Gifts Of Caring

Gifts Of Caring

The definition of funeral  is the ceremonies for a dead person prior to burial or cremation.  It is a cold, factual statement but it isn’t what happen at the service for Jay, my departed hubby.

No., in fact it was a loving, caring gathering of family, friends, and many of the people who have touched our life recently and some who were there before Jay and I married.

People like the Your Ride Drivers who took Jay to Dialysis.  Neighbors from here in our town now, back in the Lake Orion days, and even from Pontiac, Mi.  My Fix it man Bud, my son Les’  coworker, my dear friends Pam (for over 45 years) and her husband Earl, my psuedo daughter Darlene and her husband Michael, and so many more I could name.

Yes it was a celebration of the years we all shared.  It was a time to see even grandchildren of our friends and family.  The visitation time past quickly and I wanted a little more time to spend with everyone. But time, like life, passes quickly and the next moment is here to live.  Let me take this moment to thank everyone for their output of caring and love.  You have made a difficult time of life a little easier to get through.

Jenkins Waggoner Axsom Families

Jenkins Waggoner Axsom Families



Jay Axsom

Jay Axsom

Witty oh yes.  A trivia buff (don’t ask what time is it because he would tell you how to build a clock!).  He was an avid reader– had to have his 50,000 words a day!  He was caring and loving to family and friends and never met a stranger in his life. He made great jam to give away.

But this all ended this morning a 2:20 am.  He won’t worry about where we are because he can’t see us clearly.  He won’t have to worry if the meat is tender enough to chew.  Nor will he have to spend four hours in a chair three days a week with with a machine cleaning his blood.

No that is all behind him now and it is all for the better.  We will miss him terribly but we will remember all the happiness he brought us.  Rest In Peace Sweetheart.

What They Said!

The Axsom Jenkins Wedding Party

The Axsom Jenkins Wedding Party

Left to right: Mabel Miller (my grandmother seated),  Pamela Luttenberger (dear friend), Peggy Waggoner Lake ( my sister-in-law), myself, Albert J. Axsom ( husband to be Jay), Lesley Troy Jenkins ( my youngest son), Daniel Waggoner (my brother), Wesley Roy Jenkins (my oldest son) and down front Cindy Catherine Jenkins (now Axsom, my daughter). Officiating was Mr. Anthony Dobry ( Peggy’s father).

40 years have past since that day.  40 years of some very good times and some  bad times but still worth living every moment. Albert J. Axsom married not only Mary B. Jenkins but also Wesley Roy, Lesley Troy, and Cindy Catherine Jenkins.  It was indeed a big step for us all.   Today I wish my husband a very Happy Anniversary and hopefully a few more!!                          What they said was wrong it did last!

Outside today

Outside today


Three Days Have Past!

Where to start!

Monday morning I put Jay on the van to dialysis.  About two hours later he was back home.  His arm had clotted up and we needed to be in Livonia at St Mary’s on Tuesday morning. More on this later.

On Monday I had gotten up early and set up my kitchen  to can red currants.  Mike & Shirley ( friends) had brought over a sack of them on Sunday afternoon.   Well after Jay heated water for oatmeal that morning I noticed smoke coming out of the holes where the control knobs are.  Then the igniter started clicking but there were no burners turned on.  I tried turning on some of the burners and a blue arc & flash came out to the holes.  O K that was enough for me.  This is a duel fuel stove so there is gas and electricity involved.  So I called 911 and my friendly fire department responded. They did some checking, disconnected both the power and gas, and pulled the stove out from the wall.

What is there when an appliance isn't moved frequently.

What is there when an appliance isn’t moved frequently.

They asked me if I wanted it pushed back in and I answered no so they moved it outside for me.

Next thing on the menu was to clean up the mess which I did.

Much better now!

Much better now!

The stove is out here.

Looks good for 13 years old too bad it died.

Looks good for 13 years old too bad it died.

Now it is still sitting out side three days later. The hole where it was it still empty because I haven’y been able to arrange ordering a new one.  Why?  Well that is the other part of my three days.

On Tuesday I took Jay to the hospital ( roughly 84 miles away) arriving at 9:30 am.  The surgery was done, the clot cleared in his dialysis arm,  and we were on our way home.  It was too late to arrange financing for the stove so I was going to call Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday I called and left a message but DaVita called and said Jay’s arm was clotted again.  Over to pick him up, back down the 84 miles, and into the hospital again.  After waiting the afternoon I found out he was going to be staying the night and possibly a couple of days.  So it was back home again and try to get things caught up there.

Now I have the currants in the freezer, the canning stuff put away, but I still have an empty hole where the stove should be.  I’m going to call about financing, try to locate a stove, and check on Jay’s progress this morning.

Have a great day everyone!!

6:30 What????

6:30 am Sunday no reason to be awake except for this constant patting on my bed.  Plus a small voice saying some thing like come on girl, up Brandy, or something like that.  What the Sh** is going on I wondered blearily.  To make a long story short when Brandy is in her Storm Shirt she can’t get up on the bed.  So here I am sitting up mentally cussing every thing worth cussing at.  Off to the bathroom,do my duty, and decide I’m not crawling back into that wonderful bed because for one thing Brandy needs her shirt off.  That done I found my slippers headed to the kitchen, fed/watered Molly, took Brandy outside, started the coffee, and proceeded to assemble the ingredients for Oatmeal Cinnamon Pancakes.  Jay has problems reading the recipe so it is easier just to gather, measure, and place everything in bowls for him to combine and cook.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Yesterday Brandy and I watched a little bunny sitting beside the driveway checking out the grass for it’s breakfast.  When we made a movement to go outside it scampered into the brush.

Mr. mushrat also visited again yesterday.  I can always tell when it is getting close to mowing time because I get visitors from the creature world looking for lunch.

I finished Stephen King’s novel Dr. Sleep yesterday and while searching for my next read I found a five disc CD of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.  Read by Stephen Fry ( one of my favorite actors) I started listening to disc one yesterday.  I have a compilation of all five books on my shelf in the bedroom but for the life of me I seem to get lost in it before I get too far so the disc might be the answer to my problem.   I listened to disc two last night so I’m on my way.

My next novel to read is Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes then I’ll have to go back to Amazon to restock my selections.  

As to the lap robe—It is still on the end of the dining room table because the instruction say to do the satin stitch areas first.  I haven’t done this stitch in years and I’m avoiding it now.  But I have to pull up my big girl panties and get her done so I hope to attempt trying it  within the next couple of days.

Well outside the day is gray, rain has stopped after falling over night, and I see blue sky peeking through now.  It could be “a lovely day in the neighborhood” as Mr. Rogers used to say–lets hope so.

Almost 9 am and time to sign off—see you later.


What’s up?

Good Morning –62 degrees outside–sun is shining and I’m set in ‘geter done mode’.  First I have to tell you that when I look out the French doors this morning I caught sight of three deer running across my back yard.  It was so fast I couldn’t register the sex or size of them.

I wrote a list last night of what to do today.  Sometimes I can clear it and other times it is long standing chores  which takes more time or energy than I have.  But this morning I am on it and making progress. Yesterday at Sam’s Club I bought chicken ( legs, thighs, and tenders) which I separated, sealed, and put in the freezer.  While I was down in the mud room I cut up cardboard boxes and packed them to go out for recycling. As an added thing to my list I transferred Finch seed from coffee cans to gallon jugs to make filling the feeder easier.  That was three  things done.

Now comes the checking statement to figure.  This should be fun seeing yesterday’s shopping trip left me roughly $400. lighter.  But I did get a new battery for the bathroom scales, a bulb for my directional signal on the truck, ( I’ll get that installed tomorrow), bird seed for Spirit, and lots of groceries (plus staples) for the house.  That kind of day wears this old woman out!!!!

This morning I ordered Ink for the new printer/scanner to have on hand.  That will be delivered tomorrow.

Of course there is always laundry to do, dishes to catch up on, lunch and dinner to make, (Jay does breakfast on his non dialysis days,) you know the Domestic Goddess stuff. But with only roughly 50 pages to go in King’s novel Dr. Sleep I might get sidetracked temporarily.

It seems my pulling vines off the bushes by the driveway lead to a meeting with what I think was poison ivy (not sure but looks like it) so that has been a problem for the last few days.  I do have some cream that doctor gave me for my back and a prescription for the wasp sting that seems to help quiet the inch.  I do get into some of the dumbest situations.

I took time the other day to set up the thread for the new lap robe but that is as far as I got on that project.  Well that is what is on my plate for today. I hope every thing goes well for you and you remember to smile, and rest a bit.

Best Laid Plans–

–of mice and men–( well you know the rest).

Yesterday my youngest turned 42 years old.  We had planned to spend the day together.  But as the title suggests— didn’t happen.  Some one at her work had a panic attack and she was called in.  I’m used to this because I missed many things in my life because of my job.  But it was still a bit of a disappointment.

Anyway I wish you a very Happy Birthday Cindy Catherine Axsom and a better year to go with it!!!!!!


Just a short post to say I hope you had a great Fourth Of July.  I picked Jay up from Dialysis and we went out to lunch.  From there I came home, took a nap, and then made Smothered Pork Chops for supper.

I watched the fireworks on Channel 5 from Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland with Brandy in her Storm Shirt sitting on my lap.

I remember the days when we loaded the kids in the car and went into Pontiac, Mi. to watch the fireworks.  Then after we moved up here Jay and I would go down to Lake Orion and watch them from Wes’ (my oldest) front yard.

I also remember way back when I walked in a few of the parades on the Fourth as Merribell the clown.  Those were the days!

The Day Before The Booms

Yep it is the third of July with rain falling and 55 beautiful degrees.  I have Brandy’s Storm Shirt ready for the fireworks tomorrow and a pair of loving arms to hold her tight.

Yesterday I spent all morning mowing.

The tree line at the back of the yard.

The tree line at the back of the yard.

I worked from here all the way to the road out front.  I started around 9 am and ended at 12:55pm.  But everything is done and I filled up the tractor again for the next time.  This was just in time because it is raining this morning.

I was stung by a Paper Wisp ( according to my bug man) last Monday and am still having trouble with swelling and itching so I called the doctor’s office this morning.  He is having a prescription called to the drugstore for me.  Hopefully that will clear it up.

I took my hoop apart so I can go to the hardware and replace some screws and wing nuts. I think that will clear my problem with it because this is my next project and the last Christmas theme lap robe I have to do.

It is more work but I enjoy it.

It is more work but I enjoy it.

I have another lap robe that I put away about three years ago,   That will need the backing put on it but there is no hurry on that one.  Besides I have some Christmas ornaments and the project Silver Fox sent me that need to be done first.

I’m over a third of the way through King’s Dr. Sleep novel and enjoying it immensely.  When you take in the animal care, domestic goddess job, grocery shopper, and driver I’m am quite busy.  But that is OK because it keeps me on my toes.

Enjoy your Holiday, don’t eat to much, and remember to put your hand over your heart if you hear our National Anthem!


30 Of June!!!

It is hard to believe that this is the last day of June already.  Where is it going to so quickly?  I feel like I am running third in a three man race and am two laps behind!!!

Yesterday was a visit from daughter Cindy and David.  Cindy spent time doing nails for Jay and then working on my feet.  Calluses to be shaved and nails to be trimmed all to make me feel better about walking.  I, in return, mended two pair of her jeans.

David was busy putting the two air conditioners in place.  He also manned the grill making hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch.  Then he fixed plates for everyone.

This morning after I got Jay on the van to dialysis I decided to hold off on the air and did this instead.

French doors off the dining room

French doors off the dining room

I opened one of the french doors and turned on the fan over the dining room table.  Then to the kitchen.

The kitchen door (our front door).

The kitchen door (our front door).

With that door open with the fan in the dining room and the fan in the cupola it created a comfortable breeze.  Now as the day goes on I’m sure I’ll have to change things around but right now it is fine.

I weed wacked this morning around the swing, the crabapple tree, the Sand Cherry bush, and across in front of the porch.  I also did around the wishing well , the rock by the driveway, and around the Fire bush.  Then I came in to rest for a bit.  I think I’ll attempt mowing part of the front yard until I run out of gas.

Everyone loves company but Molly Is really into it.

Molly and Cindy's slipper.

Molly and Cindy’s slipper.

She spent a relaxing few minutes with her head in Cindy’s slipper yesterday.

Well I guess it is time to climb on that tractor and get busy.


Never made it out to mow because I was having trouble getting through to the Flint Journal to cancel my subscription.  Sometimes I wonder If I’m losing it or if some extra power is making life difficult for me!  Oh well not to worry because I accomplish what I want eventually.