Party Time!

Cindy Catherine--cake loser!

I’m not gonna talk about the weather but I will catch up on the happenings around the old homestead.  On Wednesday my party happened.  Better late than never.

Darlene and Michael

Michael set about making Shrimp Scampi with rice and peas in it plus garlic toast.  Darlene was his assistant on the project.  It was a delightful and delicious surprise.  When they arrived this bouquet of flowers were with them.

Flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Daughter Cindy arrived with a cake–actually the third one in a batch of misadventures that day.   The first one she baked at home, fell asleep, and woke up when she smelled something burning.   She then stopped at Vg’s and picked one up with the Happy Birthday Momma on it and set it on top the car so she could open the door.  Several miles down the road she started to wonder where the cake was and then it dawned on her she had left it on top the car.  When she got into Davison,Mi. she stopped at Krogers at pick up the third one which safely made it to our house.

Cindy and I played rummy and for a change I won.    I can’t get any of the other pictures to load So I’ll close fro now!!!

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