Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Getting ready for the move tomorrow (furniture to Les’).  When you are leaving for the day you have to make sure you have the headache pills, the acid indigestion pills, your hankie, your pads, and a couple of snack bars.

That taken care of you have to check on your family.

Spirit- the cage is acceptable and I’ll feed her before I go.

Molly again her resting place is available and she will be fed also.

Then Brandy will take a few minutes to hear why she can’t go. before I feed her.

Then the loading of the furniture comes next.  After Cindy gets back from Libby’s training session we will be on our way.

On a different theme

The carnations that Cindy bought a few days ago are still going strong.

Carnations have always been my favorite indoor bouquet.  They hang in there a lot longer then several flowers .

Our new Summer flag came today and I put it up.

When I looked at it the tail seemed to be ready to wag so I couldn’t resist it.  A dog, a butterfly, and flowers what more do you need.

Well that is all for now.  It is cloudy outside but not windy so I think I’ll hit the swing with Brandy for a while.