Coming Together!

Yep it is getting exciting now.  We are expecting the ottoman and the side table any day now to complete the makeover in the living room.  Cindy ordered remote antennas for the tvs in the bedrooms which are due in anytime.  Cable and internet improvements are due tomorrow.

Outside my new gazing ball comes soon and there are four bushes to plant on Saturday.  The two lilacs will go by the side door gate.  I bought a Fire Bush and a Forsythia yesterday. Where they will go it is yet to be decided. .

Our Easter dinner is tentatively pizza, breadsticks, salad, and a bunny cake.  If we have trouble getting pizza on Easter I do have a beef dish I can make.

More Easter decor

This fellow is in the front room window.

The egg tree is on the kitchen counter

The egg bunny is on a side table in the living room.

My new reading material is Patricia Cornwell’s novel Ripper.  Printed on shiny pages though out it is heavy but the story line in almost biographical with pictures so it adds to the interest.

Well my zoo awaits and since David made french toast for our breakfast I had better hustle my bustle and start feeding.  Have a good productive day.