Things Are Coming Along!

When Cindy was up the other day she commented on my Frankenstein afghan.  She really liked it.  Just a while ago I found out one of my other girls likes it too.  I walked into the dinning  room, turned on the overhead light and there was Molly.


Molly's comfy!

It is nice to know that more than one heart beats about something I’m making!

A trip to Dr. Hukill today as the beginning of tests for the up and coming surgery.  His comment about the results –Your perfect–!  Now I think he might being exaggerating a little bit but I’ll take that diagnoses.  ( But my ears are still acting up so Dr. Robbins will be the next one I see to try and correct that. )

During my shopping trip Wednesday Jay came home from dialysis to find his house key was missing from his ring and he was locked out.  Thankfully the people from Your Ride (MTA) took care of him until they got a hold of me.  One of the drivers even shared half her lunch with him.  It is great to have people who care more about you than just (I’ll drive you ).  We took jam and pickles to the local station to say thank you.

An update:


Another one of my girls likes it too!