Many More!

Today is Courtney’s day.  Our Granddaughter is 16 today.  Here are a few of her younger days !

At age one she was a little beauty!

At three she knew how to blow out those candles with charm!

She had some training as a dancer at around seven years old.

One of my favorite pictures was when she wanted inside the bird cage.

As the years pass my young lady grows more lovely.

So Happy Birthday Courtney!

And many,many more!

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3 thoughts on “Many More!

  1. What a lovely girl.  They grow up so fast don’t they. My grand daughter is also turning 16 this year.  Where does the time go?

  2. What a lucky girl to have a grandmother who cares so much.  Congratulations on turning 16.  The photos are all wonderful.

    And Jay, I hope your recuperation is going well!

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