Another Turn Around The Dome

Well the sunshine has taken  care of that layer of snow that fell during the night.  I sat out in the swing with Brandy and watched at it disappeared. It left a little at a time hanging on where the shadows of the trees,bushes, and buildings lay on the ground. .  My walk around the dome today showed more yellow (mini size) daffodils blooming  down the east side of the extension gardens.   The green shoots showing up is a hint the all my Spring flowers will soon show their colors.

Well the weather man says starting next week we will have 50 and above degrees to look forward to.  Boy I sure hope so this up and down business of rain/snow and sunshine is getting pretty boring.

Another showing tomorrow morning so I have to mop the three rooms, wash down the kitchen appliances, and dust then I’m caught up. I don’t expect anything to come of it but hey it keeps me on my toes and off my butt!

Well tonight it is more scalloped potatoes and ham for supper.  I have Apricot jello with home canned apricots in it for my side dish.

The sky outside is a lovey blue but the sun is playing peek a boo in those fluffy white clouds right now.

Do get outside for a little time if you can.  It is cold out there but it feels good to breathe fresh air.   Take Care!

What Is Up.

Almost all morning and into the afternoon what was falling looked like sleet but it was heavy like it.  I would guess it was a type of snow.  But around 4 pm it decided it was done fooling around and it snowed.  Now it didn’t stick because the temperature was around 40 degrees up until then. Just a few minutes ago it switched back to that very fine snow again.  It is like it doesn’t know what it wants to do.

Well I just put a big bowl of scalloped potatoes on to bake. The ham was frozen from Christmas so I thought I had better cook it up.   I figure about i’ll get about three meals out of it.

Today I vacuumed but I decided to mop another day.  It is not so  bad that a half a day would bring it around to a viewing site it I do get a call.

I think I caught my snotty nose in time because I feel better today.

I’m almost half way through my Richard Hicks novel.  I pick it up read a couple of chapters then move on to something else.

I did get out and fill the outside feeders and the birds seem happy about that.  I was going to wait until tomorrow but when I turned off the tv at noon I could here a pigeon ( or dove)  calling out there.

Well my friend that is it for today.  Take care!

The Mind Works But The Camera Don’t!

I’m back but my camera isn’t.  I tried to import some new pictures but no soap!   So I will have to describe,  Outside right now it has melted, the sun is shining, it is 32 degrees but you can see a lot of grass in the yard.  Now normally I would be delighted but the forecast tonight is a winter warning.  That means snow, rain, or whatever.

As i walked around the dome today I took pictures of some small yellow flowers poking up through the snow.  There is also some hyacinths are in the process of getting ready to bloom.   There are lots of green spouts that promise the Spring flowers but right now it is li limited.

My last few days have been very quiet so I don’t have much to talk about.  I’m trying to stay busy with reading, playing cards on the computer, and doing my Fill It In puzzles.  If I don’t do that I find things to munch on and that is bad.

I have been walking down to the mailbox (roughly 200 feet).  Today  it was 2 trips down.  and back.

As far as I know everyone is still ok some of them on the mend.  I am trying to take a cold I think.  You know sneezing, runny nose, slight headache.  But I’m going to stay warm and I have some cough medicine I can take.

Well that is all the news from here.  I hope all is going well for you.

Day 2

Mother Nature played her April Fool’s joke  one day later.

As you can see this mother is not too happy with it

As you can see this mother is not too happy with it

That is not a dirty camera lens. No it is big snow flakes for about 1/2 an hour and now it has stopped. I’m going to have to get my boots on, go to the basement for a pail of feed to fill the outside pail and grab a couple of seed cakes for the outside feeder because I know this isn’t over yet.

My flash snowfall looked like this when I got up.

But now it is melting.

But now it is melting.

Things are quiet around here because both my furries are sleeping and I haven’t uncovered the bird yet.

The sun just came out.  It is showing through the back door window onto the wood floor. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds.  But this is Michigan for you. This means I can go get some eggs if I want to we will see.

That is it for now.  Enjoy your weekend.

Where Did March Get To?

The first day of April.  I remember as a kid I would spend hours trying to think of something clever enough to say for an April Fools joke.  But now It isn’t important anymore.  So I guess I’ll just show off Brandy’s new haircut.

Shorter but not a summer cut yet.

Shorter but not a summer cut yet.

I spent the time  in the truck  reading while Brandy got beautiful.

Speaking of reading I guess I should confess that is where I have spent most of my time the last few days.

I have finished the April issue of the large print Reader’s Digest magazine.  I pulled out the item about Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things.  Very interesting and worth trying.

I also finished the new Gaiman book that came in yesterday.

Short but very well done as ususal.

Short but very well done as usual. 

I am still working on Robert Hicks novel.


We had some rain this morning but it is dry right now. ( I keep saying we and there is only me the dog, the cat, and the bird So I don’t know where I get this we Sh**.) It is suppose to rain over the next few days according to the forecast,  But as long as the wind doesn’t interfere with electrical service things will be comfy.

Well I have three birthdays and one Wedding Anniversary this month so I bought my cards the other day.  Now I have to do is remember get them filled out and on their way on time.

It seems like some people are feeling better, good I’m glad.

Quiet Easter

Easter Dinner consisted of me, Wes, Debra, and Cindy.  Les and Anne were not feeling well so they stayed home.

Our table

Our table

The pork loin was a bit dry from sitting in the oven keeping warm but not bad tasting.  Cindy brought the deviled eggs (yum).  Debra brought bread and made a delightful Cheese cake for our desert.

When I found out that Les wouldn’t be here I drove into Leo’s in Davison and picked up a large Greek salad.  ( It was large because I have been working on the leftover yesterday and will have the rest today.)

I had cooked both roasts so everyone took home meat, deviled eggs, chocolate eggs, and cheese cake ( sort of like Olive Gardens).

This morning is sunny, 32 degrees, a bit of frost on every thing but it will be a clear day.  After the showing yesterday I’ll wait for some feedback later.  Nothing else going for a couple of days so I will relax.

Hope your Easter was wonderful and that everything went well for you.

I a.lso hope all my under the weather people feel better real soon.

I Confess I’m An Exhibitionist!

I had posted that I wouldn’t do any decorations then I turn around and dig in my boxes for what!  Decorations.  I did limit it to outside at least.

Yea I have to fly my flag ,

Yea I have to fly my flag ,

I also needed to find  my wreath.

I made it myself

I made it myself

I sometimes wonder how much of this stuff I will keep.  But for now I feel I need it.

Last the kitchen door was bare but i fixed that quickly.

My chick was just a fit.

My chick was just a fit.

That was it for decorations.

I just whipped up the chip dip for tomorrow.  Also I managed to open the dining room table and put the leaves in.  But my table cloth looks like it belongs on a table in a bar.  Of course It won’t effect the taste of the food.  Well I’m listening to Bread and trying to sing along.

I guess that it for tonight because every thing will be cooked tomorrow.

Preparing For Easter

The sun is shining, wind is calm, and there seems to be no rain or snow around.  I went out and shipped my second pair of blue jeans back to Amazon because they were too small. While I was out I gassed up the truck.

Last night I made the filling for my candy eggs .

They went into the fridge over night.

They went into the fridge over night.

This afternoon I melted the milk chocolate and started coating them.  They are smaller than usual but we are older and don’t need a whole lot of sugar.

They are ready to devour.

They are ready to devour.

To the left are the coconut filled.. Upper middle is the plan center. to the right are the peanut butter filled ones. Down front are the chocolate filled ones.  I never seem to get a neat one of theses kinds and I may not make them again.

Well the menu for our Easter dinner is as follows.  I have a bone in pork loin rack roast. (actually two of them In case we have more diners than expected).  I will have mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, pork gravy, plus the usual pickles, and olives. Debra is making a cheesecake, and Cindy is bringing the deviled eggs.  I’m not sure what Anne has planned.

I have another showing of the house on Monday so I didn’t decorate.

I think I’ll start working on getting rid of things next week, That is what I don’t pack.

Do have a Happy Easter also stay well or get well.


Snow Where Did That Come From?

Yesterday was quite a day.  I was notified of a showing at 3 pm the night before  so my plans to make Easter eggs was canceled.

Every thing is set out and ready.

Every thing is set out and ready.

I guess the eggs will be made today.  I plan on four different fillings so it will be a little bit of a project.

Back to yesterday.  The usual prep was done and Brandy and I were climbing into the truck when the lookers pulled up early.  We left and found our usual parking place in town.  I settled down with a new novel and Brandy laid on her quilt.  We no more than got settled and the mix of snow and rain started.

After an hour passed we started home.  I had a slight fishtail when I went to turn in the driveway but i had it under control.

Now very large snowflakes were starting to fall.

Now very large snowflakes were starting to fall.

Inside I checked and turned off all the lights on all three levels  By then it was time for the news so I sat and watched that.  Of course it was full of weather warnings from all over the state but thankfully ours was not as serious as some.

We did have snowfall most of the evening but I hadn’t planned to go anywhere so it didn’t matter.

I had finished Depraved Heart  by Patricia Cornwell and enjoyed it as usual.  Next I had picked up the last one of the novels that had been suggested I read by my credit Union people.  This one is The Widow Of the South  by Robert Hicks.  It promises to be an adventure into history.

This is how it looks out side this morning.

This is how it looks out side this morning.

No rain or snow right now  but if I remember correctly there will be more to come.

Well It looks like my cactus in the small bowl has decided to bloom.

There are two there and one more in the large container.

There are two there and one more in the large container.

I am beginning to think that being in the bay window with the blind down is keeping the plants cold and this is causing them to continue to bloom.

Well my friend It is time to grab a bowl of cereal and then start the chocolate eggs.  Have a good day and smile a bit because those facial muscles can turn into wrinkles real quick ( I know),