A Bit Of Info!


Started at 50 degrees this morning and as the sun shines brightly it is now almost 60.  I have had several things happen in the last two weeks and can’t seem to get it together to cover it all in one post.  Consequently the next few contacts may seem a bit disjointed but hopefully you will be able to make sense of it.

First a Happy Easter to everyone!


No boiled eggs or jelly beans just this!


This morning was my first morning without my caregivers ( Bless their Hearts).  I sent them home to celebrate Easter with their family.  So I did the Molly routine, gathered the trash to go to the street and took it down, managed to gather all the must do paper work in one pile along with two days of newspapers, gathered the laundry, and folded yesterday clothes and put them away. I read the big pile of email and the regular blogs I follow.  I wanted to touch base with you and say that each day brings a little less pain and a little more movement to my right arm and shoulder.

I have asked several times for a chain saw but my daughter said she didn’t sit in a hospital waiting room for several hour to let me spoil my surgeon’s work.  My care givers gave approximately the same answer.

I plan to write about the green goo on a string, my visit to the hearing aid man, and the  shock when I was told of the results and what it will take to try and fix it.

I will also tell you the (tail/tale) the bunny’s demise (pictures and all). No it’s not about being PG!!


But for the rest of today I wish to see the flowers on my table.


From my garden.

And feel them radiating love and happiness.

I’m going to take a nap and recharge my energy cells.  Have a great rest of the day!