Miss Violet Comes To Call!

You can always tell it’s Spring Time when Miss Violet comes to call.
She never comes in winter not even in the fall.
She doesn’t mind the old leaves that always share her bed.
She just needs a little space to rest her pretty head.

We never need some teacakes because she never comes for tea.
She just visits for a while spreading colors for us to see.
She spreads her lavenders, her purples, and whites among the lawn so green.
The patterns in the way she moves are lovely to be seen.

Her welcome never is worn out because her stay is short.
But when you see her in the yard you can’t be out of sorts.
So when I see Miss Violet she always makes me smile.
I’m only sad when I realize she’s here for just a while. 

Not a great poet but I try   Momma

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About Momma

Now 84-years-old on February 22 and I'm still on the right side of the grass.. Mother of two sons and one daughter (Bloggers SEB and Cindyisms are two of them). I'm Grandmother of three. I have lived with my daughter for almost three years now and she hasn't kicked me out yet. I stay active with household chores,and feeding my zoo. (3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 birds.) Retired after 29 years+ at Michigan Bell Telephone and ten+ years with The Oakland Press. I was active with the telephone company union and a Dale Carnegie graduate. I work at crocheting, knitting, making ornaments, and other projects. I do a little canning. I trained with the Michigan Bell Clown troupe and then I was a clown doing parades, parties, and picnics for about 15 years. My other passions are music from the 50s through the 80s, reading, birds, flowers, my pets, big cats, and of course blogging!

3 thoughts on “Miss Violet Comes To Call!

  1. Lovely poetry.

    I usually think of the quote by Mark Twain

    “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”

  2. Wow! Until I read your last little line, I thought it was an old poem (from, perhaps, my grandmother’s time?)…VERY NICE, MS. Poetess! I’m impressed!
    ps: I love seeing the lawn scattered with their violet and white faces…they seem so cheery!

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