I managed to feed the zoo

I found not one roll of paper towels  the house so it meant get dressed and go to the garage.  I also looked out the front window to see the top had blown open on the garbage cart so I had to go close that before the truck came by to empty it.  Did I get wet?  A little but as my mom used to say I’m not sugar or spice so I won’t melt.  She also added Shit floats to put me in my place.

I took this the other day of the living room window when it wasn’t raining

This was the dining room window with lighted items in it.

Inside was more things to see.

The bookcases always get garland.

But I have yet to put spider webbing over the pictures on the living room wall.

I’m still struggling with my Trick or Treat wreath.

everything is in this box and I’m about to pitch it out in the rain.

I just finished Portnoy’s Complaint  and all I can say is I read it.

My next selection will be Sarah Schmidt’s See What I Have Done  based On the Lizzie Borden story.

I have to show you what happens when things get noisy around here.

Our Lily hides behind the computer screen. 

Well the mail lady just came by so I guess I’ll do my duty and go get it.  (Heck I’ve already got wet and still ain’t melted)

Sure hope your day has a little happiness in it.


Still Looking And Clicking.

Out early this morning to pay storage through November, renew Sam’s Club, and get an oil change.  Now I’m at a loss as to make Red Raspberry jam, work on my wreath, or just read.  Cindy has been cleaning cat boxes and vacuuming floors before getting ready for work.   She is much more productive than me this morning.

More decorations to view.

This is in the archway

There are five more lanterns on the ceiling in the livingroom.

This is under the cupboard in the kitchen

Libby is ready for Halloween

A better picture of Libby’s costume.

Change Of pace,

This was the sunset the other night.

It is amazing what nature can share with us .



Another Day

The weather outside today was just grand.  Swing weather so Brandy and I sat out there she rested and I crochet.  I now have all the pumpkins (and their stems) done for my wreath.  The next step is the web (make 2)  There are only only 3 rounds to it so I guess I’ll work on that next.  Then comes the spiders (3). I’ll work on both of them  tomorrow.

I have to show you the bathroom.  When Cindy first worked on it with what we had it was Blah!   So oUt she went Dollar Store shopping and now it great.

Color, shiny stuff and even bells hanging down

She also found this

He plays the Adam Family theme with two farts after each line.

You have got to smile, even laugh out loud when you press his button.  So it is fun to sit and meditate in there now.

I decided to show the wreaths for the outside doors.

First the front door.

Now the back door

Since I dressed Lucy (the goose) it was only fair to dress the dog that share the window with her,

This is my Mummy dog and like a real one he isn’t happy about it.

I thought I would slip the latest vase of flowers in.

Yep couldn’t resist the flower counter.

Well it is time for Brandy’s evening meal and she is going to keep reminding me until I get up and feed her.  I also have figure mt checkbook so I’m out of here for now.









The Beginnig

Well Cindy, David, and I have pretty well decorated the dickens out of the house.  I have over 24 pictures of our work.  I will be putting some up each post starting here.

Mr. Ghost is on Cindy’s bedroom door..

The happy pumpkin is on my door.

The witch is guarding the bathroom door.

Out in the kitchen Cindy added…

..to the tree on the counter.

Also in the inside window

The haunted house is what you see if you look out.

I’m still trying to crochet my pieces for my wreath but it is slow going.

Tomorrow the suction caps will be delivered and I will be be hanging suncatchers in the spare room windows.  Yup more pictures to take.

The plastic figures that I hung on the fence are staying up thank goodness. Well that is about it for today.  Much more is waiting to be seen as the days goes on.

Have a great week end

What’s Doing!

First hanging around our back door for the last few days is this

A Praying Mantis .

David said there was a smaller one out in the yard this morning.  I wonder how long they will be around.

I who can’t pass a bookshelf in a store without looking for more to read.

Decided to list what I had accumulated.

  1. I’m reading Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint  at the moment . ( hilarious in the beginning but not later as the novel evolves )
  2. Dan Brown’s Origins arrived today.
  3. Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties  (over 700 pages so there is no taking that out.)
  4. Sarah Schmidt’s See What I’ve Done ( Lizzie Borden’s story)
  5. Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Stories and Poems ( I have had this one for awhile)
  6. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales  ( been working on this one too).
  7. J.D.  Salinger’s  Catcher In The Rye  ( never read it I guess it is time)
  8. H. P. Lovecraft’s  Complete Fiction  ( another big volume I have had awhile I guess I can stop looking for now.)  Many of these are old but I missed them the first time around and have decided to start broadening my knowledge.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow when Cindy and I start the Halloween decorations.  David is going to the shed for the plastic container ( possible more).

Well everyone but Brandy and I have had breakfast,  the laundry is ready to go in the dryer, I have collected the mail so I guess I’d better get moving on the things needed to be done for the rest of the day.

You have a good one and do something for yourself.



A Suggestion And A Preview

I have just closed the cover on David Lagercrantz’s  The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye.  The Millennium Series started with Stieg Larson who wrote three novels.  Upon his death Lagercrantz took over the series.  I can only say that the whole series has been every bit an adventure into  unusual situations, thoughtful, and intriguing stories.  May I suggest that you read all five novels and you will be hooked as I am on the series.

Today I will go back to working on my Trick or Treat wreath.  Now my working with cotton yarn leaves a bit to be desired but I will continue to  crochet  the pieces .

Tomorrow Cindy and I will start the decorations for Halloween.  I did locate the flag yesterday.

It is now hanging outside off the porch.

The inside window in the kitchen has a new flower.

I love picking out these things for the vase in the window.

Neq beads adorn the tree on the kitchen counter.

So this is just a preview what is to come.

The sun is shining, the wind isn’t bad, so maybe some outside for Brandy and me is called for.  Have a great day.