Things Accomplished And Decisions Made.

It is good afternoon for a change.  Being Sunday my chores are being accomplished one by one.  This is in no particular order so stay with me on this.

I finished Lock & Key  vol 1 by Joe Hill Saturday morning early so I had to consider two alternatives for the next reading session.

I decided to read the Reader's Digest first.

I decided to read the Reader’s Digest first.

This is because another issue will be in soon and that is how I manage to stockpile them.  I will move on to Owen King’s novel next.

I spent time yesterday looking for my equipment for knitting.  I couldn’t find either the row counter or the tips to go on the knitting needles to hold the stitches when I have to put them down to do something else.  Failing the search I went to JoAnn’s Fabric this morning and picked up both items.  While I was there I decided to add another color to the afghan I’m ripping out ( that is right) I have ripped more than I have accomplished but I think I have found my problem.. I never was good at handling circular needles so I ripped everything out again and started from scratch only this time I am using two regular needles and I find I’m more relaxed with them.  So this is the color combination now.

I'll see how this set up goes.

I’ll see how this set up goes.

While I was at JoAnn’s I picked up the yarn for my second project.

This will be crocheted.

This will be crocheted.

That will keep me busy for a while.

I did get out and feed the outside birds Saturday.

I tried to get them eating but every time I open the door They hide!!!

I tried to get them eating but every time I open the door they hide!!!

Well my TV  is hooked up thanks to Adam, next door, and the tec on the phone.  My program selection is a bit sad but saving $40.00 a month will make it worth it.

Well I have to pull the sheets from the dryer and get the bed made because it will soon be supper time.

I managed to get my garbage and recycling down to the road as it started to snow a little.  That stopped but the wind picked up so I’m glad that is taken care of.

Please have a careful and comfy week ahead and do something good for yourself.

I’m Baaaack!

Good morning on 14 degree, dreary, lightly snowing day. Another day of finding things to do.  I know I have to go outside and fill the bird feeders.  I want to move the wheeled garbage container onto a cleared spot in the driveway so I can move it down to the road on Sunday evening for Monday’s pick up.  I don’t need to snow blow the driveway yet so the tractor will stay in the garage. I will have to go buy bread today though.

Well I finished Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghost Stories yesterday and again I enjoyed his writing.   I started his Lock & Key volume 1 last night.

This as you can see is a graphic novel.

This as you can see is a graphic novel.

It will read fast so I will pick up another novel by another King that I received yesterday next.  Yes I ordered Owen King’s Double Feature.  He is another son of Stephen King and I wanted to sample his writing also.  It arrived  in the mail yesterday and is sitting on the living room shelf waiting for me.

Well my latest project (the afghan ) is not going well.

This is my second rip out!

This is my second rip out!

I got as far as row 8 and discovered a mistake.  I tried to rip only to that point but had trouble picking up the stitches so I went all the way back to row 3.  I find I’m not enjoying this much.  I’m a bit shaky and tense working on it.  Unless I can relax with it I’m going to rip it out again and pitch the yarn into my save basket.  I’m not sure this project is meant to be.

Well there is nothing else on my calendar until the 12th.  That is the day Richard (my tax man) and I figure out how I stand.

There has been no interest in the sale of my home  but it is Winter and the house is a dome so I don’t expect anything yet.

I did however call Directv yesterday and downsized my coverage.  I find I don’t spend much time in front of the idiot box any more and $77.35 is a lot to pay for a dark screen .  I still have my local stations and the family package.  This will be a savings of at least  $40.00 a month.  I figure I need to get up and move not sit on my butt  all the time.

Well take care when you are out and about and laugh some because those lungs need exercise!

Yep It Is A Double Dip—

And it ain’t chocolate!.  I just got in from snowblowing my driveway.  I started at the garage with the tractor, up the back half of the driveway, through the pile that was left by the plow two days ago, and down to the road.  It took me a 1/2 an hour and I was back parking the tractor in the garage.  Just as I was closing the door I saw big, fluffy flakes starting to fall.  It looked like someone knocked over a box of Ivory Flakes.  Now it is smaller flakes and the wind is picking up.

I did get out earlier for cat food, litter, some tv dinners, and some fruit.  I also picked up a chew bone for Brandy but when I got home and opened it up I found it was too big for her.  No problem–down to the garage, plug in the jig saw and turned it into four smaller ones. She has already hid one besides the recliner.

Now I’m going to cast on those last 79 stitches and hopefully get started on row one of the afghan again.

To family who are under the weather get well quickly.

Enough Already!!

But it ain’t going to be enough because it calls for no snow tomorrow then back to the same old sh** for the next almost a week.  This is the results of last night. (click to enlarge)

Note the caps on the uprights.

Note the caps on the uprights.

Yes the driveway did get plowed up to the front door on Monday.  Now who did it I don’t know but it wasn’t who I called.   I have to thank you to who ever you are.  I guess my karma is working.

I have folded up the second jig saw puzzle and put it on the shelf.  I continue to read 20th Century Ghosts. I have about 83 pages to go.  Then I will moved on to the next selection.

I did cast on 100 stitches for the afghan two days ago after ripping out the first three rows but I never picked it up yesterday.  I’ll try to move on with it today.  I’m just not getting with the program right now.  I want to crawl under the covers and stay warm but that doesn’t accomplish anything.

If the wind eases up I’ll try to get the tractor out and clear the back driveway so I can get to the front one today.  I need to go get cat food for Molly and while I’m out I will buy outside bird food.  I need to refill the feeders again.

It is 24 degrees and the weather man says after tomorrow I can expect more snow.   Oh joy I wish I were 10 so I could sit on a piece of plastic and slide down the driveway again.

Well stay warm, keep busy, and remember Spring is just a few months away.

It Snowed (no sh** sailor)!

Using my favorite phrase ‘it is almost as deep as the a** hole on a big tall indian’ here.  Yep yesterday the wind howled, the snow swirled like dead leaves in October, and Brandy and I huddled inside. It is 7 degrees and the wind is 11 mph with gust of who knows today.  This was my front porch last night.

Normally the snow doesn't get up on the porch.

Normally the snow doesn’t get up on the porch.

This is the same area this morning

The storm door moved the snow and Brandy sunk in deeper.

The storm door moved the snow and Brandy sunk in deeper.

Needless to say first priority will be to clear the porch so Brandy can get out into the yard.  As to the driveway I made the decision to call Linda’s husband to come and plow it out. .  This is because the gasoline is in the shed and that door is frozen shut.  Also the wind is such I will find it difficult to clear the snow with the blower.

This may not be done until tomorrow because he is way behind with his regular customers.  So the letters for the mailbox will be a day later and the birds will get fed again tomorrow.

Yesterday during the storm I attempted to start the new afghan.

It is waiting for me to restart it again.

It is waiting for me to restart it again.

I managed the first three rows, got tangled up, lost some stitches, and rip it all out.  I don’t work well with circular needles so this will be one of the challenges I’ll have.  Oh well I am great at ripping things out so I know how correct mistakes.

But I have heat, electric power, plenty to eat, and help coming tomorrow to dig me out so I’m luckier than a lot of people.

Please take care if you have to go out and let me know how you are coping.

Oh shit the sun just came out and it is Groundhog Day.  You know what that means!!




I was right---it is great!

I was right—it is great!

I finished it yesterday a little after 4:30 pm.  It is sitting on my counter because I haven’t had the heart to put away yet!


I  laid out the pieces for the other puzzle but this is as far as I got.

Yes another big cat but not near as pretty.

Yes another big cat but not near as pretty.

Today is the beginning of another weekend (already) with sun shine, 12 degrees, and a 20% chance of snow.  But nothing can to compare with yesterday’s snow fall.

The back driveway is the best example of accumulation.

The back driveway is the best example of accumulation.

But the sun shining through the windows are saying –come on get out– so I think I will.  At least to the grocery store for the milk, bread, and eggs thing.  I might even venture over to JoAnn’s to look at baby yarn.

I am half way through 20th Century Ghost now and am going to check out another author (but I probably won’t buy any thing yet).

Well I have clothes to fold on the table, more almost ready in the dryer and then I can wander out for a while.

Do enjoy the weekend and find something you would like to do!


It was 6 degrees when I let Brandy out this morning and is pushing 10 now.  Another sun shiny day has started and I have pushed the table in front of the French doors to get better light on my puzzle.

A few more pieces in and a few together.

A few more pieces in and a few together.

I’ll be working on it this morning and reading more of 20th Century Ghost Stories later in the day. No appointments but I do have the cat box and the bird cages to change.

I want to put some roasted chicken on with Cream of Chicken soup, noodles, and a few mixed vegetables for my supper tonight  Maybe some salad on the side would be good.

I bought wild bird seed yesterday while I was waiting for Brandy who was at Doggy Depot.

Filled the outside feeders  in the Crab Apple tree.

Filled the outside feeders
in the Crab Apple tree.

But every time I go out to get a picture all the birds disappear into the woods.  If you click to enlarge you might see one Chickadee.

Otherwise everything is going well and I am keeping busy.  Of course I miss everyone but I know they have things in their life that must be done.

Have a good day and smile a little –it is a great excuse for those nasty wrinkle later in life.  I know because that is the excuse I use!!

Do Something!

Good Morning on this sun shiny day with no snow for the last couple of days.  It is 15 degrees out side and suppose to get into the low 20s.  It has been a busy few days (not all work) but I now I can take time to chat about the goings on since we last visited.

I have worked on my 3d puzzle.

The tiger is complete but there is a ton of work to do on  the rest of it.

The tiger is complete but there is a ton of work to do on the rest of it.

As I suspected after laying it out It is not going to be easy.  But I will get back to it shortly.

I had to prepare for my grand daughter’s going away party.  I attended it Sunday. My son Wes with daughter in law Debra were kind enough to drive me to my other son’s mother in law’s home near Brighton, Mi.  We wished Courtney good luck and happiness when she started her new job at Disney World in Florida,

Courtney (on the floor) with her mother Kim seated.

Courtney (on the floor) with her mother Kim seated.

We left after a bite of lunch and the gift opening.

Other things accomplished–I finished Joe Hill’s novel  Horns.  I closed the back cover saying alright a good read! It moved well and was written to where you could almost believe the fantasy part of it as gospel.

I started this this morning.

Just 13 pages into it but I'll pick it up later today.

Just 13 pages into it but I’ll pick it up later today.

My other purchase was this

This is a graphic novel Book # 1 in a series

This is a graphic novel Book # 1 in the series

When I start on this I will order more from Amazon.  I’m really enjoying getting back to reading. Just trying to keep the old brain from turning to jello!

Well tomorrow I take Brandy to Doggy Depot again and I’ll do a little shopping for more chip dip ingredients.  That should pretty well carry me through to the 3rd of February.

Have a great week with plenty to do and remember to do something nice for you!

Lots A Flakes!

It was snowing when I got up yesterday and it continued that way until after dark.  I kept checking periodically all day long hoping to get the tractor out so I could snow blow the driveway.

Not once did it stop until after dark.

Not once did it stop until after dark.

I finally cleaned off the truck to take the mail down and pick up anything that had been delivered.  Thank goodness for four wheel drive.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning cages, the cat box, and finally a little reading.  I finished Flesh And Blood by Cornwell and started Joe Hill’s Horns one of the last of my novels  to read. So I ordered two more from Amazon that should be here Friday or Saturday.  I found Cornwell’s novel easy to read yet with enough twists to keep you hanging throughout the read.

I woke up at 8:10 this morning and by 8:45 I was all wrapped up in sweatpants, my heavy jacket, gloves, and Jay’s fur lined hat. I got the truck move off to the side, tractor out, and started clearing the parking area by the kitchen door.  Then I started in on the driveway.  Less then 1/2 hour later I was moving the truck back into it’s spot.

Not half bad for an old broad!

Not half bad for an old broad!

I had moved over two inches of snow and had my tractor back in the garage.  Now I have to sweet talk my neighbor into getting into my shed for more gasoline for the tractor.  I have trouble lifting the gas cans.

Well it is still clear outside so I think I’ll have some breakfast and work on my 3 D puzzle for a while.

I hope things are going well for you and that you are taking care of yourself.