Yesterday We Worked.

Well a good morning to you.  The temp. is 2 degrees, no snow falling, no wind, sunny, with a high of 17 in the forecast.  Still not balmy but liveable.

Yesterday was a day.  Even with the usual chores to tend to I’m happy to give this report

I started out canning 8 1/2 cups of Strawberry/blackberry jam.  This was followed by 9 cups of Blueberry.   I started on apricot next and while working on that Darlene and Michael came for a visit.  So I had Darlene making labels and put Michael in charge of making Red Raspberry.  (  He said he wanted to help when I canned so I took him up on it.)

So I sat down as Darlene said Michael was working under the watchful eyes of Momma.

There was a minor correction.  He read the portion for the fruit for the amount of sugar needed but I had measured his sugar out so it was easy to correct.  But he learned how easy it was to misread something and that was a good lesson for him.

Michael poured the hot jam into the jars carefully.

But overall he did a very good job resulting in 8 1/2 cups of Red Raspberry jam. Another plus was he work with me to clean up the kitchen and put things back where they belonged.  Darlene mop the floor to make sure all the spills were cleaned up.  So when we were done you couldn’t tell we had done anything in the fitchen.  ( That was a big plus for me because usually I have that to do when the the jam is bottled and processed.

All that is left of the fruit ordered  from Montrose Orchards is this.

Dark Cherries and I will have to buy  something from the store to go with it to make a full batch. 

But this is the jam area at the moment.

Not too shabby if you ask me!

After every thing was in order They took me out to dinner. I had a Gyro Platter with baked potato and a desert of Tapioca pudding.  The waitress talked me into whip cream and cinnamon on top—yummy.  The other half of my platter is in the fridge for later today but I ate all my pudding.

This morning nothing planned.  The zoo has beefed (except for Brandy) So I think I’ll picked up Grisham’s Rooster Bar  and read for a while.  Or I could start putting my jig saw puzzle together–is only 1000 pieces.  If I put it on a piece of cardboard then I can move later to finish it.

Well my thanks to my friends for their valuable help and the great dinner.

Have a great rest of the weekend and wish for warmer weather.




Here We Go!

Well here it is a little after noon.  I woke up at 9 am well rested and raring to go. I spent the morning feeding the zoo and preparing to make jam because Cindy is working all day today.  It is amazing how the mind settles down when you have completed a serious task ( the insurance on the truck) and can now do something altogether different.

A trip to the garage this resulted in this.

Two full shelves of jars washing aas we visit.]

When this is done I will start preparing the strawberries with black berries added to make a full batch. .  Next will come the blueberries, to be followed by two other fruits that I found in the freezer. This was the ideal day with Cindy working to accomplish this task.

The counter and table are set up with what I will need to complete the project so it all hinges on the jars being ready.

The tools of the trade as they say and these are mine today

I started Grisham’s The Rooster Bar last night but It will be set aside until all the jam is made.  It is sitting on the desktop calling me but I’m trying not to hear it.

I haven’t check the weather but the sun is shining, no snow falling and I don’t care how cold it is because I’m not going to be out there.

O K the jars are ready so I’m gone.  Have a great day!!




Well Darn It

Woke Up to this this morning,

There it was and still coming down.

I knew I had an appointment with a new insurance person to sign a policy for Pl & Pd on my truck.   Cindy bless her heart said she would drive me.  The roads were a mess so she took my truck.

After that was accomplished we went on up the road to Kroger’s where I started gathering all I needed to start the jam making process again.  The fruit that was frozen was starting to get frost on it. So it was 25 lbs. of sugar and jar lids to buy.  I have the jars, rings, and pectin so I’m ready.

There was a delay here of about 3/4 of an hour.  Barandy came out to go outside.  Then it was feed her.  I took time to clean the open jam jars in the fridge  with just a little in the bottom and put them in the dishwasher after I had emptied it,  I started a small load of laundry and now I’m finally back.  But this is how I work.

After playing with me briefly Brandy is back on the bed.

So I’m back with you.

A couple of days back I went out and bought this,

It is a small shredder.

It is the beginning of a new year with plenty of paper to discard.

I didn’t want to burn up David’s so I bought new.  I still need plastic sleeves to put items in my loose leaf binders but they can wait until  I’m out again.

Well Cindy is at work and David is nursing a headache so all is quiet right now.  I have things to do but I can’t seem to summon the energy to do them.  Maybe I’ll take a nap too.

I finished Dan Brown’s Origin  last night but I still have The Catcher in the Rye to carry with me when I’m out waiting somewhere.  I think I will start John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar.  ( Gotta keep the reading Up.)

I bought a big bag of Cheetos Puffs at the store (which I don’t need but I do love .)    Orange fingers here I come!

My arm is still acting up but I had other commitments to tend to so checking that out will have to wait.

Please stay warm and safe til next time!






What Is With The Weather?

I have been having a time with my left arm this last week or so.  I finally called for an appointment today.  It was set up for 2 pm but at 1 pm they called to cancel because the building lost power.  They asked me to call tomorrow again.  In the meantime I have to be careful about how I turn my arm.  A wrong move and the pain hits hard.

But I have been busy.  I paid off my truck and am setting up Pl & Pd insurance.  The difference  between  $1100,every 6 months and $797.50 for the same period.  I really didn’t want to get into this rat’s nest but I couldn’t afford full coverage any longer.  Now I know it will all payoff in the long run but my poor old brain isn’t happy with the situation right now.  There are times when I wonder why I bother going on but then I remember I have money I can get into but I don’t want to deplete that.

I still have quite a bit of jam on hand but I have fruit that needs to be canned soon.  I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get busy before everything becomes freezer burned,

Well I’m on page 320 of Dan Brown’s Origin and have trouble getting my chores done because it calls to me to pick it again.  If you haven’t read it pick it up because it is a page turner.

As far as I know both my sons are feeling better but I haven’t heard from either of them.

The temperature is 41 degrees (feels like 37). Extremely foggy with light rain until 6 am. Thursday’s forecast is for low 50s but on Saturday we will be back in the teens.  Then we wonder why people catch colds that won’t let go.

Well that is it for now.  Stay well and warm and we will get through this.


Still Freezing Like Everyone Else

Yesterday Darlene and Michael visited.  They took me out for brunch then we went to Petco to get Brandy some different food.  While we  were there I turned in a coupon for a pound of dog treats so it was a delayed birthday present for her.  She turned 12 years old on the fourth.  That should last her for a while.

Later when Cindy came in from work she, Darlene, and I played Rummy with Darlene being the champ. I came in second and Cindy was on hind tit as my grandma used to say.  Our visitors were up to bring presents for us.

A Mountain Bluebird and a Lady Mountain Bluebird.

I normally get one every year to add to the ones that hang in the archway but this year they gave me two. They must think I was a good girl this year.  I fooled them.  They also gave me a lovely black jacket with silver designs on it.  Now I will wear it to Bunco or something to show it off.  Thank you friends.

Leslie is home but still having a bit of trouble so the blog back ground will remain status  quo right now.

Well tomorrow I will pay off my truck.  This will bring an addition few buck in every month because I won’t have that payment and I can go PL & Pd to save money on insurance.

My Visa bill came in and wasn’t as bad as I thought but of course part of it may on next month also.  I’ll have to wait and see.

Well that is it for now.  Remember to stay warm and healthy.


Gonna Be Good!

Well good afternoon on this sunshiny day.  But don’t let that fool you.  It is 7 degrees and the forecast says it will go to the minus area as the day wears on.  The wind is 16 mph and it doesn’t take long for the forehead to start aching when you are out in it.  First after feeding the zoo I waited until the garbage truck came by and watch the mess from Christmas  finally get dumped.

This cart plus the one we borrowed from the neighbor were filled to overflowing .]

Last week on pickup day the truck couldn’t get to it so until yesterday we had no place to put what we had accumulated this last two weeks.  Then the neighbor across the street let us use her cart also.  For most people this wouldn’t bother but it did me greatly.

It seems I could do nothing right this year so far.  On New Years eve I forgot to hold money in my hand at midnight (a tradition) so I can’t say that this year will be wealthy.  I also didn’t kiss anyone at midnight (in fact I didn’t even say much) another sign that I will be lonesome.  It also seems that my expenses are growing too.

The decorations were put away yesterday .

It took Cindy, David,  and me all day to get everything packed up and in the shed.  At least there won’t be a big to do about decorating for January.

Son Lesley is still in the hospital in Ann Arbor with a herniated disc.  They are trying an injection first but if that doesn’t work it will mean surgery.  He is in a lot of pain but there is nothing I can do to help.

On the bright side I’m going to work on my jig saw puzzle now that there is room to set it up.

I plan on chicken thighs in Shake n Bake  for our supper tonight with a side vegetable.  I’m going to have to start cooking meals for a while to empty out the freezer a little.   We have things to eat but they must be cooked.

I  have to get into my binders and start typing up the old recipes that are hand written.  I know I still have fruit for jam making to take care of soon.  So it is basically just getting up and doing these things instead of sitting around and worrying about things I can’t fix.

I have a wall full of encouraging words to read every day so I better start reading them.  It is going to turn into a great year if I can just get through this rough spot.

I hope all is going well for you so until next time I’m gone!




You would think after 82 years I would have something profound to say about the coming New Year but I don’t!  I can only say I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018.  We will remember those who have left us with fondness  and care for those still with us.

A special Birthday wish to my oldest Wesley and may he have many more

What I Have To Be Happy With.

First the new flag went up.

The flag with the three owls is back.

This marks the beginning of putting 2017 away.  It was good and bad but basically I’m still on the right side of the grass (even if it is snow covered),

We had an incident with the garbage pick up this week which darn near caused me a heart attack,  The neighbor across the street park in front of the house for a few days (dead battery) which meant the truck couldn’t get in to dump the cart.  Also it was on top of the snow bank so that also caused the truck to leave it behind.  But the cart is back in the yard waiting for the next pick up.  Some time before next Thursday I will slowly knock down that front bank so the cart will be on a lower level.  I know you think I can’t do it but by golly I will!

What I got for Christmas is what every child talks about at this stage of the game and I’m no different.

First David found out what was wrong with my recliner and a hand controller from Amazon corrected it.  Next Lesley figured out why I couldn’t imput pictures and fixed it. Next I bought a new set of inks for my printer–now it works right.  We made cookies (lots of cookies) and they are almost all gone.  But never fear we can make more because Cindy bought two big boxes of mix.  Also

From my grand daughter Jasmine and Chris I got this and a can of homemade cookies.

From Les and Anne

Off my wish list

This will help with my canning (paring & peeling for one thing).  I also have a new sewing machine Anne gave me.  ( You’ve seen that.)  I got a check from my oldest son.  Plus

My loose leaf binders from Cindy and David to organize my projects.

Cindy and David are always taking me places so I don’t have to drive among a lot of  other things to make life a little easier.  Cindy is forever finding little things for me.  So as you can see I really received a lot of useful and continual giving things this year.  Thank thank you everyone.


Two Moods

Well I slept in this morning and the zoo let me know it.  Every creature except the dogs was  starving to death because I didn’t fed on time.  I certainly know who can be ‘top dog’ when they get a scoop in their hand!  But I finally got them taken care of.

I also pushed one more large bag in the top of the garbage cart so now there is only two to go in when it is empty.  ( Well I looked out and most of the carts were chuck full with lids sticking up so I joined the crowd.)

I’m waiting for one load of laundry to finish because I have one more to go in.  Aha done and the last one (small) is started.

Yesterday Cindy took me out in the afternoon and I accomplished everything I needed.  My printer needed ink so I bought a whole set.  I needed to go to the Post Office for supplies to send some things back to Anne.  Got them!  I now have what I need to work on my recipes and get them separated into my new loose leaf binders.

I have to show you something

When I first woke up this morning Bah Humbug!

When I finally started getting my S**t together!

This is called mood swings.  ( Boy look at them craters in that old puss!)  I’m amazed that children don’t run screaming down the street when I smile at them!  But at least you have to say I’m not afraid to show the world reality!!

Well everything that breathes in sleeping except the two birds but they are quiet.

Cindy is working a double.  Brandy just got up so it is outside and then hopefully her breakfast.  Take care everyone!