What Is To Be Will Be.

Good Morning !  Posting may be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks so I will apologize now.

The lecture on writing memoirs was interesting although it is not what I intend to do it did give me some Ideas on what to write here.  My daughter, Cindy, who attended with me found it introduced ideas that well help with her writing also.

I have just received the results of the inspection on my home.  I was a bit bowled over at first as to what is needed to pass.  But son, Wes, has figured a way to accomplish the results I need  in a day or two.   But I do need someone to help him because my handy man is tied up on another project and can’t be here. This is a project that has to be done ASAP so the FHA inspection can be scheduled.

Am I stressed?  Of course because If it passes I have to locate a smaller house, buy it, and move quickly.  This is a tall order for this 80 year old.  But if it is a go I will be excited to proceed on it.  But right now I wait, thoughts keep my mind going even after I lay down to sleep at night.  What should I do next?  Will I live through this transition  if it comes.  Do I talk to someone about finding the next home?  Do I talk about a mortgage?  Now obviously  I should wait until I know the outcome on the next inspection but will that give me enough time to accomplish all that need to be done?  So you see where my mind is at the moment.

But in my mind a little voice keep repeating what is to be will be.

Hard To Believe!

I remember when this was my daughter.

I remember when this was my daughter.

She has been a delight through all the years.  She has also been one of my best friends as well as my daughter. She is always there when I need her the most.

Now today she is still there.

Now today she is still there.

So I take this time to wish her a most Happy Birthday and many more healthy ones to come.   Love you my baby.

What Did You Break Now Sparky?

That is what I am going to hear from my oldest one shortly.  Oh I deserve it because i did do it.  I decided it was mow the yard day–well at least part of it.  As I neared the end of the job I hit a down spout tube and tore it off.

detached piece.

detached piece.

The chewed up hose.

The chewed up hose.

So I tried to put it back as good as I could in case it rained (and it is supposed to) until Wes can come up and fix it (I hope).



But that ain’t the only thing I wiped out in the last few days.

I had added a rinse agent to the dishwasher the other day.  Now if you do this make sure  the cover is on securely.  It you don’t It comes off in the washing cycle and this is the result.

A little less than 2 inches and plastic  it melts when it hits a heating element.

A little less than 2 inches and plastic it melts when it hits a heating element.

Don’t let this happen because if it isn’t under warranty this baby cost around $26, with shipping.  Yes it is on it’s way but you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t shut that door without double checking that baby.

That is my tale of woe and I’m waiting for the tongue lashing ( which I deserve) to hit.

I did pull my black panty hose out of the garbage cart, cut one end open,  and refilled them with moth balls.  I found in the summer it keeps the fly larvae from developing in the bottom of the cart.

I have finished my mystery magazines for now so I moved on to Stephen King’s Finder’s Keeper’s. I have a couple of more bills to pay as of today and bird cages to clean so I’ll make sure that is done tomorrow.

I’m waiting to hear about the house inspection but not sure when I’ll get the results. Unfortunately I will have the FHA inspection next if this goes through.  Oh well as my momma used to say –what is to be will be!!

Have a good week and enjoy this wonderful summer weather!!

At A Loss

Outside with Brandy on the swing when a Hummingbird hesitated briefly in front of us.  My first thought was I have to go find a cheap feeder and some nectar right now.  So I stood up and started towards the house to get the truck keys.  Then I stopped.  Wait a minute it may not stay around.  I’m waiting to see if my house is going to sell.  I don’t need anymore crap to have to move if it does.  Besides I have a feeder packed away and I should watch my spending in  case I need to buy another home.  So here I sit wanting to feed this bird knowing it isn’t the best idea but this is what I like to do.  I will get over it but not right away.

As I sit here waiting for the 5 pm news I think tell them you finished the August issue of the Ellery Queen magazine and have started the September issue of the other mystery magazine so you can pick up another novel in a few days.  I’m on my last Fill It In puzzle book so you can guess that I’m at a loss for passing the time.

I think tomorrow I’ll pull out the tractor to mow again that will take a few hours.

Well I’m 8 min. away from the news so I’ll say farewell for now.

Just Sitting!

July the one! How quickly time flies when your only thought is to catch it and make it hesitate for just a while longer.  I can remember as a child that in March you thought that June would never come.  You knew you would be stuck in school until your hair was gray and everyone else had grown up and gone. But June did come and you spent the summer happily with your friends.  Not a gray hair showed and every body stay around you for another year.

But with age comes a reverse!  Now it seems days, weeks and years fly by your memories grow a little dimmer, friends disappear leaving you longing for things to be the way they used to be.

But you have accomplished many things during this time.  Even though you can’t recall them all you know in your heart many of them were good.  But enough of this–what of the here and now.

Well I finished Jeffery Deaver’s Solitude Creek. What can I say but bravo it was great.  Right now I am reading one of my two mystery magazines so I don’t fall behind in therm.  I have also finished this month’s Reader’s Digest (large print).

Speaking of memories I had to part with one yesterday.

This was a gift from my oldest son.

This was a gift from my oldest son.

But like all tee shirts that you love and wear often the holes got too big, the hem too ratty and in the end it it went to the round file.  I am going to miss it.

Nothing else is going on right now so everything is the same.  Gasoline is still up, the temperature is down for this time of year, and the Brandy and I are just sitting or napping.


Back In Time

Yesterday Brandy and I took a trip back in time.  We visited the Log Cabin Days Festival in Waterford, Michigan.  We wanted to see my dear friend Pam as she appeared at one of the sites.

With knitting in her lap and a big smile on her face.

With knitting in her lap and a big smile on her face.

With  two more crafts people.

Spinning wool into yarn.

Spinning wool into yarn.

There was also a woman braiding rag rugs and another knitter.

Some other sites were.

One of the many camp site set up there.

One of the many camp sites set up there.

Miniature  steam engine trains were featured here.

Miniature steam engine trains were featured here.

One of the many buildings

One of the many buildings

Unfortunately my legs would not allow a visit to several of them but next year I will have either I cane or a walker so I can enjoy all the exhibits.


I did however find the spot where I gained a few pounds.  It was the Strawberry Shortcake stand.  Made with a biscuit, ice cream, lots of strawberries it was a delight to consume.

All in all it was a delightful trip back in time and hopefully next year I will be better equipped  to spend more time there.

Out & About

Last Monday and Tuesday  were showings of the dome.   On Monday Brandy and I spent our hour away in the MTA parking lot in Otisville.  On Tuesday we chose the lot of Buttercup beach.  This was a bit more interesting watching mom’s herd kids out to swim.  I have had no positive  results on either showing.

Yesterday Brandy and I went by Daisy Mae’s shop in Otisville and picked up fresh flowers.  I chose salmon colored carnations, white carnations, and Baby’s Breath.  Then I had to go across the street for a pair of shears and some plastic bags because I forgot to brimg them with me.  Then it was off to Rochester, Michigan to Christain Memorial cementary to put flowers on Jay’s grave.

Next it was North on Rochester road to the South Dryden Pioneer cemetary where I left the rest of the flowers at the grave of my parents.

Starting back home I thought I might stop at Wendy’s and pick up another Strawberry Fields salad.  I had tried one a few days ago and loved it.  I had also tried the Chicken Pecan salad sandwich  at Arby’s  last week which I liked but the Wendy’s salad has become my favorite.

When I got into Davison, Michigan and saw the traffic The thoughts of stopping for my salad left quickly.  It had been a long drive for Brandy and home seemed like the best place for both of us. Arriving home I refreshed Molly food bowl and fed the inside birds.  Next was a short nap for my traveling companion and I.

A bit of TV, a little supper for me, and doggy treats for Brandy then it was off to bed for both of us (our duties for the day done),

A couple of pictures from yesterday for you.

Yellow flowers on the bush by the kitchen side of the deck.

Yellow flowers on the bush by the kitchen side of the deck.

Blooms on the Catalpa tree in the front yard.

Blooms on the Catalpa tree in the front yard.

Nothing on deck for today except a little trip to the market have a great day.


Dad’s Day

Even if your father is no longer with you, like me, you should still take time to remember all the precious moments he shared with you.  Like how he would never say you should do this but always listened as you explained you problem.  As you did it the solution came to you and you had to love him more because he helped you find your way just by being there. As I have grown older myself I have tried to use this lesson with my own children.

My father Wesley and his sister Doris.

My father Wesley and his sister Doris.

But if you do have your father still with you. hug him really tight.  If he isn’t close call him and let him know how important he is to you.

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s I know!!!

Odds And Ends For June!

20 days into June and all I have are odds and ends. For example on a trip to the grocery store a couple of days ago I learned that the two milk suppliers have quit making 1/2 % milk. No reason given to me just that.

On my way home the ABS fault light came on on my dash.  A call to the dealer resulted in taking it in Friday morning. After a diagnostic was run three items could cause it.  But they would have to fix all three to ‘maybe’ clear it to the tune of $700.  Sorry but I’ ll stare at the light because it doesn’t hurt to drive it. But it would sure hurt my pocketbook to fix it!

I received my July/August large print Reader’s Digest magazine on Thursday in the mail and finished it up today.

I have pills and a salve for my nose and it seems to be working.

Wes and Debra came up today so Wes could work on the basement problem. Debra weed whacked around the bushes and the dome and Wes mowed the front, sides, and some of the back yard while he was here.  After they left it was some time after 5pm I went out and finished mowing the back 40 as I call it.  Yep I bit the bullet and filled all  the gas cans and the truck.  I tried waiting but the price just ain’t going down.

Looks pretty good out there.

Looks pretty good out there.

Now I need a shower to get all the dust and seeds off me before bed.

Also Cindy was up on Friday and I beat her at rummy this time.  We had a bite to eat, shot the S***, and basically just hung out together.

Well the shower is calling so I’m out of here!


Thank Goodness I Read.

Good Morning!  It is overcast but the temperature is warm.  There will be some rain later this afternoon but right now it is dry.

Well for a month now I have been having nose trouble.  No I don’t mean I’m in other peoples business.  Roughly 11 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD.  I have been able to control it with out medication up until now.  This Spring I was was having a slight problem with breathing and I blamed it on allergies.  During the last month I have had a crusting in both my nostrils.  Naturally the first thing to do is to remove it.  I find myself digging into the sides of my nostrils which in turn relieves the crusting but also causes bleeding.  If I don’t remove the crusting it comes together causing pain and difficulty breathing.  Well this morning I decided I have a doctor why don’t I use him.  So I put a call in to see if he can fit me in because his appointment scheduling is now into July. I waited for a call back. I got my call back I will see doctor at 1 pm today  bless his heart.

Well yesterday my last volume (6) of Locke & Key   arrived.  I had read vol. 4 &5  so I picked up 6 and finished it.  So now I only have to get the first two vol. I have loaned out back and I can packed them away for when the time comes to move.

I started this on the 16th.

I'm a 1/3 of the way through it now.

I’m a 1/3 of the way through it now.

As usual It is spellbinding as is expected with a Deaver novel. Reading seems to be my thing to do this last few  months.  In fact the UPS driver commented yesterday that I was keeping him busy just coming out here.  But when you find you don’t go away much, don’t want to crochet or knit, and need to be close in case the real estate person calls this is what you do. I find walking, cleaning house, or yard work becoming increasingly hard and to go somewhere increases the urge to spend money which I don’t want to do.  It is either that or sleep or find something to eat which neither is good for you in excess.

I had to straighten out a mistake with depositing my SS check into my credit union this last week.  The government not my credit union was responsible.  So here is another thing to keep check on from now on.

I am going to visit Pammie at Pioneer Days at the end of the month and I am looking forward to that.  Do have a good rest of the week even if you, like I, see only rain in the forecast.