Business And The Bunny!

It started innocently enough with the purple bunny sitting on the counter.  Cindy, Michael, Darlene, Jay, and I were gathered on Friday afternoon because of previous commitments for our visitors on Easter Sunday.


Said Bunny!

We had a nice dinner and were sitting discussing the fate of the bunny.  Shall we eat it right away or wait a bit giving dinner time to settle.


Jay was sitting with (oxygen on) and me with my arm in a sling (you can see the red ball in my hand used for squeezing).



Some thing funny

Our visitors, who were also our caregivers were clearing the table and getting set for the last course.  The Bunny.

Darlene had her utensils ready.


Let me at it!

But the surprise came when Michael reacted.


The end was near!

Cindy hid her eyes!


She didn't want to see the mayhem!

Sadly all that was left was three pieces of plastic and a used cardboard plate!  But I can swear it was good.


OK enough nonsense!  I have finished the novel by Mary Higgins Clark, The Shadow Of Your Smile.  Instead of picking up another novel I decided to clean up the last of the pile of papers.


My cluttered desk

It along with the dining room table are now clear, checks entered, bills sent, medical records recorded, and newspapers read.  So it seems that we are slowly getting things under control.

I guess this leaves just the green goo!   Next time!

It was chilly but sun shiny today so I can’t complain about the weather.  Even if I did it wouldn’t make a difference!  Take care and laugh a little!