Back To The Mushroom!

Yes it was a sunshiny day and the bath mats got dry hanging on the deck railing and all was right with the world!  But then night fall came!


My world this morning!

Things like this make me not a happy camper.  There is a short grocery list on the kitchen counter but a driveway full of snow between me and the road 200 feet away.  I have four wheel drive so I will be able to get out but it would have been so much nicer to not have to wade the white stuff to the truck door.  Keene’s sent someone to take the tractor tire in to be fixed yesterday.  It was fixed and returned  but I don’t think any snow blowing can be done yet.  Ah such is Michigan in February!

Jay was bit shaky after dialysis yesterday which causes one to wonder just how well he actually is.  But I can hope that each day will bring more signs of strength.  He has appointments with his vascular surgeon and his lung doctor before the end of the month so we will be busy watching them watching him.

A surprise yesterday for me five days early.


A gift in the mail.

The note had our special spelling of ‘brithday’ that has been a family joke for years. Inside was this.


Another Deaver novel to devour.

My sweet hubby paid attention to my wish list!

My stuffy head has decided to ache a bit this morning so I think a session with the inhaler, that I put off yesterday, is in order.  So I will set up the machine and play caterpillar again!

Take care!