How Is It Going?

Just a short visit before it is back to the domestic goddess  business.  Outside it is sunshine as the snow is disappearing.  This meant the bath mats were washed and hung on the deck railing while I mopped the bathroom.


Sunshine though the windows!

Brandy is asleep on the floor with the warmth of the sun.  Molly just moved from the window sill to her chair and is snoozing in the sunshine also.

I have been busy the last few days creating another Frankenstein afghan.  It has knots not stitches in it.


Using big and small balls of yarn.

No particular color pattern–just trying to empty the big basket of some left overs.  I may even try to make it big enough to fit my queen size bed (we will see). The diagonal box pattern let you glance at the TV as the you work so you don’t get bored with either activity.

I’m experiencing a bit of stuffy head.  Having trouble hearing the phone ring so it is going the the answering machine a lot.  I tried putting the hearing aids in but they haven’t been calibrated yet so it isn’t really effective.

Jay is doing pretty good but still has some walking problems, some coughing, and I’m sure it will be a while before he is back to normal.  But I must confess he has started cooking breakfast again and I love it!

Well it is almost time to make Jay’s lunch.  He will be home from dialysis soon.

Take care of you and yours and let me know how things are going!