Scrambled Girls

Well yesterday as I was crossing the living room Libby tried to get close to Brandy.  The next thing you know I tripped over both of them and hit the floor. The results were a scraped right knee, a sore right side, and a very pissed Momma.  A large bandaid took care of the knee and I have been nursing my right side. I mean it is bad enough if I slip and fall but when my dogs cause the accident it is really miserable.

I did manage a few pictures for you.

all but one of the bushes have been finished.

Matthew, David’s nephew, and David finished all but one bush before they ran out of black cloth.   The last one will be done tomorrow.  The rest of the red mulch will go to Cindy’s work.


The mulch gives the feeling of a finishing touch.

We also added some plants to the Bleeding Hearts bed until the hearts start to come through.

The bed looked a bit sad with nothing in it.

We are almost through with the outside except we plan a raised bed beside the shed in the back yard.  This will have Wild Flowers and the fountain will go to the back of the bed so the dogs can’t drink the water.   Then I think we are done.

Next week we will be moving some of the furniture from the storage unit to Les’ home in Westland. This will accomplish two things.  It will help him furnish his house and I can downsize my unit to something a little less expensive.

Well that is about it for now.