It’s The Fourth!

I remember the celebrations on the Fourth of July in my younger days.  Parades every where.  Even the Governor walked in the parade in our small town and then went on to the next town to walk there.  There were flags everywhere, fire engines, old classic cars and people in costumes and uniforms.  They used to mount flags on the radiator caps, the hood ornaments, even some that clipped to the car doors.  There were picnics, swimming, families getting together to celebrate the day, and of course fireworks.  Some of these thing still go on but as we age the urgency to join in begins to wane.  That was the case today.

Tomorrow we are going down to Pontiac, MI. to the old neighborhood to help some long time acquaintances celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their kids and mine used to play together and we would gather for a picnic in one of the vacant lots with the rest of the neighbors. 

Jay and I decided it might be nice to make some mini cheesecake tarts to take down.  So this morning we started with forty Nilla wafers for the crust.


We added five tablespoons of melted butter and one teaspoon of vanilla to the crushed wafers.  Then put the mixture in mini cupcake papers and baked it at 350 degrees for seven minutes.  Next we took 16 ounces of cream cheese, one cup of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla, and two eggs, (beating each ingredient as it was added).  After the wafers had cooled we spooned the cheese mixture into the cups and baked them in a 350 oven for twenty minutes.


As they cooled I found two four ounce jars of home made jam to top them off.

The tarts on the left are topped with the Dutch Apple Pie Jam.  For those in the right I used the Pluot-Apple Jam.  They are now tucked away in the fridge until tomorrow afternoon. 

My other duties today included the bird cages and covers, feeding both inside and outside birds, designing another form for Jay’s information on blood sugar, pressure, and weight,  and of course supper.  I have read my daily blogs and e-mail and am torn between going to bed or putting two more rows on the afghan.  Either way I must say good night! 

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5 thoughts on “It’s The Fourth!

  1. Those are mighty tasty-lookin’ tarts there! Some very lucky people are going to be sampling your ‘wares’ and coming out SMILING! Have a great time; the weather is really cooperating!

  2. I remember 4th of July’s like that.  I wish they would come back.  The tarts look absolutely delicious.  I am certain every one will enjoy them.

  3. Oy, I have gained a pound just from looking!  Yummm…

    Have Fun!

    We got word that the neighborhood block party was postponed due to rain, so it is on for Sunday evening instead.  Darn, now I gotta come up with a different excuse for saying No.
    Why am I such an old softie who cannot just flat out tell ‘em I don’wanna make small talk this weekend…..

  4. Hi Momma,

    We would like to make some of these cheesecakes too—they look great!  How small are mini muffin cups?  Half regular size?

  5. Mini muffin papers measure 1-1/4” base x 1” wall

    Standard muffin papers have a 2” base

    Hope this helps!

    most baking supplies can be found in the cake decorator aisle of a big grocery store

    although we have Decorator’s Grocery here in town which also gives classes

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