Back Now

Good Morning!    Well I have been away for a few days but I’m back now.  I have just finished Eoin Colfer’s novel, AND  ANOTHER THING and am so ready for a mystery.  Being a sequel to Hitchhiker’s Guide To The  Galaxy it was a difficult thing to get through.

We are now four days from Easter with a few more pictures of decor to show you.

This is in the inside window

The kitchen counter showing the eggs on the doors

On the fridge

The new chair came

Cindy tried it out and liked it

In the next couple of days a new ottoman  and a side table are expected.  Cindy picked both of them out.  The ottoman was chosen with Molly and Brandy in mind.  It has storage for extra blankets inside.

Yesterday David and I picked out a couple of things to improve the side porch. ( Pictures later).

Easter dinner will be non traditional.

Well it is 5:10 am so I think I’ll hit the tick for a couple of more hours have a great day.