Spoiled Momma

Today I can say I was a spoiled Momma. Two of my three children showed me a day that was filled with places that I hadn’t visited in a very long time but wanted to see.  It started with Cindy this morning.  Just a few blocks from here is a very large flea market. I hadn’t been in there in years.  Well this morning Cindy and I made the rounds.  I took my walker because I knew I was going to need it.  We went in the front door and decided to walk the outside aisles first.  We then walked the inside aisles until we had covered the whole thing.  I was thinking  as we were leaving that I hadn’t realized  how large an area it covered,

After we got back home my youngest son .Lesley. and his wife Anne came to take me to lunch.  After we ate we decided to visit Canterbury (Spg?) Village.  We visited Always Christmas and looked at all the lovely things on display.  So many things and I knew I wouldn’t remember everything but I loved viewing ever thing.  Maybe when I get my finances figured out I’ll go back and buy some things.

So my day was spent going to places I hadn’t been to in years and loving every minute of it.  I thank both my children for a full and enriching  day.

Rest Or Play

A visit to the doctor showed I still had a large calcified plaque in the abdominal aorta with SMA stenosis.  What all this means is a blockage  that cannot be removed surgically because of my age.  He has me on medication to try to control it.  I see him again in around Aprill of 2019.  Now I’m not in pain all the time so it is the best that can be done.  Remember I’m 83 and I count myself D##n lucky that this is the worst going on.

Well I finished Dean Koontz’s The Whispering Room last night and started his The Crooked Staircase today.  It is another Jane Hawk mystery.  I enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to this one.

The project I’m working on.  (Still don’t know what it is but)

It is Pretty and I’ll find someplace to use it.

Cindy bought her cats a toy.

Lily is loving it but Cali not sure yet.

Libby on the other hand is happy just to gnaw on her bone

The Frankenstein monster suit I bought for Juicy (Cindy’s goose) arrived yesterday so now we have to wait for October to put it on. You know I think I already told you that.  Oh Oh I think I’m losing it !!

I changed the flag outside.

Just can’t find one that is right but this is close.

Well Cindy has gone to work and I have finished all my chores ( either this morning or after I got home from the doctor so now it is time to rest o play!

Have a good week and lets hope it warms up a bit.


I Confess

I don’t know about you but August was a terrible month for expenses.  But I took a deep breath and started writing checks.  I’ll need  a couple more months to climb out of the hole again but by God I’ll do it.  The Vet bills for Brandy and Molly was part of the problem but I had to find out what was wrong and then decided how to  correct their problems.  I loved them and I’ll miss them.

I must confess I spent a lot of money on things I wanted but I really didn’t need.  Then it dawned on me the holidays are coming and I have nothing put away.  So I have started to to figure out how I will correct the situation.  I know  i’m not alone in this situation but I also know if I get my head out of my a## I’ll get things under control.

On another front I’m still working on the Dean Kootz novel.  I will be crocheting again because I bought the yarn I needed.  When I use this up I will go to my extra stash and work on something (hopefully) for gifts.

So what looked hopeless was a positive ending.

I hope every thing is working out for you and that you are looking forward to the coming months.


Taking Care

Good Morning!

Well we had a storm last night.  I heard part of it but was too tired to lay awake for it,

The gazing ball blew over

But the real test was this.

I’m going to need help to right this thing,

]f the weather clears this afternoon Chris is coming in to mow.  He will set the swing back up.

Yesterday I sat out all day and and worked on trying to remember how I did this

It finally came to me after a lot of ripping out.

It is a little sloppy but at least I’m on the right track.  When you don’t do something for a very long time the mind files it away deeply.  Even having the instructions written down doesn’t make the hands perform it correctly.

It finally came around.

What am I making –beats me –just using up yarn and practicing an old thing I used to do.

I’m half way through Dean Koontz’s The Whispering Room and if I pick it up I don’t want to put it down.  I even wake up in the middle of the night and read for an hour or so.  The other day I picked up his The Crooked Staircase and will be reading it also.  His main character is female and she is intelligent, clever, and brave.  ( She listens but she don’t take no s##t. )

I ordered a Frankenstein costume for Cindy’s goose for Halloween.  I will wrap mine in bandages like a mummy.

Well Spirit is still talking as I pass the cage.  I’m going to have to take time to sit with her a little each day to show her I’m paying attention to her.

I see the stomach doctor on the 10th and I’m interested to find out what he suggests.    Also have an appointment with the hearing doctor this month.  I can’t say I’m not trying to take care of me.

Well have a good day and enjoy our voyage slowly into Fall.



Yesterday I only walked 1 block–today I didn’t walk at all. It ain’t no fun without Brandy.  I just want to take a nap.

Our lawn needs to be cut and I have called twice on it.  Nothing!  All of a sudden except for Cindy and David  I’m just not alive!  I’m headed to the bedroom now.

Labor Day

I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day. This morning Cindy and I stock up at Sam’s Club then she went to work and I spent time trying to be creative. In the old days we would fix a picnic lunch or go to Pontiac Lake ( before the fancy way to get into it now.)  But time marches on and things change ( for the better?).

Today I sat in the swing and worked with the yarn I had just bought.

i rewound it into balls because it is easier to work withl

I then crochet a mat to mount the two plaques that the Vet’s office sent me after Brandy and Molly were put down.

It also has a glass over it.

I have a frame to mount them in

While we were out this morning Cindy picks up these,

Got to have flowers!

She made a meat loaf before she went to work yesterday.  She put mozzarella  in middle.  One word yummy!

It was great

It just started raining with a bit of wind.  Hopefully we won’t lose power again.

Well take care .












Save The Tomatoes!

My neighbor brought me these.

Small tomatoes -lots of them.

What to do.  Too many to just eat.  I went to work placing them in boiling water, then into ice water to remove the skin.  I then started some jars in the dish washer, set out rings and lids, and located my recipe for Italian Spiced Tomatoes. I brought in the canner. set out my spices,   and mixed everything.  Bringing it all together I came up with this

Seven and a half jars i gave one back to the neighbor))

Now there will be no waste.  I really didn’t really want to can but I can’t let things spoil.  Now everything is put away and I’m free to do  what I want.  I thought a visit with you was called for so here I am.

The exciting thing that happen during this time was a very bad thunder storm. I had just gotten everything into to jars, the lids on, when the power went out.  Using a flash light I managed to get the jars into the canner and David took a match and lit the burner.  Using the  flashlight I started timing using David’s phone,

After the water started boiling we timed that and remove the jars to the table.  I then laid down until after the power came back on.  What an afternoon


It’s Chilly

Good Afternoon.  It is in the low 70s with clear skies no sunshine but a slight wind  making it chilly to sit out.  I walked 4 blocks today.  I could tell I haven’t been doing this.  I used my cane part of the time and carried it the rest.  I have got to get moving again or I’m going  to lose my mobility.

My clothes for today.

I needed to dress warm so this is it.

I got a picture of my last remaining pet,.

This is Spirit an African Gray

She has been talking to me as I pass the cage so I’m going to have to stop and converse with here more than I have.

I’m page 137 of The Whispering Room so I’ll be reading this for now.

I gave the rest of Brandy’s food to my next door neighbor because she has 3 dogs,  I sent Molly food with Cindy because her co worker has a cat.  I’m still have moments when I try to tear up but I’m getting better at controlling the feelings. I’m still feeding the zoo in the morning and also the outside birds ( it is part of my chores)

i haven’t heard from my friend Edna so i don’t know how Lady is doing.  I’ll call her in a day or two.

Well that is it for now.  I hope your weekend goes well.


The Last

The last of my tears for a while.

Just resting for a bit.

Molly was 17 years old with an infection and a blood disorder.  I decided to put her down this morning.  I hope this will be the last of my tears for a while.  It has been a hell of a two weeks.  I just want to lay down and not get up but I still have things I have to do before that time.

But I’m not the only one.  My dear friend up North has her Lady ( her dog) who just stopped eating.  Lady has been Edna companion for many years and now she might be giving up.  Edna will be heartbroken if Lady goes.



Getting There

Just cleaning up a few details today.  I called Home Again to report Brandy’s demise.   Also took Molly (my cat ) into the Vet yesterday.  She is  very dehydrated and they did a blood test on her.  I’m waiting for the results today.  She kinda of got pushed aside when Brandy got ill.

She is a little under the weather  so I’m took her into the vets 

The expenses are mounting up but when pets get old it is expected.  When I checked for Molly just now I found her here,

Curled up on the cat perch.

She looks like she is snapping out of her condition.

Cali and Lily our sharing my chair.

I’m starting to loosen up on my stress condition.  It has been a bitch of a time these last few days.

Well I finished the Large Print Reader’s Digest for September yesterday and am still working on the Dean Koontz novel.

It is in the mid 80s today and will be all day so I will be spending time outside again.

Libby has been in her cage barking to remind me (David and Cindy are at the doctors) she wants out.

Spirit, my bird, is banging her bell against the cage as if to say I’m here too you know!

Well I guess I’ll go let Libby out for a little time and then we will be back in the house

Have a good day.