Five Digit Jack——

—-Yep I’m back !  Mark Knopfler’s Get Lucky playing in the background.  Momma swaying to the music in front of her screen. The big thermometer reads 33 degrees, the sunshine is none existent but it don’t matter because what I hear makes me smile!

Still pain with the arm but the good news is this.


the swelling is nearly gone in the hand

It no longer looks like an ornate upright  post on a stairway!  The mind is still a bit sluggish and the words are getting stuck somewhere between ‘right spelling’ and making sense!  But I’m sure my simple blather will return full force very soon.  Michael and Darlene are still taking care of us.  They drove us down to Oxford to see Dr. Becker and get Jay’s glasses fixed yesterday.  From there we went to the Credit Union –then on to Shawn’s and got Jay’s hair, beard, and mustache all cleaned up.  Stopped for an excellent lunch and then headed home.

Nothing is due up today so it should be a restful day.  Five days to go to get the staples out.  Not looking forward to that in one way and really wanting it done in another.  I am still having the lay down and nap for two hour sessions but with all my help here it doesn’t present a problem.


Do have a happy, healthy next few days–and as Arnold says I’ll be bach!!!!!


Please Let Me Whine

Nine days ago I had my right shoulder replaced. Painful yes! I really haven’t anything positive to say about the whole thing.  I can’t think of anything funny either.  But I knew that continued silence was not  the answer. So let’s have a little “whine” and roses to start this thing off!!  Keeping the right arm in a sling is extremely uncomfortable–especially when it is night and day..  This morning is not the first time I have woke up in pain and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.  They have already warned me that therapy will be painful but in order to make it worth going through I have to endure it.

The swelling in my right hand and arm is slowing coming down now.  The staples are due to come out on the fourth of April.   Basically I can’t bitch too much about this so I’ll sign off, go back to bed for a while, and hopefully a couple more hours of sleep.

Home Again

When Cindy drove me into the yard  yesterday this was the first thing  I saw .


What a joy .

The other thing was this.


More rhubarb to make jams and chutney with.

Not near as much as I’ll need but every little bit helps!


I’m still a bit shaky so I will cut this short.  Take care!

Gettin’ Ready!

62 glorious degrees in the outdoors!  Michael, my visitor, just moved the two large plants outside to the deck.  I’ll take my chances on the weather remaining good. If it does turn cold the worst that can happen is the leaves will fall off. That has happened before and they survived.

Sunday morning I took the winter decorations ( the flag, the large wreath, and a metal sign) down and put them away.  In their place these things went up.


The Easter flag!


The bunny

Wooden sign

These are by the kitchen (our front) door.  Along with this wreath!



My homemade Spring reminder!

It does look real enough to fool a little bird into flying over to close to it.

The bath mats are going into the washer and then out be dried in the deck railing.  I’ll do a light mopping on the bathroom floor to finish that room off.

Darlene will go with me to mail Courtney’s Christmas gift ( we couldn’t make connections for a personal delivery) at the post office. Then it is on to the gas station to fill up the pick up with the low fuel light shining on the dash!

Michael has been our personal chef for the past few days and his wife Darlene has been his assistant.  It is strange not to have to cook or clean up after.  I wish I could adopt them!!

The corner of my desk is getting a bit crowded right now.


Happy Reminders

The flowers are part of the bouquet I got Sunday.  The cup was part on my late birthday gift from Michael and Darlene.  Of course the two stuffed toys are from Silverfox.  So when I add the phone, the computer speaker,  the headset, and the clip on lamp it does get a bit close in that corner.

A close up of the cup!

There will be no coffee in this pretty cup.  I will use it for pens and pencils so I can find one when I need it!

The other part of my gift from them was Stephen King’s 11-22-63.  That makes four books to read during recuperation plus I still  have Hitch Hiker Of The Galaxy  to wade through!

I don’t know what to expect but I do know I’m going to master this  next situation also!

Take care everyone.  Laugh to exercise those lungs, run if you can for the legs, and love as much and as many as your heart will allow!

Outdoors And In!

For the out!

Forsythia In the back side



In one of the extension gardens.  In another–


The name escapes me!

But the color is royal and I love it.

On the inside it was a delayed birthday party for me.  Darlene and Michael  brought and cooked Shrimp scampi, a sauce made from the liquid, a rice and pea side dish, a salad, shrimp with sauce for dipping,and individual loaves of bread.


The dinner table

A homemade birthday cake for dessert.

Chocolate and Cream Cheese frosting--yum!

They didn’t put all 77 candles on it because they didn’t want to burn the place down!

Another good thing was the cooks did the cleanup!





Everything was delicious and you can’t beat that


They will be staying with me until Tuesday to help get me ready for the hospital.  We were going to go out for a while today but time seems to be flying by so that may have to wait.

The flowers from them added to the party.


These were indoor blooms!

Take care of you and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

Farting Around With Frank!

This is a short post because as the title says I have been working on Frank and not getting my house or myself in order for company!  This is what I have so far!


Frank on the floor!

As you can see by the sunshine at the top of the picture I still have quite a bit of work to do before it is finished.



I really don’t mind working on it because the colors make me smile.  Also the big basket on the dresser in the bedroom is finally starting to empty.

Well I really have to get started on the domestic stuff, the weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining so it is a sign to get  moving.  Take care!!!!

Been Busy!


This is what is outside the door right now!  The temperature is 54 with a promise of more rain today.  Last night was a pick Brandy up and hold her tight storm that had even some hail in it.  Even Molly was running for a hiding place when the thunder and lightening made an appearance.

The last few days have been pretty busy..  Tuesday we were at South East Michigan Surgical getting Jay’s arm tweaked.  It went so well that the next appointment (which is usually every six months) is set for next year.

On Wednesday I saw Dr. Robbins, had my left ear drained of fluid, a tube put in, and drops to use for the next ten days.  But I  can hear the phone ring now and I understand what the TV is saying.  Doctor says I have lost half my hearing ability so now I have to find a company to calibrate the hearing aids that were given to me.  Failing that it will mean replacements.

On Thursday Brandy went to Doggy Depot for a bath and haircut so she is a little more chipper now.

Consequently with all the running around I have neglected “Frank” badly.  Only a couple of rows a night which figures out to not getting done before the surgery.   But it will keep if that happens.

Today I go to the doctor’s to check on the minor infection  (Pee in a cup).  If it is clear the operation will proceed on the 21st.  If not we will go to plan b.  What is plan b –beats the devil out of me I’m just the body with the bum shoulder!!!

I’m going to get Jay in for a haircut tomorrow because he is pretty shaggy right now.  Besides Brandy got hers and he always gets his about the same time.


The infection is gone and the surgery is on!  Also I forgot to say the Robins finally got up my about four days ago.

It’s Michigan—-

—-what can I say!  Yesterday was gorgeous with temperature in the 70s, sunshine, and little wind.  This morning it is 46, grey, and rainy.  Is it any wonder that colds and sinus infections flare this time of year.

As I keep saying Jay is doing better and here is proof.


Breakfast is ready!

Asparagus, onions, eggs, a little bit of cheese and tarragon, now  his favorite omelet is ready to devour.   He is doing very well in the breakfast department .  We go down to S.E. Michigan Surgrical tomorrow for a check up and tweaking on his dialysis arm.

The next day I see Dr. Robbins about my hearing problem.  It has been a month since I have heard a phone ring.  I’m thinking after my surgery next week it will be hearing aids ( either what I have fixed) to suit my problem or new ones.   Can’t think of the word (Oops there goes a chicken!) I think brain sharpening would be in order also!!!  So as you can see the social callendar looks like the dance card of a Southern Belle right!  But at least we can’t say we don’t get out much anymore!

I saw my eldest son Saturday for a while.  Jay, the oxygen tank, Brandy , and I headed down to Lake Orion for a couple of hours.  Got a couple of hugs, a few kisses and saw he was looking real good so I feel better now!

I have decided that the Frankenstein afghan will be referred to as Frank from now until it is done.


This Is Frank --Say Hello!

Frank now reaches approximately four inches down each side of my bed but is only a little over half done.  I’ll be working on him right up to surgery in my spare time.  I don’t know If I’ll get him done or not in the allotted time.

I’m going to pick up my hook as soon as I’m finished here in hopes of getting another couple of rows done this morning.

Take care!

Blooms and Brrr!

When I peeked out the door this morning  the thermometer read 32 degrees.  Just now another glance reveals 32 degrees so it don’t look like we are getting any where pleasant today. There is hope that the weekend will produce both 50 and 60 degrees respectively ( my fingers are crossed).

inside blooms

One blossom left  on each plant in the bay window.  It  is March some one should let the Christmas cactus know it is time to rest.

I have lots of Red-wing Blackbirds, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and an assortment of little birds in the side yard but have not seen a Robin yet.

I finished Jeffrey Deaver’s The Burning Wire  and as with all his novels the story was full of twists with a surprise ending.  I do enjoy his novels!

I have started the prep for our supper tonight and I think I’ll crochet for a bit now.

Still looking for Spring!

Good morning —yesterday started with a trip to the pre admissions office at the hospital.  All went well for the surgery in two weeks except I need to finish the medication for the urinary tract infection.  If that clears it will be a go!

After I got back home Brandy and I headed for the swing in the side yard.  60 degrees (plus) weather dictated our first sit down outside.  We swung for about 10 minutes then it was time to go in,  that when the trouble started.  I couldn’t get the leverage to get out of the swing.  This went on as long as we had taken to swing in the first place.  I’m going to use cement pieces under the legs to raise the swing higher and see if that helps when I get over the surgery because this is something we enjoy doing together.

Jay is doing much better.  The oxygen has improved his movements, mental abilities, and attitude tremendously.

I too am improving, at least in the kitchen, with trying to cook for a renal/diabetes diet.  I was surprised at the flavor of the dishes I have made so far.  There are several more to try and some favorites that will be repeated.

I still haven’t seen my eldest since he has been home but will try to correct that this weekend if we can make connections.

Next week we have an appointment have Jay’s dialysis arm worked on to improve that procedure.  Then I see Dr. Robbins about the hearing problem the next day.  That is the schedule on the “social calendar” next week.  As I said before if it wasn’t for doctors we would have no reason to leave the house.  But at least we are still able to do so and that is a big plus!

The forecast is for cooler temperatures again this coming week so my Spring dreams will disappear for a little while yet.

Where ever you are enjoy every minute.