The Third Of July

I heard somewhere that to get through a difficult time it helps to keep busy so that is what I am doing.  Today it was jam making. Check over at Jay’s Jammin’  to see what is going on. 

I have woke up the last few mornings thinking of Danny.  I was remembering when I was around 10 or 11 years old.  My mother asked me to carry Danny upstairs to his crib.  I started up but tripped falling forward.  I remembered seeing Danny’s tongue bleeding as he cried.  I don’t remember what happened next but for years later I could see him crying every time I thought of him. 


The Catalpa Tree is in bloom again.  It seems to get taller every year and the side that was hampered by some trees that have been removed is filling out well. 

No word on my ultra sound yet so I figure nothing is in immediate danger of falling off if I haven’t heard anything by now. 

Dear friend Pammie   has made the front page of the Oakland Press today.  The article was on her efforts to make afghans for needy children overseas.  Great job my friend!

Have a get Fourth of July everyone.  Let me know what you did to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

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3 thoughts on “The Third Of July

  1. First, let me add my condolences for the lost of your brother, Daniel. 
    The Gribble’s will be cooking out, hamburgers, cold slaw, and a pot of homemade baked beans.  Watermelon for dessert.
    The apple pie jam sound delicious.  I had hope to get a few strawberries and make jam.  Didn’t happen!!  confused   Oh well, maybe blueberry jam.

  2. The effect of Danny’s fall and bleeding tongue had to be traumatizing to a ten or eleven year old.  When something like that happens, it is hard to realize that accidents occur and that at that young age you surely could not or should not be held responsible.

    Still I think it says a lot for your love for your little brother and I know that you are taking his death very hard.

    Staying busy is a good idea and I willnot uncross my fingers until you get the results of your tests.

  3. the blossoms of a catalpa tree…. such nice memories of Summertime while I was growing up
    There was a tall tree growing down by the T-intersection of the street, and we had to pass by every time we went anywhere

    Being the oldest child of 5, I have a few stories of my own, but it’s best to let bygones rest on the wayside.

    Happy 4th of July!!
    We’ve been invited to two potluck picnics, but don’t really have interest for attending either one, and will let the rain be a good excuse for our absence. Sshh….

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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