Years Have Passed!

If you had met me 52 years ago this is who you would have been introduced to——22 years old, married, no children.
A lot has happened since then.  Some good, some bad but all a part of what makes up me. 

I’m am pleased to have reached the ripe old age of 74 today and basically the years have been kind to me.  I have a hubby who loves me, three children that I am very proud of, their spouses that have brought caring into my life, and three grandchildren that couldn’t be replaced with any other human in my heart.  The friendships I have known have brought many happy moments to my life.  The tears shed for those who have past and those who made themselves absent from me only fulfilled the knowledge that everything is not always good and happy. 

A great deal of memories that I have are buried beneath the cares of daily life but every once in a while a person or feeling will bring them flashing into reality again.  Then I find myself smiling and longing to bring back that situation to savor for a few moments. 

My only words of wisdom are to try to reach out to others because there is always a hand out there that needs holding. 


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About Momma

Now 85-years-old on February 22 and I'm still on the right side of the grass. Mother of two sons and one daughter (Bloggers SEB and Cindyisms are two of them). I'm Grandmother of three. I have lived with my middle son for almost a year now and he hasn't kicked me out yet. I stay active with household chores and feeding my zoo. (2 cats, 1 dog, and 1 bird.) Retired after 29 years+ at Michigan Bell Telephone and ten+ years with The Oakland Press. I was active with the telephone company union and a Dale Carnegie graduate. I work at crocheting, knitting, making ornaments, and other projects. I do a little canning. I trained with the Michigan Bell Clown troupe and then I was a clown doing parades, parties, and picnics for about 15 years. My other passions are music from the 50s through the 80s, reading, birds, flowers, my pets, big cats, and of course blogging!

7 thoughts on “Years Have Passed!

  1. Happy Birthday and your wisdom shines through your words.  May your seventy fourth year be filled with love, joy and laughter.

  2. Happy Birthday. I’m only four years behind you and your wisdom rings true. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the one you’re with. If you can make someone else happy, even for a moment, your existence is validated. And you can be comforted in that Les has made many people happy with his blog.  grin

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