Whats Up!

Yesterday I picked up daughter, Cindy, and went down to Sterling Hearing. I got the level on both aids adjusted and made another appointment in three months.  From there we went to Sam’s Club and dropped a few dollars on necessities.  It was great to have Cindy help me with the heavier things I bought. I took her back home and after a few minutes of visiting with her cats I headed in.  I need these visit every once in a while.


While I was down Pontiac way I stopped at Uhan’s department store. It was my stop for panty hose and kid’s clothes when I lived down there.   I had shopped there for over 40 years starting first with the owner and then his son.  It was good that I stopped because I found two pairs of pants for Jay while I was there.

Well I managed another few inches on Frank’s edging and finished Jeffrey Deaver’s novel The Edge since last night. I’ll start carrying King’s The Wind Through The Keyhole again to physical therapy.  I read when they apply the heat pack to my shoulder so it doesn’t seem like a wait to go home.  I just can’t seem to sit and do nothing.

Jay made some Creamy Rice and Raisin pudding this morning.  I had a taste and can’t wait for supper so I can have a dish of it sitting in front of me.

The nights have turned cold since I opened the cupola windows the other day so I washed Frank and put him back on the bed last night.

I got bit by some kind of fly while mowing the front and back yard the other day and the pharmacist recommended an allergy pill and Cortizone !0 for the bites.  Just another little irritants to add to the pile of getting old I guess!

The jewel cases for my cds, that Jay ordered, came today.  I was getting tired of fighting with cracked an broken cases when trying to file my cds in the rack.  I think it really pis— me off when I receive one through to mail and it is cracked before I ever unwrap it.  So now I have 50 new single ones and 12 double one to change out.

Well I sent out an e-mail about living in an assistant care home.  It was absolutely hilarious–I think you will love it!  www.caregiverstress.com/2010/07/a-reminder-that-laughter-is-the-best-medicine/