Doing Better!

What Is Was This Morning

What It Was This Morning

It is now almost 20 degrees.  The sun is shining but it isn’t melting the ice.


I chipped away some but have a lot more to go.

I chipped away some but have a lot more to go.

My stamina is lacking some to do this duty but I’ll keep trying.

Got Jay off this morning.

The van managed to get up the drive this morning.

The van managed to get up the drive. 

This makes it a lot better for me –not having to put the wheelchair in the bed of the pick up.

I decided this morning that I needed the laughing dog to cheer me up.

I let it run a few minutes then turned it off.

I let it run a few minutes then turned it off.

It helped some.

I worked on my Fill It In Book for a few minutes.

It is a lazy woman's crossword puzzle.

It is a lazy woman’s crossword puzzle.

I also read a couple more articles in the Readers’s Digest.  Still have half of this one and all of this months to read.  I decided then to go get a haircut (which I did) and then came home to start Jay’s lunch, then visit you.

Before I left for the haircut I pulled this out of the bedroom.

Yep the hoop for the Christmas Wall hanging.

Yep the hoop for the Christmas Wall hanging.

I know if I don’t set it up I will never get back to it.  So it will share the French Door windows with Jay’s wheelchair.

Our doctor’s visit went well for both of us yesterday.  Of course a bit of (you must do this) to remind us we are not quite following orders but we are still doing better.  Tomorrow it is another doctor for Jay but I look at it this way–I probably wouldn’t go anywhere other then grocery shopping otherwise.

Well my friend it is past 2:30 and I still have clothes to fold and put away but at least I feel better than the other day.  Stay comfy and laugh a little until next time!



No More Words

Nothing but cold, ice, snow, that whispers in your ear go lay down.  You do and 3 hours later you rush to catch up with the duties of the day.  I hate it—I’m sick of it–and it is here for the rest of the week.  Got no more words!

A Milestone!

Yep I made It.

Yep I made It.


This is 79!! A bit rough around the edges but still able to smile. This afternoon Les, wife Anne, and Mom-in-law Kathy came to help me celebrate this day.

Kathy and Anne getting the birthday dinner set out.

Kathy and Anne getting the birthday dinner set out.

A very nice salad, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken, and biscuits.  We had chocolate cake for dessert.

I caught a picture of Les in the car just before they left.

He was busy working on Jay's computer when I was taking pictures.

He was busy working on Jay’s computer when I was taking pictures.

I did have to get a picture of Brandy after I gave her a bath.

Doggy Depot was busy so it was into the laundry tub.

Doggy Depot was busy so it was into the laundry tub.


These were my  presents

These were my presents

From Les and Anne my new king size blanket for the bed and Patricia Cornwell’s  Dust.  Kathy gave me a new grocery list for the fridge and a copy of Words Of Wisdom by Rachel Snyder. One page is devoted to each word so it promises to be an interesting read.

Phone calls from family and friends completed my day so it was a Happy Birthday!



Do What You Gotta Do!

Not much to say except it went from 38 degrees down to 30 degrees in less then an hour this morning.  The wind is mean and the driveway is a solid sheet of ice.  So it was lift the wheelchair into the bed of the truck, pull the truck around to the base of the ramp, get Jay into the front seat.  He almost slipped off the edge of the seat when he step on the ice but I saved him.  Then it was down to the corner to the church parking lot where I transferred him to the wheelchair and with the driver’s help we got him into the van.  The wind is still gusting and I don’t look forward to transferring him back home around 4 pm this afternoon. But we do what we gotta do.

I don’t expect to see Les and family tomorrow with this mess up here but there will be another day and their safety is more important than my birthday.

Please be careful if you do have to go out–I can’t afford to lose my readers!!!!!!

Happy Face Time!

Well I buried the tractor at the foot of the drveway yesterday morning.  I tried to push too much snow into the blower.  So when the van came to pick up Jay she couldn’t get in.  I ended up driving him to Davison to DaVita.  On the way home I stopped for gas and asked Linda for help.  She said her husband would met me at home when I got there.  I got home to find a strange truck in my driveway and a man ready to do what he could.  Linda’s husband showed up a little later.  Between the two of them they unstuck the tractor and Linda’s husband moved the snow at the foot of the driveway.  The price was two jars of jam–bless their hearts.

This morning it is temperature on the rise and something I haven’t seen in a while.

Yes that is dirt!

Yes that is dirt!

At the foot of the ramp and over where the truck was parked there was actually dirt, ice, and even a little slush.  Not pretty to the eye but a sign of hope to the mind.  Could we possibly get a path cleared for the wheelchair yet?

I think we will take a ride up past Vassar, Mi. to Norm’s market and get some nice bacon to bring home today.  The roads are clear and Brandy hasn’t been for a ride in a long time.

I haven’t selected my next read yet.  In fact I have one and a half issues of Reader’s Digest Large print to catch up on.

My ultra sound was good, blood tests satisfactory, other than a few old age aches and pains my blood pressure this morning was 123/66.  I may make it past my 79th birthday.

I’m looking forward to Les, Anne, and Anne’s mom Kathy coming up on Saturday bringing KFC and a special cake (Anne said) for dinner.

Have a great time as you slid into the weekend and keep a happy face showing for all you meet!


Two Things Done!

Bright sunshine and snow right up to the doorstep.  18 degrees on the big thermometer outside and it is going to be another snow blowing day for me.

Yesterday I finished Spirit’s cover.

That is done.

That is done.

I have an old blanket underneath it when I cover her to try and keep her from chewing hole in this one.

I finished Cindy Laferle’s Writing Home this morning and enjoyed the ease of reading essays and columns over trying to pick a story line back up after an interruption.  The comment that it is homy stuff is correct but it is also a lesson in that plus a career and interaction with other people.

Jay has an appointment with Dr. Ohm this afternoon and then other than dialysis he has nothing for the rest of the week.  This ia a refreshing thought for a change.

Well take care, stay warm, and think happy thoughts

Things To Do!

Good Morning.  It is Sunday February 16, 2014 at 10 degrees with a fine snow falling straight down which would indiciate no wind this morning.   This also indicates that when it lets up I will pull on my heavy pants, my big clod hopper boots, my red parka, and Jay’s lovely fur lined hat so I can go out and clear the driveway.  They delivered the wheel chair Friday and he practiced a little inside but today he has to naviate the snow .  He will be using the chair to get to DaVita via the Your Ride Van.  A new learning experience for him.

Yesterday he gave me my Birthday present seven days early.

Yep it is that big!

Yep it is that big!

Between that and the Valentines Day present I’m sure he is trying to fatten me up more for some unknown reason.  But it is true he knows his wife’s vices.  Right now the box is outside in a cardboard box staying cold until  I can figure out where to keep it.

Well after looking at Spirit’s cage cover with a multitude of holes chewed in it I decided it was time to pull out the old Kenmore machine, some tigger  material left over from making clown costumes, and my big thread box.

The blue is original--the green is new.

The blue is original–the green is new.

I had no pattern in the first place–I mean it is a square box actually.   I cut out the tattered cloth and started adding the new.  I kept placing the piece over the cage and pinning where I needed and then would stitch that.  Now I am down to sewing the two seams that will finish the front of the insert.  I have to leave one side open partially in order to get into the front of the cage for day time light and feeding.  So I will try to finish this up today hopefully.

I will finish reading Writing Home and write a short review for Amazon on it and then finish off the Sunday chores.  I think I’ll set up my hoop for working on the lap robe again or maybe a little crocheting is in order.

Here is hoping that the coming week will find us all a little more comfortable.

Here Is My Heart!

Happy Valentines Day to you.

Happy Valentines Day to you.

Yes it is a day of love and caring to celebrate any way you choose.  For me it will be like many other days I spend waiting to fix lunch for Jay when he comes home from dialysis.

I have spent the last two days getting the correct  wheelchair for when Jay goes to dialysis and just received a call from the equipment company that it will be delivered this afternoon.  One thing accomplished.

Yesterday I got results on my Tuesday blood test.  It was very good.  I had a ultra sound this morning.  It seems my doctor thinks I’m a submarine!  Come to think of it I kind of look like one!!!! I should get those results next week.

Jay said his Valentine card should read from one nut to another.  When I opened the package this morning this is what I found.

A special favorite of mine

A special favorite of mine

Thank you Honey!

My card to him was this

It accompanied some thing sweet but forbidden.

It accompanied some thing sweet but forbidden.

Inside it read no wonder we are so good together.  So true my friend!

Good results on the income tax appointment yesterday–don’t owe–get nothing back!

Gasoline spiked the other day but is down to $3.30 a gallon this morning. The weather person forcasts temperatures in the thirties next week.  Sure hope so– I know everyone around here is looking for it.

Keep warm, smell the flowers if you get them, and eat the chocolates in moderation.



Feeling better Jay decided to make Swedish Meatballs for dinner yesterday.   After getting all his ingredients together, he worked on the meatballs.

These went in the oven while he made the sauce.

These went in the oven while he made the sauce (gravy).

It took some time to get this far but he worked deligently on it.

 Ready to eat.

Ready to eat.

We had egg noodles and french bread to go with it.  The meatballs were very tasty and all we lacked was a vegetable.

For dessert I made this.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Starting with a mix it was very easy to do.  It was also yummy.  So the tummies were full last night and we still have some left.

This morning falling snow brought a session with the snow blower at 8:30 to clear the driveway for Your Ride but now the sun is shining brightly.

Brandy and Molly have found their spot.

Brandy and Molly have found their spot.

It is 22 degrees with just a slight wind which is an improvemet for us.

Tomorrow is a doctor’s appointment for me for a change, then Jay in the afternoon.  Wednesday I hope to pick up Cindy Laferle’s Writing Home again.  Her blog is in my sidebar and it prompted me to buy the book.

Well it is around 2:00 my inside birds need feeding and it will be time soon to start Jay’s lunch.  The dialysis session always brings on the hungries!

Take care, stay warm or cool depending on where you are, and please remember to laugh a little!



Helping Albert ( Jay)

This chair is one of six.

This chair is one of six.

It is a dining room chair.  It does not match my table. Those original chairs have long since bit the dust.  As you can see this chair is made of wood and metal.  Very sturdy for daily use (sitting on that is).  But it is also my second set of arms.  Example–Jay has fallen twice in the last 24 hours doing things like leaning forward without support.  For me to pick him up is impossible because roughly 185 pounds is more then I can handle.  However by using the chair to hang onto he is able to lean on the seat and get one foot under himself.  I can then lift his butt so he can move the other foot into place.  I can then place something of the same height under his butt so he can slide into an upright position.   As long as he can keep those legs strong enough there will be no 911 calls to be made.  ( Yes I was xrayed Tuesday to check my shoulders and all is well)


The snow seems to have let up today, the sun is shining, and the wind is not bad.  All in all it looks like a fairly nice day even if it was around 4 degrees this morning.  ( Did you ever have one of those days when it seems like your fingers are just a fraction too short and you hit an R key for an E?  That is me today.)  Well I have to go pick up eggs, milk, bread, and grapes at Denny’s this morning so I’ll say bye for now.