I’m Seventy-Three!

Today I’m 73 years old. 
Am I glad?
You bet!!!
Despite all the wrinkles, the white hair, the laughter, and the tears it was worth the run!!!  I’m looking forward to the next 10!

At the Tax man’s office yesterday he gave me this as an early birthday present.

Yes my friend it is a belly button lint brush.  It is the first one I’ve ever owned.  WOW!

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About Momma

Now 85-years-old on February 22 and I'm still on the right side of the grass. Mother of two sons and one daughter (Bloggers SEB and Cindyisms are two of them). I'm Grandmother of three. I have lived with my middle son for almost a year now and he hasn't kicked me out yet. I stay active with household chores and feeding my zoo. (2 cats, 1 dog, and 1 bird.) Retired after 29 years+ at Michigan Bell Telephone and ten+ years with The Oakland Press. I was active with the telephone company union and a Dale Carnegie graduate. I work at crocheting, knitting, making ornaments, and other projects. I do a little canning. I trained with the Michigan Bell Clown troupe and then I was a clown doing parades, parties, and picnics for about 15 years. My other passions are music from the 50s through the 80s, reading, birds, flowers, my pets, big cats, and of course blogging!

22 thoughts on “I’m Seventy-Three!

  1. Happy Birthday Mom!!
    May You Have Many More!!
    Hope your day is beautiful and full of surprises and laughter.
    Love ya

  2. (“la-la-la-”…warming up) Happy Birthday to you…(lalala)
    Happy Birthday to YOU (lalala)
    Happy Birthday to my bestest, dearest friend Mary (lalala)….
    Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to You-oooooooooooo!
    (and have a great time using that belly button brush, too!)
    Love, BIG huggies, etc.;
    Pammie the crazy, but very loving friend!!!

  3. The little puppy kiss is the sweetest picture ever!

    Happy Birthday, Today, with promises for more in the years to come.

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  4. Great happy birthday just visited your site and found your news!! 

    I have another rock and roll evening tomorrow Saturday when a local star from the sixties is to sing again for us, although wheelchair bound nowadays with motor neurons disease and cannot move his arms etc, but still can sing!!  He was one of us as young ones in the 60s and had his own Group then.  Of course a younger Group backs him now but there will be about 3 – 400 of old teenage friends coming and enjoying all the memories hopefully!!  Many late 60s now in age,
    some in their 70s like youself.  We usually end up rock and rolling at the end of the evening.
    Am going with two good lady friends so hope for a fun evening.

    Trust you are celebrating you birthday.  Marion

  5. I would like to wish you a happy birthday because you are the same age as my sister who turned 73 on February 2.  My compliments on your blog and the fact that you are doing this.  I wish I could get my sister to do something like this.  She has become very depressed the past couple of years as her daughter is battling ovarian cancer and my sister seems to find very little joy in her own life.  You, on the other hand, seem to be handling life very well.  Congratulations and many more wonderful years to enjoy.

  6. Happy Birthday, Momma!  Now that you’ll be cleaning your belly button regularly, you’re good for another 30 years, at least!

  7. I love the belly button brush.  Just remember that if you accidently unscrew your belly button, your butt falls off. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday.  P.S.  I am Diane’s cousin.

  8. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady.  May you live long and prosper and may there be much joy in the next 20 years…. the heck with just ten!

  9. Happy birthday! (You don’t know me. Mrs. DoF sent me )

    …That is the first belly button lint brush I’ve ever seen.

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