April Showers Yep Their Coming!

The third of April with a promise of rain at 2 pm but right now it is 44 degrees so that means if I am going outside for a while it will have to be this morning.  I have come to look forward to the outside feeling, sitting on the swing (sometimes with Brandy), and just watching the birds.

Yesterday The Mourning doves were on the ground  at both feeders cooing as they ate. The Black- Capped Chickadee is a daily visitor to the feeders.  Two Robins also marched along the fence checking for worms.  A female Cardinal visited the feeder but the male was absent. I have what I think is a Common Grackle  that comes to the feeder almost every day but I can’t be sure yet.

As to the very little visitors I have yet not had time to identify them but I’l keep watching.  Next more decorations for outside.

This is on our side door to greet visitors

On the front is this beauty

Both of these above items came from my old home but they are doing a fine job here.

This appears on the inside of the side door.

Well that is a few more items of the many that are waiting to have you see them.

Well Saturday morning Cindy, David, and I went to see Beauty And The Beast.  This is the first time in many years that I have stepped inside a movie theater.  I enjoyed the movie. I felt that it was very well done and would recommend it to everyone.

Well my friend I haven’t yet written my fridge message for the day but I will get at it when I start feeding the zoo.  Have a great day and an even better month.