One Foot In Front Of The Other

In the last post I talked about messing up the garage door.  David bought material and tried to fix it but it did not work.   For a couple of nights I would wake up use the bathroom then return to bed only to worry about what to do for 2 or three hours.

The door was bent at the top and tearing down the center.

This morning I pulled out the Yellow Pages and started taking down phone numbers. I asked David to call some for me because he had been working on this project right along. Well tomorrow morning we have some one coming out to measure and give me an estimate on a new door.  I couldn’t see trying to fix the old one only to find other problems existed with it.  Tonight by golly I will go back to sleep without worrying any more.

Yesterday was too hot to stay outside too long and I was a little sick to my stomach on account of it.  Today however was still warm but there was a good breeze so I sat out longer and busied myself with this.

I call it my mystery

What is it I don’t know.   Why am I making it beats me.  All I know is I have a plastic tub full of yarn and the diagonal box stitch is easy so I guess I’ll work on it for a while.

I have started the Deaver novel but can’t see to pick it up right now.  I have worked on my Fill It in puzzle book but again it ain’t working.

I had started transferring information into my new address book and got as far as the Js.  But it has taken me a year to even start working on it.

As I mentioned before it will be furniture moving to Les’ again this coming Saturday.  Then I can figure out what to do with the leftovers.

Sometimes my old 82 year old mind don’t know what to do so it is one foot in front of the other.