The New!

A new month!  A new year! A new hope for a healthy, more prosperous year than the last.  When you are tired of waking up with aches and pains, with shifting money around to meet commitments, and worrying about what is going to happen next it is natural for you to wish for a point to start over (do over as the gamers say), to have a new beginning!  This my friend is where I am now and believe me I’m hoping this is my starting point.

True I have unfinished business from 2011 like a holiday to take down and pack away.


Half the outside lights.

With clear weather I started taking them down yesterday.  If it holds I will finish it today or Monday.  I will bring the deer and the sled in, put the the lights in the tree away, and pull the wreaths down to pack away.  This should clear all but the big wreath out front away for another year.  This item will hang for a bit longer because I love seeing it.

I feel the inside decorations aren’t effected by cold, snow, or wind so they can come down a little bit at a time. I need to get the extra chairs back up in the loft so the living room is in some semblance of order.

Yesterday marked finishing up the apples we had.


Apple Raspberry Cobbler

The three apples I had left plus a small package of raspberries were desperately looking for a dessert to hide in.  So I talked Jay into making some cobbler dough and using the fruit to make a dessert for us.  Very tasty was the result and we will have a little more today and freeze the rest.

Another thing I finished was The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown this morning (a very good read). Now I have to choose between Jeffrey Deaver’s The Burning Wire and The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  Both were Christmas Gifts from Wes’ family and Les’ family respectively.

I still  have the canning equipment and the apple pie filling to take down to the food room  so I can get the kitchen back in order.

I did manage to wish Wes a Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year on Skype last night.  We spoke for about 40 or so minutes.  That does help a little but it doesn’t make up for the warm hug you get when we are together.

So it looks like this first week will be a combination of working on the old while starting the new–but isn’t that what life is all about?