Yes It Is Political!

Now on to the campaign for the President and the Vice of these United States.  I have avoided this subject but I must confess I have been annoyed, upset. and even confused by the actions taking place.  I won’t even pretend to know all the issues, or the personalities, or the ‘what will happen ifs’!  I will however state that this crisis our nation is in will not be cured by a new President immediately.  Like losing weight it took a while to gain it and it will take just as long to lose it. 

I am so tired of hearing ‘what is wrong with my opponent and the opposite party’.  I want to hear that the leaders of this country are aware that people are losing their homes, that not every citizen was able to get a degree in a job that is left in this country,  That milk costs as much as gasoline, that people are getting sicker and even dying due to lack of decent health care.  I have sat through “let us make fuel out of corn” and then hearing that converting it is expensive.  Not to mention what do we eat when this is an accepted method for fuel.  How long will crops like beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. be grown when corn is the ‘cash crop’? 

When do we stop hearing about the noise the wind generators make and the dangers they may present when we need all the alternative energy sources we can find.  What happened to using flowing water to generate electricity.  Surely every river, stream, or source of water has not dried up in this nation.

We seem to be the target of ‘make them run scared and you can lead them like sheep’.  Well I’m not a sheep!  I want my right to privacy, my right to make a living and pay my bills, to raise my children to respect other people rights and property.  To lead this country you have to have people who will take a chance, change an accepted way, yet still look back on the ideas that built this country. 

We as a Nation have lost our credibility.  We have been so full of ourselves about how all people of the world should live, should worship, should raise their families, and rule their people that we feel we are the only ones that are right. 

The President’s speech the other night was very informative but where were the facts about the job losses due to the greed of companies for higher profits.  True, many of the jobs sent overseas are entry level, sit and talk type things but that leaves our untrained people with no way to make a living, pay their bills. and afford to increase their knowledge through education.  I must say I can’t buy your cars, trucks, appliances, your stock and bonds, and your houses if I don’t have a job.  He also omitted the money sent over seas to help other countries. The fact that we have to borrow from China to survive.  That many tax breaks helped to plow us under.  That our major companies are being bought by foreign interests.  That the little incentive bonus we got this summer will cancel our tax returns next year. That his leadership has caused a good amount of our deficit as well.

Then the debate was a farce.  One man saying I know those people, I’ve been there, so I can do the job.  Well he certainly wasn’t using his wealth of knowledge here lately.  The statement, “He doesn’t understand” repeatedly used about his opponent was annoying.  More time was spent correcting statement of half truth than presenting ideas to help cure the current crisis.  The time spent could have been used better standing on a corner with a sign saying will work for food.

This business that women will swing to McCain’s camp because Clinton didn’t get the nomination makes me wonder if our females are so prejudiced or just ignorant that they would do this. 

I am so looking forward to the VP debate.  I know nothing about Senator Biden (no I didn’t Google him) and I’m curious to know if Palin is as scattered as she appears to be or is it an act.

Please feel free to argue with me—it is how I learn.  Or you can just ignore this post If you have had enough.

If you haven’t figured it out my choice for President of these United States of America Is Barack Obama.  ( I for one don’t care what color he is if he does his best). For Vice President who ever ends up running with him. 

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4 thoughts on “Yes It Is Political!

  1. What a wonderful from the heart post.  You have expressed what so many of us are feeling.  I am sick and tired of the whole mess. I know how I will be voting and Ms. Palin certainly helped finalize my decision.  I agree that women who vote for her simply because she is a woman are completely without intelligence.

    There is an excellent site that I have used to follow Sarah Palin.  It is called Sarah Palin Exposed.  You can google the title and it should come right up.

  2. I hope that someone does something soon before I loose everything that I am so desperately working my arse off to keep!  I have never been more stressed out than this past year…
    Obama really seems to care about the “people” especially the “middle class”

  3. We need change,that is for sure.  Though,I never 100% trust any politician anymore; I believe Obama/Biden is a far wiser choice than McCain/Palin. Any lack of experience Obama may have is surely off set by Biden’s lengthy experience.  I think it was seriously weak of the Republicans to pick Palin just to catch a few swing female votes. In the end, I do not think the voting American female public is so clueless as to allow themselves to fall for suck a smoke screen tactic.  We need a new focus and a new political philosophy for a while.  Staying with the same’ol, same’ol could be deadly for America right now.  I think trying something, someone new with a new point of view is best for us all.

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