A Little Of This And That

It has been a few days since our last visit so I thought I better check in.  This post contains a little bit of everything so hold onto your hat!

First Thanksgiving decorations.

This is the bathroom shelf.

I had Fall leaves for the mirror but they didn’t stick.

We bought the flowers when we were at Sam’s Club.

A large bouquet at a reasonable price so I couldn’t resist.

Of course beads for the counter tree.

Not the colors I wanted but they work.

The living room window

The dining room window.

Both windows have lighted displays for the evening.

Under make it work this.

I bought an acorn squash to bake.

But when I went to cut it open to clean it out I couldn’t do it.  So I took it, a butcher knife, and a hammer and headed for the cement back porch.   It took a little muscle but I cut it open, cleaned it out, and baked it in the oven.  It takes a little engineering to get over the hard part.

I started a gift for Christmas and have had no luck with it.

I have ended up with this on the kitchen table several times

But by golly I’m going to keep trying until I have something to show for it.

My Brandy got a shot today that was long overdue.  When I asked why the delay they told me when they changed over to a new system it got lost in the shuffle.  You got to love them computers don’t you!

Well my younger son will be up this weekend to help me clean up a few things (computer wise) and visit with us.

I got my first set of flannel sheets a couple of days ago and I love them even if the are blush pink!  I’m expecting a second set in the next couple of days ( these are a print) so then I can change one set  while I wash the other.

My friend Inez brought me a bag of material and patterns to the Knit Night meeting that Pammie hosts on Tuesday.

I don’t know when I’ll get started using it but I know I’m going to have fun.

While Cindy has returned to a normal work schedule so I’m seeing alot more of her and I love it.

Well I guess I should go pick up the I crochet hook and attempt my project again.

Have a great rest of the week and do something good for yourself.





What To Do On Day 4

Went to the retired phone operators luncheon today wearing this.

It way too big but I had to wear it to get comments from the attendees

Funny how you pack things away forgetting you ever had them in the first place.  The luncheon was a series of I know that face but what the heck is her name.   It has only been almost 30 years since I retired but i worked there for a little over 29 years. ( Now  I wonder why I can’t remember names.)

I started going through the Thanksgiving boxes today and came across this.

My grandson, Dakota, was very young when he made this for me.

He is now 24 years old and I still pull it out every year and place it somewhere in the room.  Dumb I know but it is something I do.

I have started on decorating the windows but it just ain’t jelling so I’ll get Cindy to help me tomorrow maybe.

I don’t know how old this Cornucopia is but it still works so out it comes. 

I’ll be taking other pictures as the decorating continues.

Well it has been quite a day so I think I’ll  close for now.




Day Three

Well as my Grandma used to say ,”the eagle shit today”{ meaning the SS) came in so it was take Brandy to get groomed.

She is in resting on the bed.


i finally got into the shed today and found Thanksgiving.

Now all I have to do is unload it and start decorating.

This might not get done before Sunday but at least it is where I can get at it.

I finally found a pattern for a shawl with friend Pammie’s help and hope to get started on it next week.   She sent me several emails on patterns.  That is what good friends are for!

A look outside this evening brought this.

You sure can’t Autumn for great colors.

I’m sitting here eating boneless ribs and juggling the plate around the mouse.

Cindy is at work and David is playing Magic so everything is quiet around here.

Tomorrow there is a Retired Phone Operator’s luncheon at 1 pm then I free the rest of the day.  Some weeks nothing is going on and others things conflict not that I am complaining.

I almost forgot it is fall back this Sunday.  Daylight Saving Time stuff!

Well that is it for now but I’ll be back!



November !

Yep Halloween has disappeared from outside the Meadowlawn address.  A new note has been typed for the front gate.  All the eyes are out of the bushes.

Cindy made these and they worked very well.

Save your toilet paper rolls next year.  This is how you make them.

Cut eye shapes in them, add  light sticks and hide them in the bushes.

We had 46 beggars which was good seeing there were only six front porch lights lite on the 2 blocks.  It was a cold night to be out walking around so you got to give them credit.  David could hear them coming to door (I can’t ) so he handed out the chips.  I changed the calendars in the house instead.

This morning I got out, cleared out the bushes, changed the flags, took the plastic figures hanging on the front fence down, and cleaned everything but the back porch.

The new flag is up.

Yep it is turkey time!  Even if he  talks backward!

The good old Red, White, and Blue hangs out front again.

Inside everything is still up and remain that way until the cartons come in to pack every thing away.

The cats are fed so I’ll start on the birds next, and then Brandy.  I got the mail and there are two catalogues to go through so I’m delaying the inside clearing for now.  I hope your Halloween went well and that you will be back to normal soon.





Today Is The Day!

Today is 10-31-17 so I thought I would bring a few friends along to help us celebrate.

First up

Our friends from California


This is Merribell (me)


my offspring


the grand daughter


the grandson

We have all gathered (from different stages of our lives)  to wish you a Happy Halloween. Enjoy your day!

2 More Days

Who says Halloween isn’t important!  Here is proof for you.

Maria, Luanne, and Lucky sends Halloween greeting from California

It was a delight to receive this and I had to share it with you.   Seeing we only have 2 days left it was a had to post.

Now if you want something really scary try this on for size.


It seems like I need my youngest son to get this post done right.  He know all the TRICKS and working with him is a real TREAT!

I have been going through books and file drawers looking for a pattern that I used to have for a shawl but I gave a lot of my patterns away when I moved and can’t find what I need.  I have a lot of yarn, crochet hooks. and knitting needles but I’m short on patterns.  I tried going online but everyone wants you to sign up for their site.  Maybe my friend Pammie has something I can use.

The weather report says cold but no rain for trick or treaters.  I hope so because I have a lot of potato chips to hand out.

I finished the Reader’s Digest this morning so that has been disposed of.

While in my folders I found a bunch of handwritten instructions  for moving pictures, adding and deleting things all from before MS10 so I put them in an envelope for Les to check when he comes up next Saturday.  I’m sure they will go in the throw away pile but I want to check with him to be sure.  ( I sure can accumulate a lot of paper for an old fool).

Well I just finished one of David’s Fuji apples.  What a great flavor.  Now I think an hour’s nap is in order and Brandy is always ready for that.  Let me know how your plans for the holiday are going.







It Is Getting Close

Cindy founds my eyes in the shed.

I bought these last year but never got them put up.

So this year they are in the middle front window watching passerbys.

Today I went back to the canning kettle.   I now have an additional 10 cups of apricot jam and 17 cups of cherry/apricot to put on the shelf.  Now my apricot went well but I ended up with a little burn spot or two from the cherry/apricot.  It didn’t effect the taste   I just spent a while scrubbing that pot so I could put it away.  I think it is because I double batch it.

I got 2 great pictures of Maria and her dogs (in California)  in their Halloween best and I’ll get them up on the next post.

I decided to turn on the lights at dark seeing there is only 3 days left to celebrate the holiday.  As Cindy said how will the beggars know where to stop otherwise.

There was no reading today other then the November Reader’s Digest and I’m almost through that.

Well I have labels to make so I can clear the table so I better get to it.

Hope you are all set for your beggars.  I am with potato chips ready to go.


Did Some Old Things

Well Brandy and I walked our 2 blocks today–the first time in a while.  I took the camera and came up with these.

This is across the street at the base of Smoke tree

This is in front in Mr. Murphy’s yard

The Cowbirds were helping the little birds empty the feeder in our yard.

This is Murphy’s front yard

As Brandy and I walked our 2 blocks Mr. Murphy stood out front and kinda looked after us.

I found a couple more Halloween pictures to show you.

I turned the cauldron upside down to put our largest pumpkin on. (Cindy’s idea)

We added the sign to the other 2 pumpkins

Cindy placed these on the inside of the porch door.

Now we have roughly 5 days before all this comes down, get packed, and is put in the shed.

I must admit that the walk did both Brandy and I good.  I have to remember to add it back into our routine before the snow gets here.  As It is I had my old black and white checked jacket, my red stretch gloves, my cane,  and a slightly chilly dog on that walk.

I’m on page 65 of my Large Print Reader’s Digest and have completed 26 puzzles in my Fill It In so you can say I’m doing a little activity in all areas.

I got a call today from my dear friend Maria in California and was delighted to hear from her.  I’m going to pack a box of jam and ship it to her.  When Jay was alive we did this every year around Thanksgiving.  I think it is time to do it again.

Well I must say good night and hit the tick (as we old folks used to say).







Starting with rain this morning earlier. also after 6 pm today.  Wind is at 17 mph and will continue, even gain, as the day goes on.

The mail came today with this in it.  John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar.  Yesterday brought the November Large Print Reader’s Digest so I won’t lack for things to read.

David and I are going in search of something different for our supper today.  I went through the freezer but nothing grabbed me.  I guess the old lady taste buds are rebelling on me.   He has a couple of things to do so I’ll read while I wait.

I still haven’t got the chips for the beggars yet but I still have a week to get them.

Cindy is working again today but with her boss being on vacation she is it for covering everything.

So I guess that is it for now if not I’ll be back to add it on.

Change Of Plans

Good Early morning.  First the weather. 62 degrees, wind at 5 mph, rain starting at around 11 am and lasting all day.

I decided yesterday I would start reading the father and son’s novel   Sleeping Beauties  by Stephen and Owen King.  Now this book is 700 pages long so I won’t be taking it out when I’m going some place.  Instead I will carry J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye.  It is 277 pages long and will fit in my purse.  ( I realize that Catcher is a very old novel but I missed it the first time around so I’m trying to catch up with these stories now.

This morning I started with filling,then running the dishwasher, pulling the laundry from Cindy’s room, also from my room, and basically catching up because I spent yesterday with Wes in the afternoon.  He invited me over for spare ribs ( knowing how much I love them) because he figured we wouldn’t have too many more nice days to to use the grill. While I was there I shot another few color pictures.

Another reddish orange beauty

This bush is beside his driveway

This is looking over his backyard..

I think I’ll take my truck to Auto Zone,  see if they can meter the check engine light on the dash, and determine what the problem is.  I just don’t like driving too far when a problem is indicated.  I realize the truck is about 10 years old but I don’t even want to think about replacing it at my age.  It goes forward, backward, turns left  or right, stops when I step on the brakes,  so that makes it worth trying to keep it up.

I have to make a trip to Sam’s Club for the potato chips for the trick or treaters in a few days.  I believe this is best thing to hand out.  No worry about sweets, individually wrap, and easy to handle.

I think I had better check the laundry and the dishwasher on their progress.  Both are still running.

As to the zoo the cats are fed so I think I’ll move on to the birds then see if Brandy is ready to get up yet.  She won’t eat until later but she may need to go outside.  I have to get dressed, make my bed, and proceed with the away from the house duties.

Have a good day, a productive start of a new week, and take some time for you because you are important.