What Is Wrong……

…with this situation?   The tractor came back home yesterday.  I went down this morning to mow.  The tractor moaned twice and quit.  Now it has been plugged in so I think I need a new battery.  In the past I could put it on the charger  and after 3 hours I could start it but I think I should correct the problem.  A new battery will be put in this afternoon.

My other problem is my camera.  The the cord can no longer work to transfer the picture from the camera to the computer.  The port on the camera has failed.  Les put a memory card reader in the cpu so I can still transfer pictures but now the cover for the battery area won’t stay shut. Now if I put tape over the cover it will work.  The edge of the cover cracked off from falling on the floor

So here I sit with two problems that I can make work but it is a pain in the butt to deal with.  I have a little money in the bank and could fix both.  I’m going to do it!

Yesterday I put on my Domestic Goddess apron. and worked on every room but the kitchen. So that is ok for another few days.  No  word yet on how the house is going.

I walked the outside again this morning.

Checked  Webster's for a spelling no luck. Sounds Calunder (bare with me)

Checked Webster’s for a spelling no luck. Sounds Calunder (bare with me)

This plant is in spots all around the dome.

The large Lilac is showing signs of blooms to come.

The large Lilac is showing signs of blooms to come.

In the Berm at one end

In the Berm at one end

This bunch is down a bit from the purple ones

This bunch is down a bit from the purple ones

This now is my tractor waiting for a new “heart’.

The sweetheart from Keene's will be by a little later for the transplant!

The sweetheart from Keene’s will be by a little later for the transplant!

Now I will feed Brandy, then  check to see if the charger has help the old battery a little.  If so I’m going to start mowing.

Have a great weekend.



Indoors And Out!

Good morning!  Well it is 42 degrees, no sun, forecast calling for light rain and I’m trying not to be gloomy.  I have been reading the last few days.  I received my Reader’s Digest  (May large print magazine) just after finishing the mystery magazine so I finished that day before yesterday.  Then I picked up Mitch Albom’s The Magic Strings Of Frankie Presto 

Yesterday I went outside with my grabber and a white garbage bag and pick up all the little gifts that people in vehicles throw out the windows for me. Next I policed the front yard for fallen branches, took them out to the burn pile, and with the loppers cut down as many weeds in the ditch as I could reach.  My old ankles and feet are a little shaking on the inclines of the yard.  I think now I will be able to mow as soon as Keene’s brings the tractor back.  I also had them take my power mower and give it a tune up.  It has not been used in a couple years.

Two blooms and a bud.

Two blooms and a bud yesterday

This morning there are two buds on the small pot and one on the large one.  Those Christmas cactus plants are working overtime.

The berm out front has two types of small flowers blooming now and the Iris plants are working their way up.

I have a small Rhubarb plant growing now in one of the side gardens.

Plus my two Lilac bushes are full on leaves.

The Crabapple tree is a feeding station for all types of birds now and if my Hummingbird feeder was packed away I would hang it out too.

Well it is time to pull out the old Hoover and give the carpets a once over.  If my stamina holds up I my do a bit of mopping also.  If not there is always tomorrow.

Well Brandy just came bounding out ot the bedroom so I stopped to take her outside.  Now it is breakfast time..  By the way the Reader’s Digest this month (May) had an Interesting article on how and when you eat your meals may help on the weight loss problem.

I have to go pick my truck license plate later today and as luck would have it I have to go by Leo’s.  Might just pick up another Greek Salad I kinda like them.

To all my sickies get better soon.  Thinking of you daily.


Through The Fallen Leaves!

Violets popping up all over the yard.

Violets popping up all over the yard.

Every where you look these pretty little blossoms are showing their purple and white glory.

Some of the Spring blooms in one of the extension garden.

Some of the Spring blooms in one of the extension gardens.

There is even a plant of rhubarb coming up in the garden near the front door.

The berm is a mess but smasll flowers are fighting to appear.

The berm is a mess but small flowers are fighting to appear.

When Debra was able she would come up every year and fix the berm for a Mother’s day present.

The Sand Cherry making it's bid for life again this year.

The Sand Cherry making it’s bid for life again this year.

Well that is the story for now because there is still no word on my house.  Enjoy this new life that has come to bring beauty to our days.

A Bit Of Everything

A glance out the kitchen window and something red caught my eye.

The Crabapple tree

The Crabapple tree

It is suppose to be green.

A closer look showed it was buds and leaves not quite ready yet.

A closer look showed it was buds and leaves not quite ready yet.

I will have to watch that change closer because I don’t remember seeing this before.

Speaking of buds.

Yes it is another blossom on the plant in the smaller dish.

Yes it is another blossom on the plant in the smaller dish.

With another bud under the date in the picture.

Not to be outdone this bud is on the plant from the bigger bowl.

Not to be outdone this bud is on the plant from the bigger bowl.

I wonder when they are going to wear them selves out!

A change of subject.

Ain't no place softer than Daddy's pillow.

Ain’t no place softer than Daddy’s pillow.

If she is not curled up on top the covers at middle of my back I can always find her here.

My dear friend Pam sent me this

She said it reminded her of my cat Molly

She said it reminded her of my cat Molly

That is so true and it occurs several times a day.

Lastly this lovely picture.

Need a haircut--nooo

Need a haircut–nooo

Can you imagine waking up to this every morning?   No wonder I’m single!  I can’t  help posting these gems just to warn you that you could be next.   ( And I was such a pretty baby 80 years ago)

Well gas is pushing $2.00 a gallon,  the weather is in the 50s, and I need to call Keene’s Small Engine and get the tractor changed over to the mower again because it is getting deep out there!

Well that is it for today. Take care!


A Lesson Learned Is Invaluable

But in that case I am broke.  My son came up and found that the connection on my camera was broken so he installed a card reader for me.  He very carefully explained how it worked and I sat and shook my head.  We loaded up the pictures I had waiting and I posted.

Well Tuesday I attempted another post–Failure on the pictures with a capital F.  Yesterday I called him to walk me through  it again. but it was his wedding anniversary so we set it up for this evening.  If it works I will double dip today’s posts.  But for now it is all words.

I have finished up the  double issue January/February of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery magazine ( the last one I will get for a while) and will now move on to another novel.

The weather is on the cool side with rain in the forecast.  I find myself outside with Brandy on the swing but that doesn’t last too long and I’m back inside.

I have heard nothing from the real estate company so that is sitting on my mind .  I keep repeating my daughter Cindy’s words.  Baby steps Momma –one at a time.

Waiting on my camera are pictures of the Crabapple tree which is red right now.  It will soon leaf out.  I also have another picture of the next Cactus bloom with another bud forming.

A  call from one of Jay’s sisters, Jacki, said his sister Marilyn  had fallen and shattered a hip so she she is in the hospital right now.  I tried calling her Wednesday and got no answer. Yesterday she was to have pins put in so I’ll try again today.

I visited with Wes and Debra on Monday, Tuesday was her birthday. She is still active and plannig to plant flowers again this week.

My daughter Cindy is back to work ( working overtime to catch up on bills) even though her Dr. said take it easy.

Well my friend that is it for right now but I’ll be back.  Take care.


I Got My Eyes Back.

As you are about to see son Lesley was up yesterday and fix my problem with importing pictures. Now each time we do something like this my poor old mind gets a good shaking up.  But after I called him a couple of times for help it finally soaks in. So here we go!

In the window ready to bloom again.

In the window ready to bloom again.

There is one bud on each plant so they are still going.

Now on the outside it looks like Spring has finally sprung.

The clump of Peonies in between the trees.

The clump of Peonies in between the trees.

The other clump in the side garden near the front of the dome.

The other clump in the side garden near the front of the dome.

This is the red sprouts in the picture.  Soon it will be bushes with large white flowers on them..

The yellow bush has made it's entrance on the East side of the dome .

The yellow bush has made it’s entrance on the East side of the dome .

Another sure sign of Spring.

Some of the blooms on the East side of the dome.

Some of the blooms on the East side of the dome.

Then on the West side by the swing I spotted these.

Violets in among the grass and weeds.

Violets in among the grass and weeds.

I sure do love Spring around this place,  It won’t be long before the trees will start to bloom and leaf out.

Well I finished Richard Hicks novel Widow Of  The South  and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  I haven’t selected my next read yet but I  might do it today.

I have one more picture for you today.

The IT man responsible for this. My electronic wizard son Lesley.

The IT man responsible for this. My electronic wizard son Lesley.

Thank you son again.  ( Some of you my recognize him as SEB.  Yep that him!!!!)

Well I’m going to spend some time today out in the sunshine. I hope your day will be as great as mine is!

Another Walk Around Yesterday

I looked closely at the bushes in the the yard and was delighted to see signs of growth every where.  The two Lilac bushes have small green leaves developing.  The Fire bush in front the the dome is also starting to leaf out.  Even the two Green Gage plums are showing bits of new life.  The Forthia In the side yard will soon show off it’s lovely yellow flowers.

The extension garden next to the steps to the deck on the East side of the dome has several Hyacinth plants with buds coming along.  In the same area across from that bed is the a clump of  Peonies that grow between two trees.  Right now they are like  purplish stalks.  I have one more clump in the garden on the same side but close to the front of the dome.  I haven’t check on that yet.  ( I had to call my dear friend Pammie to get the name of the plants because I was drawing a blank.  Old age I guess.)

Speaking of old age yesterday I picked up my pills from the drugstore and proceeded to open them when I got home.  The instructions read push down and turn cap to open.  I struggled for about 1/2 hour and never got it to budge.  I finally gave up, returned to the drugstore, and had them open the container for me.  Who ever processed the order didn’t read my instructions about child proof caps.  Well that is one way to judge how your ability to accomplish things is receding.

Well Les is coming up this weekend to try to figure out why I can no longer import pictures from my camera,  I’ll be glad if he can fix it.

Also Cindy will be up tomorrow after she gets her taxes done to visit for a bit.  Well that is it for now.  Stay warm and well,

Spring Time (HA)

Another day of adventure in the good old state of Michigan. ( at least in mid Michigan).  It started out like maybe a little snow for today. Then all of a sudden It was that very fine (almost like sleet) falling which made me decided to go into town and pick up my Sunday paper. When I returned home I went to the basement and picked out some homemade chili. .  I figured that would be supper along with some Jiffy corn muffins.

But first I needed to feed Brandy and me breakfast.  For me it was a bowl of Cheerios and a cup of coffee. For Brandy It was a  container of Cesar Home (Pot Roast with Spring Vegetables).

When I checked outside again the snow had turned to big flakes with lots of wind.  Now it is a mix of large and small flakes  being whipped around.  The driveway, and the street out front are completely covered.  It doesn’t look like it is going to let up any time soon.  I’m glad I have food enough  for every creature without having to get out in this mess.

Yep it is Spring Time but You couldn’t prove it around here.


Another Turn Around The Dome

Well the sunshine has taken  care of that layer of snow that fell during the night.  I sat out in the swing with Brandy and watched at it disappeared. It left a little at a time hanging on where the shadows of the trees,bushes, and buildings lay on the ground. .  My walk around the dome today showed more yellow (mini size) daffodils blooming  down the east side of the extension gardens.   The green shoots showing up is a hint the all my Spring flowers will soon show their colors.

Well the weather man says starting next week we will have 50 and above degrees to look forward to.  Boy I sure hope so this up and down business of rain/snow and sunshine is getting pretty boring.

Another showing tomorrow morning so I have to mop the three rooms, wash down the kitchen appliances, and dust then I’m caught up. I don’t expect anything to come of it but hey it keeps me on my toes and off my butt!

Well tonight it is more scalloped potatoes and ham for supper.  I have Apricot jello with home canned apricots in it for my side dish.

The sky outside is a lovey blue but the sun is playing peek a boo in those fluffy white clouds right now.

Do get outside for a little time if you can.  It is cold out there but it feels good to breathe fresh air.   Take Care!