Middle Of The Night Ramblings!

Frost but no snow!

Good Morning on this bright, sunshiny, 24 degree, February day.  There is frost every where but it is slowly disappearing this morning.  It promises to be a nice quiet Sunday which is what I need today.

Yesterday from 12:45pm until about 4:00 was spent at the Park Plaza dialysis center in Flint while Jay made up his missed Friday session.  He was at Dr. Hukill office on Friday with extreme back pain which he had  had for a few days.  The doctor said something about a muscular/skeletal problem and prescribed pills to take explaining it was nothing to do with the dialysis treatment.

I started out reading,doing some fill it in puzzles, and then switched to crocheting.  When the nurses said I still had one hour and 40 minutes to wait I drove over to Sam’s club, which is close, and walked through there picking up a few things.  After he was done we had catfish with three sides and biscuits for dinner.  We then proceeded home where after unwinding a bit in front of the television it was bedtime.

At some where around 4 am Jay woke me in pain so I got juice and his pills.  I was awake then so I picked up and put back Molly’s cat toys that she had dragged into  the hallway, gathered the laundry then started it, and emptied the dishwasher I had started before bed.  I checked my e-mail, read my blogs, and played around five or so games of Free Cell. I went back to bed before 7 am and slept until around 8:30.

It plans to be a quiet day today barring any incidents.  I hope you will have the same.