Didn’t Work

When I got my nails done this time I chose a deep orange. thinking I would wear this drape dress for my birthday.

I forget to smile when I take as picture with the mirror.

Well the dress was bought when I weighed over 200 lbs so it is falling off now.  I’ll save it for Cindy. The best laid plans!   I have to think about what to wear now.

I have been talking about the crochet project.

I finally had Cindy take a picture

Just turn on my Bose, pick up my hook, and i’m ready to go.

I finally mastered the new coffee pot, can set it up, put my Folgers in the container, and brew a carafe for myself.  Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

I thought I should take a picture of Spirit for a change.

I sometimes find that all I do is tell her to shut up.

She has been with me for over 20 years and I really should pay a little better attention to her.

Well I decided to use the Easter bunnies in the front window early.

After all bunnies fall in love too (as we all know).

Well I still have the check book to do to see where I am.  Also my new address book hasn’t been started yet.  So I guess I had better get started on these items.

Have a great rest of the week and do for you for a change!



Brandy Is Doing Good

Took Brandy into see the Vet this morning.   The pressure in her eyes has improved and the Dr. said that the original diagnosis was just over the borderline and it seems the drops are helping to bring the pressure down.  We can only hope that they will continue to work.  She has taken well to her new food and it is hoped that it will help the skin itching.

It is still cold outside and the snow is not disappearing.

I have been working on my crochet project every day and am seeing some progress.

Haven’t  been reading much but I do have the Sunday newspaper to go through.  I hope to get that out of the way today.

I spent the last couple of days going through a pile of papers in the mortgage  folder to try to get ready for the Tax man. I have made some progress but he will determine how well I did.

I think I may be trying to get a snotty nose again and I don’t need that right now.

That is pretty much what is going on right now so I’ll close for now.

Helpful And Happy

David took a project to make a handle

I needed a handle for one of my plastic boxes.

This box contains several craft project in cloth so the cover needed to fit well. He worked hard on it and this is the results

Now the contents are covered and the container easier to handle.

Day before yesterday he took over the kitchen and prepared Spaghetti Squash for me to try.  I liked it so yesterday he added fish to it for a tasty supper.

I made my life a little happier yesterday.

I moved my Bose into my bedroom.

I never played it when others were at home but now I can go to my room and crochet to my hearts content.  I can tap my foot ,even sing along with the music and my mood has improved a 100%.without bothering others around me.

Brandy is eating her new food with no problem and I can slip her pill in.  I still have to hog tie her to get the drops in her eyes but not every change comes easily.

I read in Sunday’s newspaper that Micheal Sims has written a new book. The title is Arthur And Sherlock.  It arrived today and I found myself in the middle of page 8 after unwrapping it. It tells how Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes.  I’m going to like this one.  But I have a couple of other books waiting for me so this will go up on the TO READ SHELF for now.

Well the snow is still with us and is certain to be this way for a while. I don’t have to like it but I do have to wade it.

I hope is going well for you and all the under the weather blues are gone.


Feb. 1

Oh boy new decorations  for the new month.

Upper Right side of the front window

Lower left side of the front window.

And of course the middle front window.

Yes it is the season of love.  I know I’m early but the way this nation is headed today someone should speak up.

Going on

This is on our entrance door.

Plus the traditional flag
( I try t0 have one for every special occasion.)

Now this is my nomination for the latest Valentine.

This is our latest Valentine

I hope you enjoyed my bit of fancy.  We will talk again.



Another month passes and I sit and wonder where in the devil it went.

Well yesterday started to rev up when I found I could get Brandy into the Vet’s around 10 am.  An examination reviled an allergy to something which resulted in changing her food, adding medication, and cutting out all extra good things to eat (treats).  Dr. said she has a heart murmur which I knew about but she also has Glaucoma.  This is condition that will last the rest of her life.and I have drops for that..

Now It took buying her food at Petco where I left her off to be groomed.  I then went to Kroger’s on Baldwin for her drops but had to go to Kroger’s on Dixie to get them there.

Then it was back to Petco to pick up Brandy.

The groomer’s said she was a girl so she needed ribbons

It was after 2 pm when I finally got back home but at least now I know how to help her. So now I know why I’m here!  I have another loved one to take care of.

Cindy found this and got it for our bathroom.

No more gooey soap for us.

Also a place to put shampoo and rinse that won’t get knocked into the tub.(We are getting high class huh.)

Well back to  rearranging my bedroom again.  I will either be happy or sleeping in the hall I guess.

Monday, Monday.

Good morning.  Up at 7:30 am, good night’s sleep, and raring to go. It is 18 degrees outside with a wind of 6 mph, and clear.  It looks like the high will be about 23 today and this is what it looks like

Right up on to the back porch.

Sometimes You just got to have a weak moment when you got to have something. That came yesterday when David took me to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I picked up this.

Well not exactly this but you know about curiosity and cats.

Yep it was originally Cindy’s idea but I had to agree it was a good one.

All I have to do now is get used to it.  The base that this sits on has a drawer for the cups of coffee, tea, cocoa, and misc. .You can even use your coffee in it.

Okay on to other things.

My project

I crochet yesterday for quite a while and both pieces are now the same size.  I have a ways to go but they are out where I can pick them up at any time.

Yesterday David help me in the kitchen.  We made Cindy’s Steak and Tomato dish  and the Mini meatloaves both on her diet.  We also made a Beef Stew and a large Biscuit Meatloaf  for us.  A lot of vegetable prep, and meat weighing went on but we got it done.

I have to call the Vet. and get Brandy in today or tomorrow because the eye and tummy problem is not going away. I want them to see the results before I have her groomed.

My poor messy baby

Well I guess that is it for now.


What To Do!

What do you do when you wake up at 2:48 am, use the bathroom, go back to bed at 3am, and are still awake at 4 am.  Why you get up make coffee, mop the kitchen floor, and get on the computer. It is now 6:37 am and I don’t know if I should go back to bed, crochet, read, or just visit with you.

Yesterday was a day of accomplishments.  Cindy and I started out at Sam’s Club with three items in mind and then cane out about $230. some dollars lighter.  Next It was stop at the storage unit, search boxes, and found this finally.

My easel –look out cat pictures I’m ready now.

Next It was on to JoAnn’s to buy more yarn.   I decided I want to add a second color to my project.

The dark brown to go with tan..

In preparation I printed a coupon for 20% off the total purchase,  The label from the yarn I was working with to make sure everything would be the same.   While I was there I picked up a bunny that Cindy and I fell in love with.  (I know  it is one Holiday early but hey!)  We also picked up a Valentines day wreath.

From there it was on to Ace Hardware for an item to turn an outlet from a two plugs area to six. for my bedroom.

Next we went to buy pasties for our supper then on to the grocery store. At  Krogers we picked up a few more items for the “larder”.

After that it was stop for gas on the way home.

Now we said we would only hit three places when we go out but somehow that got more than doubled .   We arrived back home at around 5:30 pm, with David’s help we unloaded the car. and put everything away.

So now it is do I paint, crochet, or make a couple of recipes up that I was planning on.

All in all it was a productive day.

Hope your weekend is working out fine also.

It is now 7:25am.

The Drawer!

Good Afternoon !  I have been knee deep in sorting my first file cabinet drawer since mid morning  just after 10 am. I had everything setup and the damn drawer got in the way.  It is 1:16 pm and I have moved my first tub (of three) laundry into he dryer and started tub two. The zoo was fed early only I missed feeding me.  I called my tax man’s office to see when my appointment is.  Next month so I still have time to refine the bundle of papers .

At 10 am this morning it was 34 degrees with a mix of light snow and rain.  Wind was 9 miles per hour.  It has stayed wet since then so I put off going out for the mail.  (I just grabbed a handful of crackers and a cup of coffee). Now on to the next thing.

I just bought two paint by number sets

One of my passions are big cats


I just have to start working on them.

Well I think I’ll slip on my boots and walk to the mail box.  Maybe Brandy will go with me.

The second tub should almost be ready to transfer then I can get busy folding.  Have a great day.





It has been a week  now.  One week of snotty nose, deep coughing, headaches, and plain f**king being miserable. You lay in bed until you can’t lay any longer.  You try to read, then you crochet, then you start the nose, coughing, and headache again.   You hide in your bedroom.  The sad part is you are not alone in your misery.  Everyone else is in the same condition.

But I’m better today.  I took no medicine last night.  I had no cough drops in my mouth to choke on.  I still cough a little, still blow my nose but not near as bad as it has been.

I’m going to wash my bedding, sweep my room, and generally clean up the area,  I’ll try to vacuum today.  Cindy fed the zoo this morning so I didn’t have to.  She plans to return to work (not sure is ready) but is going anyway.

I will try sorting out 2016 from my file cabinets shortly. (Behind on getting that done).

My general attitude is for shit right now but I know I must adjust that quickly.

Hope everything is better for you .

About Done!

Our bathroom tub/shower looks like this

All done

We are delighted.  Wes did a great job on the tile.  Don’s plumbing was excellent with things like raised faucets so there is no bending over into the tub.  Also his suggestion for a curved shower curtain rod helps to increase the inside area.  All in all we couldn’t be happier.

Later today Cindy’s friend Cutter came in to fix this.

This was the switch which controlled the lights, and fan in the bathroom.

It was loose, the cover was not fastened down and the a plug wouldn’t stay in the outlet and also wouldn’t work with out the light being on.

all is corrected now with switches for both fan and lights plus to ground fault plugs.

.  Thank you Mr. Cutter.

Well that is it for now.