It Takes Two!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call that said come and get your baby boy if you have oxygen at home for him.  I had finally reached someone who could order it for me correctly but that is another story.  When I got to the hospital it was still another wait to get him released.   But he is home, had a good night’s sleep and is in his happy place!


Mouse in hand--Smile on face!

Now it is adjustment time, meal time, some bit of exercise, and lots of rest.  At least with him home he can hear the phone ring for me.


I put a call into my doctor to say I have taken all my pills and still am deaf as a post except I can use the cell phone to make out what people are saying.  It has been a long and frustrating week but I got this far and with Jay’s help I’ll make it through the next one.   See it really does take two to tangle!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “It Takes Two!

  1. Sounds like you and Jay are about to step out to a Tango! No two folks deserve a quick dance around the kitchen than both of you.

    Such good news that Jay is home and that smile on his face tells it all.

  2. The smile says it all! Now, after all the food prep, rushing around, oxygen-check, etc. YOU (hopefully) can rest a little easier! Sure hope your doctor DOES something about the ear problem! LOVE YOU, BOTH!
    Big hugs;

  3. Thank you for your good wishes for Aral. He is doing well with the Chemo, but it sure is a bugger, makes him very weak and causes stomach problems. We have two to three more rounds before the surgeon determines if the Chemo has shrunk the mass. I am happy for you that Jay is back home again. Hope th Dr. can determine why your not able to hear. It must be very hard to deal with day to day. I am thinking now Wes and Deb will be able to come visit. Have a Great Day.

  4. Pleased to just read that Jay is back in his own home!

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