Day 4

Well I dd it.  I went out, found another piece of  furniture for my bedroom.  I ask David to work on it for me.

He worked on it this afternoon and got it ready for me.

This is the results

I needed a sturdy cabinet to set my small TV on .

But I also needed storage space for my projects and this helped to relieve the problem.  Items that are too big will still go in the plastic cabinet that I had sitting there before.  My Bose is now sitting on top my dresser so I’m still in business.

My decoration for today are the things hanging on the hallway doors.

This is on the bathroom door

on cindy’s door

on my door

When I was out today I found this.

An offspring for the bunnies in the window.

I couldn’t resist him.  ( Click to enlarge)

Well the fridge message was

Days are long

But the will is strong.

One foot in front of the other.

Well that is it for today.