Something To Work On (Wish Me Luck)

Well daughter told me this morning I have to work on building muscle mass.  This means more protein and exercise before I am in deep trouble.  So I looked up and made a list of some high protein foods.  Then Brandy and I walked not quite a block before we decided that was it.  I plan to walk again this afternoon (both of us) trying to make it 2 blocks.  This is quite a feat for me (who swings a lot).  I also have dumbbells in storage I can use.

(A reminder all pictures can be enlarged)

As promised the bracelets

The original has all the family charms I had given to me or I gathered.

Due to the weight I started another

These charms represent my work. my pets. and will eventually have my hobbies.

I also wanted to show the new growth outside.

There is new growth on one of the Lilac bushes

It is the darker leaves.

The white is the first bud on one of the Bleeding Hearts.

It may take a while but we are getting there.

I finally decided on flowers and butterflies for the windows in the house.  I’m just waiting for delivery of the clings.

The picture wall in the front room had some additions.

One of two shots.

The second one

We have a little more room up there but it is filling up.

Libby and David joined us on our first walk today

Well Cindy is off to work,the dogs are napping after their walk, and I’m going to take Gresham to the swing for a while.  Have a great day and a Better week!



Three Busy Days

Good morning!  Well another month has almost slipped away and I think back to younger days when it seemed that a week would never end.  It is sad to think that these days will be folded into my memories so quickly .

On the 28th Cindy and I went to play bingo at a regular hall.  There were many people there with rows and rows of cards in front of them.  There was a video setup as the numbers were picked and also a caller.  As usual I won nothing but I was sore from sitting at the end of the night.

I came home after to the job of making potato salad, chip dip, and a Sunshine Pie for yesterday’s luncheon.  My day ended at around 2 am.

Yesterday my youngest son

My wonderful IT man (Les) who made copies of several pictures for the wall.

He showed me how to print them on the Canon that scares the shit out of me because I don’t quite know it’s capabilities.  (Now it is go buy the 5×7 frames to mount them in.)

Daughter-in-law Anne kept things going in the dinning area.

She and daughter Cindy set up the food.

The other very capable set of hands at the set up.

Meanwhile David manned the Charbroil turning out the hot dogs Les had requested. (Almost a picnic type thing).

My new read is

I’m on page 9 and am not sure of it yet.

I have not read anything by John Grisham so it is a new experience.

I check the Butterfly bush went I went out for the mail.

It isn’t Red. White. and Blue but it is pretty.

I will get some new growth on one of the Lilac bushes and the buds on one of the Bleeding Heart plants next.

The weather is warm and a little breezy but still swing type.

I chance the clothes on the goose yesterday.

I’m going to have to get one where she is not in the shadows.  I’m also going to have to clean the July stuff off of the windows and go haunt the Dollar Stores for a new theme.

I’m in the process of finding another outside flag but I haven’t chosen it yet.

The new flowers for the kitchen counter.

This is also becoming a must to keep the mind active and the heart happy.

Well the cats are fed but that leaves the birds, the dogs, and me.  Then I can say the zoo is taken care of.  I also want to thank David for doing that job yesterday.

In the coming post I want to show you my Pandora bracelets. Cindy and David got me started on them and I have been finding charms ever since.

I’m leaving for the day.  Have a great Sunday and a better week!




No Plans.

Having just finished Lagercrantz’s  The Girl In The Spider’s Web  this morning I must say it moves, keeps you wanting to keep reading, and  makes you regret when you have completed it. 

Next I had to choose what to pick up.  Patricia Cornwell’s  Ripper was my choice.  I had started it several months ago but got bogged down in the chapters on handwriting analysis.  When I picked it up today I skipped ahead a little bit and picked up the storyline again.  I’m now on page 479 of 553 and will continue on to finish the book.  This will leave me with the Complete Stories And Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe and The Complete Fiction Of H. P. Lovecraft.  Both are huge volumes that will take time to get through.  But they are in sections so I will be able to stop and then pick at any time.  I’m also still working on Grimm’s Fairy Tales. 

The day is warm but with some breeze so Brandy and I are outside in the swing with me reading and her resting except when she gets down to walk the yard.  David and Libby are napping and Cindy will be home from work soon.

I forgot to mention there were fireflies (or lightening bugs) out until the last few days and amazingly no mosquitos.

No plans for tomorrow to talk about so I’m out of here.


Good Morning.

Well the zoo except for Brandy has been fed.  I wandered through my usual haunts to see if there was anything new.  Played a few games on the solitaire site then decided to visit you instead.

Well yesterday I dragged out the old Kenmore.

Tights, a housecoat, and some blue jeans needed attention.

Now the tights and the housecoat were a walk in the park.  The challenge came when I went after the jeans.  I had to cut out a shredded spot on the leg of one pair and sew on a new patch.  After lots of twisting and turning I managed to affix a new patch.  I won’t go into how many rethreads it took but finally it was done.  Now it ain’t pretty but it does add another pair of pants to the closet. ( I used to do this all the time for Cindy before.)

I have set the Grimms volume aside and pick up this.

From the Lisbeth Salander Series.

I  bought Stieg Larsson’s original Millennium Series along with his biography ( which is in my storage unit) But he passed away after these novels.  Then David Lagercrantz using notes left by Larsson continued the series.  I’m on page 257 and can’t wait to pick it back up today.

The bagel with cream cheese.

I have passed up buying these for several months now every time I went into Kroger’s.  I kept telling myself I don’t need them but I really want them.  Cindy kept saying if it is something you want get it.  So yesterday I reached in, grabbed them both off the shelf, came home, and indulged.  Not what I would eat everyday but a refreshing change.  Now I wonder what else I want that I’m passing up and why(?).

So now it is almost time to change the decorations for next month but what to do.  There are no holidays, no special occasions besides birthdays, and I’m blank about what to do. Got any suggestion?

Well I have to get dressed and go outside for a while.  The mail needs to be picked up.

I also have to transfer my laundry so I’ll close for now.


Shorn Girls

In the old days when Jay got his hair cut then Brandy got hers done too.  So I thought that i would follow through on that idea.

This is my pretty girl

This is me not near as pretty but still brave enough to show my looks.

This morning is get the nails done.  I’m having trouble keeping them from cracking and peeling.  I know it is my diet and that I should buy something to make them stronger but every time I add something to my diet my stomach acts up.  Ain’t getting old wonderful.

Well I have just enough time to feed the zoo and then I have to go so I’m out of here.


When white doesn’t work anymore.

Ever since the bathroom was redone a white shower curtain has hung in there.

But not any more.   Roughly $5.00 has breathed new life into the room.  Why didn’t I do it sooner?

Outside the Firebush has started to change

The red is coming through.

Also the Butterfly bush is starting to bloom.

There should be three different colors before it is done.

Well I have worked on finished  one of the Fill It In books and a few more stories in the Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales  I’m over halfway now and I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

My AARP newspaper arrived today and I had to take time to look through Cindy’s Woman’s Day magazine.  Really do have several sources of information around here when you add the internet to it,

Well I have to transfer a tub of laundry and start a second one.  I didn’t get at it earlier because I went and had my haircut.  I told her I wanted it the same on both sides of my head minus the part.

Well I’m out of here for tonight.  Have a great day tomorrow.

Outside Working

I took my hedge trimmers and went to work on the weeds behind the raised bed on the right side of the front yard under the window.

This was a tangled mess that needed to be cut from behind the bed.

After carefully stepping into the beds I cleaned most of it out.  That won’t be the end of it because I cant  get the roots.

It does look better now.

The wrought iron plant stand came today so I put that to use.

It now holds the sun dial.

I has one like this but as I was getting ready to move someone took it without asking and I was disappointed.  Now while visiting Wes I saw this one and asked if he wanted it.  He let me have it but then I had to figure out how to display it.   The plant stand was just the thing so now it sits in the front yard.

Les and Anne gave me this as a gift.

It is Bamboo and has decided to grow

I’m not sure if I should leave it alone or cut it off.

When you don’t squat about house plants you are at a disadvantage.

Well I have to go fix a bite of supper for Brandy and me so I’ll close for now.




Just Lolly Gagging

I should be feeding the zoo right now but instead I walked outside with my trusty camera.

Across the street was a bush.

I managed to catch at least one or two flowers.

I went out yesterday but my camera needed charging So I almost lost the flowers


The Bleeding Hearts in the front garden are coming along.

We only lost one to Libby’s tromp through the garden.

It is amazing what a little rain can do for flowers that were dying in the pot.

Looking good now.

Well Cindy is back home from her duties and I have done nothing.  So I guess I’d better get on the stick here.

I’m going to a jewelry party with her this afternoon.  I who have years of gathering jewelry that now lays in a box under my bed.  But hey I can look can’t I?

Well got to go!


The Magic Of Sunshine

We all look for a little magic in our lives but the following shows it best.

Molly was the first to find it this morning.

Cats seem to know how great it feels when warmth through a window hits them.

Cali laid in the front window grooming herself

Cali is a little older than Molly and is the senior advisor when it comes to who sits where or what is an acceptable distance between them.

Lilly is the youngest, the most curious, and the most adventuresome.

Any open door is an invitation to scramble through to see what is on the other side.  I have twice caught her by the tail and dragged her back inside.  But let the sunshine hit her and it is sleepy time for her.

I was the same way when we traveled.  If I wasn’t driving I was nodding off.  I guess the magic works on me too.

Well the zoo is fed and it is for me to get dressed, go outside, and catch a few rays on the swing. I’ll  read a little, rock a little, but I won’t go to sleep because the swing seat is too short for me to fit in.

Have a get day and catch some magic too.