Snow Through Screen!

Back home and I don’t know who is happier Brandy or me!  I came in last night and of course there was a lot of sniffing of both me and wheelchair.  Molly is tolerating It taking up space in her house but Brandy was a different story this morning.  She beg to get up into my lap until Jay picked her up and put her there.  Now Brandy never sit in my lap so I thought I’d have Jay get a picture for me.

I am still on a Stryker Pain Pump but it will run out sometime tomorrow,.  Then I’ll have some idea of the pain level that I will have.  That is when I may have to use some pain pills.  The visiting nurse was already here this morning and will be back on Thursday.  She also said a Physical Therapist is scheduled to come out this week. 

. I asked Jay to put a little something over my feet last night because they were cold and when woke around 3 (something am)  I found myself tangled up in three quilts and wondering if I would ever find the floor.  But I was warm by golly!!

I was up at 6:30 am this morning and have been in the chair and on the walker several times since.  I was going to sit on the ( don’t know if my spelling is something you sit on or something you ride in so I will use) davenport instead.  But I was afraid that I couldn’t get the leverage to push myself into an upright position to use the walker. I gotta work on that one.  I think however by the time a go back in for the other foot I will have more than enough upper body strength. Wheeling that chair around on carpet or basically jumping on one leg using that walker ain’t no easy task .  But we will get it!

As to the weather here I just opened the French Door to get a picture.  As you can see it is snowing and sticking. I couldn’t get up and open the screen so please forgive.  Well my friends my bladder calls and if you will excuse the bad taste I don’t want to pee in my cast.  I’ll be back!!!

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7 thoughts on “Snow Through Screen!

  1. Aw, Brandy is so cute.  Nothing like being away to make her appreciate you when you get home again!

    Dang, our snow didn’t stick—in fact it turned to rain this afternoon, then the wind pretty much dried the walks and roads,
    and now it’s c.o.l.d. @ 34o brrrr

    Keep up your spirits during recuperation.
    Knit some more squares and send ‘em off to Pam!

  2. Glad to have you back!  Hope that you have a quick recovery and hopefully not too much pain.  The snow did not stick here, but we got lots of rain.

  3. tongue wink You go girl!!  It was good to see you in that chair and at home.  Your an inspiration to us all.
    I look forward to our next visit and a chance to cook with Jay.

  4. I sure hope you are 100% soon, but from what I have seen of you so far, I am sure you will be.

    “Davenport”. Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a loooong time! Every once in a while, when the words get stuck in my head, I use the term davenport, and my stepchildren look at me with that cocked head and blank look that the dogs give me when they know I am about to give them a treat.

    And little Brandy is a sweet heart. I don’t care what anybody says, dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. Jackie and Angel stick by me when they know I am sick or upset, and it looks as if Brandy knows her Momma needs her right now.

    Take care, Momma… and here’s to a speedy and full recovery!

  5. “Pee in your cast!” Okay, those words tell me you are enjoying your pain pills just a little too much.  Still I am glad to hear you still have your wonderful sense of humor.

    Brandy looks very content on your lap.  Maybe this is a breakthrough and she will want to do it all the time.  Dogs are wonderful at adapting to our needs.  Aren’t they?

  6. So glad to hear you came through the operation alright and are on the road to recovery.  It sounds like with your prior preparations and with your dear family’s help, you’ll have a much easier time to recouperate.  Glad to see you and your wonderful humor are back online again!

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