In Parts

Good morning.  Got nowhere with the ornament making yesterday nails are too long.  Got into it over the mess on the table so I folded it up and put it way. I will try to work from my bedroom now on.   I pulled my novel of Poe’s work off the shelf but like Lovecraft  it is difficult to read so back on the shelf it went.

The temperature is 28 with wind at 8 mph.  It will be cloudy all day.

That’s it for this morning but I’ll be back later today.

Well I’m back.  It is 5:19 pm and i have updated in checkbook,  paid off Visa ( that hurt a little but it had to be done) and paid a couple of small bills.    I will now go into the bedroom and do some Fill It  Ins until my programs come on.  I may have shorted myself a little but I won’t know until later in the month.  The important thing is I’m caught up now.

Still waiting on getting the dishwasher running. I have paid this already so I’m not concerned about that.

Well you would be proud of me I picked up my dictionary and have been using it a lot.

Cindy is working, The zoo is resting all over the living room, David is in his room and I will soon be in mine so the only noise is the click of the computer keys.

Do have a good rest of the week.  Stay warm, healthy, and happy!



Well I got up all enthused today.  David took me to the grocery store and I got the shopping out of the way.  While there I saw these.

Just what I needed for Dutch Apple Pie Jam

I knew I would have every thing I needed when I bought the apples

I had the raisins, the spices, the sugar, the lids, the rings, the jars.   Oh oh the jars.  Normally I would run them through the dishwasher to make sure the were sterile.  But my dishwasher still isn’t fixed.  Still waiting for a part.  What now.  David said he would help me eat the apples and we could buy more later.  OK that solves that problem.   What to do instead.

I had finished Stephen King’s Elevation at 2:37 am.  Only 146 pages long but a fascinating story of a man with unusual physical condition.  No monsters, no killing, no dying, just how he lived his life helping others along the way.

I finally decided on this instead

Yep I dumped the ornament making stuff out on the dining room table.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

I’m not going to let something not being fixed derail my creativity.   The jam will come later.

Have a good week.






Did you ever have one of those days when you have hours of time available, many constructive things you could do, and you just don’t want to do anything?  This is me today.  I don’t want to read.  I don’t want to crochet.  I don’t want to make Christmas ornaments.  I don’t want to nap.  I just had lunch so I’m not hungry.  So here I sit staring at a 1/2 empty screen.  I have nothing interesting to say.   I think I’d like to go some where.  Where I don’t know.  Who to visit –beats me.   So here I sit…..  I’m not sad I’m just lost.

This Day In November

Good 16 mins. afternoon.  I woke up at 6 am this morning did my throne duty then decided it was too early so I crawled back into my warm place and dozed until 8 am.  I then got up, visited the throne again and  figured my strategy for tackling the day’s duties.  One room at a time with no side trips that cause me to jump around and take longer to call things done.

First my bedroom with stripping the bedding, putting in the wash, and putting on fresh.  Take my pills and clear my Desk (vanity).

That done

I then moved on to the bathroom.

I checked for anything that needed to be washed.

Emptied the waste basket and made sure needed supplies were available.

On to the living room.

First it was feed the zoo,

I made sure that the birds had seed and fresh water and the cats had water and food.  I checked the dog’s bowls also but usually Cindy or David takes care of that.  Then I checked the chairs to make sure the covers were straight. I checked for anything that should go the kitchen.

Now the kitchen.

I started the coffee maker first.

The dishwasher is still OD.  Waiting on a part that had to be ordered but some time next week it will be in.  Right now it is the  old hands in soapy water which  I don’t mind but I sure will be glad when I can load up the dishes, put in the soap and rinse agent, and walk away.

Then comes the laundry room,

I do like that little roll out shelf for supplies

Here I check the dryer for any clothes that were washed at bedtime last night.  I have already washed my bedding this morning so I transferred  that to the dryer.

With everything caught up I plopped my butt down to visit with you.  I’ll also play some card games, review the news, and of course worked on my  blog,.

I did find instructions on a scarf to crochet and a shawl I’d like to make.  I have yarn so I just need to convince myself it needs to be done.  I also want to read some more in Dean Koontz’s The Forbidden Door.  I have almost finished Stephen King’s Elevation which is a short but most interesting  story.

The sun just shone through for a bit so I checked the weather.   It is 34 degrees with a wind at 15 mph.  The snow is slowly melting with the roads and sidewalks clear. ( Don’t have to worry about busting your butt on the ice.)

Oh no it is melting!

Well I hope I haven’t bored you to tears but sometimes you don’t know what to write about.  Have a warm and safe weekend I know I’m going to.


OH NO Snow!

6:30 this morning

Oh shit where are my boots? I know where I left them last Spring

I have to admit I don’t like the cold but the sun on the snow is like a lot of diamonds and I have to smile as I see them.  So  it is Winter.  I don’t care what the calendar says.  You know this is my 83rd  Winter and this is more than a lot of people get to see.  This means I am healthy enough, lucky enough, and fortunate enough to live through another era of my life.

Not doing well with getting things fixed around here. Had the dishwasher looked at the other day and paid around $260. to have it fixed.  This morning it wouldn’t drain out so Cindy called them back and set up another appointment today to look at it again.  I don’t mind paying for something but I do expect to work correctly when it is declared fixed.

Cindy is on the phone setting up appointments for me with doctors that my personal physician has requested I see.  She is back to work so in order to attend with me she needs to control the time.  (She hears more details than me so it important that she be there).

Some how this display seems out of place when you see the snow outside

Had to plug the camera battery in just now.  I have another one but I don’t know if it will hold a charge so I’m going to have to check that out.

I’m going to rip out a knit project I started and find a crochet project to do instead.  I have a list of 18 one ball items that Pam sent me so I should be able to find something.

Well I think i’ll close for now–Have a great day!


It’s November

Snow tonight—-NO!

This is my fire bush today.

The first of two views

So beautiful but a sad warning of what is to come.

Our new shower curtain

Cindy loves to pick out subjects that like to share your shower

The new cat door on Cindy’s bedroom door.

Her choice of paint was gold and it turned out beautifully.

Onyx playing king of the mountain on my headboard as Lily looks on.

Well yesterday Cindy and I had our eyes checked,  Results she got new glasses .  I have weakness in my left eye (small print) but can get by with drugstore glasses right now. After that it was haircut time for both of us.

The haircut.

It is difficult to smile at yourself when you take a bad selfie.

I did notice the sides were a little crooked but hey it will grow our!  The objective was to have both sides of my head look the same. It didn’t happen!! ( Man dig them wrinkles) I looked a whole lot better when I was fatter!)

Today was fingernails day and I tried something new.

The idea  of leaves falling in fall. (What d0 you think?)

The temperature is 39 degrees.wind at 6 mph but out init it feels bitter.  I don’t know what I’ll do when it really gets cold!

I deserve a pat on the back because I used my new dictionary today.  You know I buy these things then forget to make use of them.

Well Cindy is making an appointment for me with a shrink because I think I’m losing it.  They say i’m not but I feel like things are slipping away.  Did you ever feel that way?

Hey we are a blue state!!!!  Maybe my vote did help.

Well enough chatter for now I have a bedroom to straighten up so I’ say bye for now.

We Got It

Today was decorate Thanksgiving so Cindy and I  did.  Here are a few pictures of our work,

The Outdoor Flag,

The Bathroom

Bathroom door.

Cindy’s room door

My Room door.

Front Room Window.

This was made by Jacki my Sister -in-law.

Jacki also made this.

Dakota, my grandson, made this for me many years ago.

Dining room window right side.

Same window left side

My friends on the microwave

Living room window right side

living room window left side,

On the book shelf

On the glass cabinet

Living room front center panel


Well that pretty well covers it.  I hope you enjoyed it.


Revision Time

Yep it is the first of November.  Time to clear away October and start to decorate for the coming holiday.  The front windows have been cleared and I have started gathering decorations on the kitchen table to be packed away for another year.

Just a small sample of what has to be packed away.

The bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen all have to be cleared away and put into black plastic containers for next year.   But first a few bits of October for you.

Libby gol her costume on and became our big pumpkin.  (It still fits!)

Cindy worked on the real pumpkin with David’s help.

This is the before

This is after

Some of our visitors thought the design was really neat.

Cindy carefully removed the seeds.

They will be salted and roasted.

Last night was a very good one for Trick or Treating.  David counted 80 youngsters all  together.  We ran out of potato chips and had dig into the candy stash.  So next year we will buy 2 boxes of chips.  The weather was such that I sat outside to greet the Trick or Treaters.  David took over for me after a little over an hour went by.  Looking out side now the area is neat and clean.

A school bus just passed a sign that all is back to normal at least outside.  Inside however it is not the case but I’ll get on that in while.  First I think I’ll rest for a bit but I’ll be back.


Update:  It is 12:23 pm and all  of Halloween is packed away thanks to Cindy’s help!  Good job  I’d Say!!!!!




October Is About Gone

Yes I know I’ve been away awhile.  Cindy has been in the hospital which has been a big distraction.  She is home now and resting.  It is the end of the month, low on gas in the truck, and kind of lost as to what to do.  But I am trying to do my best.


The Fire Bush in the front yard is turning red now.

Butterfly bush is on it’s last journey.

The trees are turning an leaves are beginning to fall.

Today the new window clings came.

Fall reminders

In a couple of days the above will replace the Halloweens one that are up there now.  At that time the Fall and Thanksgiving things will appear.  Some times It feels like I just get one set up and it is time to replace them.

I did finish the Reader’s Digest Large Print for November the other day.  A wide variety of articles that were interesting and informative.

I’m not into my Dean Koontz novel right now –just a few pages at a time.  Tomorrow I expect Elevation the Stephen King novel in.  (I think I’m beginning to lose it because I had to go into the bedroom to check on the author’s name.)  I did get my new Webster’s New World College Dictionary the other day. My old one was dated 2002 so I updated.

I found this funny.

Like I needed help opening the Aleve bottle 

Well it is 6:15 and time to think of supper soon.  I hate to wake Cindy but we must get on with the evening.  David is going to go check with her soon.

I have turned on the Halloween lights in the windows and will go to my room for a while.  Take care.




Gonna Wait!

With all the nasty things going on right now I want  to wait on fixing my problems for a few days. I have read that just a few blocks away someone has spray painted the front of a house and a car parked in the driveway.

As long as I get delivery this will not be replaced right away.

We have two projectors with Halloween images but they will not go out  right now . I will sit outside on Trick or Treat night like I did last year because there is no reason for not doing it just because a very few are being hateful.  So it will be bags of potato chips again.

Yesterday my son Les and wife Anne came to take me to the original Yates Cider Mill in Rochester.  Arriving there it was bumper to bumper cars going up the hill with the only parking being $5.00.  We decided to go to Canterbury Village to the Yates location there (good decision).  I bought cider and doughnuts for the house and had a little of each there.  We then walked to the Made In Michigan store and went through two floors there.   There I found this.

The ideal sign for Cindy and David

Now they have to find a place to hang it.

When we left there Les drove us to Big Boy for lunch.  I have a cup of Potato Soup and half a Corned Beef sandwich.  ( very good)  Then it was home to take a nap after all the walking when Les left for home.  It was a great afternoon out and I thank them for it.   I have been invited to his house for Thanksgiving.

It is sunny with temp in the low 50s wind is 10 mph. Just not quite warm enough to sit in the swing for very long.  I will spend a little time out there any for the fresh air.

There isn’t much going on here  David is napping along with all of the zoo. Cindy went off to work making it very quiet.

If you follow Facebook you will see where I made a little money at Bunko last Saturday.  Cindy said it was enough–two months in a row so I have to give someone else a chance. I did think I should buy a Lotto ticket while my luck is holding but I haven’t done it yet.  Darlene and Michael joined us Saturday night so it was like old home week. They brought me some pieces for my Fairy garden also.  Thank you guys.

Well My friend enough for now, stay well, and don’t let the nasties get you.