Gettin’ Ready!

62 glorious degrees in the outdoors!  Michael, my visitor, just moved the two large plants outside to the deck.  I’ll take my chances on the weather remaining good. If it does turn cold the worst that can happen is the leaves will fall off. That has happened before and they survived.

Sunday morning I took the winter decorations ( the flag, the large wreath, and a metal sign) down and put them away.  In their place these things went up.


The Easter flag!


The bunny

Wooden sign

These are by the kitchen (our front) door.  Along with this wreath!



My homemade Spring reminder!

It does look real enough to fool a little bird into flying over to close to it.

The bath mats are going into the washer and then out be dried in the deck railing.  I’ll do a light mopping on the bathroom floor to finish that room off.

Darlene will go with me to mail Courtney’s Christmas gift ( we couldn’t make connections for a personal delivery) at the post office. Then it is on to the gas station to fill up the pick up with the low fuel light shining on the dash!

Michael has been our personal chef for the past few days and his wife Darlene has been his assistant.  It is strange not to have to cook or clean up after.  I wish I could adopt them!!

The corner of my desk is getting a bit crowded right now.


Happy Reminders

The flowers are part of the bouquet I got Sunday.  The cup was part on my late birthday gift from Michael and Darlene.  Of course the two stuffed toys are from Silverfox.  So when I add the phone, the computer speaker,  the headset, and the clip on lamp it does get a bit close in that corner.

A close up of the cup!

There will be no coffee in this pretty cup.  I will use it for pens and pencils so I can find one when I need it!

The other part of my gift from them was Stephen King’s 11-22-63.  That makes four books to read during recuperation plus I still  have Hitch Hiker Of The Galaxy  to wade through!

I don’t know what to expect but I do know I’m going to master this  next situation also!

Take care everyone.  Laugh to exercise those lungs, run if you can for the legs, and love as much and as many as your heart will allow!