Funny Things We Try To Remember!

Yesterday I said the doctor gave me two different treatments.  One was two kinds of pills in case it was a viral infection.  The other was two different inhaler medications.  I was diagnosed with C O P D/emphysema  on 10/11/03 but have never taken any medication for it.  Doctor thought it might finally have caught up with me.

So I got out Jay’s old nebulizer and sat in the Lazy Boy trying to remember back when Wes was a kid and he painted a caterpillar, sitting on a mushroom, (from Alice In Wonderland), with a Hookah on his bedroom wall.  I couldn’t  remember if  he was green or not.  Jay thought he was green with yellow or white spots.  I can’t even remember what color the mushroom was.  But I’ll bet you Wes could tell me even after almost 35 + years!  So any way each six hours when  a breathing session is due I crawl on my mushroom and pick up my Hookah and think back to some funny days in my past!!!


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  1. Okaaaaaaaaaaay, then! Them’s some STRONG meds you is on! (just teasing). Hope the updrafts are helping; whatever it takes to help you feel better (caterpillars, mushrooms, etc.) LOVE YOU!

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