I’m Back Again!

Yes it has been a long time since you heard from me.  I’ll bet you thought I had kicked the proverbial bucket   Nope just ill enough not to give a rat’s ass about anything.  But I’m catching up now  This will not be in any particular order so bare with me.  Thank you.  This morning everything started out fine.  I worked on changing the bedding to wash it.   In the process I found the bulb in the lamp over the vanity wouldn’t light.  ( It was plugged in but burnt burnt out).

Speaking of vanities

Mine looks like a shelf in the drugstore.

The shelf t the foot of my bed will have to be cleared up shortly but that will wait until later.

My next chore was to feed the zoo.  That done with one bowl of oatmeal in my tummy I was aIleady  to proceed.

I got a call from Jay’s sister who is in rehab so I spent time talking with her. Later the phone rang an it was my eldest.  W talked about how things are going with him and it seems like he is having the same problem my next door neighbor  is having with getting commitments on jobs lined up.

With my bedroom under control I moved on.

Out of line but hey that has been my life for a couple of weeks.

I finally got the new flag up outside.

Today it is raining and forecast is for icy conditions this evening. This means walk out now for the mail as soon as it comes.
As you can tell I’m having trouble staying on subject.

This was the other day but it looks like today!

Yes I know but my mood is blue right now. Not sad but it makes me fell like being by the water.

latest shopping trip before yesterday but holding up well.

When I get up from here I will cut these back and put them in clean water.

Well my friend I guess I’ve wasted enough  of your time for today.  Be careful if you must go out this evening (I can’t afford to lose a reader).






Yesterday With Family

On Easter Sunday part of my family joined us for dinner.

Grand daughter Courtney and her mom Kim.

David and daughter Cindy.

As usual I ate to much and suffered leg cramps in the middle of the night.  I have to learn the body doesn’t like as much as it used to and revolts with pain .

I did get a picture of Courtney and me before she went home.

Now I have recent  pictures of both my grand daughters with me.

Today I have to get out for Brandy food, some personal items, and just basically look around.  After two days in the house the cabin fever itch hit me this morning.

I emailed Marion (my friend in England) a happy birthday.  Her messages to me sound lonesome.

Well the weather forecast says the low 40s today but clear.  So I shouldn’t freeze out there.  Have a good second day of April.


The Night Before

Good evening.  I have been spending the day between reading and cooking.  I put chicken in the crock pot along with brown mustard, honey, orange juice, and soy sauce.  I set it for 4 hours on low and let it go.  The chicken was tender and the sauce tasty.

In the meantime I finished Chloe Benjamin’s The Immortalists,  It was a can’t get back and pick it up fast enough  experience. I have now decided on this.

I will start this after dinner tomorrow.

There are two layers of chocolate cake on the counter waiting for the cake holder to finish washing in the dishwasher. It will have vanilla  frosting with sprinkles.  Also I plan to make a Polynesian Sunshine Pie.

It will be assembled tonight then into the fridge.

I figure at least one of them will be a hit with the diners tomorrow.

I decided to have the Stouffer’s Lasagna dinner, garlic or crusty white bread, asparagus, a salad, and deviled eggs.  Not exactly Easter fare but it satisfies the dietary restrictions.

Well it is off to the pie making, cake frosting, and whatever I can do tonight

Have a great Easter I know we will.


Almost Easter

Brandy is ready for Easter

Yesterday she got her haircut and bath.

They even braided her fair and placed ribbons on her ears.

It will soon be April.  March seemed to fly by.  The weather is rainy but I think good for the flowers and I’m not upset.

Cindy has been busy at work so I kind of miss her.  David is not feeling well so he is resting a lot in his room.  I have been doing little jobs like a toothbrush to clean around the water facets, washing the bath mats, mopping, and cleaning Spirit’s cage.

Granddaughter Courtney is spending Easter with me and I’m trying to decide what to to make.  I have invited Les and Anne also if they wish to come up. (Nothing for sure on that.)  I think a Sun Shine Pie might be a good dessert.

Well I attempted a Dump Cake yesterday.  You remember Dump cakes.  ( no)  Well neither do a lot of people.  The online recipe I chose was incomplete ( Didn’t say how much melted butter). my two cookbooks didn’t even mention Dump Cakes so I winged it with what information I had.  It isn’t bad but my first thought is to dump the Dump cake.  (may do it yet)

Back on line.  Cindy got up before leaving for work, tasted the dump cake and after hearing her testing I dump it in the garbage.  I wasn’t happy with it anyway.

It is rain all day with snow later.  Just makes me want to crawl back in bed and forget this day altogether.

Yep I’m going to crawl back in the tick.   Later


Family Stuff!

Well I have been a couple of days or so away.  ( Believe it or not I just misspelled 4 words in that last sentence.)  Anyway Cindy and I went to Les’ yesterday for Courtney, my grand daughter’s party because she is moving to a new job out of state.

She is here with her dad (Les).

Others at the party the lady in white is Mrs. Gribble with her daughter, son-in-law , and two friends.

Mrs, Gribble is my daughter-in-law’s mother.

At the front table was Kin, Courtney’s mother and her sisters.

This was Courtney’s cake and I ate the red car!

Anne my daughter-in-law sat with Cindy and me.

Two days ago I finished The Rooster Bar and enjoyed it greatly.  I picked up The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin yesterday and am already on Part 2 chapter 10.  ( That lamp at my chair sure does make reading easier.)

When I got home yesterday I took care of this.

This is Cindy’s goose but I need Les to turn it right side up for me.

She is sitting on the back porch waiting to greet visitors.

Today I went into the freezers and pitched all the outdated Items.  This was a job that has needed to be done for a long time and with my fussy stomach it will  improve my digestion.  Now we may have a couple of lean days until I can afford to grocery shop again but we won’t starve.  Well I’m going to skip out of here for now but never fear I’ll be back to visit again.

Catsup Without Tomatoes!

This morning was get the nails done.  We arrived too early and had to wait a while.

The color is to celebrate Easter.

This little item is in a flower pat and it sits on the kitchen table

The egg wreath was moved to hang over the calendar in the kitchen

This is a littler easier to see.

This was my second attempt on turning Lucy into a bunny

Ok I give up on this one!

The left panel on the living room window

This is the new flowers from our shopping trip

Well I have to take some time out for reading because I’m getting backed up.  I just finished the AARP magazine yesterday and the AARP paper

is waiting for me.  I have three books to add to my must read pile one being from my birthday.

I received the Glass Castle today

The other I had gotten for my birthday.

By K. Patrick Donoghue I received a few days ago.

All are waiting for my reading time when i finish The Rooster Bar.

I have Cindy’s goose to dress in it’s bunny costume which I will take a picture ol It when it is ready.

But for now I have a bathtub to scrub, a dishwasher to start, and a list to check off.  Have a great hump day





Lots Of Stuff!

First new deco.

The new flag went up yesterday.

Colorful, bright, and cheery.

Next the windows.

The dining room window first.

Both the chicken and the egg light up with window clings filling in the bare spots.

The bunny family is in the main front window

Also the lighted bunny is in that space.

One of the side panels in that location.  The right hand panel.

This is the egg wreath in the side window in the front room.

This is the inside kitchen window.

This is the bunny I fell in love with this year and had to have

I said I wanted a reading lamp for my chair.

Cindy is my fixer and she put this lamp together fro me.

Now I can sit in  my chair and read.  Just one more thing to make my life a little better.

I did spend some time this morning reading The Rooster Bar  and am almost half way through it.

I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to make my gooses bunny ears yet.  ( This is called a purpose avoidance tendency)   But I promise I’ll get down.

Now there are a few more things to show you next time but for now that is it.





Almost Time To Change.

Good Morning.  I woke up a little after Cindy left for work this morning.  I decided to delay feeding the zoo until later in the morning so I did this instead.

Now this worked until roughly 7:30 am when the zoo got insistent.

Cats crying and birds squawking pulled me away from the table. So  I put James Taylor on the Bose and sat down to visit you.  Just a little break from the puzzle.  All I could think of was music relieves stress and indeed it does.

As I brushed my teeth this morning I  glanced in the mirror and caught a familiar memory.  I have the same Widow’s Peak my father had.

How appropriate is that!

People say you look like your mother but I look a little like both my parents.

Yesterday Cindy and I went to visit the hearing aid doctor.  After some time he raised the volume on both my aides.  Now I can hear my TV at a 25 instead of a 90+.  But I can also hear how noisy my sewing machine.

Speaking of sewing I worked on Lucy’s (my Goose) outfit for Easter.

I failed to get her bunny ears right but I’ll work on that this after noon.

I really have to work on prospective when trying to design something.  I keep saying keep practising and you will get it.  Good thing I bought a yard and !/2 of material.

It almost time to change the decor in the house and think about Easter.

Well enough messing around I have to get busy.  Have a great weekend and do something you love to do.