One Sick Puppy!

It has been a week since I was hit hard with congestion, coughing, raspy throat, a bitch of a headache that didn’t go away, and the urge to crawl under my covers and die.   I kept thinking it will get better but it didn’t.  I kept telling myself I had Christmas Eve dinner to give and that I needed to start planning and buying what I was going to need.  But all this in my head didn’t clear away the fact that I was in trouble.

When I try to drive some where I found myself on the wrong side of the road.  My depth perception was really off and I knew I needed to be off the road except in an emergency.   I had a medical appointment to keep on Wednesday and I made it.  Thursday an appointment in the morning for Brandy but when I got her picked up I headed for my doctor’s office.  No appointment but I was going to wait until he saw me.

I was one of last ones in his office but he at least told me it was a very bad sinus infection.  He said I would not be at peak performance by Christmas Eve but I should be able to pull the whole thing off okay.

Well I’m taking my pills (one every 12 hours) and Robitussin sugar free every 4 hours as needed.  When I bend over I feel like my face is going to hit the floor, my hands will shake sometimes, but at least I’m coughing crud up.

I have taken my long list of things to do and made it into four days.  It is not so scary this way and is really quite doable. So now I have my birds to feed, my bed to make with fresh linens, and a bit of time to rest before I think about mine and Brandy’s supper. This is going to work if I don’t lose my temper and go on a maiming animals spree!!! I just got to remember I love them.

Take care and let me know how your plans are going.

A Wonderful Feeling!

On Sunday Brandy and I went to visit Aunt Trudy.

This is Jay's aunt .

This is Jay’s aunt .

When things were better health wise Jay and I used to go to her house on Christmas Day for dinner.  In her early 80s she is a delight to visit.  This year she sent home some German cookies with me which I will enjoy greatly.  Hopefully we can visit again next year.

This is the flag for the next three weeks.

I love the subject matter.

I love the subject matter.

I know it is because in my heart I have never grown up.  I have spent the last couple of weeks listening to classical Christmas music plus Mannheim Steamroller and find I’m singing  or smiling along.  I’m comfortable, happy, and other than keeping those around me close there is nothing I want.  It is truly a wonderful feeling.


An Outing With The Mommas!

This afternoon Anne and Les came up with Kathy (Anne’s mother) to take the mommas to Bronner’s.  That is a Christmas store with everything you could ever want to decorate your home or give as gifts to friends and family.   As it was a Saturday the crowds were tremendous.  But we did manage to get around side stepping and excusing continually.  Now the rule was each child would follow their own mother keeping track of where they were and in contact with their spouse as to which section each was in.  Now as the mothers we were able to wander all over oohing and ahhing at all the lovely things available.  This was great because we didn’t have to worry about keeping track of the kids after years of having that job.

I learned a long time ago to put what I thought I might buy in my cart as I saw it because I could never go back and find it later. But I didn’t learn that lesson fully because I had to rely on my son to find these things again.

I really had to have them for my kids.

I really had to have them for my kids and one for Kathy.

They are plaster so they can’t hang on the tree but I’m sure they will find a place for them.

My next purchase was a musical snow globe with angel in it for Jay’s Aunt because she has never forgotten us at Christmas.

This was my the last thing I bought (for me).

It is hanging on my front (kitchen) door.

It is hanging on my front (kitchen) door.

So now the wreath I bought to go on the door is now on the kitchen  wall.

I think this is about the extent of purchases for this year.

I think this is about the extent of purchases for this year.

I have to remember that all this stuff will have to go with me when I finally move.

I started the sequin train the other day but it is going very slow.

The sequins are small, I have four forms to put them on.

The sequins are small, I have four forms to put them on.

I really have to get going on it if I want it done for Christmas.

Well I wore my new scarf today that Pammie made me and the kids took the mommas to lunch after the shopping spree.  We sat  talking about holidays past, relatives we seldom see, and the people we have lost.  But it was a good not a sad time and I think it helped both mommas to talk about it.

Well my friend It is back to the choo choo train for a while this evening, a little bit of the idiot box next, then off to that nice warm bed.  Know I’m thinking of my friends in difficulties and hoping for the best . Have a good weekend.



Hey Almost Half Way!

Well I was ready to post this morning with a picture when it seems my camera and my computer are on the outs with one another.  My IT man is going to come up and look at it for me.

So  it is all words today.  An amazing thing happened last night I went to bed at 10:30 and never woke up until 7:30 this morning.  This is unheard of for me.  I would really like a few more nights like that.

Today I made oven fried chicken plus potato salad for my supper.  I actually cooked-I must be sick or something.  Any way it was great—I don’t care if it isn’t summer time.

It was 19 degrees when I got up this morning.  Needless to say Brandy took no time at all doing her business and getting back inside. It did snow last night but it is hiding between the gravel and the grass so you can’t really say it snowed.  The weather report is for temperatures climbing into the upper 40s over the weekend.

I started working on my sequin train this morning but it is going slow.  The sequins are small so it seems I keep finding other things to do and I walk away from the project.  Oh I’ll get it done but it is for me so there is no rush!

Part of the problem is my good friend has a family member in the hospital, plus both Micheal  and Richard are still recuperating so my mind is caught up with that.  I also have one offspring looking for work.  Now I can’t do much about any of them but it doesn’t stop the mind from working.

I hope everything is going better with you and that you are getting your affairs under control. Take care!

Up Again

Another night of waking up (around 2 am) and deciding to finish up some pending stuff.

The things I had been working on.

The things I had been working on.

I finally finished addressing Christmas cards around 3 am and they will go out to the mailbox this morning. I had a lot of people I wanted to recognize because they were there for me this year.

I also needed to get the labels on my Dutch Apple Pie jam so it could go the food room.  I needed to put my canning equipment down there also so the utility room can be cleared.

I found my Onion juice finally at Oliver T’s in Grand Blanc.  I picked that up yesterday.  That means I’m all set to make chip dip again.  I had tried several markets but no one had even heard of the product.   Checking the internet I found that Mccormick had stopped making it in 2005.  But I  found that two companies did have it on the market.  One being Howards and the other was Reeses.  Oliver T’s had Reeses.  That quest was settled.

On Monday I drove out to the Dryden Pioneer Cemetery and placed a vase on my parents grave.  I had to stopped to think about how I now just get in the truck and go where ever I want to.  It has been several years since I’ve had the freedom to do this.

Well it has been a couple of hours since I got up and the old bones are starting to feel the night time chill so it is off to that nice warm bed for a few more hours of shut eye.



More Festive Looks

Just getting my toes dipped into December with 34 degrees outside and no snow yet.  ( Of course that is because the tractor is set up).  Now I’m really not complaining because there are a couple of places I want to drive to that having clear roads is an advantage.  Yesterday I went looking for a specific item for a gift only to find that the three places I expected to find it didn’t have it.  So now I have another quest to follow.

I did however find these.

For the front of the house.

For the front of the house instead of the stars. 

I had to call on Adam, my neighbor, to climb a short ladder to hang this up.  It weighed I bit more than I could handle but he made short work of it.

This one (a little smaller) I hung on the porch by the door.

This one (a little smaller) I hung on the porch by the door.

I found both of these at McDaniel’s Farm Market.  I also saw a centerpiece for my Christmas Eve dinner table and a grave vase for my parents site.  I will pick these up a bit later.

Well I woke up in the middle of the night with some stomach discomfort threatening so I decided to get up,  have a cup of coffee, and some toast with the jam I just canned.  Well that worked fine so I decided to start this project at 3:00 in the morning.

Yep Christmas cards

Yep Christmas cards

I have about 19 written but then I thought that bed looked real good so I gave it a retry. This morning the cards are still waiting for my attention so when I’m done here I’ll start them again.

I need to hand print the labels for my jam also because the program was on Jay’s computer and I can’t get in on it.  Besides I gave all my Avery labels away.  (Sounds like something I did a lot of hah!)

I past this old guy on the way to the mailbox yesterday.

He is one of my tree people.

He is one of my tree people.

I’m debating taking him in for the winter.  The other one I have has lost one eye and it’s nose so it should be thrown away.

Well the  my ink pen is calling me but I want to make a bite of breakfast for Brandy and me first.  Have a good start of the week and let me know what you are up to.




Did It!

A little slow getting started today but some where around noon I had jars washing (dishwasher perking right along.)  I set the kitchen up with the newspaper, the towel (for the hot jars to sit on),  bowls for sugar, the pectin, the spices, and the raisins.  Then I started peeling apples and cutting them up.

15 half pints, 1 quarter pint, and a four oz. juice jar later

15 half pints, 1 quarter pint, and a four oz. juice jar later

The stove worked great.  The new pan was great for cooking the jam.    My canning kettle holds double the amount of jars as my old one did so that cut down on processing time.  Best of all the Dutch Apple Pie jam is yummy.  I love it when things come together.

Now I’m going to start on Christmas cards.

Late Night Catch Up

It is 11:01 pm and I just finished my second ornament today.

I have made two like these recently which I gave to two of mt kids.

I have made two like these recently which I gave to two of mt kids.

These are going out to friends in the area.  I still have a train with two or three cars to do but that will have to wait.  Besides my thumb is split from pushing pins so I need a break.

Today I got my tractor back with the snow blower attachment on it.  So I’m ready if we ever get snow.

I also got my dishwasher repaired so tomorrow It is jam making time.  I just been waiting so I could do my jars correctly.  I went out today and bought two replacement items for things I gave away.

Yep a watering can and a new pan for making jam.

Yep a watering can and a new pan for making jam.

The can is because I replaced my two plants recently.  The pan Is a little bigger than my original one put it is the same make as my old one.  So it is start the jars the jars in the morning and pull out The Dutch Apple Pie jam recipe because I’m ready to go.

I hung my old stars from the cupola out in front today but it looks like some aren’t working.

I guess they will be retired because I don't know how to fix them.

I guess they will be retired because I don’t know how to fix them.

Oh well they had a long life hanging in the upper windows so I don’t feel bad.

Well it is almost 11:30 so it is off to bed for me.  Have a great weekend ahead I’m going to try!

Need A Nap!

The sun is shining , the wind isn’t bad. the temperature is 34 degrees. I went to bed early. early last night ( about 7:45 ) so I woke up at 4:40 am  ready to work.  I put on the coffee and started in on the ornament I had been working on.  I finished that except for two cords to be tied on it.

Brandy and I had Corn Beef Hash with eggs on top this morning.. I also had two slices of raisin toast.

While I was waiting for the ornament to dry I went down to the garage to get Buck, Doe, and the sled.  Yep I had spent yesterday afternoon untangling and  wiring the parts together so I could set them up today.

So here they are.

So here they are.

I heard Buck grumbling about no snow–he is never happy.  I notice Doe was wandering off in another direction I guess she is as tired as I am  hearing him complain.

I did manage to get my snowball lights up in the crap apple tree with no ladder this year.

Excuse the angle I'm more tried than I thought.

Excuse the angle I’m more tired than I thought.

The property tax bill came today but I have until 3-1-15 to get it paid.

I know I should start on that next ornament because it is only 1:30 in the afternoon but it feels like 9:00 at night.  I think I’ll curl up in bed for a couple of hours and then have supper after which I’ll start on the other ornament.  Both have to be mailed soon.

Oh while I was out yesterday I went to Goodwill and picked up some candle holders.  (Yes I gave all of mine away–dumb bunny that I am,)  I also looked for Onion Juice for making my chip dip but no luck so far.  I guess I’ll have to call around to find it.

As you can see my IT man has put my holiday heading up early but I figure if the stores can do it so can I.

Take care !


What To Do!

Well as my grandmother use to say ‘the eagle shit today’ so last night I wrote out all the monthly bills that had come in.  They are sitting on the kitchen table waiting to go down to the mailbox right now.

I just talked to Keene’s and they are going to pickup the tractor around 10 this morning.  So that will be changed over to a snow blower.  There isn’t any snow yet but I want it set up for when we do get it.  Sherman said it is awfully slick on the roads this morning so I have to rethink my trip to Clio for bedding for Tiki’s cage.  If it doesn’t get better I’ll put it off to another day.

I do plan to pull the pile out of the corner in the basement and sort out Buck, Doe, and the sled today.  I need to wire some of the parts together.  I figure the table down there is a good place to work.  I don’t know if I’ll get them set up outside today but I’ll get them ready.

I also want to work on the ornament I have started and possibly start a second one.

I’m still waiting for the dishwasher parts and that doesn’t look like it will happen soon. I may attempt to wash my jars any way and start the Dutch Apple Pie jam tomorrow.  I also need to keep searching for the recipe for Apricot jam made from canned fruit.

I want to pick up salt for the porch and driveway by the truck if the ice doesn’t melt.

So it looks like I have enough to keep me off the street.  I always say I’m to old to be on the streets any way–to many wrinkles.

Stay warm and find a smile or two in your travels today!