Blooms and Brrr!

When I peeked out the door this morning  the thermometer read 32 degrees.  Just now another glance reveals 32 degrees so it don’t look like we are getting any where pleasant today. There is hope that the weekend will produce both 50 and 60 degrees respectively ( my fingers are crossed).

inside blooms

One blossom left  on each plant in the bay window.  It  is March some one should let the Christmas cactus know it is time to rest.

I have lots of Red-wing Blackbirds, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and an assortment of little birds in the side yard but have not seen a Robin yet.

I finished Jeffrey Deaver’s The Burning Wire  and as with all his novels the story was full of twists with a surprise ending.  I do enjoy his novels!

I have started the prep for our supper tonight and I think I’ll crochet for a bit now.