I’m Back On The 14th.

Good Morning–another sun shiny day.  Just finished Ruth Ware’s The Death Of Mrs. Westerway.  I was so impressed with it that  I ordered The Lying Game and The Woman  In Cabin 10.  They should be here in a couple of days.  In the meantime I have The President Is Missing to work on.

Brandy is doing pretty good with no seizures the last few days but I’m keeping her medicine up.  We are in and outside a lot.  I have had her taking a short walk the last couple of days.  THe vet said no walks but she goes to the gate every morning and a short walk to just past Murphy’s house and back seems to satisfy her needs. I feel as long as she doesn’t overdo we should be fine.

I found a new plant in the front garden.

It is in with the Bleeding Hearts,  What is it?  Beats me but it is pretty

An invasion of the seed feeder

Day before yesterday what looked like  these American Crows took over the feeder area.  I had to take down the feeder and put in the seed bucket until they had eaten their fill.  I put it back up yesterday and have had no problem since. I do have a Blue Jay visit some times now.

Well the zoo is fed this morning, the dishwasher emptied, and there is time for our visit before the rest of the humans get up.

I have a nail appointment tomorrow but nothing going today.  I think a short walk with Brandy, starting The President is Missing, and getting s few household chores done is the order of the day. Enjoy this Tuesday .

I forget to wish grand daughter Courtney a Happy Birthday yesterdaybut I did send a card.  Happy birthday! love you  Gram




Catching Up On Reading

Good morning on this sun shiny 71 degree day.  The high today will be 80–warm but not unbearable.

Well I finished Jeannette Walls’ second novel last night Half Broke Horses.  She has only had 2 novels that I know of but I really liked both.  Check them out you’ll enjoy them.

I start Ruth Ware’s  The Death Of Mrs. Westway  today.  I am almost through the September issue of the large print Reader’s Digest.   Called the Genius Issue it certainly showed how much logic I don’t have.but could be enjoyable for people like my sons.

This is how Brandy and I spent part of yesterday.

Her medicine is helping prevent the seizures when I can get it in her tummy.  So far she has rejected her food, two types of cheese, and it seems that peanut butter seems to work best on getting the pills in her.  Chris’ Pam suggested it and it works.

I still have to wash Brandy’s face because her eyes are runny.  But a warm washcloth and her drops are controlling that.  (It is like having a sick child, but like one you do what a mom has to do to help her.)

I have the zoo fed and the outside birds taken care of so after my visit with you I have my room to sweep but I have to wait until the sleepers get uo.

This month my son Lesley and grand  daughter Courtney (his daughter) have birthdays  My very best wishes guys!

Well it looks like I can run the vacuum so I’m up and out of here for now.  But I’m warning you I will be back.  Have a great day.

It Is The 7th of August

Good morning!

First Congratulations on Cindy’s 15 years at her job.

Next I finished Sleeping Beauties last night and have now picked up Jeannette Wells’ Half Broke Horses.  I had read her The Glass Castle and decided on this True Life Novel also.

About Brandy the vet has change the dosage on one of her medications for at least a week and then will confer with me about the next step.  The good news is she has had no seizures in the last couple of days.

I have to show you Juicey’s new outfit.

The closest I could come to Bonco ( what we play).

The Butterfly bush out front is doing it’s job now  but I just haven’t caught a large butterfly in it.

Beautiful Blooms on it

It rained over night and looks like it may rain again today which means no lawn cutting today.  I haven’t check the weather report just looked outside.

Well that is it for now–Have a great day!




Mary’s Day

Today is not Sunday it is Mary’s day because I proclaim it.  It has been a heck of a week with Brandy’s seizures. waiting for the 3rd so I could get needed supplies in, and fighting an unknown depression.  But that changes today.

First I guess Cindy and I won’t be doing a back and forth post because there is too much going on for both of us–maybe another time,

Now for the weather on my day.  It is sunny as I said, will be mid 80s and up all day, and the wind will be around 11 mph making it a good swing day.

I started my morning with French toast made with apple/raisin bread

I have wanted this for a few days and being My day I made it this morning.

Then to the computer to announce My day.

I have fed the zoo, gave Brandy her pills, ( she is resting right now,) so is every living creature.   Also outside the birds are fed, and the the flowers and bushes watered.  I think I might change the flowers on the shepherd pole for greens like ferns but I want to check with Cindy first.

I changed the flag yesterday seeing July was gone.

I love the satisfied look on the dog’s face. It is like all is right with the world.

A new Panasonic phone system now.

It is by the computer with another in my bedroom.  It is loud enough so I can hear it.  I really like it.  It is just another one of those things I needed to improve.  With the old one I had to pick up the unit to hear the messages.

Cindy picked these out at the grocery store the other day.

They sit on the stove because Lily will eat them otherwise.  Cindy said the pink caught her eye.  I like her choice.

Brandy got up and wanted out so I’m out of here to celebrate My day.

To Be Is New.

This is an ongoing thing between Cindy’s blog and mine.   I start .

Everything was going fine. the butterfly bush had visitors, the birds feeder was full, and the flowers and bushes were showing their finest when all of a sudden the shit hit the fan!  My companion of more than 12 years started having seizures.  Her heart the Vet said and prescribed medicine to control it.  Cindy jumped right in and went for medicine   My first thought was I was going to lose Brandy and my stomach tightened up.  Cindy help me set up a routine to get Brandy her medicine on time and help me get it correct.  This is the first of a lot of changes in my life.

Deep Breath

Well July is almost gone –It moved very fast!  When you are young time passes very slowly but when you are old It slips through your fingers like a hand full of mercury.

Lots of flowers everywhere.

This is the Red, White, and Blue butterfly bush in the left front corner of the yard.  (well that is what the label said.   But you don’t always get what you want so the song says.  ((But it is pretty.)

Across the street is another lovely bush.

Across the fence at the back of our yard is a row of different colored flowers on the bushes.

So as you can see we are lucky to have these colors around us.

I changed Jucie’s  Costume today.

It is back to the Butterfly for her!

When I go out in the morning I fill the bird feeder and water the bushes and flowers.

This David’s dad’s plant.

I accidently knocked it off the the fridge one day and have been caring for it ever since.  I hope to put it back in fresh soil along with another part of it soon.

I’m now on Sleeping Beauties page 521 of 699.  Stephen & Owen King have written a page turner and I can’t wait to reach the end.  I need to know who survives.

Well David is resting,  Cindy is at work, and I’m about to pick up my book again.

Been having a little stomach  trouble so I’m looking forward to my appointment with Dr. Friedland next month.  It is difficult to manage the upset and the pain when it hits and I think I would rather take my chance on surgery,  If I die I die,  That beats the anxiety I feel now.  But hey I’m a fighter so I’ll fight!  Besides I still got books to read, puzzles to do, and projects to finish and I darn well don’t want to waste the money not doing them!

Our weather is great –not too hot or too cool.  It could stay like this all the time.

Have a great week ahead and do something for you



24th Misc.

Good  Morning on this 24th day of July.  The following is a bit of everything but nothing really important!  First from the drugstore.

Yes it i9s a dress –who would of thought it.

I could have gotten a small but it is for around the house so I’ll keep it.

Bedding changed, and the room is in order this morning.

Bathroom is in order plus living room is under control.

The zoo is fed, outside bIrds also.  Watered the flowers, bushes, and plants so the outside is done.

I’m listening to Mark Knopfler’s Get Lucky. Earlier it was The Best Of Bread and next will be Carol King and James Taylor’s  Live A The Troubadour.   Spirit, my African Gray, was talking none stop when I first got up.  Things like where is the dog. But when I started the music she started squawking so I had to cover her.

Lily isn’t happy sharing the front window with the Fairy stump.

Libby is being a very good girl for  ( as they say) grandma.

The magic words are you have to be by me.

Well that is it for now.  But you are not rid of me yet.







Good morning on this damp day. I’m not complaining because otherwise I would be out there with the hose wetting every thing down.

This and the following are blooms off the butterfly bush.

It grows in the left hand corner o0f in the front yard.

I have seen a Monarch butterfly in among the branches so it is doing it’s job.  I water it every morning unless, like this morning, Mother Nature is doing it for me.  I also water the hanging plants out front and those around the back porch.

This morning I have my zoo fed, the curtains open, and my coffee on the desk.  My Brandy is here.

Not quite ready to get up but not wanting to miss anything either.

A little later we will get out and walk our 2 or 4 blocks for exercise if the rain doesn’t increase.

In the to read section I have the following.

A little dark.

Still working on King’s Sleeping Beauties, also Dean Koontz’s The Whispering Room ( this one goes with me when I’m out in the car while Cindy does errands because it fits in my purse),  I also just bought Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls.  It is part of her true life series.  After reading the item in the AARP issue I decided to buy  The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.  So I have a lIttle reading to catch up on. At least I have broadened my selection of authors in my old age.

I have changed the front window decor.

I put Cindy’s Fairy stump in the front living room window.

I also added these.

In the left side panel of the window .


In the right s8ide panel is this.

Just a little fantasy to add to our decor.

Yesterday my friend Darlene came up ro spend the day with me.

We decided to walk the Meijer’s store

Well as per usual I can’t visit a store without finding some thing to spend money on.

To replace the broken and chipped dishes I have destroyed over the past two years I found these.

I plan to buy one more set shortly so we will have enough to feed 8 people on.  I also need to find some serving bowls.

Darlene took me to lunch afterward and I ate too much.  This I paid for last night –getting up a couple of times to try to settle my stomach.  I deserved it because I know better– I’ll learn some day–but it tasted so good.

Grocery shopping the other day I found these.

Just the thing to bring smiles into the kitchen. Well that is this for now.  But I’ll be back.




Restoring The Normal

Lots of up in the air the last couple of days.  We have been getting the place set up for when David comes home from the hospital.


We removed the king size bed so Chris Murphy could set up the hospital bed  Chris had one in storage that we can use when David comes home.

Of course every thing got moved to the front room while the bedroom was being set up.

With the hospital bed in next came Cindy’s bed.

This involved buying a twin frame, usi8ng one of the box spring from the king bed, and buying a mattress for it.  She also bought one for the hospital bed.  There is now a small table with a “clap hands on” lamp on it between the beds.

The chair went back into place, the spare  box spring went outside,

The bird cages went back in place and left just a few things to work on finding a place for.

It is almost normal in there now.

Before David went into the hospital I got to be up close and personal with Erin.

David was holding him when he wanted to come to me.

So for a little while he sat on my shoulder.  Cindy cleaned his cage then he went back in.

While Cindy goes to visit David Libby stays by me so she doesn’t have to be in her cage.  I just carry on with the chores, read a little, watch a little TV, and we get through the day.

Cindy and I did a little grocery shopping today and I also bought a new vacuum.

I had a Hoover before and it did the job for a long time so I stayed with the brand.

Well there was no walk today but I will try to get back on track tomorrow.

You have a good weekend and I’ll visit again.