Pain Is No Excuse.

Well I’m back after a painful bout of back and tummy aches.  But I’m better now and it is time to get rid of a few more 4th pictures.

The dining room window with lighted stars

the living room window

In the arch way this was Lilly’s object of attention.

On the other side of the arch way

Part of these things will be taken down but some will remain through July.

The Butterfly bush in the front yard is showing signs of the flowers that will grace it soon. They will be red, white and blue.  A little late for the 4th but I’ll enjoy them anyway.

We had rain last night and it was welcomed with open arms.  The grass and the plants were really in need to the attention.

Well I finished the Dean Koontz novel yesterday.  I spent a few days wrapped up in Jane Hawks and her quest and am here to say read it.  The Silent Corner is a real adventure in what could be.  The book also has 7 chapters of her new adventure The Whispering Room. to be released later.  I know I’m going to buy it when it is available.

So now it is back to Neil Gaiman’s novel Norse Mythology.  I had started this when I needed something to take with me to an appointment (it being small and it fit in my purse). So I will pick it up on page 29 and work on finishing it up.  I also have a small backlog of Fill It In  books to catch up on.  So I will not lack for something to do.

Well the household is still asleep so I don’t have to feed the zoo yet.  There are a few clothes in the dryer to fold so that will be the next project.

Well my  clock from Michigan Bell just bonged saying it is 9 am.  My sister-in-law Peggy used to say ’29 long years ‘every time it bonged.  I still hear her voice every time even though she lives in Florida now.

Cindy just got up and took Libby outside.

Well enough for now but I will be back!




Another Special Day

45 years ago today I met my one and only daughter.  I didn’t plan on having any girls but I more than happy now I did.  As I age she has taken over many of my moments of weakness.  She welcomed me into her home when I sold mine.  She attends many of my medical appointments to make sure I can understand things said to me that I can’t quite get due to poor hearing.

Her 7th grade graduation

When I was by her side.

Still there with me now.

As you can see I forget my camera more than I use it.  But you get the idea.

Anyway Happy ‘brithday’ daughter of mine and many, many more!


One Day After The 4th.

Well the Red, White, and Blue decor with stay with us through July.

Another set of flowers

Brandy’s visit to the Vet today was a good report.  The drops for her eyes are doing their job.  The Vet said the pressure is normal.  She has a minor infection in her tummy but he gave us pills to clear it up.

Amanda and Cindy cleared the back of my truck yesterday so now all I have to do is go things to figure what to do with them.  It is the old ‘a man’s work is from Sun up to sun down but a woman’s work is never done’.

I’m half way through the Dean Koontz novel The Silent Corner and it is a page turner!

I caught Lilly in the window today.

Some times your sleeping partner doesn’t breathe.

As for Libby

The new pool is just the spot in this weather.

Well both the dogs made it through the firecrackers last night with very little problems.

So that is it for now but you will have to put up with me as I post the 4th decorations over the next couple of days.

July 1st

Yesterday my world moved fast.  At 10 am son Lesley arrived with a cargo van plus a helper and they proceeded to empty all the furniture out of the storage unit.  The drill press and ladder went to Wes’ house.  He and grandson Dakota loaded that in my truck.  This  left a big batch of boxes and containers in the unit.   At Cindy’s insistence  David and she started loading these items into my truck and they were moved to a smaller unit just around the corner from my old one..

I stood back and with their help the new unit was loaded with things not needed in the back and what will be used up front.  The move represented a savings of about $78. a month after a six month discount. But the amazing thing was with Cindy and David’s hard work the larger unit was vacated the same day as the smaller unit was filled.

Now some of the things, it was decided, would be brought to the house to store in the shed, papers to be shredded, and clothes to be packed away.

This is the back of my truck in the garage.

This will be emptied on Wednesday.   So my friends another worry has been lifted off my shoulders.

I n other news I have finished Jeffery Deaver’s The Burial Hour which was set mostly in Italy.  I have just started the novel The Silent Corner  by Dean Koontz.

Libby, Cindy’s dog will graduate  from puppy training next Saturday.

This is her graduation dress.

Well the house is all Red, White , and Blue and here Is some of the decoration.

This is the first and there will be more.

That is it for now enjoy your holiday!



The Holiday Soon

Seeing that she works so much Cindy has started to decorate the house today on her  day off. So we should be red, white, and blue very shortly.   Pictures to follow.

There is finally growth in the raised garden showing the Bleeding Hearts development.

This one is doing very well.

This one is a little slower

There are two more to make an appearance then this will be under control.

The tree across the street reminds me of—

Cat nip candy fluff that was spilled all over it.

Thank goodness our cats don’t feel that way.

Well I;m now 1/2 way the Deaver novel and am now hooked on finishing it.

The New Reader’s Digest came in and I devoured in a day and a 1/2.

I take Brandy next week to have the pressure on her eyes checked.  Hopefully the daily drops are helping.

That is it for now.


Out Living

The mystery piece is complete but I have no place to store it. I’m waiting for a large box to pack that and the slip covers for the sofa in,  My closet is too full to keep  them in there.  If I ever get that furniture down to Les’ I can downsize the storage unit and store them in there.

My next project is to locate Jay’s Cabbage Relish recipe.  I will check my books in the storage unit.  Failing there I will check with three of Jay’s sisters for the recipe.  I also have to locate the crock to use and borrow it for a couple of days.

I’m not quite halfway through the Deaver novel but am working on it every day.  I did buy the newest Dean Koontz novel The Silent Corner.  This may be my next choice to read .

Well the last few days have been a rain on and off situation which is great for the bushes and flowers but it mixes up my day taking Brandy out in the sunshine, bringing her in in the rain, then back out in the sunshine again.

I still haven’t got on line with Les to print the picture of Wes and Debra for our front room wall.  My new printer has so many do dads and buttons that I have been doubting if I can accomplish my project by myself.

Well today was wash my bedding and then crawl all over the bed trying to get everything back in place.  I really don’t enjoy that project at all but I don’t have a enough room to pull the bed away from the wall to get behind it .  Oh well life isn’t always easy is it.

I sat here today trying to think of who could help me move that furniture.  I need someone stronger than me.  Some friends to move it, and load it into something to transport it.  Suddenly it dawned on me I don’t have any friends to do things like that anymore.  The only solution I can think of is Two Men and a Truck and I have already peddled away the money I had to move it in the first place.

I guess it is time to face the fact that I am outliving the friends I had.

Night Or Morning

Well after a day and a half of untangled my dryer mess I finally mastered it at 2:30 pm yesterday.  But I swore that I would not pick up another ball of yarn for at least a couple of days. Yesterday was go to Wes’ house pick up my thermo cup and then on to Cube Smart to pay for another month of storage in the big unit.  I do have a smaller Unit reserved for as soon as I get the furniture out.  This will be about $87. less a month which I will be happy to see.

My next stop was Petco for Brandy’s food.  It  is the closest place around that carries her food in a can.  The Vet still wants her on this diet so that is what I buy for her.

While I was out I stopped at a dollar store to check for July decorations for the house (only spent $7.00 total.)  When I got home I had a salad, fed Brandy, folded laundry, washed up some dishes, and went to bed early.  This explains why I’m sitting at this computer at 2:30 am.

I caught Erin yesterday–

..taking a bath in his water dish. After all cleanliness is next to..

I had a thought yesterday that I might can some Strawberry jam because because they are in season right now but I remembered my canning book is in storage.  Not only that but Smucker’s makes a great jam.  In fact I may put my canning equipment up for sale jars and all because the only thing I really need to make is Jay’s cabbage relish.  (I’ll have to think about that.)

Well my coffee is cold, it is  almost 3 am, and my feet say they are cold too so it is time to crawl under those covers for a few more hours.  Good night or shall I say good morning?

Monday, Monday

Well the garage door problem is fixed.

The new door is in thanks to Pioneer Door of Oxford.

The new door is close to the other door as you cae.

Well I left my crocheting on the swing to come in and make a phone call.  Well It started to rain and everything got wet.  My only choice was to throw it in the dryer.

So when it came out I had this to fix.

After working most of the afternoon my shoulders are killing me and I still have this to untantangle.

Oh well live and learn! There is always tomorrow!

A new bouquet from the shopping trip can’t resist it.

Our yard was looking a little sad because  our guy had an accident and was not able to get to it.

it was getting a little high because the little birds could hide in it.

But Saturday members of his family came down and trimmed it up.

Now it is back in shape.


Well we still didn’t get our furniture moving done but maybe with in the next two weeks we will get that accomplished.

Well my shoulders saying time to give it up Mary so I will!