It’s Michigan—-

—-what can I say!  Yesterday was gorgeous with temperature in the 70s, sunshine, and little wind.  This morning it is 46, grey, and rainy.  Is it any wonder that colds and sinus infections flare this time of year.

As I keep saying Jay is doing better and here is proof.


Breakfast is ready!

Asparagus, onions, eggs, a little bit of cheese and tarragon, now  his favorite omelet is ready to devour.   He is doing very well in the breakfast department .  We go down to S.E. Michigan Surgrical tomorrow for a check up and tweaking on his dialysis arm.

The next day I see Dr. Robbins about my hearing problem.  It has been a month since I have heard a phone ring.  I’m thinking after my surgery next week it will be hearing aids ( either what I have fixed) to suit my problem or new ones.   Can’t think of the word (Oops there goes a chicken!) I think brain sharpening would be in order also!!!  So as you can see the social callendar looks like the dance card of a Southern Belle right!  But at least we can’t say we don’t get out much anymore!

I saw my eldest son Saturday for a while.  Jay, the oxygen tank, Brandy , and I headed down to Lake Orion for a couple of hours.  Got a couple of hugs, a few kisses and saw he was looking real good so I feel better now!

I have decided that the Frankenstein afghan will be referred to as Frank from now until it is done.


This Is Frank --Say Hello!

Frank now reaches approximately four inches down each side of my bed but is only a little over half done.  I’ll be working on him right up to surgery in my spare time.  I don’t know If I’ll get him done or not in the allotted time.

I’m going to pick up my hook as soon as I’m finished here in hopes of getting another couple of rows done this morning.

Take care!