Night Or Morning

Well after a day and a half of untangled my dryer mess I finally mastered it at 2:30 pm yesterday.  But I swore that I would not pick up another ball of yarn for at least a couple of days. Yesterday was go to Wes’ house pick up my thermo cup and then on to Cube Smart to pay for another month of storage in the big unit.  I do have a smaller Unit reserved for as soon as I get the furniture out.  This will be about $87. less a month which I will be happy to see.

My next stop was Petco for Brandy’s food.  It  is the closest place around that carries her food in a can.  The Vet still wants her on this diet so that is what I buy for her.

While I was out I stopped at a dollar store to check for July decorations for the house (only spent $7.00 total.)  When I got home I had a salad, fed Brandy, folded laundry, washed up some dishes, and went to bed early.  This explains why I’m sitting at this computer at 2:30 am.

I caught Erin yesterday–

..taking a bath in his water dish. After all cleanliness is next to..

I had a thought yesterday that I might can some Strawberry jam because because they are in season right now but I remembered my canning book is in storage.  Not only that but Smucker’s makes a great jam.  In fact I may put my canning equipment up for sale jars and all because the only thing I really need to make is Jay’s cabbage relish.  (I’ll have to think about that.)

Well my coffee is cold, it is  almost 3 am, and my feet say they are cold too so it is time to crawl under those covers for a few more hours.  Good night or shall I say good morning?