Well it was 12 cups of dark cherry and 6 cups of orange rhubarb  before I gave it up for today.  Now it is read or Fill It In puzzles for me.

The latest news from Florida my family down there has survived with a minimum amount of discomfort for now.

My Brandy is under the weather today and I’ll take her to the Vet. if she doesn’t improve.

Hope your day is going well.


News Tonight

No Jam making today but Cindy and I managed to give some away.  It is just a dent in the supply.

The shelf is still pretty full so there is more to give away.

Brandy and I started our walking again today.

This is our route up Meadowlawn for one block and back (2 blocks).

Doesn’t sound like much but we haven’t walked in a couple of weeks.  Just 2 old ladies trudging along.

Chris was by yesterday to work his magic.

The bushes out front were sprouting like weeds.

How much neater we look now!

At the store getting Nutmeg

I know these aren’t Nutmeg but when I’m at the store I buy flowers (it Is a rule).  Also picked up another 25 lbs. of sugar.

Well I’m not quite half way through Bruce Handy’s book but I did make a little headway waiting for Cindy at the Dr.’s office.  Sometimes it seems that reading is not top priority right now with the canning to do.

I have somethings coming from Amazon tomorrow seems like gifts even if it is things i need.

Brandy is going deaf which was bothering me until I remembered she is equal to 77 human years old.  I just have to touch her first when she is sleeping and lean close to speak to her when she is awake.  I do love that little s**t.

Well my grandson has moved out of state and my son is empty nesting it,  it is funny how life changes on you.

My sister-in-law and husband are in the Florida mess so I keep getting updates from them.

That is the news tonight.


Another Day

It was a long day today.   I put up 12 cups 0f Bluebarb jam, 5 cups of Apple Rhubarb Chutney, 7 cups of Orange Rhubarb Jam. and 4 cups of Blueberry Jam.  This is with a trip to Flint tucked into the middle of it.  i’m tired, my hands are cramping, my feet ache, and that bed sure looks good about now.   My poor dog never got a second meal either.

Oh well we will all survive and tomorrow is another day.

Early Start

Today started with stripping the bed, washing the bedding, doing my clothes, remaking the bed with different sheets, and starting another round of jam.

After taking all the jars I have got and washing them (plus the rings) I started to chop the dark sweet cherries. I used only one package from the box and ended up with a double batch.  Everything went well and I had all the ingredients except the cloves which is optional.  (This went on my to buy list along with more lemon juice.)

I now have 12 cups of Sweet Cherry Jam.

On top of that I have enough to make a double batch three more times.

I still have the red raspberry and the apricot to make.

I think I’ll buy some Granny Smith apples and make the Dutch Apple Pie Jam with the food processor to get a smoother texture.

It is almost 4 pm so I think I’ll go out to the swing with Brandy and my book for a while. We won’t be out there too long because it is breezy and chilly but we need the fresh air.

I hope your day is going well also.



I have been reading Bruce Handy’s Wild Things The Joy Of Reading Children’s Literature as An Adult.  In it is a reference to Portnoy’s Complaint which I had heard of but never read so I filed that away to read later.

Farther on Handy mentioned  the Grimm’s Fairy Tales which I have been reading off and on over this last year.  He spoke of the way the tales were old and weird.  He compared them with other authors not quite so impure.  I sat here thinking that I am reading these things and learning about another world.  One that isn’t just King, Deaver, Cornwell, or Gaiman.

Reading is essential in one’s life if you are to grow and learn. I’m sure Handy’s novel will introduce other suggestion to follow up with.  But for now I’ll continue to search my new world.

Second Attempt!

All these pictures can be made larger.

Starting with the back hallway.

This is on Cindy’s bedroom door.

This is on my bedroom door.

This is on the bathroom door.

Inside the bathroom is this

Note the sitting creatures

Going through the archway

Is the sign

The flower is usually in the kitchen window

The window is in between the kitchen and the addition.

On to the addition

These are on the door to the outside.

This is on the freezer in the addition.

All these Cindy bought in August so we could have them for September.  These items are from past years or are bought at the (bless their hearts) dollar stores.

Back to the living room.

This Lucy my goose.

She is in the living room window waiting for the clings to arrive tomorrow .  These are an excellent fill in when there is extra space in  a window.

If you wonder why we do this every month it is because it is a reminder of time passing and it makes us smile.  I just hope that others that see it will smile too.

Well it looks like my 2nd attempt made it.  ( I’m a never say die type of person.)

Have a great week.

Not My Day!

This morning I created a blog entry on the new decor.  Had it all set up and discovered I had missed one picture. I decided to put that one in.  When I did all the pictures so far disappeared.  Now I had stupidly deleted them when I thought I was finished.  Wrong thought so now I finally just trash the whole thing.

On top of that my favorite chair has decided not to work any more.  Now I got it several years ago when I had my shoulders replaced.  I guess it just gave up but it still feel good to sit in it.

The mail just came and my long awaited Visa bill must be opened so I’m out of here .  Have a better day than me!

The Last Day

Well a good morning to you.  I’m still working on the front windows because I found the decorations that Cindy bought last month.  I’ll get those pictures up when I’m done.  However I do have the door decorations done.

This is the back door design

This is on the front door.

Both let you know that Fall is in the air.

I’m playing with the idea of starting the Dark Cherry Jam but haven’t quite decided on it yet.  I do have things to take to the Goodwill or Salvation Army store.  I also need to take something to my storage area.

Cindy put my full size headboard on facebook but I haven’t heard anything yet and it is free.

Well the zoo is fed this morning except for the dogs.  There are a few dishes soaking in the sink and my laundry is washing so I do have things to do.

Cindy worked all night and is due back in this afternoon.  Tomorrow it is all day for her.

I also have the bath room to trim if Cinday doesn’t have time to put Fall in there.  I check with her before she leaves for work.

I think I’ll get a yogurt and read my book for while.

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday.

Labor Day Weekend

The 3rd of September on the Labor Day Weekend and I did labor.

You are looking at one of 25 1/2 cups of Strawberry jam.

All that is left is partial package of whole strawberries.  This is from 10 lbs. of frozen berries.  My food processor is a real blessing now that I have the correct part for it.  The canning project was finished by 3 pm today and all the equipment is put away.

The decoration for Fall are up.

The lower right side of the living room window

The lower left side of the same window

Time out to charge the camera battery then I’ll finish the front window.

This is the Dinning room window.

I still have the front and back door to show you but again the camera battery is charging.

Finally a picture of one of the Bleeding Heart plants.

Well my first night in the new bed was warm and comfy.  I do have a little problem getting in under the covers because it is so high but I’ll master that with practice.

Well how was your Holiday spent?  You had fun I hope.

I’m tired so I think I’ll take it easy for the rest of the night.



My Daughter Said

After my last post I took my daughter’s advice being if you want it get it.  This was my bedroom yesterday.

A full size bed that took up a lot of space.

So i went shopping yesterday.  It wasn’t a cheap trip but after the setup this morning I’m so glad I did it.

All new– a twin bed that leaves me room to sit on the floor if I want to. 

I took a short nap this afternoon but the real test will be tonight.

Brandy was upset when they took her bed away. But she is getting used to this.

The only problem is that it is higher off the floor and for her to jump up on it is quite a chore.  Now I brought the doggie step in for her but she does not know how to use it.  It will take some training to get her used to it.  But it boils down to if you want it get it and it does give me more room to get around in.

I haven’t quite settled in on the jam making yet.  But the fruit is frozen so nothing will spoil if I wait.

Still a problem with decor for the house.  There just isn’t much that says Fall without a Halloween flavor to it.  Nothing available in lighted things for the windows as far as I’ve looked.

Cindy is pulling an all nighter, David is playing magic with his friends, I have washed all my linens from the full size bed and  packed in a bag to be given away.

I have to resend my grand daughter’s birthday card because I had the wrong address  She probably thought I had forgotten her altogether.

It is only 6 pm I have had a little supper, fed Brandy and am at a loss as what else to do.

It is read or turn on the idiot box.  Well I’ll find something.

You have a great weekend.