That Is It For Now

It has been a week since we last visited and I have been a little on the down side.  Because I was not feeling well I finally had Cindy take me to the doctor’s office.  It seems this opened a can of worms as they say.  It was a blood test which resulted in an increase in my medication, more vitamins to take, and scheduling other doctors to see.

This was added to my right arm for right now.

Cindy has been scheduling the needed appointments I will need. ( I missed one today because I had too much to accomplish otherwise)

But I did get Brandy taken care of.

She is all clean and pretty in her little girl bow.

Even Libby thought she was pretty.

Brandy isn’t used to puppies so they aren’t quite pals yet.

But Libby is scheduled for training at the end of the month so she and Brandy should get along better then.

Well all our bushes are coming along well. We had one day with no rain this week so Chris got the yard all trimmed up and it is looking good.  I have ordered the Bleeding Hearts and we have discussed where and how they should be planted when they come.

Well It seems like nap time is needed a little more right now so I’ll say good night for now.