June Is Knocking AT The Door

Good Morning!  Woke up to a kitchen in disarray, a zoo that wanted breakfast, and a moment to check what was up for this coming week!  The dishes from the midnight marauder went into the dishwasher that I’d just emptied and the dirty sign went on it.  I made a mental note to clean the top of the stove and empty the trash.  I had taken my vitamins and pills and took care of the teeth problem.  I decided I would visit first while the zoo was still asleep and Cindy had left for a long day of work.

So here we go.

Dresser top is clean

I spent yesterday pulling summer clothes out and packing the heavy stuff away.  Clothes all over the bed and hangers all over the floor.  I ponded a few nails into the closet to hang stuff like my purses, housecoat. and other things that had been on hangers and should not be.  The mess took all day working on and off on it.  But now it is done. This is what the ladies’ magazine calls decluttering but not being a lady it was plan old work that had to be done.

If I’ve told you this before forgive me it is old age.  Speaking of old age it ain’t so bad.  For years I carried 235+ lbs. around but this morning I weighed in at 170 in the altogether.  If I had been on a diet I would be saying I’d lost 65 lbs. but that doesn’t count.

Moving on I attended my old friend Pam’s knit and crochet meeting last week.

Inez another co-worker from years ago brought it to me.  Carolyn (now past) made it with some changes of clothes for special days. You will be seeing her occasional in her other outfits.  I have always had my outdoor flags but now I have Goosy (what I named her) also.

Lily and Cali find the window the perfect resting place any time it is sunny.

Lily And Cale

Right now Lily is snoozing there and my Molly is in a sunny spot on the floor.

Yesterday I tried to get this.

A redwing Blackbird

They come up to eat and as they fly away they make a tweeting sound.

Brandy is awake now

So my friend it is also Fed The Zoo time so I’m laving for today.  See you soon.






Well to continue on Friday my sister-in-law Peggy came to visit.

Peggy and I go way back to before she and my brother Daniel were married.

Daniel died in 2009 and she married John in July of 2013.

John is a real Sweetheart and I love calling him brother-in-law.

Moving on In the yard now is this.

A type of wind mill with a solar light that shines in the dark.

It was set up in the front yard away from the bird feeders.

Yesterday the first hummingbird showed up at the feeder.

I hung the Geraniums by the feeder to attract the birds.

At the other feeder yesterday a Downy Woodpecker showed up but my camera was in the house.

We placed another raised bed under the window on the right side of of the bushes out front.

This has Bleeding Hearts planted in it but they are just starting to come through.

On the front steps are two containers of Petunias

Sitting on the back porch

Four bags of red mulch

These will go in around the bushes we planted after the grass is cleaned out, the black material laid in, and then we will put the mulch on top.

Well I pulled out some summer clothes from the container in the closet.  Hoping I’ll need them now but who knows. ( This is Michigan and anything can happen.)

This takes care of the latest pictures so I’m out of here for now.

Nine Days Past Where To Start!

With over a dozen pictures from different days I don’t know where to start.  After an update a few days back my camera and PC parted company. It seemed my speed also diminished and I all gave up trying to figure out what was wrong.  With Les preparing to move into his first house it was difficult for him to drop everything and come up. But he and Anne came up last evening and he got me fixed up.  Thank you son.

To start after I fell , had x rays, I had pills for pain but it brought on ( pooping problems) and feeling of nausea.  Oh joy–sure didn’t feel like posting so I didn’t.  Brandy during this time was ill also so we suffered together.

Well like dipping a toe into a cold lake I’ll start here.

On Mother’s Day Cindy made dinner.

Spare ribs my favorite

Also this

An Almond Joy Cake Yummy!

Les and Anne joined us for dinner and they brought this

A Good Luck Bamboo


Cindy and David gave me a Pandora bracelet which I will have pictures of later because I have been buying charms for it since.  That is it for now.



Where I’m At!

Good evening!  Feeling a little better –pain is gone from the chest but I still have an upset stomach. Can’t seem to shake it.  On top of that I have a sick dog.  I take her in on Monday for a going over.  It is a bitch when both us old ladies are under the weather.

Catching up on things.  My son Les and Anne gave me a good luck Bamboo plant for Mother’s Day.  My daughter and David gave me a Pandora braclet.  ( This was some thing I wanted but would never ask for)  I can’t wait to see what Amazon has for charms.  I did finish A novel by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar in about 2 1/12 days .  The Title was Gwendy’s Button Box.  An easy but interesting read.  Well I finally got my desk cleaned up and papers filed away.  Got to get a stamp for my payment and get it on it’s way.  So it is good night for now.


Sorry For The Silence.

It is 1:54 am.  This is now the 8th day since my last post.  Last Thursday I fell and have been in a great deal of pain ever since.  A series of x rays yesterday revealed no fractures but a lot of bruising in the area of left side of my chest.  I have instructions to follow for the next four to six weeks and pills for the pain.  I’m up now fixing an ice bag.  Needless to say, I don’t have much good to say but I did want to visit.

Take Care.

Thoughts In the Night.

Good Morning or should I say middle of the night.  I’m feeling much better and got real ambitious yesterday. I took Brandy for a ride, went to get Sweet Cream and ended up at the storage unit.

I started at the back and opened every container and box until I had checked out everything half way up to the front.  All that is left are boxes and containers in the front right side to check through.  I found my Blue Ray, my Roku, and some projects that need to be worked on.

I managed to put all my jam jars and canning equipment in one spot to be ready for jam making soon.

Brandy and I spent time outside in the sunshine despite the cold wind just checking out things.

The huge tree across the street.

Again my imagination took hold and I could see every ferris wheel I have ever rode on as a kid.  Those were happy times with Tilt-a-wheels, fun houses, and games of skill.

In the back yard yesterday.

Finally a male cardinal stopped to visit and grab a bite to eat.

No id on the other visitors yet but I’ll keep trying.

Out front.

Checking the raised flower bed. on the left side–all is well.

On the right side everything is doing well also.

I checked the Fire Bush and found it coming right along.  The last thing we put in was the Butterfly Bush In the front left corner of the yard .but It seems to need a little more dirt to help it along,

The birds are slowly getting used to the bird bath in the back yard and it looks like it could be gathering place when the weather gets warmer.

Even though it is the first week of May I still haven’t gotten the Hummingbird feeder up yet–maybe in the next couple of days.

Well yesterday morning Cindy and I played a game.

The picture tells the tale of rummy.

I smile at this!]

My friend Pam sent me this.

Another thing to go on my bedroom wall.

If I keep going I won’t need to paint in there.

Well I’m ready to crawl back in bed for another few hours because I’m getting cold, It is 2:14 am, and who needs to be up now any way.   Good Night!


That Is It For Now

It has been a week since we last visited and I have been a little on the down side.  Because I was not feeling well I finally had Cindy take me to the doctor’s office.  It seems this opened a can of worms as they say.  It was a blood test which resulted in an increase in my medication, more vitamins to take, and scheduling other doctors to see.

This was added to my right arm for right now.

Cindy has been scheduling the needed appointments I will need. ( I missed one today because I had too much to accomplish otherwise)

But I did get Brandy taken care of.

She is all clean and pretty in her little girl bow.

Even Libby thought she was pretty.

Brandy isn’t used to puppies so they aren’t quite pals yet.

But Libby is scheduled for training at the end of the month so she and Brandy should get along better then.

Well all our bushes are coming along well. We had one day with no rain this week so Chris got the yard all trimmed up and it is looking good.  I have ordered the Bleeding Hearts and we have discussed where and how they should be planted when they come.

Well It seems like nap time is needed a little more right now so I’ll say good night for now.