Sleepy Time

Good Morning   It is gray, wet, and definitely down in the mouth weather this morning. The forecast is 39 degrees now with rain until tomorrow.. What does that do to our house?

Brandy moved from the bed to the sofa.

That is one of my crochet projects.

Lilly chose the back of my chair

Cali prefers a window seat.

Molly join the crew of sleeping beauties

All are back sleeping which to me on a day like today is the best thing to do.  But the good news is that for the next 9 days it should be no rain, the high (on Monday) should be 74 beautiful degrees.  The lowest (high) this week should be 46 degrees.

Today is nails day and I think I will go back to a ruby or maroon color again.  I think I’ll get Brandy groomed also. I took care of my zoo clean up yesterday so it is only feed today.

I need a visit to the grocery store for a few items I’m out of but I have my list started and if I stick with it It won’t be too bad.

I think it ids time to show you the bathroom Easter display.

It makes sitting a lot more pleasant than bare shelves.

The mirror didn’t escape either this time.

In the right hand panel

on the bathroom mirror
on the left panel


In the middle Panel

Mirrors make great places to decorate because they are big enough to let you still use them when you are done.





Well it is almost 10:30 and time to start waking up everyone and feeding.

David and I are working on clearing, sorting, and rearranging shelves, cabinets, and cupboards. Not a quick or easy job but if we stick with it we will realize more room and convenience.   It ain’t Spring cleaning but we can count it under that heading.