Been Busy!


This is what is outside the door right now!  The temperature is 54 with a promise of more rain today.  Last night was a pick Brandy up and hold her tight storm that had even some hail in it.  Even Molly was running for a hiding place when the thunder and lightening made an appearance.

The last few days have been pretty busy..  Tuesday we were at South East Michigan Surgical getting Jay’s arm tweaked.  It went so well that the next appointment (which is usually every six months) is set for next year.

On Wednesday I saw Dr. Robbins, had my left ear drained of fluid, a tube put in, and drops to use for the next ten days.  But I  can hear the phone ring now and I understand what the TV is saying.  Doctor says I have lost half my hearing ability so now I have to find a company to calibrate the hearing aids that were given to me.  Failing that it will mean replacements.

On Thursday Brandy went to Doggy Depot for a bath and haircut so she is a little more chipper now.

Consequently with all the running around I have neglected “Frank” badly.  Only a couple of rows a night which figures out to not getting done before the surgery.   But it will keep if that happens.

Today I go to the doctor’s to check on the minor infection  (Pee in a cup).  If it is clear the operation will proceed on the 21st.  If not we will go to plan b.  What is plan b –beats the devil out of me I’m just the body with the bum shoulder!!!

I’m going to get Jay in for a haircut tomorrow because he is pretty shaggy right now.  Besides Brandy got hers and he always gets his about the same time.


The infection is gone and the surgery is on!  Also I forgot to say the Robins finally got up my about four days ago.