Life Gets Complicated!

Well they (the weatherman) said six to eight inches of snow today and it is trying hard to get it.


Outside Right Now!

It is still coming down.  I had told Jay I wouldn’t be in today to visit him but he is scheduled for dialysis and will sleep quite a while afterwards so he won’t miss me.  Nothing offical yet on a release date so I guess we wait.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. It was a bit of a memorial day but that is the way life is.  I wanted to acknowledge Jay’s second gift.


A Rio vegetable bowl.

It is much needed and greatly appreciated.

Wes and Deb came up on my birthday and found me not at home.  I had taken Jay back to the hospital.  When I got back home this was waiting for me.


A card and this bouquet.

Unfortunately they made a long trip for just a delivery.  I certainly appreciate it but I still haven’t kiss my son since he came back (for a month stay).

Lesley’s father-in-law is extremely ill so here is hoping we can all send our thoughts to get better  for him. Kathleen we are thinking of you also daily.