Sort & Fold

I had planned to spend yesterday breaking down the cardboard boxes I have been collecting in case I ever move. Today I was going to sort out all the paint cans in the basement so I could take the oil base ones to the hazard collection place tomorrow. But as is the way my plans go yesterday’s project got pushed aside.

But today I accomplished both tasks and I’m now resting for a bit.  Now the boxes that were too small for anything I ripped apart and have them ready to go to the burn barrel.  Everything else is either behind the table or laying flat on the table so there is no clutter at the foot of the stairs.  As I worked I kept thinking Thank you David for the folding utility knife you gave me a few years ago.  It certainly made the job go easier.

I also finished decorating one of the ornament and when I finish the other one I’ll take a picture.

Now it is feed Spirit time and my shoulders are saying a Tylenol please!

The wind Is blowing the yellow plastic chair all over the deck and trying to rip the flag on the porch down.  The sky was filled with a lot of  dark clouds this morning but it is just gray out there right now.

Take care

A Quick One!

50 degrees outside and I found myself wishing I had stayed under those nice warm covers a bit longer but the back said get up and get started so here I am.

Yesterday’s project was this.

Find some pears.....

Find some pears…..

…peel, core, and soak in lemon water.  Prepare the jars and lids.  Make a light syrup then add cinnamon to it.  Place the pears one layer at a time in the hot syrup for 5 minutes and then pack in hot jars.  Next the lid and rings business then place the jars in the water bath canner.  20 minutes have this.

9 pints of cinnamon pears

9 pints of cinnamon pears

I already had peaches and apricots so this completes my fruit in syrup stash for this winter.

Today it is take all the equipment down to the food room along with my pears and chili after I write labels for everything. These sessions have been a keep busy project to help me cope with other things going on.

I still keep going out driving watching the glorious colors adorning the trees and leaving my camera at home.  I can’t take no pictures that way!  Well almost half way through October already. Soon be 16 years here in the dome and I still find things charming about it and the area.  There are some very good people up here and I’m lucky to have found them.

I Did IT!

Yep checking the big thermometer on the porch.

52 degrees

52 degrees

It looks like this will be the norm very shortly.  I started thinking about pulling the flannel sheets out and putting away the cotton ones.

Well I did it!

I washed it, set it up, and used it yesterday.

I washed it, set it up, and used it yesterday.

I  didn’t set the house on fire, blow up the kitchen, or change the color of the walls and ceiling.  I sat at the kitchen table read, did Fill It Ins, and watch the gauge on the cooker adjusting the heat whenever it started out of range.  The results were this.

10 beautiful pints of Pam's chili to get me through the winter.

10 beautiful pints of Pam’s chili to get me through the winter.

Today I am going to McDaniels farm market to pick up some pears to can in cinnamon syrup. I still have plenty of apricots and peaches but I need to replenish the pears.

Yesterday as I waited for the chili to cook down I accomplished this.

this is the novel Adam loaned me.

this is the novel Adam loaned me.

I’m up to chapter 15.  It is a mystery that is moving right along.  I also accomplished this.

This is two of my trees  that now need trimming to complete them.

This is two of my trees that now need trimming to complete them.

The one bead, one sequin,  dip the end of the pin in glue, and then push it into the form is the routine.  Lots of work but I love the results.

Have a good day and hope the sun decides to visit a while this afternoon.

What To Do Now!

Well Good Morning!

On the kitchen table this morning.

On the kitchen table this morning.

The second tree is in the works and the fixings are spread out to continue working on it.  I will have to get into my leftover box to finish the last one because I’m running out of supplies with this one.

On the left of this picture is a novel my neighbor has given me to read.  It seems the author was a ‘friend’ in his younger days  He wanted to know what I thought of it.  I’m on Chapter six.  Speaking of my neighbor when I ran into trouble trying to move my portable air conditioner off the front porch I found I could not lift it onto the truck or on to a four wheel dolly to take it to the basement.  Adam was mowing my front ditch as he does when he does his so I asked for his help.  Now it it is in the basement and out of the way. (Bless his heart.),

In the lower middle of the picture is a Fill It In book that is near finished.  I have two more waiting to start in the bookcase.  It is a way to pass time and practice some very simple logic

On the lower right hand side is the latest Large Print Reader’s Digest magazine which I started a couple of days ago. I also have one more mystery magazine waiting for me.

The hot pad is to remind me that I have the chili to make and can.  I have read the instruction book for the pressure canner but I’m going to have to read it again before I attempt that project.

There you have it so you can see why I titled this post what I did.  Oh I also still have dusting and mopping to do.  Is that enough projects to fill this coming week? .

Four Days Flew By!

I’m slipping in my old age here.  But I do have a little to share today.  First the big thermometer read 48 degrees but the sun has decided to shine this morning so that will improve that situation.  This was what I saw this morning.

This is steam coming off my neighbor's pond.

This is steam coming off my neighbor’s pond.

A couple of days ago I decided to do something with my front yard.

The whole yard was covered with dead leaves.

The whole yard was covered with dead leaves.

So I decided to “mow my leaves” .

This did help a little bit.

This did help a little bit.

But I only did the front and one side yard so I would call it a 1/2 a++ attempt.  But I know more leaves are falling every minute so I’m not going to sweat catching up.

Well I past Edna’s books on and spent some money.

Two of my favorite authors.

Two of my favorite authors.

As soon as I finish my Large Print Reader’s Digest one of these will magically jump into my hands and I’ll smile!

While I was out yesterday I pick up this.

Yep it is Chili fixings.

Yep it is Chili fixings.

Now I just have to lift up my courage and open up the pressure canner box and try to read how to use it.

Oh if your wooden knife block get dirty don’t do what I did.  I put mine in the dishwasher and it fell apart.

My new Bamboo one.

My new Bamboo one.

The only problem now is I have more openings than knives to fill them.

Last night and this morning I worked on my ornament project. It seems that Brandy doesn’t like my lack of attention when I’m busy doing something else when I need to be paying attention to her.

Well Brandy says it is breakfast time so I’m out of here.




Time Flies

Good Morning on this wet, gray, downer type day.  The forecast says it is 56 degrees this morning but my thermometer say it is 62.  The ground is wet due to overnight rain which makes mowing nil.  My next step is mopping because I used the vacuum yesterday.  This will leave just the dusting to bring the house up to snuff.

I finished Sharon Sala’s double novel last night and I’m ready to take the rest of the books Edna gave me to someone else. This old lady can only swallow so much love and romance in her reading material.

When I took the air conditioner out of the living room window yesterday I discovered this.

My poor Christmas Cactus has started to bloom.

My poor Christmas Cactus has started to bloom.

See I’m not the only thing around here that gets messed up.

All the glass in the storm doors is now closed and I will close the blinds at night as the  temperature starts to fall because when the snow finally gets here it will get cold in here. But this year I have extra sweat shirts to wear and if I watch the setting on the thermostat I should do fine.

Well In another roughly 24 days I will have lived here 16 years.  It is hard to believe that this much time has past since I left Orion Township.

Well enough sitting around I have a day to start.  Later!


Day 4 Of October

The big thermometer on the front porch reads 52 degrees and everything is wet from the rain overnight.  The sky promises more rain today so there will be no outside work accomplished.

This is yesterday’s project.

12 cups of Dutch Apple Pie jam.

12 cups of Dutch Apple Pie jam.

So this wraps up the jam making for this year.  I have all the canning equipment boxed to and ready to go down to the food room.  I would like to make a batch of Pam’s Chili but I have to get the courage up to use the pressure canner.  But I am playing with canning some Mexican tomatoes ( just a small batch).

Well today is haircut day and boy I am ready.  Actually I feel like Brandy when the hair gets in her eyes.

I want to call Debra today to see how she is doing. I cleared the table of the bill paying and paper filing mess yesterday and I’ll mail everything tomorrow.

I think it will be Fruit and Cream Oatmeal today for breakfast  Yesterday I opened a jar of homemade Bean Soup and ended up eating the whole thing (oink,oink).

Well I have started Sunday chores this morning and will accomplish some more when I get back from the haircut.

Take care and smile a little it helps your face muscles!



Did It Again

Good Morning.  Woke up at a little after 6am then tried to convince myself to go back to sleep for a while.  Failing that I got up started the coffee, fed/watered Molly, took a fairly hot shower, and started mapping my day.

Yesterday I worked on this

001 I bought 3 qts. and needed only 2 so I ran to the local market and purchased 3 large Honey Crisp Apples.  The results were

10 cups of Raspberry and 8 cups of Rasp-apple jam.

10 cups of Raspberry and 8 cups of Rasp-apple jam.

The Raspapple is a mixture of Raspberries and apples  Which is something I do often when I don’t have enough main fruit for a second batch.  Now this morning I have to handwrite the labels and get them down to the food room.

Next up this mess to organize.

Monthly bills to pay and papers to file

Monthly bills to pay and papers to file

As my grandmother used to say ” The eagle shit today “.  For you youngsters it means the Social Security is in the checking account and I can hear my utilities (like baby birds with their mouths open) chirping for payments.

It is around 47 degrees outside, some wind, but no rain until around 6 pm this afternoon.  I cleaned the large, dead leaves out of the gutters yesterday afternoon so when it does rain it will flow away from the house  ( results a dry basement).

I have an appointment tomorrow with my favorite lady to get this haystack on my head tamed. So I’ll let you get stated on your day and I’ll wade into mine!


This Project Is Done!

Ok lets start with this.

Did it before a couple of times so I knew how to do it.

Did it before a couple of times so I knew how to do it.

With this set up there is minimal lifting so it went easy as pie.  Now the air conditioner is in the garage and I’ll take time to move it to the basement later.  The kitchen is warmer with the window closed and I’m debating taking the set up out of the living room window next.  That will take a little help getting it down to the basement but there is no hurry because there is lots of room where it is at.

My report from the Urologist was good so I just need a stronger prescription  ( $ 87, please).

I’m going to try one more time to find raspberries before I give up on the idea.  If that doesn’t work then my last project will be Dutch Apple Pie jam.

Well Brandy went to Doggy Depot and she is all pretty now.  I guess I’m going to have to call for an appointment to tame my haystack!

The big thermometer in the porch says it is 46 degrees out side–makes me want to stay in!  I may take the camera and look for some colors in the trees.

Enjoy the weekend.

Just called Montrose Orchards and found my raspberries so I’m off to pick them up.



Well I got my shower, put on some decent clothes, jumped in my truck, and drove to my appointment.  I went in signed in and sat down.  Suddenly someone was calling my name so I raised my hand and got up to see what they wanted.  I was told my appointment was for the 30th not the 29th.  Ok so I went to my truck and reread the instructions.  Sure enough it is for tomorrow.  Oh well that is better than missing it I guess!

So this evening I put all the canning stuff back downstairs, got the Bluebarb jam on the shelf in the food room ( so the desk in the utility room is clean again),  I cleaned up the porch also and am thinking of taking the air conditioner out of the kitchen window.  ( I have to think on that a bit.)

Tomorrow morning I’ll follow the same routine as this morning and I might get it right this time,  But you know us old people so cross your fingers for me!